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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/08/13

Feb 8, 2013|

We discuss four topics we normally wouldn't touch on during the normal course of the show. Today featuring Cedric Maxwell. Topics include Snow Stories, terrible announcers and more.

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Didn't know in this no -- Needs to -- NGOs for poor and the -- -- -- -- yeah. Yeah. Orange ball. We -- -- yeah. -- like this we -- masks. For four and fourteen is also known Mac held its RIR no actually got Obama Hillary newcomer is to -- -- putt meant. -- the blizzard of 2013 is upon us what is your worst experience getting caught in a blizzard Max. Are those blows his inaugural North Carolina -- Null or not got jobs in the Bluetooth of the from the day I was here asthma for -- that was the worst thing about it -- the fact that -- Could get by tomorrow. -- -- -- It Bob -- you've got guys. Like jacket but at. A public. What do you what do what you want -- -- With the by the couple yet -- went to re both together when you -- you advertise. -- -- we would tell them. So what would you -- it lip of the house right at -- right and this -- I've ever we about it though and in the thick of thought. So what have north Koreans who you know no it doesn't serve for a telephone suffered their names are well as we missed missed a couple of games. When the blizzard game we missed gobble gave them that we. It was in the it was like nothing is it's like -- -- you'd twenty years though only one. Do something. And you just couldn't do -- until I can be an -- and I can't believe that this thing will be anywhere close to now seven you don't you don't know even even if -- well. Like three storms and -- was fifty some audiences when you're done. But I can't believe because the technology exchange and help people deal in the Internet exchange. So the communication is their -- could -- an imaginary girlfriend. During that -- at -- about the fourth primary there is good. Of the Brookline. And yeah to that he is accurate some don't and that cabin fever is the breeding ground -- -- her girlfriend everybody that might happen Michael the situation. -- there was no food restaurant -- close doors were closed for eight. -- -- Find it is it is really weird I had go on to stop shop that day he. Packed mine in the 04 months so when just a small one outlets that I had food and everything it's. The opposite. Aren't that Aaron -- -- opposite sex that's all that was a little of what are okay to want Michael exit 21 when he went on when -- look. -- of the -- commandments in -- army. My all I know what it was apparent in my we are very clear in the U out of group play opium altogether too good to know play insult I don't blame bad joke. Ditto -- a guy on the floor are really orbit there a lot of people -- at least if you. Will you go there a few with the -- -- target you want to put you within you there aren't we -- you that you'll get there -- Nokia started with the Vietnam to kids were conceived and that's all well your point -- -- Maxwell. At yup that's right -- -- -- more hours stranded but it. Sure a lot of people be in this position. Because that Logan Airport is open but the flight won't be going until tomorrow so flight plans going to be -- I remember when I was a first are covered basketball on working and Ohio at the time cavaliers are playing in Boston. Said to be 1993. And another thing snowstorm shut down. For me to get to the next game. This is not a usual. I had -- -- only what you get back to Cleveland go to Atlanta is now even worse I went from -- -- from Boston. Houston. I did grab them and continental club. Oh hey -- what to Marvin got a flight to where if you really wanna get there you'll be flying all over the country -- just to go. You know 400 to 500000. Friends in the last couple -- that had trouble early to get out because they were scheduled to go on vacation on Saturday. And they -- do that exact same thing to stops people. That's the worst Andy is also this off though that he leaves here at 6 o'clock and he knows he's going to be stop me too and he is going to be stopped them and they -- and the Andy kept them any of this is media -- a little business -- Micheal Murray threw strikes and -- was -- finals -- a year -- a -- Mike or Jack -- Cleveland I don't think -- -- a destination for everybody's got beat rate -- -- please -- right -- a -- but at the angry -- Cutler -- yeah. I. -- lot -- this there was the house and Kim Garnett went over the 25000 point mark for his career. He's not going to bring cream Abdul Jabbar is career point mark what is the most unbreakable record in sports. -- -- -- 100 points by a well what Chamberlain. I don't think that mark will ever and we so Coby. We thought he was close to -- you need a you still need 1819 with a goal and he was gonna go on and so I don't know how everything you'll -- he's pretty -- -- professional -- to me in the coming out. Road you know you know we all live blog written a whole group. Holmgren balls -- what -- this -- A two. Pretty good to go I still think DiMaggio. I think about your interest is 656. Straight games and hit. But Mikey actually my keys here should I couldn't believe my -- here at at just after 4 o'clock. Mikey was it talking right Johnny Vandermeer. And back to back no hitters go to break the record yet to have three straight no hitters I think that maybe we don't. I don't all right -- Even look at how well the number chip which it felt one -- Yeah eight straight that's an extra outlet that -- in -- I wanna yes that's so I think he's I think because times have changed. There are a bunch of them that will never happen sigh young 500 in eleven wins but I happen again because. You've got the bullpen now you get specialist relief specialist closers. It's never ever going to happen in the course is too much when he in the games that you protect you -- like Felix Hernandez. We're gonna have the opportunity they won't let him pitch -- I think all of these are probably never gonna happen but the good attendance record. We -- good to venture. Red Sox record and I don't know what does have a better record Red Sox on the credit. Not all -- you'll have. Your -- -- the -- not by fall are. I. -- got Magic Johnson will be joining -- I tell Mike to Rico on the broadcasts of the upcoming Michigan State Indiana game -- surely be a train wreck. Who is the worst announcer in sports. My sympathies to Mike to Rico dealing with without to -- got a -- good crew because -- the best he's good then you have I tell who just talks and talks and -- and magic is gonna struggle just to get his points and -- -- protect notify -- magic shot making and access these days have you noticed that I watch him on the on the pregame and halftime and postgame -- -- going to be the same with a dual -- is an extra measure that whole crew is really. That's this week a studio show which you're gonna. There's magic need to be that because magic isn't the he's a figure here. Right so he's -- -- -- -- and I -- isn't -- about what he is bringing -- -- the breaking down the gains. It's just the fact that he is that person you know why we talk because. One thing we looked we we were talking on Michael show I mean we did Comcast it would -- about at least that you want to remember. You know twenty years from now he'll he's wanna -- matchup will be that person because of the HIV. What he's done and community business wise I don't think any aptly even as great as Jordan was or is. Nobody is going to his senior writer reaching that pinnacle again in the way he. All these different areas. And especially when you tell us to talk about the whole HIV. This was eighty epidemic which he was. A face so we can't think of the other aptly other than maybe. Was it Lugar will be in the -- the Garretson -- right and that was it in and but look what magic has done. Since the -- after contracting HIV to have this huge empire which is is unbelievable itself. Bring you know Starbucks is -- black community. You know all of this Sony Sony Sony theaters -- find the other all the different things met this won't say and he is he here. It. Was blood but not like match up solidly so -- Dodgers -- arc -- it's because. He's got player I don't wanna report. -- can't. -- The magic the magic words rips magic magic. He was the worst -- In the in the history to the magic hour yeah that was that. -- fortunately chase was worse than. -- chases EOs. Before. And wars and government can have Tommy Davidson please please -- please seek to do so you know. What -- you about it. With the earth. Will be. Tricky. What's. The deal Oakmont market said it was. Yeah. Then our city -- and welcome to. Back it was powerless against him back. He's -- dollars Donald Trump resurrected his career. When he broke Monday prices resurrect -- The worst documents and who can count. Guys need to go to every time. I noticed in the worst remain and it's not that the mechanics are banned because obviously he -- he's doing the sign of the best. The -- with Jack. The worst Joseph. Joseph Joseph boss calls and he's he's as good. -- -- a huge inroads override all terrible -- -- -- -- margolies. Can't stand this. How. Else got there there and that was that was. Our. Political waters -- daughter wants this. I would agree with -- -- is he -- immigrant -- so that was my division is our. You -- it is just I think I'll buy that bank of business going to lose but I like I'd like I'd like. Excerpt from 603 Britons -- carols and. Baseball and atop -- and you guys were in our vision director will be just as it is. -- dangerous ballclub. -- like a guy who -- just not that music got him out. And all of us that he gets his second win. Is the best manager. Hello you know for the -- at a crossroads there are converted forward got her ticket. -- to PR guy that well go wait a minute that was no it was a he was again I find his way Chrysler thing -- -- just to document history from opinion not throw monster of a job like I think that's that's not always -- -- this question but it -- See what the biggest commercial as well. By who in that we're gonna have to be kidneys right yeah. You also got to -- what Ford Ford or bad won't -- demands are actually number four -- -- -- -- we've talked a lot recently about Lance Armstrong and out of greed is taking banned substances along with many others. Question is who is the biggest cheater in all of sports Cedric Maxwell Tiger Woods. Tiger. Woods would be commented they have -- do I mean do Chamberlain. What he would actually -- that if I -- -- I -- that you played the NBA you'd tell me how could you do don't. -- -- especially if it's phased it out he says it. Twenty. House 20020. South swifter than math prize is a liar it was a woman every like 32 seconds of this -- -- -- -- -- Couldn't freeze for about probably. The biggest she's directed they go all the time I how anyone. It was a woman by the name Rosie Ruiz who -- the board yeah yeah yeah except she didn't run the Boston Marathon. Jumped on the on the T. And basically got off like two miles from the finish line. And jumped into the race they couldn't do that ugly little chips and stuff like that she jumped rated that one she crossed the finish line -- -- the -- that's great. And for days she was the winner of this they get the -- -- and figure out. That this really run the -- jump as you know put the you there's -- that -- the body check -- you say these -- have a job. Marathon. -- -- it doesn't have that on the got on the -- on the -- got -- IGG. That was the that was the biggest -- ever that I got to go with -- the biggest user. From attempt he cheated on diets absolutely. We've got to to a seventh experiences Bill Belichick is the biggest cheater I'm pretty sure it's urgent means and I'm sure sure. -- spark conversation. That day. -- -- and I didn't go that's 44 now this that you wanted to bring something else into we will take a break and when we talk about. Super Bowl commercial device used to bowl commercial. This thing that he will break though it's anything as yet which. Oh good. You can target -- he's got an hour's gonna say public policy that you're going to be quite during a break. I don't -- 6777. Re 7937. Arabic.

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