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Feb 8, 2013|

Ryder talks with NBA reporter for SB Nation, Paul Flannery. They talk about the Celtics future without Rondo and whether the teams performance could affect hsi future with the team, as well as the issues that are surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers.

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John Ryder banquet here and and no one stopped Paul flattery amid a blizzard couldn't stop Paul Flannery. Paul check them out on SB nation dot com and of course great follow on Twitter at. Oh yeah of them survive indefinitely with no problem actually handled everybody else does it say about their BM but. Yeah I'm stuck in the WEEI bunker I really appreciate you joining me is always a problem yes. Last night Celtics obliterate the lakers. Look at the Celtics stretch and we're still getting it here and Q and I'm sorry I continue to ask you some of the same questions Bedford new listeners out there and continue to get it. Without Rondo doing this six game winning streak and he pretty much nailed it I think that they've got better defense now. With the combination of Avery Bradley Courtney Lee in the back accord that frees up Jason Terry on those pick and rolls. Those are a couple of things you mentioned -- any anything else that's working out better. Well let me get picked third overall they're just playing -- -- and -- have this conversation with a lot of people over the last few few weeks since. You know -- that indictment of Rondo that they are playing better right now. And that is serious question image shouldn't they complain that hard all season long -- there shops have been going down that he created for them. You know it's it's it's it is one of those very -- and things will then we as we've also said. This stretch of games that up very nicely for them to win they played the lakers were shelled themselves last night. The the clippers were shelled themselves you know -- on Sunday. And you know give them credit they've they've been playing great at the same time let's not go overboard here. This is still the same team that was what two games under 500 it's just a few days ago. I felt that at some point they were good gonna turn it and -- even -- Rondo -- I thought there was just too much talent on this team eventually they would wake up and start to play better did you feel that might happen I mean we'll never know now but. Did I did I mean that you could be the a couple weeks ago they did they played the knicks. It doesn't either or gain against the next station of the blame me. Are right now Miami Atlanta -- Friday night there was a double overtime of the terrible loss but they still playing well for a first significant stretched time. Keeping their defense to start to come together I figure literally America before it started making shots and all the rest of it. So yeah that you get the economy and then it looked at they have now put themselves back into this year. Yet their price you know -- -- -- -- there may be the sixth seed but the same time Buick or other at the Eastern Conference there is. We talk about this every year there's opportunity there. There really are no outside of Miami they're really is no you know second comedy team their conference they absolutely can can can do something that poses. It last night in in in that game they. Dwight Howard ends up playing and you have of course many articles up on SB nation about the lakers and Celtics great preview by the way yesterday. The Dwight are they just attacked him the pick and roll that's not a surprise I also thought it was cutting interest in where Kevin Garnett gets into it early a couple of files kind of you know -- tested that shoulder of of of Dwight Howard -- mixing it up with him. And the lakers this Kobe Bryant do you think it was right dead -- Kobe -- he says he really didn't buddy did it calling out to Dwight Howard. Well they're meant to or not he did edit it to collect that Sony is -- right I you know -- at visit visit does not written rule in the league you don't question another -- is -- -- And there's lots of good reasons for because you know if everybody played certain sleek. That said. Ability Kobe question a -- Nash questioned it. And did -- major but he knew that what have been cleared to play first few days. And that he played last lead because he felt like it and that you watched -- last let everyone dead he did not look he look healthy enough to be playing you -- terrible. And so it's really exploited they completely take advantage of some. Because he refused to combat guard people on the ticket overall and so that it had fifteen foot jumper after fifteen foot jumper it was crazy. So you know with Kobe right if they know at the same time bid defected but basically the whole team coming down on -- and nobody's really defending him I think that both speak volumes. When he put together correctly I it's easy to say that they weren't right now but. Did you like the way that they were assembled before the. I mean -- if Dwight Howard is healthy we're not having this conversation. And but that was always the rescue coming off back surgery no shoulder something different but. He was not healthy to start the -- that Dwight Howard is playing even as well did last year which was a great year for him but it was a good year keep playing as well if you last year. We're not having that conversation because they're probably ten games over 500 in the end and do -- fine. So yes sure I like the way they're put together I mean the warning signs were that they had no bench no adapt. And lo -- Steve Nash gets hurt. Howard gets -- it's -- it's hurt and then all of a sudden that that depth looks really really shaky give it just doesn't exist. So. Yes -- you can argue with that at the same time. It's like Palffy. He -- Yeah a lot of people realize to he's been a durable player throughout his career. He really at this is the first -- and he's even talking about that last night not the way that made him come could come across particularly well by the way. But he was talking about how he'd never been hurt in Orlando and this is the first time that plates -- stuff like dead and you know I mean that it. Listen -- that are out of these guys long enough there's very few guys who were taken that are doing -- economic thank god played direct. -- amazing bad injury. And stuff and ankle and shoulder and everything else that in knee tendinitis that player decided that would make people disinterested after two weeks. So it it's it's as simple Hillary experience for him. He's he's he's not handling it well yeah he's he's back with the lakers Nixon's. I I don't know. I gotta kinda think he will only because it up to -- landing spot has suppose he could he could go to Dallas. That's something that could open up. Houston potentially if you wanted to go there how much are you want to stay there that's the big -- But at the end of the day -- the lakers will be able to offer more money in that you know it felt like. It -- choosing between Cleveland and Dallas office to Cleveland right where you are still talking about office. Yeah you know it's interesting and fascinating and we know how much in the soap opera down in Orlando with him a last year Paul and but it is a small market may be sued and maybe I shouldn't say a small market but does he need to be the top dog shall -- -- Yeah I think I think the he might be. That might have something to do with it and you know -- that speak a little bit maturity issues I also think that. In Orlando there's there's one paper that -- -- covered them you know on the road and being with LA you've got. You get 678 the writers there every night and those guys are aggressive and they're very good in the Orlando guys were hit puberty is only one of and you deal with those guys every single night and that becomes a whole other issues that that you probably never really contemplated before happen. And if he goes to another way to play it is if you -- -- in Dallas it was a from Brooklyn or somewhere else but I don't think he's got a -- from Brooklyn but he goes -- rough is going to be like that. The same way so I think it's up to be -- for that I think guys sometimes want to bright lights but they don't know what it means to get there. Lakers said -- the lakers have a shot -- playoffs. Get -- a shot playoff. And that should -- do much that they do get in their -- -- Portland is sort of hanging on there in the -- their bench it's dreadful. -- is sort of up and down the other -- playoffs that they can get. A little bit consistency. Gallon and you know obviously if if if Howard Kobe and Nash are able to stay healthy -- shot at but. I was gonna -- -- do much when they get it. Which I would Paul flattery. Of SB nation died common form on Twitter as well -- at. 25000 points in the put that into perspective. Considering this is a guy that doesn't always look for a shot or look for his office does so many other things. Tough to rank yeah I mean he's one of the all time best but that is position would you say top five of all time and I just. I was wanna ask you this we were. Do everything equal would you take gore -- Duncan I know you can't go wrong either way. All of the great questions. Love that question actually I mean. It's -- that you -- delicate. And the reason -- -- Dunkin' is because he did quit and he was not a better team with a better coach and a better organization with better players -- -- that's kind of unfair. I've always felt that if if Kevin has started Santonio. That he would want to -- that championships but he didn't and Duncan did so yeah I think you have given that slight edge. There but. If you look at their careers that they are remarkably them and if there's a stretch in the mid 2000 -- Kevin Garnett was clearly the best players. 2004 when the -- -- it is -- really from 20032005. When he was easily the best players only. He's they think we're -- -- what position you put that to be honest with you mean I don't he's always claimed he's before. He really was more of five for throughout a lot of his career terms of big of his generation in doubt -- are our top of the list. You know and they need you start going down that I'm not sure exactly where he would rank he is. A first ballot no doubt about it Paul payment by doc actually really. Putting good perspective when asked about this earlier this year you know that there's also a minute that there's -- -- the hall of fame. And everybody gets to the table he's there. You know so it's sort of a he is he is a cut above these other guys. Do you think Jack Garnett or pierce gets moved do you think the Celtics make any moves. I think they probably will become something. I'm sure they're gonna try. I don't think. That Garnett is going anywhere between people like to pretend that there's no trade clause can be just easily -- him there's a reason why he wanted it isn't wanna go anywhere. You know nasty and very -- -- -- I don't think -- that's gonna go anywhere I think there will be some talk about pierce and it'll come down to. Will this benefit the team in the long run -- and you know the short run. I'm not sure -- you can get. What you want for those guys. And I think any age actually made a comment on on on WEI in on Thursday. That you know we've value. A valued those guys more than other teams to. And so they don't have the right deal -- not gonna trade him just to trade Ameritrade emperor you know a couple of draft picks and some cap space -- what's gonna happen. So my hunch is they're both gonna be here after the trade deadline I think they're gonna do you. Some day but I don't know exactly what it is it'll probably something smaller but really add more players because they need some more bodies. But it at this point -- -- a lot can change I can -- -- a lot of pocket I think you hear a lot of names a lot of rumors but I'm not sure that you're gonna see that big deal there might explain happen. What it would team. Or teams could be interest in Paul Pierce. You know you have to think how much of that that they -- market form. And you know you can I -- -- first -- with a very interest in an area. They've got some players that could be interest it. And you know we all -- Paulson bella and you know I don't think that the any -- any -- penetrate empted the Milwaukee. I just don't think that's gonna happen. So interpret that to play it seemed that could use them not that they did not that they don't list a capitalist. Likely. I guess outside of pierce and Garnett who's the most likely Celtic he could BC could see being moved. Yeah I think the guys got the book value right now it probably Courtney Lee and and that's probably it is because he's younger. Then if you don't let the let slide in the is that you've got Kevin a Pall over there in the one and and then. Every Bradley I'm sure everybody would want Avery Bradley and -- you know -- -- they want to trade him. -- -- got these mid level veteran guy Courtney Lee brand that Jason Terry and out of those three guys I think Cortese got the most value because he's younger. If he's a role player who's done it and he's he's he's got experience mean if you're looking for instant offense guy you might want Jason Terry -- -- across the league's. Teams really like Courtney. And I'm not sure they won't trade -- prepare like he's played really well for them. He's doing exactly what they asked to do when they brought him here but in terms of value I think he tried -- -- probably -- right now. Do you think it's active or not as active the NBA trades. This season and and maybe some of the big names -- -- there's potential for Josh Smith or some of the big names to be moved. I think it's less active than years past some part of this is complicit because the injuries -- bears out would have been. That would have been you know the highest bidder kind of -- situation he got hurt. And you have to -- -- now and in not that they were gonna trade Rondo both Rondo heard that changes the Celtics equation. And Kevin Love got hurt that changes the Minnesota equations so I think injury that had a lot to do with it. I think the luxury tax implications have a lot to do with so much you're gonna see a lot of things you know Josh -- the interstate. -- could very easily just waded out and traded in the off season -- aside trains. They absolutely cut. Do you look at guys like Josh Smith you're looking at either Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap in Utah. I think it's it's that it's a reasonable that the one of those two guys will be moved. At its role players like JJ Redick and like Courtney Lee Blake Will Bynum guys like that I think that's who you're really looking at this this trade deadlines. Yes I'm sure Gortat some others as well. We'll be moved. The Denver Nuggets come in and you nailed it before the season I was asking you a dark course in the NBA and you told -- the Denver Nuggets or at least in the Western Conference. Now I I think it might overtake the clippers -- that third spot they've won eight straight but into the -- to catch him at a good time. They played Cleveland tomorrow night so that means they get in -- -- Lou while the Celtics are arrested but they're a team on the other role. One of the youngest teams in the NBA but really team to watch out for. Yeah I think -- tremendous and you're right nobody again that sets up perfectly for the Celtics to get a team. You know got a got a little when they're gonna get it in Athens and Atlanta -- Sunday morning at this rate. -- yet that that's the perfect scenario for them but they better be they'd better be ready because they -- Denver will run and then their deep. I like Denver a lot -- couple pieces circle -- the way they need some more shooting desperately. Desperately desperately -- you know -- I'm not sure that they are. I like them but I think there's a feeling it's probably the second round team Chris Paul get himself healthy than I think I think the clips will be able to hold them off their butt. Yeah I think they're they are definitely kimono right what happened at an early this season that this started the year on the road. And I've had a whole bunch of games at home they just to blow people out. -- yet did then doubt be a fun game going to be really fun game of -- Did did they are fun to watch -- there at the exact opposite of the lakers where the lakers can't get any to get treatment in transition -- Denver's thrives in transition. They love it deliver Florida got thick pile laughter that it would doll -- -- meet the and and Kenny hurried and people -- people and Utley pat people in Boston and it don't watch cat three daughters on a regular basis swaps on Sunday he will instantly become what is your favorite players. Could that all the guy doesn't brought that it it says this whole game is running or running or on the court he's all hostile. Guys as one of the best nicknames in the game to the -- animal -- also. I like -- before he sees of him motivated guy you know he's always I will this season and he's always looking to make -- each season. Yeah absolutely Ed in -- because from -- small school we could work very you know -- and headed to a piece. He's tremendous -- -- great if I was really hoping against hope that he was gonna wind up falling to the Celtics he would have been just tremendous for that team. In that draft but that he's he's he's great a -- Are you looking at a specific date in terms of this Celtics team try to figure them out life without Rondo or cash you know that the six game stretch is is nice split. Are you looking at A has specific gators specific game when it comes to -- all right is this really what I'm -- a year. Yet not yet there that the post all star break they go out on the road and about the -- scheduled but they're on the road for awhile. So I think you know when they come back in March I think I think we should have a pretty good idea the trade deadline will be passed by then. And you know -- -- a low little rim and -- it is great with Purdue they're they are really fun to watch right now and they are playing well they're playing together. And they're they're playing the kind of basketball that people like to see which his unselfish. Team oriented defense of basketball at its great to watch. You know and -- obviously I hope we keep suffered for for piercing Arctic got a lot of them go out of the 500 team. But. I aideed deadpanned I think there isn't dealing with that edit the field will be exposed in the playoffs when you don't have a guy like -- The Eastern Conference looking at a couple of the teams in this in the east love to check in and I knew that the potential playoff teams. And they east outside of Miami's still kind of hold with the Indiana and Chicago as the two best other teams in the east. Well yeah actually think that nick says the to have the best chance to beat Miami -- selling games here. That said I think that opened the -- for the second best to. But in terms of the way they match up against against Miami that that's pretty tough. Because they've got they've got -- in the middle and they've got scoring and shooting. And date -- statement the war all the things that you need against Miami I think they actually -- the best matchup. Chicago Indiana though and I'm looking at Indiana and they may actually blow this game at Toronto which would be really terrible loss but. India has played really well -- Paul George is that legit all star. Mitigating -- back be really -- the what date view because they I like embarrass the Chicago at this point a really -- I think they're I think they're very good. And even an average Leadbetter Paul George just amazing. And outlast this Memphis deal. I understand the luxury tax and they're gonna move Rudy Gay and is still rumors of Zach Randolph. Today -- just crush that team where they have to think about it the players on the team have to think about it and -- there one of the best starting five in the game. And have they kind of lost their identity after these moves. Well you know if it did then shame on them because that everybody knew it was coming and everybody knew it can happen. And I I still maintain that regain the very best player but fundamentally overrated. So if it back crushed their spirit and they aren't compensated that -- -- ruling that war you know and so they got to get together and start with the coach he's got to stop complaining about they actually did doesn't put the pregame comments tonight he -- Sort of you know grousing about things because. They still have a very nice core and they've stated they added some decent people that got -- -- days and John -- ever get the chance I think you can actually contribute here Q. Though they got that they got that they get a second opting for the behind him and go play because that this is that they would they wanna keep what they still have. The better the better show us something. Lastly Paul the clippers. A lot of people he -- some people saying well they can make -- of the playoffs but you hear others have heard Charles Barkley said I've heard others as well well. The the game slowdown. That they'll be more half court in the post season they won't have a chance the policies what's your take on the clippers. I think they have tremendous -- to look -- ball healthy. And you know keep healthy. You know that's that's fine people wanted people to pretend that that's the way it's going to be I don't I think they're very very did. The biggest thing is based in the other match up slide up I think they're the second best team in the west if they're healthy. And I think they're gonna be a handful for anybody especially -- -- So yeah I think you know I think that the outcome of that as well that the clippers well OK but there's the clippers have Chris Paul that -- -- huge difference. I think they're for real -- -- -- that there healthy I think that think they will make a serious -- -- do you take all the stuff that last question do you think they move Bledsoe or they'd be fearing if Chris Paul balls were a world where anything they go that. I don't know it. I think it would blue blood -- earth for a big time player but you know it's what does not enough to get Kevin Garnett and of that right. So I think the only for a guitar player and you know it's just. He's good he's really good. -- wonder about what's a little bit in than Connecticut grade but I think that. He's been built up two week period that he's sort of on that you know so so underrated he's overrated kind of thing. Billy I mean I would -- without the clippers but if they're looking for that one piece. He'd be they got. And -- excellent stuff as always Paul really appreciate you join me in this in this blizzard. Are you to Paul thanks -- Paul flattery check them out one of the best in the business when it comes to the NBA SB nation -- comment on Twitter at.

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