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Where does KG rate among the top 10 Celtics of All-Time?

Feb 8, 2013|

We talk with Cedric Maxwell the day after Kevin Garnett scored his 25,000th point in the NBA and discuss where he fits in among the 10 best Celtics of all time.

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Storm its -- We're talking about this abstinence Maxwell in studio listed 617779. 7937. What you do understand it. The roads are going to shut down for everybody 54 minutes to your rights are violated title for clock. For Clark that I'm I'm work in all of the way -- we go for. But it for our viewers don't recall if you'll want to stay. Leo at -- closed at full. A week ago elect -- is what the studio tell me as a year to war with the well I've -- -- next year. I don't think you'd be able survive years in -- just to cut I had just -- -- -- for next. A madman. Who work. I mean my mistake yards. You brought up the burning bush earlier no 4 o'clock hour -- -- the sermon on the mount like that big Carolina. Now the only. What this writer was Hewlett and -- -- Now Mike he would use Mikey Mikey we use the band my kids and as you guys he can't get to work that I'd love to. Not appear -- long haul -- These are come -- take except that there will be no my no my back I'll bring my I'm with you there were intimate narrative before that. -- will be you know on the clock right that sleeps. That is good in Britain unless -- back if -- goes to show here's Angel whatever pillow Angel. I don't audience and. That I wanna talk about Donny Marshall Islands last night he said that without Rondo is no championship. We're lucky to get back at crystal ball. I scared because a commitment logo is doing pretty well against Nokia and that good but at least they're getting something going chemistry wise. I think it's helping I -- the book that they can win a championship would. Iran to -- I want to -- -- What jamaicans are registered Atlantic as you just accused are you making just as good as you know we can't win and when you can't. Well -- opinion I think that I think though one of the things that you see in the playoffs. Is the game slows them would you agree with -- right. Right okay for an in depth is that -- -- -- that if it's slow down. There's nobody on the Celtics team that has the imagination. Rondo on the opposite me and you would agree with that bright. Accordingly it's a quality is not Courtney Lee does not have the imagination. That Rondo hands in the half court you'd have to agree with that. -- don't -- beat del -- has huge be a huge part that you would lose now the upgrade on that is the fact that you are bad there right now the offensively. With the two guys who played defense. But I think in the playoffs you lose in transition because you'd not gonna have they got that tables that other the way on -- do the way you've seen. Run they'll be able to do yes general. Think it's an outrageous statement Angelo and the same thing they're saying in Chicago. Given a pretty damn good basketball team without their growth. Well without Derrick Rose can they won and I BH -- at eleven after all they ask you this question -- that made the statement one time before just like you. And I did on the air in this week Avalon that was -- I led the Celtics could not win the championship without cable and. Would you do with that. Well I think I figured you two point what point do you disagree. Platelet and when did it put it together -- it's important that total net. You got it all out what it meant a lot but ultimately. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It got struggling and you don't hide these guys they have to. -- -- don't have -- -- and that's required that no part of it part of in my EB. That Angelo we can't count written about -- -- the other -- and other car market all of that. Maybe he doesn't expect. Donny Marshall -- things like that just as some people. Around around the garden didn't expect you say things like that but the same conversation was had you were telling me last night you know that game and see it. The same conversation with had at halftime when he said the Celtics. In advance in the playoffs but they can't win a championship I think that instance maybe people expected it from national commentators. -- Cedric Maxwell banks and he's funny. And yet he's he's a Celtic. And -- Donny Marshal he wasn't insulting but he broadcast. It expect it when you guys let's does that but they get the green colored view and the. You you you can't expect. Us not to tell you the true. If you did not have Kevin Garnett during a wealth of us that. You want to and you will make a run you made a nice little run that you want gonna win the championship because he was a heart and soul which -- team was able to do. It isn't that degree -- Rondo I think offensively. But will Garnett is a whole completely different animal without having hill as a gap on the floor. When they would be the small while they went with which created Saturday and -- -- they would be the smallest team doctor Emily I agree with you. I think they need a big there's no big that they're going to find out there that's gonna commit and help them which means you're probably gonna have to deal somebody off. And it might yet -- Angelo might beat somebody like accordingly. Because that's where they've got a little bit of a surplus right now they may have to deal somebody like who else is going to bring you right now. A big they can actually. Do something for. You know as a slot the bigs out there that everybody I've talked about possibly -- always talked about 11 team of Oakland in the in look at Salt Lake City. And you have Al Jefferson out there as a guy. The main big when he hit it big money that you -- -- your stereo. He -- in the human Millsap -- that that's Millsap is is analogous. Can they give mills that. They have those app lets you know I would -- mills and -- that way to me. Now in an outfit you know depending -- a deal like this is probably not gonna happen but they were able to get a mills that. By giving up Courtney Lee. You can't do I -- I got -- -- the volatile the college golf clubs if you would love to have this -- we have a guy like -- that would be a tremendous. Be a tremendous pickup for them. We're talking all the stuff about Rondo older better without Rondo we company Bradley today. And we talked about Jeff Green and Jason Terry. We haven't talked about Brandon Bass Brandon Bass is making that shot last night yeah it Brandon Bass is OK if he does that okay. That is that the dimension we've missed well most of the year. Because the year before. He was making that money consistently right almost every game Brandon Bass was knocked -- down -- 1518 foot. In the this year so far in the last five or six games he's but the knock down that shot again but before that. That they mutual we're getting from him he wasn't -- damage shot in on top of that he wasn't rebounding the basketball. You know what he does now. You know yesterday had a really good game defensively to you got right to play defense it's not like he's just the he's just a one way player he just think about it shot now he might just think about -- quite a bit but. He can't defend. Well and. In this system right now as I said before I think when things change. Is is that this is Paul. Paul's team and it's given team. And because of that I think everybody is now wore a honorable. On the defense of mean. And because of that I think this team is better off right now the way be -- point. While the other thing have to worry about them though still max's. They're playing a full season this year you gotta worry about both of those guys can help end of Dublin that. Even if it's a nagging injury that something that doesn't keep you out but it drops out because they both left. Play right now yeah at a 100% again especially with no or -- by the way Millsap is making seven point two -- And he's the last service contractor he has here now leave but you you look at this weight quit in -- makes was about three million could no court -- it up but no -- Warner. More well I mean I wanna sinks five or six well below those numbers aren't that far off and throw some -- in the mix them. Courtney Lee makes five million dollars by Courtney lead. Has a deal through 201516. So he's make it five -- no I mean that is one of those things in random best is Megan six point five but you don't wanna give him up to you right now. But what that Herman of who wanna give up hills. Hey out of -- Brandon -- I -- polygraph exam which is the pick a long ride and we got a little jar and a -- -- had a little problem. Does little up in Maine hello Lou. Hey guys and they might well armored. Well -- right away and that eight GOP -- sharp -- ever issue all of the weight lately the greatest. All around Celtic. I'm not the greatest Celtic OK I am I incorrect -- I you know but it helped expand for a long time. I had a chance to get really even speak -- Russell cousy. Or even how rejected prime but I certainly are an awful lot of Larry Bird like -- idea to him. And I don't think you don't want to do well that that's. I I got along well with -- we won two championships together you don't don't drink the -- bladed glee does is give you okay area. -- -- -- -- we're helping you says Serena about what was so. And here's my problem and about. I I think there's a whole generation of Celtics fan now. That have watched Kate you play at a very high level two or four years here and he's a fine basketball player I'm not put me down fine. He's -- 55. Basketball. Meanwhile he wouldn't -- greatly hurt our greatness is just level is is great news and Larry Bird was great Kevin Garnett is great. I don't know -- dirt might statement OK hard enough money issue a challenge I'll tell anybody who has got. -- -- Larry Bird. A it was and what we have a special. Player with a capital less and there's nobody on the floor today. -- could do what he could do and what I would urge anybody who didn't you play. Go to YouTube a look at this video. Watch the man played okay. Still the favorite -- telling me. So I would watch them -- without him to tell me about the difference I'm totally rigid while what they'll nobody -- this crappy thing. What I'm telling you hit on the Sammy. In -- it's no offense that anglers with the greatest players of the play of the game. But if you look it can you compare Larry right now to -- at the instantly. I I think you'll go -- was about it because a player that you have given credit toward. Five but it was bad but it's a question that there's no covered up for there's no comparison really -- no comparison -- defensively. Right -- there's no comparison. I'm not gonna argue that point I'll be -- him. But I will say that Larry Bird was so much superior in all the other facet of the game and not even close. Other offenses you talk about KG is lending credit limit KG has bounding KG has rebounded KG has. Numbers right now which -- nobody's he's in the league by himself. Was -- to 25000 points with 151000 rebounds steals blocked shots. I you know I can't give -- your little slow player certainly a lot a year little there there are many Gary had to go to college logo there are many things going on here I think. And it's a good discussion. Number one it is good discussion even even if you would you describe it having to. Tell me how does that to me about -- up how -- get there. I was gonna get their Juan he's telling he's saying go to YouTube. Win before there was YouTube there was. There was better back yeah practice it -- practice with Larry -- play the games America -- that's one but two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got to go to your. Door opening brings up a good point about a lot of Celtics fans. Who haven't seen Larry play arts and that's fine too he's he's going by what he sees. What he saw from Larry here. But he's dismissing. Starting Kevin Garnett career in 2008 which is not fair he's starting in 20072008. You can't start his career as a Celtic. You have to look at his entire your entire career is amazing. -- -- Larry bird's entire career was amazing so you arguing greatness vs greatness. It was just a matter of what you find most important. Reading the text KG is the best. Four best ever he's the sixth best ever. He's in ninth best ever oldest and gives his list Russell there's a great -- generous tablet -- very. -- -- for Monday may 05 our confidence. Here are seven found out where is Kevin Garnett he's number eight tiny Archibald -- kind of home in Italian and all eleven. Heidi Mac you won fourteen on the list -- So Max somebody asked me on Twitter that Twitter on the eighteenth tee -- five and they asked you. Come up with -- top -- Celtics I just think. EQ you gotta start with the I mean the Big Three have to be in there. It's still there -- the original victory. I think that's below -- -- as though what Russell bright. Would have to book who's the not hate. Bird mystery boat keel for partners five. He would go away from him jailed GKQ you thank you all right thank you can go to Q -- it now which seven cal that's today. Mr. pierce and Garnett. Pierce and Garnett -- purity of KG got the best -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The top how would take him back on Russell. He -- -- being number two EG salute to reduce the list aging rub salt. One KG two Z three. I hit several I don't know what they're out ten guys and guys was to follow up. I would -- how -- are you know how they -- hours at a steel -- KG. Is the -- dynamic. Individual that the cells that have ever hated on bull on all in the low I don't think it if it pilots argue that point that. I think he can be a little crazy because. Carolina. Is great wrestler was offensively. Kevin is not a -- obviously which went about about the points at all is different then at the promiscuous legal. Long shift of the northstar lodge or longevity -- 111 Larry you know mobile form. Obviously refugee camp in winnable affords somebody needed to get the ball. Two KG bird was in many cases. Handling the ball NC as a or what -- at that point forward I mean it's killing at least. On this right now but it won't give him a lot of 5000 -- television -- them. And that is. When he shot at the end of the inning god gave no question Larry 101 Portland and that's -- -- -- one more game IQ let's let let's. I don't agree with because you -- accounting what happens on the -- with me. How about the shot to -- and it -- war war. Stop people from making jobs that are -- -- -- so it was hard but what is it just I don't -- YouTube that but they are just as important. As somebody make any shot but here's your average up. Here's the other thing guys the only way this argument to be real about it during this Katie says -- real okay Kev and I hear the keeper. Only would -- have this argument fairly. Is if it's on NB ATV. And it's a national audience no one in Boston is going to consider Kevin Garnett career. Because they also Larry bird's entire career -- Boston with KG. It's some games at Minnesota if you got the -- -- -- off five Minnesota games a year when Kevin Garnett was not a Celtics. It then you start your whole analysis of KG honestly let's be honest about it. It started in 20072008. So he has a huge portion of his career body of work wiped -- race by your average Celtics fan including when he was the MVP of the league in 2000 Ford not a Celtics. Including when he kept carrying the Minnesota Timberwolves to the playoffs in getting bounced and they weren't ballot and I had an entity. In BP Hitler was what the -- and -- BP. Yes I would say that but you also have to and then. Hitler's support to attract -- -- -- that it's important as it's always been greater. Independents you have -- -- don't think that mr. I would I ask you aren't very very played with Kevin Mikhail KG was -- -- by. That's different I would say that. If you voted to nationally. -- would win. He would win that one and that's because. He played in far more of those championship games and that's what people ago. The play for the Minnesota chamber rules for all of those years and -- hit some bad down record stage. Interview -- talent -- -- probably -- -- Minnesota department. I don't believe that -- is obviously -- right now my argument. Is he is the best. All around plea. The only -- already present in the days have been other all the route cleared the amber and if you are basketball. Aficionado and all the gains. I think it on the other side that argument is one. By Kevin Garnett -- it better all around player in the opposite. And I hate this because people think -- to -- document this doesn't take away from the greatness of labor cost than what you always at the like you can you trust that they're trying to set up that's why. Bob Menendez is what you do and yet. Only all this doesn't take the greatness Larry inspired. If you. It's all out I ask you that did you better. -- -- as you thought out energy this wet out there right I didn't want it off don't sit there and how should I sit well this isn't an honorable thing. Whenever mr. -- is a black everywhere. Who's the -- wow. She would you have been aware. Would you have been aware -- -- which child was with the why -- why were you aware it was always -- eight light on what that time of the year and that is not always like cakes you'll. Basically in basketball terms we -- holiday. It's just the season -- go like oh it's Christmas time we don't think of that. Because we you'd just playing games yet so strong you know it is the season to beat you think that doesn't bring it doesn't do anything -- about these -- more -- asked. Basketball -- happy holidays. Or by basketball's so when you hear the music you don't think anything about what was working on Christmas Day. Sometimes with a working in the last war on Christmas Day so what does that mean to me. -- you work well focused on the way to an idea what did you work you see any where you -- I was OK we're working. When prison. Appropriate -- you can't win. It created -- help -- -- -- what you wore I was dollar and I was working a violent with a well handle holidays don't mean a lot to me and I -- weapons. Now now now or. Noted it was exactly and it is that is that it quote from -- -- -- weapons. That was that I was Al Roker Al Roker you -- -- bad guys don't look likely now. You work out what have you. My health which says it. That was walking by myself public those -- is still arguing with that. I hate cats and a let somehow. -- while that's pretty practice and make him. -- -- Cameron in Plymouth Europe and action on camera. Allow a little too am. Pit road -- and then. I'm gone pretty good I was foreign -- about the previous. Can't or aren't they got to happen about -- Look what would look -- necessary in terms of all time all around Celtic -- I'm right. Here. While it's not good let's -- or you know listen we're talking about all time greats of nobody should be if -- -- on this list. If you're the tenth best -- of all time you're a great player because of the organization so if you say -- over KG is not an insult to anybody denies being -- -- case that you -- do you think you honestly think Apollo out -- is a bit there all around players to -- and -- the case of what it is. I've actually KJ came what you and and he was and that I'm -- you -- -- -- player. He was a decently was he was almost in BP that year. Should have been the year you want championship. I told you want to. At -- MVP player of the year but it's. Well look what has -- done legit chance happening which carry him to Kenya gave -- great. -- -- Pop pop pop -- and buffalo are still wiggle. A -- KG go to to his credit is an almost this year. An all -- this year. DD. I mean if you were -- you know he's played over. For more games are Ebert. And -- don't over for more and that's because he stood out he came out of high school -- -- Usual. For the -- You know -- and for that the -- Which isn't -- perfect player he was able to play. So basically the age play five more seasons he's played five more seasons. In their neighbor so. It is probably yet that you're to look at that yet the -- -- consider a lot of things on one hand yet to consider only five more seasons that's an advantage bird. So maybe the totals are little skewed because he's played longer but the fact that he's played longer. That's an advantage to KG because durability is a party game in the fact that he's able to play at a high level. And it is it a couple months away from his 37 birthday as pretty impressive and also the fact that. He is he was the didn't have the teammates of bird. So maybe that's advantage KG blood. It wasn't the school. Byrd was it was the primary score on all of his team. Yet he was that he was a number one option why you know all the clearly averaged 44 over 44 points a game and although KG was the this is contradictory doc was talking about it last night and let -- get the clip from -- but I just they're now. -- said it's amazing that he had 25000 points when he's not really. He doesn't focus on his office -- -- terrific offensive player but. Bet that I -- -- well but -- so what you say -- he is the best all the relatively little I was ever a little misleading though in that when he was with Minnesota. They needed 25 points out of him you almost given this series average you know thirteen of fourteen points that but I guess what darkness and is it -- problem. Ayers and veterans in dark. Is saying he doesn't have a scores mentality. Do you have the ability to score. Like you don't like some scores say I miss seven shots. Take seven more from time I'll keep going -- he won't do you think of this way there are times when you have won I've won. And shoot the ball every single time if you with them for the under the basket. Tell the symbolism the basket. -- run another play if I give the book Kevin Garnett to be the way program obviously it. Don't chew don't pass the laws that don't pass -- shoot out you don't don't open the look -- think about it should basketball. And the numbers are comparable what you're knocking Bill Russell earlier because apparently you don't beat up on bird. And not rough night and on the field and I think it later on it was -- -- the -- that you don't let it. Given the layout of ESPN's role centered American brought him to go around. Max and Matt match Garnett averaged nineteen points again a guy. -- averaged over fifteen points again in the last few years he really wasn't a score in the main years mr. 161718. Points again. Is rebounds per game you noticed is rebound O'Connell and the outcome of -- You can't stop it. Never doubt though I'm Obama and -- legitimate Kevin doesn't mean you have that way they would I don't know if I. Irish should have birdied 8% payroll ought to -- they were a lot of idiots -- in its ad.

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