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Pete Sheppard Talks with Callers about the Fallout from "Nemo"

Feb 9, 2013|

Pete discusses this incredible snow storm with callers and we hear some of the amazing snow stories from around New England.

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1777. -- that -- not these attacks at 37 at least seventy jeopardy for most of us again on vacation have no idea where Greg and hopefully they'll today. Governor I hear from him. Projecting record here right this is the teachers speak here noted that concerns. -- -- -- overture that marvelous job whether it would last well. Tonight. He's doing replied that. People call 6777979. And blizzard about 2013. Actually. Nor'easter -- but he. The blitzer is called Nemo or does the system called -- But whatever it was for a blizzard in Massachusetts since it it's cold winter storm Nino winter -- that you now as we believe. -- he termed a blizzard. That all these new meteorological. Probably. Come to conclusions about what is -- -- not a blizzard said ECB three consecutive hours. 35 mile hour Odyssey -- More. A quarter mile visibility. About applied with the phones that -- -- in Nashua, New Hampshire reports that I'd done. Credible to me. I guess I go and hot young and -- -- no longer but all the people about it a little while a minute and think I'm glad I didn't know and didn't like you guys even close. I know what that means slow -- -- -- and -- -- meanwhile more and while that the line. Unbelievable value -- we can work on all your wallet. Now -- not work early and shipping company up aren't little article -- a big what -- gonna try -- like a moral weight while I'm behind yeah achieve. It's W bode well you guys door number market would drop house the other -- traffic up that area. I am not on the main road I haven't seen anybody can hold people open but I -- -- -- at that -- and -- -- and there's nobody -- on the -- a -- to New -- have a good -- -- also. I should get shot comical actually I think -- a national emergency and act like you guys did. Everybody pretty much opera. Well it's great so how long -- or even up there since -- almost bought more than twelve hours already. I I'd be out of 5 o'clock in the afternoon and I'll probably be until 5 o'clock and I know what it's sure it's been a lot of one. While make sure you get some rest and get some coffee and a look at the doubt you know what they're presently not much I got a friend of mine my friend of Maria. All pizzeria Maria and I know she's open and she's what she's serving she was out on the Nashua telegraph yesterday. And she was she's open she's there for all the plow drivers because he has great pizza Cal's -- appears on your route. Go see Maria sure if you're -- get a presently mullets -- she's right over there. I ought to ought to ought to op -- Webster updating Webster highway. Right garlic are about how you guys that are out double network and why should I -- that guys and Ali let's not play and -- taken -- beaten out there. All right -- thanks so much. All right -- be saved 6177797937. And those businesses that. I've stayed open help while the Los -- -- people and everything you know kudos to you guys and and -- not many. Of that state opened but I know that that they appreciated. 6177797937. Brides in Framingham next here on W I Brian. AP data about your -- -- -- thirty into the -- let's just have a paper people in this area yeah. Her 28 plus in Worcester but only eight people have lost power mr. -- believe -- you have power. Or we are bringing -- -- so in any and that's where that meat. Meet me my data recorder yes I have a -- those colonial but the people -- NL you yeah poker player to -- -- you're the news but I -- he's gonna go forward after similar adjustment to the online poker and purity so. The ripple effect could be good positive thing -- player. I hope so I hope so it's diagnosed the play online with on stars -- -- might mean you can still left home games online -- -- -- yep and we still do that my friends who do elect report times a week -- we just pay -- European markets like fidelity and I think in about a ridiculous. It has it's a Gibson certainly like it or art and it's absurd and you know I know I know my friends like that -- a Cali and wanted to laugh at stuff like this of people -- not understand. -- people's lives were affected by I don't think people really get how popular poker is in the going and -- huge yes huge huge huge. To be intimate I really do think it's going to be statement that you penalties and enough I hope so achy opulent apartment -- and -- back and -- What what do you do a boat that Orton beat down I mean I know the guys and -- warrior and the guy Scott is doing and -- huge freaky guys. Well what do you think one and one that we do we disappointed that chart somebody else didn't let the guy later what do you expect and -- it. No I mean I I didn't I didn't want to -- go after and related to look first of all. If you if you see if you've heard Vaughn's remarks right after we talked about the last week -- talk about it again I mean it was just they discussed it before they did it. It just happened to be that it's on got some bad leverage right off the the right off the back. A guy's ass kicked I mean he -- it is that he's not complaining about it I mean that may come another time when they go white again. But I have watched article retaliate why would you want -- your best players who plays 125 plus minutes a game. To take on a guy who placed three -- four minutes a game it does that make any sense to me now you can make a case. Later on in the game when when I have to go low double to face that it could have been some kind of retaliation but you know what. Good outcome they'll come a time and place for it and I just didn't make. Was the right time and that -- started 31 lead in that game and it wasn't because of lack of toughness that they lost that game they left took Rask out to dry. In that game -- were so many odd man rushes in that game for buffalo was ridiculous by. I think repeat I think that people are you know I think the Thornton does it to the same thing. But do you expect from the -- into the because they pray they get out of the team to -- when do you expect some fireworks suspect is. I think there's -- -- -- I think it's certainly I think it's certainly possible I'm not sure the current project gonna go out of their way congress some kind of misconduct. I like a set I would much rather see a big time open ice hit or big check up against the boards. -- some meaningless quite. You know I mean if you if it's necessary of its mandatory understand sometime this mandatory. And you know somebody gets -- sucker punched her elbow in the back of the head or something like that then that's different story by. Look strong -- and unfortunately with that flight yet pad leverage right off the -- couldn't its kids. And adjusted distant turnout. It didn't turn out well at all and hopefully we'll be back you know sooner rather than later. Fraction Gloucester frank. I'm an average -- Yeah at -- -- and then people. I'm on my usual it's also the only runs to ease -- -- and on and -- -- -- -- Douglas cross country. Women -- -- but I am I don't. A -- Mullah Omar and I don't want you nor any other Yankee prompted again to between eight and intended it and negative on the bond I'm. I remember you can -- it brought. Yeah braves -- great. Rick Bragg in north break. Not get that may -- oxygen. Racquet on skis and he's done a skier cross country's dear man out of though they could do which by the way is why this is what you really hate baseball writers on days like this for all Fort Myers. All of them. Mostly are out -- is now Obama has brought much of -- down there yet and Alex Douglas and we get a hold him. Another prank. But good to go there all the -- we acknowledge god had just arrived at Fort Myers saw that great. The other interests at all sit there and 7580 degree weather with stock with this crap up here but we live here again. Try to but why I'm trying to figure that out. The -- tax breaks -- the weather. Odds rights advocates for the for the sports that's what we're here for the sports again it's 1777. It's indicted three -- Jackson 37937. Sure you're -- stories from yesterday and you know if if you're okay we're not okay. If you know -- to the best I can't keep it up with that whatever and we'll talk to Sussman again after his last coming up after this quick break. And will get updated on on the driving ban the airports and emcee basically. Don't leave your house to do it lessens the app so Lou. The emergency we're back with more report -- XP jeopardy for mustard and job to crack it. -- -- --

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