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Dale Arnold Calls Pete Sheppard to Discuss the Snow and it's Effect on the B's Game Scheduled for Tonight

Feb 9, 2013|

The snow is effecting everything in your life right now, even the Bruins game tonight. It was already rescheduled from the afternoon to 7pm but Governor Patrick "strongly urged" the Bruins to postpone. Dale calls Pete to discuss all of these topics and how he dealt with the blizzard of '13.

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That would -- get out number three buster the job to show and Larry Johnson not here Greg -- not here -- on vacation. Hope we Greg's okay acres yes objective and anybody here at the stations I don't know. Hopefully he has 6177797937. -- 37. 937 as well. Between yet he shipped reduce -- couple tweets agenda might says he could show today. Matthew says keep in my family like company as we are huddled by the fire and radio on. Has to exits with no power thank you very much those people to too by the way I just saw another. I shot -- hall on channel seven and they're a judge can't. Chunks of ice on their task that and needless to say -- it anywhere near there that third don't even attempt that don't even attempted. 857 Texas -- listening in on battery powered radio and Quincy how I missed the camps it. Up a oh well Becky what the actual -- -- joining us right now Dale Arnold don't we yeah I ended -- hi dale. Good how you doing how's things where you are -- -- I don't based on their own. Well yeah I wish I was there helping my wife shovel out that's brought us all into town last night to make sure we could get to the -- the garden for today games so Jack and brick and some of the production people not go on all of us we all moved into town last night. Got to do the same BS and acrobatic I spoke to my wife as well she's talking about 27 inch high drips and that -- -- IQ and -- -- today either it's -- -- expect him to town yesterday -- -- What what sure I mean you've you've been through this before. What what -- overall. Feel the what do you think's gonna happen tonight. What that really. And I don't and don't wanna hear this but they almost have to at a game. Our first local teams are in town. And and even beyond that you've got a wholly -- with a compressed 48 game schedule. The chances of finding -- eight when both Tampa Bay and Boston could get back together here. Is pretty well it's going to be really hard to do so they. They're almost forced. Play it. I know that vote a lightning brought a box trying to get to the garden this morning for the morning skate adamantly pro apple important skate and -- -- -- that's like a five million. But Joseph looked up to play it and it's going to be an empty place I don't know that governor and lift the travel restriction and reassess got -- top of the hour. He certainly not going to be open and it certainly couldn't Monday morning to see them. Parking garages and Boston pretty much killed at this point for people already get off the streets of Boston. Because of the parking -- so even if you're allowed to dry and I don't know where you park when he gets there. -- it's in the K -- it's going to be very interesting especially if as you said the parking ban is lifted. My house in Al -- you I mean I'm sure the -- don't expect Al hardly anybody that's and I can't believe -- that they would so I mean I think they get and like I agree to DO. That they desist they're gonna have to play they're going to have to play and you you were doing the doubles game after years ago or -- Bakken the via. When the -- played in the conference finals that particular in 88 right the 88 season around the -- you went through that -- you said her daughter it was that the garden and he said the what are people. You know we -- at the meadowlands. And Calgary had gotten in the count -- the night for. And the rules say -- -- -- both teams were in time to play. What was funny and look at the real legitimate blizzard I would have been -- legitimate look history here so you can imagine what it was like metropolitan New York the problem -- the -- -- got to the meadowlands about 4 o'clock on their bought from a hotel. The double -- They kept trying and they will come in this area and that area. At one point I -- playing. Ask the NHL for a ruling what's the minimum number of players. This -- devil can have to play this game. And the NHL told the flames all fifteen players as the least amount would be comfortable within normally I Switzerland -- in double arrived Fiorina. The plane culpable what Kwame I gonna play and -- -- who was president the -- said. Now or not that's the minimum we can play it or not play in wintry -- They kept waiting to twentieth got it -- was Peter McGrath. Who who got stuck in the snow -- two miles from the arena. And walked the two models through this -- to get to the arena. You to let -- car. And it state trooper pulled up on the opposite side and I wouldn't have -- go. -- it on play with a double and try to get the arena to get suits my game. The state particularly your cheese I'll try to do something that your car and Peter took off walk and he arrived at the arena about nine. We -- up about 930. And there were 384. People in the building. I know this because the double and an intern with the yellow legal pad and took him in an aggressive every person in the building. And a couple from them -- get -- for showing up but I thought game in 191000 seat arena with 384 people. -- the players have you seen any players around the rink today have been a lot of them do over the north and out of the north and for a long time I know a bad day at least they can walk but what about the players -- that. That don't live in the neighborhood. Of the north and others into a bit the going to be state attorney just talked about. I don't know. You know I haven't talked to anybody from the Bruins you know if they're trying to organize. A way to you know have cars going to guys out who aren't even in the immediate area you know guys like Andrew Ference and Zdeno Chara. They quite often ride their bikes to the game so -- they live close them out and I don't think they'll be riding by today that they could theoretically walk. I saw a tweet from Tyler say in a few minutes ago saying -- anybody got a dog -- -- in the arena for a night game he archer how he couldn't get there and I'm I'm -- the trap -- -- Even if it is listed. It would probably give the Bruins players dispensation to allow the jet service to the garden but I think many of them are wondering how they're gonna get their true. It's a legitimate concern as you said Armenia over the fifteen get there than not -- played fifteen you know it's not it's not. There's no way that a player fifteen guys it's just not it's not gonna happen so it's. It's going to be -- -- scenario as gruesome scenario health wise if they do play the game and guys to get there oh look at tonight going into the game. I think it was a pretty good chance based on practice yesterday that Marshall could be back in the lineup tonight. -- important -- practiced. Fortin has been cleared for contact. And didn't rule out the possibility could play this weekend only guess on my part that. He may not be ready quite yet but Marchand at least I think we'll be back -- course then you couple situation you get the game played tonight. I don't know when. Either team is going to be able to get out of here but lightning -- Madison Square Garden tomorrow night by the Rangers and Bruins are in buffalo. But the big rematch with the Buffalo Sabres so that's. -- to this whole thing once they get tight game model. While so I imagine you're seeing obviously -- write this -- for the weekend. -- -- -- -- I mean that's tough yet still sort of guilt he might might potter keeps sending me photos of the smelled of their child help. But feeling it would go home tonight. After the game and then of course I'll be back in there tomorrow morning to do radio and then. -- game tomorrow night but it in England they looked at the real deal. Portland Maine. Not country electric -- of course operation 129 inches of snow which officially makes it. The biggest snowstorm in the history of Portland -- -- know give you an idea what you'll hear. Yeah I mean Wooster got 28 inches maybe close to thirty in some parts of worst it's amazingly bush today as far as last we heard. The only at eight power of outages in west which is unbelievable since there's over 644000. Into wind and as a whole that that don't have -- I know where you'd. Look value so Donna fox for rent -- that area right they got over at least two feet of snow. Yeah we my white -- She saw that that we got like 26 inches where DR. And luckily -- Knock on wood as I say this they still got power. They had lost power than it felt really guilty city you're in a hotel in Boston but luckily -- definitely -- the -- -- keep -- -- -- that. Well judge -- out of a and I mean most people are going on a little stir crazy in their homes and everything that people actually want this game to be played just for a distraction. They can watch something on on television tonight put. You know I X I I don't expect people to be in the Villa -- I'll think you do when I do agree try to -- would -- I think it'll be played almost have to play it and I think it'll be a huge number perhaps. -- and Erica thanks so much be safe and go right up I'd be here tomorrow on two and two to three -- on May knock on tonight myself so I don't know I'll be here. You see your -- like dale appreciate until Arnold from WI NN dot -- and.

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