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Keith Law talks about some of the Red Sox prospects

Feb 8, 2013|

Kirk and Alex talk with ESPN's Keith Law about the Red Sox farm system and some of the teams prospects who have been showing a lot of promise as we get ready for spring training.

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Joining us now in the AT&T hotline is Keith law from ESPN's Keith how are you today. Good get a piece earlier this week ranking the organization's farm system won the thirty you have the Red Sox number seventeen I guess my question would be I derived that conclusion. So to do that you like it's it's part of the package were in the top 100 prospects in baseball on top ten. For each organization. And. To do -- organizational rankings so I'm looking much deeper than. I'm looking at really anybody in their system quite think projected. It'd. Having some kind of significant mutually role even if it's just the backup fourth outfielder quality reliever. And and waving the upside you'll what's the best case scenario for all these prospecting each of the systems and then also considering. Proximity how close are these guys to actually contributing to protect not just actually getting here. But to being in the majors in and contributing some positive value to the Major League club and like to protect have a decent farm system I think that the last two drafts. Have helped significantly in a system that was really kind of on the downswing prior to that I don't think -- a lot of impact it's close to the majors. Natal is kind of high upside coaching -- were kind of back and. Pitching quality relief prospect but not a lot of the potential number 12 starters that other organizations have where. It may not all they're -- alternative aces or virtues but at least the possibility exists that. As you know keep. With the way the Red Sox are sort of selling this is and I can make any big deals and assigned as for a couple of years and bank largely. On this farm system giving your results of which you found the -- reason. Your Red Sox Spaniard -- panic when you look at this now you're saying this is not one of the top half in baseball's Marxist. I wouldn't panic but I would definitely. If I were asking the Red Sox directly about the -- say well what you planned to do that next say twelve months. To compete to improve the ranking to improve the gaps in the system and to try to bring in at least a couple of war. High upside guys can actually under -- is the 19 system -- look at I think that's a star that guys getting extremely high likelihood determine Q. Well above average everyday player in the majors but -- your top ten pick in the draft which they haven't haven't forever. And that's a huge opportunity for them. To try to get another player like that because typically in the draft those guys off the board the first 1015 -- the Red Sox -- to pick after that. So picking believe it's these overall this year. There have -- so this year even better they've got that opportunity and to go out again but a guy like that it might be high school player which. I think he's probably not ideal for them but it's not agree especially for position players it's not a great draft for college back. The best player available may be high school player and I don't think they know yet what direction they'd like to go and but the best player available could turn out to be something that's just not traditional for them what their first gulf OPEC. So one thing that -- interest in you said that you don't see a lot of kind of top of the rotation sealing him in the Red Sox system at least you know in terms of in terms of likelihood of a projection. I think what of -- more interest in evaluations was that of of Matt Barnes because. You know I know that you don't consult other ranking systems but he's someone who was viewed. As being a relatively. Easy to project number three by a lot of by by a lot of people both you know publications as well as scouts. -- with -- you know in some -- -- kind of a a likely three potential for number two I assume that you view him a little bit differently. That gap certainly less -- I don't I don't think that's that's so reasonable. Evaluation of where Lawrence's. Today and I you know I give him credit for four making I think a lot of progress. It's getting out of school where he his junior year UConn was a little bit disappointing -- -- -- the red -- against him. Where they get the guy could've gone in the top ten or at least top fifteen. Going into spring in just kind of with epidemic messing around the flyer that was. A garbage pitch for him and that he has jumped you know respect his fastball curveball changeup. Which is gonna be more effective for him and that that's -- was just kind of wasted everybody's time. Now the big thing with boards is that. I don't strike -- numbers were great he's doing a lot of it is with great fastball command would -- -- he loved to see that. But it's not like he has knockout stuff. And I think as he continues to move up the latter of -- one of those pictures take the big leap forward like suddenly the curve ball. -- the greater to in terms on this week eighty scale. -- he's probably going to be relying on that fastball command to continue this back and that's harder and harder to do -- to move up the latter can you can certainly help yourself with that. -- You know your boarding colossal mistakes and -- that you walk. Hopefully allowing him to exit the ball park is that kind of like on the fastball. It to be there can help. But that's not typically you wind up. In the top spot in the rotation most guys you can the pitch up there have one page that either clear -- -- -- pitch or something that just generates tons of ground ball. And boards for me doesn't have any and I will felt like downgraded have a little bit because it's not a great delivery he's got the size -- repeats the -- arm action. Fine but it's not a clean mr. gonna come across and that does give him I think it slightly higher risk for injury that some of the other pitchers have rated higher. So getting back to Kirk's earlier question about as you can kind of the Red Sox perspective of team building. Do you see as impact prospects the guys with a chance to come up and help -- the Major League level in either -- thirteen or 2014. I think that the two closest for me art Jackie Bradley junior -- the publicly defense in the majors right now -- In Arabic bets that far off I don't think he's gonna come up and B superstar. He can be high on base guy and which is great actually approach has really improved. The last twelve months. We got to have a kind of power he can play readings that are probably be an above average regular is peak because he's got a great defense of skills good range good -- Does that cover more instinctive baseball player. -- get on -- at a good clip he could probably do that. At some point 2014 maybe start the on the roster then let Ellsbury walked and just let Bradley cut more into the role over the course of the year. I think -- Webster could help the big league club at some point this year. It is issue is -- if he gave him Matt Barnes commit you know pretty damn good pitcher Brad you've got he could think -- like your ground ball he's got a good breaking ball. He can miss some bad he has always had issues with fastball command and took control he would still control -- people like to start strikes. And that and can kind of developed a little slowly. What's at a converted shortstop he hasn't actually been pitching for that long and. I think I and I -- contract to where -- look at what's to -- moderate expected to make that move in in command and control. Because eventually if you don't throw enough strikes he can't throw quality strikes at the passport you do end up in the bullpen. They may choose to use him in the bullpen at some point the end this year anyway they don't have a spot in the rotation but he's going well enough in the minors. Could come up to be a three to kick out guy in the middle innings for them in August and September yeah I I think he'd actually succeed -- that -- pretty -- He thought ESP -- to -- you get the sense talking to people our guest just observing your own. Debenture two is the right guy we disorganization specific guest in that aspect of it comes to. Farm system given is given his history. What is that it background right that he oversaw the art system over several years since. He's extremely well respected around the game he's seen as a good leader he has very thoughtful. It's very intelligent guy who could carry forward a lot of the philosophies that were in place -- the previous regime. So I mean I haven't really heard any criticism of him directly depends some criticism of the bulk of the vote is a lot of confusion as to why it -- boxer. Are suddenly trying to play in the -- pure free agents but to think historically the most dangerous area play the premium guys. You know I'm cigarette tax cut troubled -- but in general if you go after the start he'd do fine and she go into the kind of -- -- You can do pretty well but the middle ear and a victory ideal for me was the worst free agent contract in the off season. And Napoli obviously they redid the deal but there's no way of giving. The years the guy he's it is basically a part time Patrick -- probably. Just a fulltime DH. Those are not the players that there really any I would recommend any team be signing but it seems like their strategy is that is that the class of free agents. We wanna go after at least for the next couple of years. And I wanna put that on any one particular person in the front office they just. Don't really understand that as a philosophy because of the history of that -- free agents is not that good. I'm I'm curious about your your view of a couple of guys who have graduated technically from prospect status and -- weren't eligible. But in terms of potential impact on the 2013 team. How do you -- guys like. How do you how do you view ruby tiller roast. And coming up for Tommy John surgery but with obviously electric stuff -- the hard way who had a great track record up until last year when. When that when the offensive numbers went down. And and a guy like -- -- who was spectacular in the major leagues last year but you know is it it's a reliever so you know there's a sustainability question. So at Baylor -- us that means -- looked like potentially before he got hurt I was getting called that sporting. March spring training and and in April 2 pro -- to win and the best I've seen all year. Pitching with a -- fastball you know plus change -- it was very easy strikes strikes command wasn't really there and then you know three months later the -- After we haven't really seen him all the way back at this point so. Do you think he could be adding that the potential still there it's seems like -- both walk stopped just the ability to throw that hard is still in the arm. I don't know how much more time it's gonna take for him just to get back. Command wise -- wise secondary to win he was before the surgery so I wouldn't tell you I think illnesses in the rotation volume this year. And he's effective I think eventually get back to that point but don't be -- comes out the first step in the -- he's erratic. Because he's still trying to get back to where he lives. To -- what seems like it sound as well eleven -- -- but he could be back and starter originally really struggled in that role. Maybe he could morph back into that but it and looked like he got so much success with our role that we don't want certain that he be more than. Maybe a fourth starter is it even act. I don't think there's -- -- of reasons to move him out of that spot. We'll -- way I mean if he can actually be really good big -- that he's at best. A back up back there and then what you got this. Kind of look of regular DH was shot and just doesn't really profile. As -- an average designated hitter in the will give what the standard is the American right now so he's kind of a bench player. Who's gonna struggle to find a lot of playing time because teams carry twelve sometimes thirteen pitchers now. Players like what -- -- get better on -- 1015 years ago than they -- today. Final question here -- for me -- you real quickly sort of give us an idea where the other teams the American League east rank we have them ranked the sort of you know among your your top thirty of the Yankees and Orioles. Rays and blue jays. So the rays are third overall they are clearly the class of the division in terms of their minor league system and the activity like -- not be able spent the completely leveled right to be able to replenish. From within or through trades and part of what boosted them -- was. Picking up -- Meyers -- arteries via Mike Montgomery in Beijing -- trade. I think within a couple spots flow in the rankings. And get the big east -- -- -- the Orioles thirteen. If it's minor differences to beat the Yankees a better system attacks yeah absolutely. Are they world better now they're kind of -- in that same general territory. It you don't have a lot of -- term impact either but they do have a group of position players. Moving gradually up the system off fairly young. I think they could end up with two -- and -- about aperture better regulars from back -- the blue jays basically gave the formal way these -- I think laughter. They're clearly at the bottom of the division except one guy he's been a favorite of mine if you high school senior currency which has tremendous odd chance for three hostages. -- -- throw more strikes he's only twenty you'll be high AA there's almost no near term impact. From bear arms systems of the blue -- they kind of the I I actually wrote that. In a copilot with GM it's kind of pushed -- should the center of the table stood up they are all in at this point. And the worry about rebuilding the farm system after the next state two years or so they want to try to win. Keith we appreciate your time you and you should know this you join John Farrell as the only three time guests on the hot stove show us. Oh right yeah that's -- do -- get -- a hand like. It's it's the Triple Crown it's just 23 Richard that was the most appropriate and yet to come to grips with the fact is the first line Euro. There's really no doubt. I don't -- it is thanks elected but let's keep lobbyist in joining us on the hot -- show. Quick break we'll be back.

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