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Cedric Maxwell and the Big Show are snowed in and talking all things Celtics

Feb 8, 2013|

We've got Max live in studio during a snow emergency and we're talking Rondo and all things Celtics after a huge win over the Lakers.

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I tell you what Michael. You want us to spend a good snowstorm with somebody. Undergraduate attaining Cedric Maxwell we are -- Atlantic. Where are gonna sit here enjoy the snowstorm. Look at out there but we don't have -- when. Charlotte and this is it Diem thing. Yeah I'll go make more Macs yet to go to bathroom and a 20 in the that's just texas' -- Just before we're ready to go on. In light of time to take the bills and no word on how you tell you know. What do you think I wanted to go to you know more ritual like you and it was a player it as a broadcaster you we -- be anthems on when the theme songs on you should've gone it's when you -- Let the whole explanation. -- -- -- took up the. You are out to you know all right I'll do like my -- bodies knew what his view is. -- with the elderly gentleman he'd do like the stop that we. Our capture. -- He returned. And in my grandmother in the backseat. He brings you principal draw. -- what we're right here yeah. -- you don't. I'd like water running I've ever read and all these nuts about an hour and a half after I. Job that he -- do -- job route. Around you gotta go -- anything I have had had that you've got to go to a huge. What you'd order a jar of what he would do that you know you gotta stop. You when you -- -- -- And a -- an ordinance that out that the we get to the -- I'm like -- outlets about. This yesterday at him in. Any. Yet mr. Reid Harry -- Atlanta -- -- like OK I've done done. Before what was it major snowstorms and got senators that are American and you go grab our group B where would ago. Don't get out of their lives the lives and I feel like last week it now. Never -- you know -- are pretty regularly you don't have tell me what we need to stop and I'll stop you know as a kid what would I would feel the most. Is that I reached back into the -- in which you've eliminated as. -- of the art and -- Let's say that this is a bizarre when you do these shows and we don't to sports you've -- -- -- you. During the course of the afternoon as to what's going on out there -- the roads are closed for eagle that I'll believe it did you. Come on yeah except Nadal. -- Just because the -- because it's because the governor of -- says there the roads cozy got to leave you got to pay it may be who knows we can't we works -- -- have a soulful did you enjoy the software that Rachel flowers but it shows. Michael we have to do probably. Do you do. -- that -- not rules. Because. We don't have the normal crop driving home I drove incident there was nobody in the going Oreo was good there are in all it was just me or her home right now they're probably drinking. I would think that you know it's just -- and there they are that's who you're annoying window. With. And the final and is about the outlook. Yeah it did the show that they would actually Mullen help and the first thing she says as she was during the league he says. -- get to -- and what well that's exactly right now I. Actual bullet -- that that's hard to know English but she says she's going to get them Chardonnay. It apps aren't they suck -- can be home smoke and that's what. -- Don't know W which you're right you're right everybody uncomfortable about today like no we can't we came in here today. I mean he people if you saw anybody at all they were going in the other direction they were leaving. Parking lot wide open just a player is the bill nobody in the building -- -- right anchor. And they -- it like when I came in it was like the rats leaving the tide can't I'm slamming -- just. They were just during off -- -- and that's okay wins take would've been here -- its. -- -- rarely it was crazy. It's really funny do you say -- you know yet have this parking garage which is an X two which is about what about levels. Well you know you never -- the first level. Why -- all day. -- I'm parked in the employee of a lot. One it never. -- -- -- -- Point though your Marconi resonate. Around if you have a streaky. You have your own partner of the mark on just get a special parking space. As you know average annual and special part nobody would want special parking lot -- I want to. Because if you have a special parking place and everybody knows that your -- -- Alex. And they wanted they wanted to secure you -- flat tires you'll -- -- -- -- -- you argue it's you have to complete its debris actually we have one he had one he had what you -- here and it is -- offseason the if you get the help do that any offseason awards like six or seven people get off season awards. In if you get that you get preferential parking. And then that is what is so that has been in the -- -- -- -- but what's happening to people and -- meet -- To -- that she understands that -- -- -- I guess North Carolina should we. You -- it is to dredge out of our partners -- typical -- she was so upset. And you don't ever let's Chicago no. When I went to add it actually when I was given back with two liquor store the day and we went by there that was. Give them a -- while also. And it was nothing liquor store it was like in the it was like nothing -- that -- like my thing was about the Purdue had a liquor store got a doctor -- right next this is Boston there's plenty. -- -- this William Milliken supermarkets liquor wiped out if it's funny people I -- -- liquor store reading a text right now six oneself. I ought to liquor store it's been nonstop. All day people who lead definitely home drink that's what you gonna get two things happen and when. One -- they -- they go home early. And they will -- expression of the weakened it's perfect it's Wiki out or are we faced some more time or they go north that active kids openly in the car. And they need they hit up north. -- -- -- -- They go on a piece and you Butler and duke shot a little Butler and what you said it was very embarrassment like that by saying the grocery stores -- -- they've been looted there's just ridiculous majority charged and tried to go why did you wait -- -- had like -- -- that was all was -- here. We're at Atlantis about spam they have spam there outspent on what do you do -- when you're down to spaniel and at the heat up CDs plus grant Marcus and credit Charles -- -- Sox -- that is after justice. Passport you gotta be a slight dog food you -- -- you get to be Rivera for Bruce Graham I'm leaving you -- spam my god. Always a spam is about cancer are hardly ever -- dry out sale which are about starting your -- -- -- sandwich. When I lived -- when I lived in the Illinois were on the farm idea. You know when it started. Started we had starting to I don't mind asserting it crackers in the oil the oil yeah yeah that's not a problem it's the hill on at all out of work in this. Farm and it was like tobacco in. You would have so much like golf when your fingers. It was good isn't that elect calling themselves so you youth vote smelled musty -- -- little -- -- what did you do at the form. Ever handled it. I was actually working -- tobacco which week -- genital BO -- it will make people to make cigarettes are you know. North Carolina though it makes me and it was it was the king the tobacco makes it -- that in employees like steal stuff you don't know this was this was this is the product this is the just bring him back. -- this is the plant itself out without that while walking behind a mule. She's welcome -- a -- at this this is a funny -- Like I mean I'm -- Israeli lives everywhere literally walking. It about mules. And you would you know you would prime the tobacco you printed in the a card in the mule would take -- to that place and it would put it all together and it found it would drive that about listed off someplace and and you go to the whole process the manufactured cigarettes. Minnesota forty acres and got close. At 48 at the -- -- the music. -- -- o'clock this afternoon they're closing on the roads in this communities. That the city the state. That you and your member -- All you have to do is flash -- you know. How it's helped drive pulled the deal because they wanna make sure that the roads as if they want a public Fedora the big sped. Amongst officer. Yeah it is it would be like CD while at the highways that it does not mean take on the ball. Back doubles. Dry periods if they stop you missed -- problem we just don't know Larry. That code it's that line I know Larry Bird that it's. -- -- -- Rob the players again. Network as some artists started that you started today and of course last night KG and wouldn't. Which appears he's been known as a great defense supplier throughout his entire career and areas with 25000. Points and it goes over that the total us so what was the first thing that you showed little marching on let couldn't player is easily -- -- -- Larry gets to is going to be Jerry West is a hundred in points who is under way. But it just tells you really have the greatness of this great and that's why I said what they want but go ahead. He Ellis which only is he is you know you the other opens. Is that he's the best all around Celtic of all time. The Malta to eat each of these have been I don't read I read the other better -- bill the number of. Added -- also the other all the -- all around that means combat in everything you what would you argue. And I realized with a birdie and Russell did a for a longer period of time slot over what are your boss they are sick. -- is now they played for -- -- shoot us. Tell the Celtics. Make it I'll play and how long they play with him and -- -- -- look at him his body of work what he's done. You can't argue that point. I'm argument at that point -- if its up point argues I think max's right he's and they don't think -- -- take -- -- already said all -- round. All the way around it is the easy about it that the right is you bill that the then Miller. -- is -- about a benefited them it's it's you know bright but you opted to play it and she was better office simpler than a. I'll come on now knows about a beauty about our fragile mentally are going on yeah. It is a colored bus argue if I recall. There radio. -- I guess is a great. Argue that Obama drew you donate your favorite UB -- Ask the -- okay that's what you want this mess this got national. I wanted to get. So it's almost lost the nineteen point lead against the -- here on Sunday school lot of time left here wants to fight scene -- -- mid seventies go to or. In the past fourth quarter by Jason Terry with the rain could. Good night. That. Lakers and then. A heartbreaking loss -- -- he needs and wants to teams -- field and -- with the -- did it now. And won't read it appears -- -- -- on -- furious offensive night for the Celtics definitely compatibility. But the facts not just three blocks Antawn -- favorite graphic nobody on the way. Mine safety -- put the ball pierce -- but -- -- definitely. I think -- -- that's why did quite well at the on going home. May needed napkin -- is coming down society agenda well. I don't get to -- a phone calls they got but we all know -- outside the -- out. And by the way I just double checked it I just double check look at the box score. They did without Rajon Rondo again while I just double -- what does it mean maximum mean anything. It means right now that they are playing and other basketball mania played all year -- I would agree we talked about this wouldn't when they won their six games before. There with three games and at that doctors even talked about that and just competition -- point. They play great basketball Levy think about Toronto you might -- well that -- support team but. Toronto has been playing great here and you beat him home you would down to Toronto by I think ten points in the warm water -- and Barbosa. Think they're doing really well right now it would it would turn so impressed that their doing. And I think some Imus said this before is that there which ultimately -- -- run that was a crutch to -- was on every fast break. They had to pass the ball to Rondo in he would attach immune -- well. Sometimes you can short circuit. Say 56 seconds Jeff Greene gets the ball goals all the way down accordance to the world at the Rondo Rondo -- this -- -- takes that the natural thing. Bet the ball movement we've -- when you're gonna miss Rondo I think. Play off. When everything starts to slow down because I don't think he Bebo -- which -- argued this point there's nobody on the south with Ron those imagination on the opposite me. Or. Look at it this way I don't I had a ball that they simply I think think this. There's never been anybody more daring -- passes. That we seeing Rondo because arms sometimes it's. Dump pass Hugo but sometimes it's just his imagination is so good that he sees things that he can throw. Feel like he can throw at the habit than a beat. And any gifts this year but there's nobody -- his imagination but again you play better defensively. You please offensively better. In one thing you'd look at this team right now with I have Rondo there no it's on the run though they are playing a lot more of he shipped in the a lot more look they look more com if you look at him from -- Alec. They move the ball around a lot to the balls whip around last night lots of passes lots of possessions and again I think they got to. They were at waddle five last man apartments Laker defense and Mike and Tony you'll. It and -- defense clearly. And in Dwight Howard was pouting in Kobe was having his home personal tool or Jeff Green there -- -- -- -- impairments are still 105 points. I get about 78 minutes left in the game they are 105. And then part of it was to opportunities that they that they had KG that exact which you said last night. I'm using now analogy of somebody cooking for. You used to somebody cooking of gore -- meal forestry industry yet and they did such a great job at all to sit and all the sudden was a bacon and they're gone no nobody today. -- all of a sudden you don't have that person couldn't Wear anymore and you're on your -- -- -- some frozen -- So you got to figure out now my way to frozen dinners prominent learn how to cook on. I'll definitely that was given out you know what's happened -- they are playing better without Rondo doesn't mean that they're going to be all the playing better right now it doesn't get it right doesn't mean ultimately they are a better team right goal -- -- -- the championship. Without John and the people are taking it there and I think that they're blaming what happened in the first half garbage and on on -- Win. I -- you can blame it on the whole team you probably gambling and on the -- can probably blame and the fact that certain guys were playing with a sense of urgency. And other guys were working -- -- -- -- -- a lot of that might have been just grateful. Court release full. Hard out the complaint Jeff Green in the sense that he's coming back from that her arts are -- -- -- that that we heard from from my sources Williams doctors told me that. Jeff Green would not be right until the second half the season to -- that we're as you between where we're gonna end this this is the second atlas bit. So he's so he has started to turn that corner I think one of the things that we're looking at it and I've said this over and over -- You can pass the ball. Faster than you can -- the best ball in because the cells that are moving the ball via the -- Deep pits him. Pitch up as fast as their path that as well that's why so many people open British. Before we're going to -- phone calls -- what Max answers or reform have been thinking about this in Macs as answer that. Last night Kevin Garnett at the end of his press conference. Unsolicited. Says I -- and this. In in only in a way that only KG could say it. Talking about and we we have I think well I wouldn't possibly with the two right oh OK we have a quote yeah all right we take you last night talk about the the the -- yes. The BS articles. That are out there and didn't hold all over the state -- -- equipment and what I would I don't know separate argue our -- So last night you you have an hour and -- pictures you've got the the radio version. Please yet you know he plays it and happy place and I'm -- -- -- the station -- -- Exclusive -- situation here. I don't know which of sources where it was written. And it was you trade to Denver on his other places. Three green to do that. Episodes -- types of so much when. Okay now he said it's up to me I'm gonna retire at I think -- fans love here and but it is one thing that that confuses me. Who's -- talking to. He set this up to me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So why's -- saying if it's up to me Al retirees up wild wild west because I think it's very similar to prevent it it's very it's very similar to what your name. It's very similar. -- Sponsor mr. order -- added I am asked to me is is defending the -- said it's up to him I think a lot it will use statements like that is is that you know. I'm with a retired pregnant and I think that there is no wiggle room at all. Because Kevin Garnett. Is put himself in the position that he stated in which through affecting he'd love Doc Rivers. And he's a creature of habit. I can't imagine him being its loyalty Indy coach. As he has to dial in to now to change in the -- to -- -- team now. And to be in the situation where he's trying to count it his person is that he's that guy again who is you know with the one of the best dancers out their bridges a great debt as some girl that they he's always dance in the -- about -- He has to be in a situation where he is very comfortable. And he is very very culpable adopt. These are comfortable with the organization. And people right here as the one he's he's still probably even want -- of the people it is like he's. Painfully -- if you ever see him off the court at some function. Is so painfully shy aegis bills like he just does not want to be assembled whether he wants to be. And count giving him the room. It doesn't happen and what that's from. It but you -- If -- -- the Minnesota thing is the one that that it's Sunday because you were talking about yesterday Michael in that. He didn't wanna leave Minnesota even though they were trying to deal him away and it wasn't until Glen Taylor finally set I don't watch the year. When he finally said okay I'll go so I think that's what he was nobody was kind of catching it if they finally come to me and say. -- gonna change up here you and Paul and I don't think it's gonna happen I think they're looking for deals on the getting laid it out yesterday. He's talked to people he can't get nearly as much as he would light for either one of those guys so what's the Y deal -- But if they don't throw him out and say basically we don't want you here. He's here until the contracts Don I don't you think that he's pretty much and that and that's what happened in Minnesota. That was the turning point Minnesota -- -- I wonder though. Mean he's he's made some comic the last couple days -- he's a Smart guy. And he's got I get the -- instinctive to you just sort those guys. And in use we all know people like -- maybe it's IQ your mom your dander. Are on program mode thing -- and Fiore shares you know I'm just. I can just jockey have put my finger on purpose of this going I think he just senses that something does happen and he wants to. He has he has putting his his statements out there he's done it. Two or three times in the last two or three days he's he's no fool he noted twice -- before that quote right by an -- he said. I don't know what upper management has planned right. Then at their practice the other day said well I can give you my opinion on this team. You know hey Danny and doc or Danny's gonna do what he's gonna do with the business. I think he he has a sense that this something that. And because he knows that if the stories character but clippers and the stories -- -- but then for the benefit conversation but I thought Vinny brought the most interesting point of the mall yesterday. And the reason he's not dealing -- is not necessarily. That he won't -- I think if somebody offers him a phenomenal deal where he feels he's gonna get players that he thinks can be the cornerstone of the knicks championship game. He's gonna do it he pretty much said yesterday. They're far more value to us those two guys -- Teams that are trying to -- younger so many teams that are trying to rebuild it teams trying to. You know get high draft pick already there's there's just I think that that that where we value them as players this is much greater than. Recently which I think is common among players of their age. Think that's right there that's what's up he's gone out there he's made the phone calls. Teams have called him interested because they know the KG Paul Pierce would put them over the top. They're not willing to give up an awful lot in Washington doing well at that that the news of the day. Which is different Paul's case. You can move Paul if you want to because of the contracts are a bit like the -- here right in KG's case. They have to come to him they have he has to make the final decision to this he has no trade. And that is the bottom line here -- kill -- air by talks about these other things but if KG decides that he wants to go. And they did the offers they -- this ago when him. He still has to be the ultimate guy making the choice is what I receive from him in on the plane. -- around Doc Rivers I can't imagine him playing or another coach because the hockey you said its about dot many times you go back here. Dot blocks everything out so father -- at the fathered docs did this doctrine that. It is almost didn't reference like do you like -- look commit. -- -- sub -- regular OC the -- bush for the first time he is just you really are some I would to circulate well -- All way around it that -- you feed them -- if they are I don't know if -- look at all where I don't mad at somebody has not been charged lately did you did you hear me. You what those who knew either that he's been legends of Ray Lewis motivational speeches. Greg welcome back get right to embargo -- it's about adamant that no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actual delegates about -- Once they don't know -- situation here. I don't know what -- sources of what was written. Article get traded to Denver on his other places. Three green to do that. Episodes -- So successfully. I think is AJ at the end keep it -- I -- realize -- rip -- off. Nobody -- really you know that was a great quote from Kevin Garnett everybody is while but he -- say that. But that quote before. And it's not as explosive but there really told you. They show the respect that Paul has for for KG. Paul said about 1015 minutes before Kevin came out. Asked about when he 5000 points and he talked about what do we have a clip. It read it we don't have it I'll I'll paraphrase we have it on. We can do is look stronger for his -- -- -- -- talking about. Dislike it's. He's a great player in -- This is very rare that you get to play with somebody like that and spending time with him on the court and off the court it's been a wonderful ride. Paul -- yes. OK so many accomplishments in just leave him where his players on time. Here's numerous news rebounds and they exist. Remarkable we're here at the moment. To me this this -- There were cheers from the our special player and everybody consistently isn't -- wasn't this time player. This will be -- Honolulu. Talking. Sales were teaching there today on accident when this -- it's been wonderful. Great quote. I mean that's that's that's the point made again all around week all around the best all around player that's ever been involved in Kabul. Mean Leo is that we we have our our agent years dad called up. Did the job that Jon had public -- was it. Well John how big opera season which it via -- don't have to according to a rare domino -- it is old guy. -- was a pretty good defender -- Garnett guards the it's hurtful. -- just like would not talk about a lot to want to be in the -- where ever played with a lot to one dominated -- Kevin Garnett can do the same thing I don't think -- it is allies -- -- -- Toledo in the paint obviously but. What he does he can guard multiple positions Indian yeah I think even better watch one on his teammates. With the work it then that's something that. It will Wiener when we talked about it and just like you talk about Larry Bird. What he'd be -- he -- meet everybody raised their level of their game. And when you have guys like that best. It's the smile drastic -- admitted he's out I was I was cursed -- isn't something nice outlet always posted something might get a about -- -- agrees it's about time but. These can I don't know every time I talk to you -- moves down on the English he's count on guys these -- What they do they make people around them better. And you can. Say that about Obama probably era against. And and you're right with KG Natalee on the court. Let his demeanor his attitude his approach to the game off the court in which as you try to get to the full cost -- dole is in a car some -- a -- and -- don't. Hey guys good news -- irrational liquor store has spoken. If Greg has -- shot at joining us on growing up the driving under currently don't. You know little slippery the you know at the stock up throughout this now I'm sure -- -- to people who -- So yeah. I just thought that aren't real quick make a point about the cut back courted Celtics before Rondo got hurt. I think we characterize it -- more of an offensive back court but that obviously wasn't working in the first morning so game this joke but after you put it. Avery Bradley according lead -- it's patently offensive packed court. And since then I think they've been -- down everybody on the perimeter I think that's been a huge key it except it's extremely. Is going forward in the playoffs. I mean I doubt it he wanted to have Rondo there. But I really big adult if you are character of throat between cage unit to I think that it morbid defensive team is actually working pretty well. Well the thing about that is -- if -- -- right on on the mark -- they are by the defense team right now they do about a job right now controlling this two point of attack. And rob those great at steals. But sometimes Kim -- but but what's deals to open to a and -- got to a since sometimes when you don't have those beings in the back on the blocked shots. Or rebound the basketball with the Celtics did it make you weaker because Kevin has come over it in who's got the rebound the basketball. They haven't had to do that because Avery Bradley may be as good as I've seen anybody it's the it in from of the basketball idol colleague and old guy. That is as fast as they think that -- to -- -- Yesterday Lola backcourt -- -- -- -- Steve Nash of the got eight aid at all all Avery grabbed it out of the -- that are related the import -- before. Kobe could even react in the quickness that he has -- Tony Allen. Got in your face and he stayed with you any great position. But and he was quick results court is that now he said he doesn't turn you. Avery turned you from side to set -- steep and accept the -- -- is -- what make it's like look okay. He was like that that deer at the date they chased down a little while ball chase it down fifth -- just go. -- man you know what enough going edges give the throat and so I can get on a body that whole team. That team if you look at look at the ability of all those guys are good I've heard you all season long throw out at a gonna make the playoffs. Gotta wonder they're gonna make you well I don't know well I'm out the opposite that we double the lake or the lakers know -- they will not make the playoffs you've got him out of the -- their credit meant well and it can it even the war but death blow -- -- when you lose cause that's -- very -- that you lose him. And you had to win making last night it was like Jacobs did seem. Asked what the that they took last night. Now they have the goal -- they have the windy Charlotte because now they go to Miami and have to play a game there and then they spoke plan those same. Western Conference holds -- -- who -- -- that the NFL. And now I'll give you -- a pretty decent -- and I think as that as I said yesterday I think it's unfair to talk about Howard. -- Waco we talked about Howard in his injury I think that's unfair because. As a real injuries and you can in it can give you can get worse and we've seen it here guys who play with the Avery Bradley last year as the injury -- debit get pop it back and eventually could take anymore and same thing with Kendrick Perkins. So I think questioning your guys saying. Well you should be out here playing hurt that's easy to do but I think the fair criticism -- physically yesterday -- with the fair criticism was. Kobe saying he cares too much about what people think of is Graham played against hold you back is going to do your thing. When we speak about an hour yet based on -- -- different an extra year if you remember in Orlando because he didn't want to be able isn't it you know it's just a strange mix -- -- if you look at it does individually Steve Nash. She can upgrade over anybody you've had it right off their battery -- 200. Now -- -- all OK so your attributes on the -- match vs years ago I would say. OK okay about that Steve Nash now vs Derek pressuring. Take their picture you take Derek -- other than that there and I go will be balls down -- deep this week it hit big shots weak and can't move anymore. Agency gets a break -- ouster in capitulation as it was set. Look at it carefully he was not there at night she looks better at that wrecks I've seen -- nights this year where he's looked okay but LT -- as a meant. He has matured got our David that's not even my first it's our first pitches kept. -- Howard a dominant big man in a league that doesn't have a lot of dominant big men. And no matter how you feel about a he's a guy who has been in all league defender. I think four or five time all league guy. A great. Big man in this league now what every he can he didn't shoot that well whatever. He's a dominant player and you think adding Dwight Howard. And Steve Nash even at this point in his career to a team has probably saw in Kobe Bryant you think getting beat pretty good. You just abandon it if he if of that you're running system that was predicated. On the talent of the players. This system right now that did -- is running is not predicated at all one how how our place and have a bit of what Tuesday it would have been and how we always have now explain slowed our half court so -- yet so if that's usually you look at it. Act out all anybody ownership. This team with a bid so much better in the pits at all today it's only. What they would -- -- so much -- with the jets know course because Phil Jackson wrote field triangle and he puts him in Detroit he -- is great position to be success and they've got the person off of that there. And India and you don't play that legally up -- -- sometimes you think your system is -- in the NBA. Rick Pitino used to think that the hawk -- system -- system is good enough to beat the BA. I take this -- out tickets doubt in my view your three pointer in the corner. That's woman to deviate the well you can do that in college you can take three guys out of the rotation. In an MBA you have Bob -- know we can -- At a former coach tell me that asking Steve Nash. Asking Steve Nash to play in the triangle will be like asking Dan Marino on the wish it would be difficult. For him but integrated -- they would have a high post guys they would have a low post guy. And the problem is your right Steve Nash probably doesn't fit the -- Tony was the guy that I thought was the the worst round. But the White -- And he basically came on after the game -- quickly -- Clinton -- quickly but not John Edwards you started broadly -- -- you I had lost. You -- guys all the guys -- -- -- the -- years later -- quick break winning another -- then we'll be right back here at a big showdowns begin a snowstorm. Looking statements this news -- overblown to be honest with -- and and seeing you know as a consumer try to run out of this was pretty shocked me. Terms about her hard body reacted to it the kind of messes in Miami -- pre black anyway. You don't need to be surreptitious about it. This is a thing as it usually your shoulder deal than its own timetable. For me he's not a doctor. I'm not a doctor so he notices being. A little cat fight on the lakers right now -- -- -- -- is that Kobe that I. Wasn't offensive well. Probably wasn't Dwight Howard. Obviously he's he was he was sent. It is not a doctor. Not a doctor can't tell them to go out and play with a -- lever on. We got back to the house here during the snowstorm for years even was terrorized eve. Steve oh yeah. Well you know all of -- policy that try to -- it didn't put it out there how -- what we got mob -- until. But -- whatsoever waksal yes benefit for a prolonged power. Would you consider regular job at the -- is often do you -- coach. -- -- -- I'm not coaching material and has I. I HD I have a fight one about the only good hands with -- -- A physical fight without coast of the US BO and I don't think. I just don't I don't I don't like it like I don't like to. Elected and allowed to gain in the in -- enough. In I just would have that in me. So what sort take over our permit is our purpose here Robert this easier for a -- Robert Parish will be. I'm a little boy I don't know if -- for life. For a while seeing when -- that dog died there are few people out there Celtic fans right now they would love it if you did that Iran. They would. Do what you did today at the Long Island Schumer so whatever they were called the -- -- its first that are. All I -- last night did you actually had a conversation. With Rondo and I think this is something that everybody would like to know. Is he just the people around they're talking right now that there are happy with life without -- You know we really didn't talk about casually about the size and all I actually had a Jersey which my daughter is doing is she's doing her doctorate. And she's haven't these jerseys signed by a simple amendments Jersey -- about players. If she's going to auction those nice yes so all the it was go backe was I was actually shocked I was going back to -- beverage. And you know -- was talking so would -- you the beverage and whenever it was and tweeting. Its pews thought he thought however bag of the so that in. Romulus and back to the -- ice pack in the not in that locker room but or what the labs. Room was that so. -- -- a -- minute and you know asked when I was doing the -- was telling me that you know he's -- about the surgery so that was pretty much it. Pledged his question about. Chew on between. This album last night he was tweeting like every three minutes PT actually picked up one of his tweets last night winners breaking down. All of the numbers of for the KG something that nobody else had ever done. It's every three minutes and I've done his job before I mean what he's capable of doing broadcasting game. And tweeting at the same time I didn't do -- That that's tale that I gotta give -- -- that is you re right he's like the asylum where they don't like really demanded answers -- they don't know obviously at a mall lined up not around ever attempted to get on Twitter. Yeah now. Notice that much trouble -- I get enough trouble just below the show from them -- the last thing I knew that between about my life I don't think they don't tweet about a life. Think I would have I think people would love to hear from you on Twitter. You know just to go back for a third of America America thing about the game about this it ain't gonna happen now. You have done that you and Donny Marshall just refused to do that the mountains into -- a couple of tweets last that are actually yours that maybe. You did everything I ever you'll take -- -- I got a couple drugs you took over the hardball and -- is custody stuff from California with a weather is a lot better except. Just read here in San Diego apparently began -- in the shut down I was out there. But good how are you Austin. -- regulator. At that particular -- appreciated. That from the very. Also picked back up born there and I what went to the bark loud people it ought to gain. Oh really get caught in the more -- -- let -- -- last year while salute to go to I was there. And also -- the I don't think that we should nick and -- personally I think we choose to ride it out. And if you happened. I know you know I don't think we're gonna crumble in the playoffs maybe stick around. I don't -- I decided. That he's from the Austin -- I think it would really give an hour. I just wonder. Well -- tell -- whether I I talk to Doc Rivers and will we come out Toronto. And dot made -- -- statements that look at things that the way we're playing right now is nothing we -- play with anybody speaking about this team. But he also says the same I -- think that we beat among the -- Is going to be score in the been there. I don't think we know you lose a guy like soldier I think that was a link that he would love to have backs so. He's trying to find out if there's going to be a guy there who will be prime time. You can tell right now that if you fab Melo is not that guy right now well known as he is not that guy is -- the last three missiles so you were a little bit frightening well well look I look at it this way you're almost forced to -- Fab Melo in the game because how picked up so many south -- yet -- legitimate being an almost no time. You Kevin Garnett picked up two. Collins picked up two it just went down well. A lot of us get to our guys you mention that because there's r.'s officials last -- is ours David Stern of course he's gonna retire. I don't less than a year now Leslie you're a big part hallway actually should -- as a great you know party planet is ours officials last night. Were engaging in more fiction on the Celtics were in the penalty two and a half minutes into the game. There in the penalty -- a bit. No notion nationalism and know he'll. Probably how the Poconos and our calls so there's no -- don't -- can. -- on our files religion on on the it was on the clips of some bad calls -- -- but the Celtics were able to take advantage of there was one under the basket. Where the official on top of it calls nothing in -- my pet -- the official. Thirty feet away from the basket and a constant. It that's what if you had any pain of a judgment crazy I'll come under their got my daughter first you want gauging the first person on our cars -- look diversify. That -- on us out again for a big Collins. Collins files yeah they missed about a more either that you think that when I did I care over the warm up here. Which one appears. Within the first two and a half minutes of the game. Well I think it would dial in numbers she premium B artist known as Martinez. War world world and he's now he's is he is models all traumatic on all over again he's being gone.

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