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Donny Marshall, CSNNE, on the Celtics win over LA

Feb 9, 2013|

Marshall joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Celtics blowout win over the Lakers and the way the team has been playing without Rondo.

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Once they don't know -- situation here. I don't know what -- sources of what was written. Articles about you get traded to Denver on his other places. Are pretty green to do that. So easily develop the types of so much when -- As Kevin Garnett after the game last night unprovoked. Giving his take on his state of the Celtics -- load on a three point seven. WEEI Donny Marshal on the Celtics games for Comcast sports and as a matter snow -- joins us here on the -- the hot line was a third quarter last night -- the best quarter the Celtics have played this year. And I looked pretty darn close. I mean they looked. Perfect but it enabled one of those situations at least in my opinion where what and just the battle lakers but it would great self. We've seen this team played really really well but the other team to Seoul Olympics that. I eat me new and Luke get out there and and and play with them. -- -- -- -- Slow slow and now I could lose holes. Well -- out there play them. A lot of hey -- Good. What you know what's it like it is their big game gets just so well and and and the other -- to -- so bad -- -- really think it was it was product of the so great. Now you said before you know KG pierce can do no wrong in your mind and when it comes this -- of its Rondo can do no wrong this this run must be killing him because all we get all the time now it's your opinion on this team with. Without Rondo. They -- better team they just playing better without the guy. You know I I had a conversation a couple of days ago and some of they didn't ask me actually. They actually told me radio -- they're better team. Outcrop I don't know I agree that they are better -- and they're playing better without them but I really don't think they're better team without him there's no way are. You get to. You know. Indeed the NBA finals -- championship but there's not a guy you can. There'll without the leader this team right now does it seem like they needed. They needed to be more mentally healthy. And -- looks like what they are right now there is no. And I don't want you know make it sound like -- is this you know by no means he had a Dwight Howard it's gonna -- can screw things up just because it's all about it and more. He's going to purposely. Try to -- the -- the mechanism up if you will of -- Machine their but I think sometimes we. Is this two when we're young and we successor -- sometimes we can't help but that. Two you know stay out of our own way and I think Robert kind of rated that a little bit I think he he really started listening to a lot of people that he's a great player he is really great player. But there's more than just being a great player when it comes to basketball I can't speak on any. Any other sport but you can't he can't go on the clock rule in and alienate your teammates now I don't know he's doing out or not. But it seemed like that -- that locker room much help you can't go on the court OK I handled the ball. No one else. You know way are I'll make you better you have to -- teammate beside it if you know they wanna show can be better and you know there were situations for Allen and password you know he'd be a situation amicable 11 round it would run over him grab the ball from. But they'll make it to the corner I'm gonna on the plate. That he doesn't have got right now that is -- -- planks so -- basing it amazing. All of which helps -- ball movement and in. It's just incredible to -- -- for a team that doesn't really have you know that one guy that stands out to you over the streak. It's really it's really incredible. Agreements and what it did you -- a healthy locker room is is that is you know Courtney and they'll look at you know more minutes more involved in the game but. You guys you know like like -- Jason Terry improbable so obviously more minutes but was dent. Is it healthy doesn't help in those guys special -- Jason Terry and -- the Dallas game petitioned it was text you know what's going on with this guy there. Is is that helping -- Jason Terry not heaven -- I think it's it's it's helping you know it is openly it's helping Barbosa opened yet know what when the coach tells you. Go play this what we needed to do movement is great. Pick your spots where and you stop and then you have one player that says Michael Coates said. But on the floor now due to work likely to do and that he doesn't have that one guy saying okay I'm running plays on the court. So it doesn't sit there and despite what they're trying to do and I think Jason Terry Barbosa and Betancourt leader a -- we don't have to -- the ball up rebounds and here. Well Rondo yelling at -- blog to blog about two feet away you get the ball. You look up the floor if you -- -- drove it pretty simple game -- it really you know you triple -- ball if you incredible. You capacity someone's open. It's an open area and and I don't I mean at all I really don't want a simple quiet. Try to dumbed down but it really is that easy and that's what is in the Sean well out. And -- that they make movies because of the ball movement Ian Thompson wrote about this yesterday and SI dot com ask don't tell him that when Rondo as a chance to make the first pass. They help get the ball to the other side of the court he was not wanna make that pass. He won the past to get the assist he went on to say this gal I think it's a good thing Toronto -- sees them playing well about him you know this team pretty well you're on the inside. Has -- don't watch this team and -- he had any of that reaction of wild look at what happens we pass the ball I need to change my game. He had a lot it's a it's a great question I don't even know if this -- shouldn't locker next don't know the answer to that I don't know if Rondo and sitting there saying I didn't change what I do because. That -- playing great right now but would almost made it simple passes. Ortiz sitting there are saying. You know what if -- out there you know. I can do it now the guys are moving Nike -- 25 certificate -- -- don't know he's a very complex. Person. But really guys and not -- You can look past the most great players great artist great entertainers they are complex and I think that's walked on and not about -- what. Complex is not always the best thing for your for your your organization and I think a lot of eyebrows there are being raised -- announced -- although he's got to be sitting there guys and while -- could you -- it's going to be he's got to -- -- a little bit -- -- and in the -- thinking people and he can't win without -- and now we're winning without him. And they're doing it it it or not just eking by guys you're watching the games with me. They're kicking team but they really aren't playing the -- can't say enough about the way the planet and picnic in the got these critical including Doc Rivers in the past. -- around boasting he's the leader. You -- the ball and called plays not doctors have to worry about that now he just -- the ball out I think people in the right way and and -- in boxing what happened here as well. We've played in this league and I'm sure you come across before lose a player like this and when you talk what to help their clubhouse. Lot of people might hear those words to say see he even he thinks maybe that they can be a better team it eat you still don't is because the ceiling you think eventually catches up to him. I think so I think what happens is if you know that the league now and -- is that. After all star break in the heat of the the good serious part of the season teams will start to help the Celtics differently you know that you're the first ten games so -- voluntary don't have Rondo worked hard. Now you start to -- to the Celtics a little bit now discovering -- Get there a little bit we make Jason Terry and of the ball more you know we jump and with pressure and I'll quote or we make Courtney Lee settled for jumps up. We make our vote for a have to do. Guard guys for eight -- second. -- the scouting will improve because now they're saying it's just a sample -- that we see right now but what. Games in the NBA. Skelton in theater are great. Understanding matchups and understanding also when it dies out what does this team do well and what do they do portly and they're gonna start with the Celtics. Cannot do and it's going to be a little bit it's going to be probably a little bit -- because in part to scalp that right now they look rate in. Can ever really set up at the bottom of -- -- you really can't. Well the ball handler that they want they know. With all that being said. To me the most impressive guy over this entire season and then Kevin Garnett and I don't know -- got a bit -- -- their but I just can't say enough about. What eight years on this season well they've. I'll go there only because I think that the leadership he's shown in blue and I talked about this earlier look there was. Somebody the organization wanted to say that Rondo was leader this team over the offseason there was a script that was sent out on I don't know did it but it. It was it was sent out and and get doc started -- right NA all followed suit and Kevin Garnett. Followed suit on that and said anybody would listen Rondo is the leader will we all know. KG makes this thing go I think that's a huge sign of leadership to say you know what I'm not going to be your long term Rondo always OK doc. All follow suit he's the leader went quick none that we all know it's KG makes as they go. Listen when you get to end your career the last thing you wanna have to do is this is what Kobe Bryant trying to do. Trying to turn to really make sure you know what fiction and old battle Kobe trying to do. -- -- -- They don't deserve to do that you know they've been through a lot of their careers they lead led. Really support team and they let some great teams. So to get to this one I know Beckel -- you think it okay. Doc wants to serve as well I'm looking -- -- and we all wired. -- you're the leader but when. Lou I had this conversation weeks ago weeks ago you can't just. Say you're the leader and then expect that that be that we. He eat you have to have leadership quality. And it'll run most probably at some point he's the leader and -- exactly that's more vocal leaders -- played with guys -- lead to play and I think Rondell. Up for the most part leads to his -- like I don't think he's that guy in the locker room that -- -- rally guys. Lincecum -- played better. They're they're players out there around the could be one of them it's more like a unique future you know what other -- we're -- -- you know -- get a waste of lead and I don't think. Rondo is not right now back I mean it's fun and exciting to think that your best player with indigenous leader it's not always chasing KG. To me that strong leadership for I'd say OK I know what I've done over my career. Everyone saying that coach believes this is the dial combine it. He's easily there are -- but that's what we're gonna do that great. A birdie what six years old. 37 years old that's fine I don't mind that -- the one thing circuit -- expand. Big east steps and OK let me just do my job I just love -- you can't get enough about -- KG is -- or criticism earlier. In the year about experience. I think Danny -- said he lacking experience at times and I guess that there ain't that the other Padilla because I never saw that from a player's perspective it is never thought -- losing in the other category. -- -- the question -- this team. Had what it -- -- Got to get over the hump well I don't think there's any question now about how they got there -- it to -- point it directly Kevin Garnett. Hey -- also log -- soldier. Don't miss conversation couple weeks ago as well when he. If he was playing great in you said it draft the U one of the guys that none are you heard that they should not collect this guy won't last and at the time he said -- I gotta eat some crow here but now. But he's out you know why he slip. Yeah yeah you know I had I had done you know really this this season for whatever reason it it was you know. During Olympic basketball just around the game conduct -- more this summer. And and got a chance it could talk or. Five. -- about the draft they liked what they are about Celtics. You know at the to a man. So three West Coast team to East Coast -- -- cylinders back we just we just do not want to risk in any given that a few weeks ago. Listen we understand the back was going to be an issue that I never questioned your own work ethic and ever questioned his ability to be a great basketball player it was just. We talk about making an investment long term. Obviously you want him to be -- And I I fell in love with the -- because the way he played EC and it regretted the two guys that think. Outside -- Kevin Garnett that played hard every single play every possession every single night are so -- -- wherever you don't want. And when he went down. In the cities we get back surgery I was not in Belmont but he says -- -- told about it not -- that way I don't feel like I told so because -- I'm public a lot of pent up -- are -- -- They're soldiers work ethic and what you brought to this -- felt terrible about it but. What Denny's new going to end. Even said that he admitted to -- and maybe you know hopefully it does -- neck surgery hopefully young enough to get through this and be able to. -- have a great career I mean dot com -- on the guys that -- -- for now but I want to. Am sure Bob Dole. -- had been saying I don't know however agree career could he really really needed -- in need him in the next Gainesville. -- it's going to be a much to protest against the nuggets on Sunday CS and Donny Marshall always great to break these the games down enjoy the snow Donnie we'll talk to -- soon. Our god Donny Marshall joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds at the ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible I thought was very unfair. Of -- to say that I couldn't play I think that -- make it nice 12 punch couple UConn guys -- one point get involved. I need to shoot the basketball I can distribute but that was very unfair it. The 92 break we'll come back late yesterday afternoon. We got closure to one of the one of these real flame outs in the history of Boston's sports with a trade of Tim Thomas but remember Tim Thomas for guys that -- speaking to. Really perfect official all boy. Torture and also -- much unlock the potential. Apollo problem when. You hear from the mayor but Tim -- keep it here.

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