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Rob Bradford Joins Kirk Minihane Live from Ft Myers

Feb 9, 2013|

Rob calls Kirk with all the day's updates and some news on John Henry.

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Kurt -- here until. When you're I've that are. And -- next. He's he's he's haven't heard much from him today the -- Now it's about one here and radio -- 5 o'clock. Suck are you rated what I'm ready it's because she. Exit out of work into the cops -- yard from five to 75% medium saucepan radio program what what what is the we're getting here in the -- Bible what are we doing what we report. You -- a preview of the entire show to -- what is -- -- big picture I'm so badly scoreboards. Big picture is this -- Loper. It is it's going to be a little bit of a different show then you've heard on this radio station this is an awful Andy yes approach will be awful CO. I'd be a bit of a different show they -- on these airwaves before a couple special things planned. And I think -- to be good -- reduce the Bruins -- organ to special member yeah Howard speak to a woman who I -- the bar last night. Doesn't sound from. Mayor Tom Menino and we'll talk to some people who were on the snowstorm last night as well. -- be honest look at now I heard there was possibly trivia that can happen. That's something I didn't mention for a reason because that's kind of trying to be kept quiet on -- -- -- -- doors that curt -- I can tell you from the first. 35 minutes of phone calls nobody's listening so you're -- you can tell him. Over fresh audience yourself. Up you'll or how into the rose is that time tonight you drive around game -- I would be let's look at -- can't wait -- appreciate your support out would you agree with me that day. And you're in the business but we see seventy people when these TV channels talk month's snowstorms and much right. Why -- you specifically call out my station channel seven that's why did it the sort received that. Let's just say let's just atrial acts as a pitcher intellectual that's much better is -- -- is that this guy standing in three snow -- is a little rough five. I think that you know the best journalistic approach for the -- storms. Is the mirror approach -- a mirror exactly what's going -- okay we're gonna go to Norton right we're gonna go to -- sir we're gonna go or were Olson. The weather's unpredictable so the guy who's ignored he doesn't almost snow's going to be -- to guess what. Channel X isn't gonna spend all the money set him all the way out there and then not go to him. -- -- Smart you know the business part that part of this bird I'd meet people. There's a reason what do you mean -- -- eyeballs watching this for the ratings are huge us. Excited at all day snow B is specialist it's everybody's at home right what do think they're doing watching the coverage so this big reason why we do that -- the biggest reason of course. Is to bring the information to the public -- -- series of formation when you talk about 4000 people about power and driving -- and all sorts about so. Well let me say this -- -- -- -- ago ticket if the patriots are playing at the same primacy is a huge storm. It was I want these channels I think -- in the game the patriots games get bigger numbers in there were able public's -- again. You can patriots it's. Patriots yes all the sports teams don't be surprised some of those ratings numbers and the local news picture huge it's ridiculous job I would sex was surprised when I first like first started working there it's also the numbers I was really. -- really did the same as the Bruins lost by a nervous but. Now I'm actually more ready to get it over -- the truth the mean I worked thirteen hours yesterday. Operative ago at fourteen today tomorrow probably back for a 1213 though I'll be happy when it's Sunday night. And -- and our topic that's. Out of a long weekend but it's been one I'm excited for my show if you're hearing this I hope you'll tune in at 5 PM 5 -- -- -- -- a year -- Susan a year -- that updates the -- -- -- -- arm I'll be around your. -- -- talked cells are suspects. This is an awful. Job saucy 5 o'clock tonight -- -- -- -- spoil the trivia. Which I mean really. That's not finding out did you know resources adult and you're -- spoilers history. -- you know this is Kevin Spacey showing up said Johnson -- tribute to guys and I'm missing something. Richard calls tournament at 6177797937. Go back to the AT&T hotline. Rob Brad is he's -- early Ricky shepherd is some big updates to join us off from Dallas Fort Myers hello rob. -- never get enough rob Bradford. There a couple of course it's a mile before a -- thought I was listening. -- -- Our -- that side but we're detractors George thought it would open the general public you very concerned. He go to -- if -- -- snowstorm with traffic updates interview. Elvis did yeah others did channel seven channel five door and free and Harding said I do not get paid during the snowstorm on here for the people. Yeah and both can be. Confirm a more appropriate our air so it all you can go out. What's an ending you here in the last 46 minutes. Yeah actually it's funny you have to bubble up 46 meant I was sitting -- doing more Henry with the league complex. Topic couple bits of knowledge on. Where is -- -- the spaceship landed Fort Myers when he went up by or -- -- decent job and plus I'm John -- Well no -- I'm gonna give you a little bit Hawaii why he has not been okay. -- the other newborn son. Overall than it did how old's the baby. Our interpreter he really. Is that with the -- -- now. -- -- with on the disease. So I don't okay that's why -- -- we're -- -- generation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These united habits you can bid pretty pretty failed to fill up 7% from last year. So I rarely do rural -- that there is no interest mr. -- greatly. About with when you talk to PP forty Jerry Terry talked about pointer. Not now so -- Tom. The orchard and said you're talking about the price brand and event. Mortgage. Educated people don't know but it presents you wrote Red Sox. Outfield prospect. Got an accident a couple of weeks ago -- they are not handgun to charge. -- shot through legs arms and eat it's going to be OK they expect that you probably will be able to. The participant spring training game before -- -- done by. Because of the accident you're not going to be on not roster. He with a Major League team which was going to be good and but again he's you can be okay to Milwaukee. I get cute as clear cut interest charge beat me to question which is some what near -- John W track for bullets for an -- I don't know I I -- -- have no idea I would not you know after. David servers from -- -- by god -- those 2.0. I never -- -- gone after. Well you're not alone. That's so that they get the biggest news he talked about the catching situation out where he basically says that. That -- under column dirt Saltalamacchia David -- -- are considered that to catcher flowers Calabar. Always. -- yellow line is so well for now we -- option obviously. And what else. We talked about it though would govern Guerrero he does big guys they've never done this before with a guy he just strapped to position player or -- -- -- potentially camp. Am glad that -- Good if you felt they are ready to handle it. Also as -- when asked about the shortstop situation we're going to be competent and even crew is going to be very short term because there's going to be no competition. -- someone out about quake buckled extension which. He says -- about talked about it which would make sense considering you've got to control the next five years. Any video. -- -- -- I don't matter ought to last -- products. -- -- -- -- -- And because that shouldn't have been armed guards -- whatever -- -- we don't know most likely you are talking about Pedroia. Let me just -- it to last through our Larry. Sources say Iglesias is I'm. Lights out spring training and drew stinks it doesn't matter. Yet now -- ought to boycott every contract that's true Jose good news this. It's true he. It takes advantage. And different from -- he'd take advantage so don't go into pitcher's approach. -- -- overthrowing big big big picture -- -- -- fastball right down the middle and the other guys aren't very good pitchers were getting a big blow for it seems. And so what you he would only -- for the last three years. That he comes out AJ -- adopted home run and do whatever retreat camp but that's spring training because he's struggled a little bit. And he -- in the either -- him and his we and it's it's expose a little bit more. So you know I think bit. Does every every thought that you gonna probably do the same thing but it it this -- Stephen Drew to a contract here. And the guy a couple years ago it was the best offensive shortstop around so I think they're gonna write about what did you. Worst of borrowing now look at -- he just it is just on the outside here the next couple years I mean you see guys -- -- moved I mean when you look at him right now. Whereas if it. Well I mean I think there's it's it's tough for him because you're talking about a guy I think you played. We're required forty game interleague game last year you played about seventy years before. I'm pretty well the minor league. But he had an option and its roster flexibility here all the time Drake who knows what could happen by industry trade with what you've got. Maybe another organization incompetent. You know are we needed structure and they got a surplus of but as things stand right now they're old gimmick that they have a roster flexibility to get you to fight who might indicate that Daniel bark. But -- -- territorial army radio today he he'd want particularly impressive to me was that. He felt like you lost 25 last year and felt that was an album. But he felt like if you can why not beat good hitting a lot of warning track fly ball. Could put oil up more muffle it here and he could beat dot com help quite a bit but does it mean for them. He is beyond about it -- -- because we have the option. Yet if -- went back to Lester we talked about last hot stove show you're about it today. I know he seemed to play the concert the next hour he really did seem rob legitimately agitated when asked about sort of that next level you know and -- he has had a great year Augusta or is that contractually. I'm sure is looking -- this year for the first time as being a guy who you know whether -- and prove. He's a guy who is clearly sort of target here is -- its -- has to have a Goodyear that is I don't think an argument but he -- when you talk about. The potential 2013 Red -- Yeah I think only a mystery that Embarq also are the two key guys and -- opened on commission. And I think that's kind of hold true. For the entire division where. All it can't get ahead and could have key injuries to offensive players and I still think they're gonna get by the torture were proper rotation. Could really -- stoppage is going to be good teams that are gonna compete in the right part. How god can do it what they're trying to do they have guys figured he didn't do it fairly blasters or I keys -- you talk about the way he reacted with. To the question about taking it to the next level. And he certainly don't want -- to win 25 games and -- explained that big dollars in the next level really is to do exactly what you did. Of the four years before last year but you're able to do that for three or four years. -- a lot of guys who've done that so that in the next level so I mean that's what he should you do you think for the got what he -- Is that -- John Henry said was that he had a -- spring training ticket sales are up 7% from last year. Pretty much that he blue packets thank you for not out yeah any question or is that well. We you know we're we're we're so nitrous or not you -- media not actually. It just so we -- AG QW a cock and you don't Monday so I was used month. Yeah if he's talking Monday and what. Yeah you you've got a -- -- -- Getting our product playing dog somewhere they'll be back and wonder. Much different vibe down in the -- we'll. Do it. A great -- are too -- but start here it's. It's who didn't always do you don't really get -- a group of all the little players aren't here. Is not not a lot formal stopped going on players are gonna go to Mary -- and so yeah I mean everywhere within the right thing you treat everyone seemed a lot happier little. And a little problem what anxious and they do it last year meter go back to last year remember some of the traffic cop who remember everybody. Good stuff Bob Barnett bank last year was going to be grilled about September 2011. And and they got a lot of anger at the front of about her a lot of them got whether we will bury you and you about it -- PO this year -- -- that are coming up so much controversy and nobody got that. I'm terrible you heard it. -- would be chaos dictating what is basically you know one guy so it's. You know I think everyone put on good people and make a difference so until. -- you -- -- lose and I think that's why above and beyond any of these other years to get a good start here. I don't put -- effort to couple up and permanently on the back burner. Pilot should go to it was Tammy calling in the sausage. It's not yet you go to. This opportunity the let these go to put -- to rule five draft pick a long time -- But I. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Red Sox beat writer joining us.

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