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An ode to Governor Patrick's sign language interpreter

Feb 8, 2013|

Something, or should we say someone, caught the eye of Stitch at Governor Patrick's news conference. He chose to express his feelings in song.

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All right we've -- long enough. Our man -- no -- stitch just in from parts unknown. It is way in the world in Boston. The -- player songwriter. Ball really all -- I knew the same I don't always all means but I knew you as a bond people who are you like are you -- and look at this it's seriously -- you have an -- Funny. Why would not be lying if you believe and I go to bars and play guitar who doesn't -- that. I don't know but I mean but that was -- ninety's you're you're kind of you know. Come on look in March. That's fine I am march logic that massive in all the right excellent that's critical area all at the arguably and you think he's getting lucky. Well chicks -- performers. That's you know guy onstage as much -- trial of the guys next at the bar will wait -- see Alexio sounds good idea if you're chick and you hear this -- -- -- play. You wanna meet him spend time with him that the knowing this is stitches ode to the signing lady. For the governor he fell love with her yesterday watching a press conference and with this little bitty together just for her. She was standing given this press conference examined in this still. Bill Clinton adds that this guy that is -- get new loans and I don't understand. Language billion. No because you just and India and -- to throw in the snow. Chief mailed around so I mean like some cash and today as Steve case. But the overwhelming enthusiasm. That is madam of -- and the governor and man on him but he wasn't just out of the show. Good news is and getting -- to -- in this deal. -- -- just relax about the rest she. -- particular right this stage. Feel it. You you -- -- -- Edward that's the whole point obviously saying Bob they'll company the words it. -- to sign language lately yeah changed and the smell. -- -- We -- look at -- lady's name. No rush we should give props to -- about -- little performance I just call her sweethearts. It's that goes total well. My sign -- -- I'm impressed the year ago. You train that it was going to be like -- can't critique because I blog and share in the cat's tail to willow -- -- like things that can capital places are their cash prizes available at justice just a venue for you to. Display your talent. They're there's one that is a big contest one that's serious business for the rest of rumors just you know for fun it now that are yet it's got to work you come up onstage with the guitar and you to swing at a do you have a plan going you pick out which songs they're gonna play first. A much like someone has a request that you actually want to play the request then you know you poignant. So when you go up would you feel most competent and tell what song you play that you liked them referred. I mean my favorites -- old Johnny Cash Folsom prison blues is good in the right time aren't that but it's not easy. Now. Johnny Cash is an easy. Cassius talks Cink he's six toxic or -- these things for you gotta have a nice low range to sing it properly did you sing the song we play at the end of the show. You can run alone for a long time run loans for a long time that one yet -- and -- ago coach Hugh downs. Up lives where's -- guitar again it's in the office the Abu. -- -- -- It can play us. After the snowstorm -- -- Think he could see that's hard to compressed when you give you chills are taught guitar player that he is -- -- -- -- you do that definitely yet. One of those guys who play everything play anything like that and you are you equally weird -- you can play you noble -- little slow play. -- -- I mean it takes a while to figure out what the fingering through the notes are for you know wind instruments spine you know string instruments with the threats you can pretty much pick up and play the piano. A little bit not you know not nearly all that play guitars are classically trained in guitar. I guess you could say that I have a classical music background -- and play us off the year -- o'clock. Is that Johnny Cash and we get to -- it's -- we -- that's on. Guitar. Well as saying. Opposing -- -- but I like it's good. News broke open -- three times to his guests -- The best song is his favorite song is most comfortable. That's. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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