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Dale Arnold says Tim Thomas is gone, but he may not be done playing hockey yet

Feb 8, 2013|

Dale Arnold joined D&C for some Bruins talk. It may seem like Tim Thomas is no longer interested in playing hockey, but Dale thinks the two-time Vezina winner might make a comeback in time for the 2014 Olympics. Dale also expects some rough stuff in the upcoming rematch against Buffalo.

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-- is AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT ER friend Dale Arnold -- got to powdered fish and powdered milk well stocked up. -- it like I might stop all right finish. Somebody in your studio what. I was -- You also if that's the report this excited about it. No -- you know it's funny if they get older -- life I've got to get less and less excited about this stuff. Because some of what I have to work this week oh yeah that. What's the deal with the game do you think they will drop the puck at 1 PM as scheduled dale. Well there's a couple of things involved here typically change their travel plans they were originally scheduled to commit to Boston today. They played New Jersey last night they flew in last night so they are here. NHL rules state that if both tinkering down. You've got to play the game so they will play tomorrow now both teams also play Sunday Tampa Bay is at Madison Square Garden against the Rangers. The Bruins are in buffalo for their big rematch against Jon Scott and the sabres on Sunday and I am. It's possible they would delay the start of the game tomorrow as up right now nothing. Has been indicated by anybody that that's going to be the case I think the governor and the mayor. May have something to do with that if they've still got mass transit closed down that you know 101112. Morrow morning. It may be the that would affect the the decision as well they will play tomorrow it's possible like guess that it could get delayed but I think that's gonna depend on how bad this gets. So theoretically dale they could be playing -- hockey game in front of -- virtually empty house. I've I've told this story before when I was with a -- years ago we once played a game in front of 384 people. It was a Calgary Flames New Jersey double game in the middle of a big blizzard. And the reason we don't how many people with Eric we sent -- in -- with the yellow legal pad through the stands cooked up and addressed a couple -- everybody yet. For -- showing up. I see that happen before and it has happened. Is it yet they could play this thing in front of their export house tomorrow. -- what's your take on Tim Thomas do you think you quit on the team you hold that against him. -- it's such a loaded question yeah in the DD quit on the team know -- -- used Jerry's phrase he retired in is that if these days retired. You know good for him -- wanna play anymore I've gotten a piece of that nobody can. I think the point John that you made earlier was if he comes back and plays it -- says he's contemplating my next year. I think it was back and plays next year but yes quit on the team but I'll say this. The Bruins were OK within quitting on T. The Bruins to a man in that dressing room. We're fine having to arrest is the goaltender is here and I said this -- law if if Thomas were here this year. In a best case scenario it would be 5050 split on games and I'm not sure to go would be getting larger portion of the -- to him anyway. -- any solve their problem for them they'll. Eight and he didn't really have a choice I saw this written at times last night people were saying well you know Tim did the Bruins -- favorite waived his no trade clause -- they get out from under the cap it. He didn't -- anything is no trade clause expired July 1 he had no say in this. Leadership -- with credit. Paul and told them what they were gonna do. It didn't care it was in the play this -- anyway he's not gonna play this year. But the beauty of this is they no longer have the pro rated share of the five million dollar cap on their books. They can now be a major player the trade deadline out there and add something to this roster. -- by nature can tend to be odd ducks were his teammates tired of Tim thomas' act bills or she could tell yet. All of them. Almost to a man I mean look I'm sure he had some guys who didn't care. Odd duck is is taking -- is putting it mildly. And and -- you can't do what he did at that level and not be a little bit different to begin with. Took -- for instance is about as normal as any goaltender you've ever seen in terms of how he how he acts and how he comports himself and how we relate to his teammates to with a different guy and it wasn't just the White House saying. That was the part of the that you saw there are other things behind the scenes. I know Andrew Ference is kind of hinted that that we view. He didn't recycle the stuff and that -- hated. And and that if it wasn't just the fact that one is about as far left as you can get and one assist our writers you can yet he wasn't. A classic teammate with my quotation fingers. As is their present -- -- to dinner with them and he didn't. You have to be friends with them and they weren't for the most part he really did what his own road. He obviously off flourished late in life what do you think the chances are if indeed he decides to come back next year. That he 39 year old guy after taking a year off comes comes back in and use. The national -- In my opinion not. I don't think it can happen. Now look he's different -- he's proven a lot of people wrong in the past with the way his career has gone. What I what I think some people are missing is that -- contemplation about playing next year has less to do with the National Hockey League and more to do with US Olympic. I think that's what we really want him playing socially Russia. Here from right now as a member of the US Olympic team. I don't think it's gonna happen that you point out -- 39 years old. He's had issues in the past physically had -- issues and other things. -- I don't know he's working out on his place in in Colorado and an even if he has I can promise you it's not the same as playing in the National Hockey League. I think it's impossible to take a year off and come back the same high level at that age. They should send them somewhere you know where -- be more comfortable like in Winnipeg. With some in the old rural outpost to he would never moved to Brooklyn New York. Well the problem areas and and I said this last summer when when you know people talked about him retiring or on quote. And liberal instilling in. Unfortunately under the cap that I said somebody will acquire him we need to get the salary for -- there are a lot of teams who needed that in the New York Islanders where the team that had the best. There were a lot of places that we're gonna take him it was a great note on Twitter last night I got an atom proto who covers the National Hockey League. Says that there were general managers who contemplated. Acquiring him last summer. And they were afraid he would un retire and then point to their locker rooms. They were concerned that if I get the contract just to get the salary floor. In any sudden says okay yeah I'm gonna play now will crap now I gotta play the guy and they were GMs who were scared away by. We had this conversation and ever very simplistic when it it was. Who is the best -- in your estimation -- about the most valuable who's the best Bruins. I I think probably Zdeno Chara. Now you know my favorite Bruin Patrice Bergeron is my favorite Roland but in terms of playing at the highest level. All the things that he does you know he's in Norris trophy candidate virtually every year has won the Norris trophy. As the best defenseman in the NHL I had to pick a single guy. I'd say him if I had to pick a guy who had best physical yes I think Tyler Sagan. If I had to pick a guy like said was the best all around for a limited Patrice. -- that's good isn't it that you can't really put your finger on the best. You know we know the best Laker is Kobe Bryant right. I want to walk around last night much the -- That was thrilling wasn't much in the slip off if the lakers didn't slowed down everytime the got the ball the Celtics who scored the -- and fifty. If it's funny guy and you're the point -- -- -- few minutes ago was perfect they have this win streak of one and he got eight assists a game and also last night at American do that I. All of that and we you know obviously we're look at force in Tampa they're exciting that's great players but. How we might we see like all out brawl at buffalo could it really devolved into something like that. I would think there will be something simple happen. It's theoretically possible you'll see -- important. He's been medically cleared for contact. He hasn't ruled out the possibility that he could play this weekend. He spoke yesterday for the first time since this whole thing happened and said that Kerry no ill will carry no grudges towards Jon Scott it was. This upside it just please domain to fight him again that -- in my head thing. You know what he I'm telling you right now and right there what you're talking about goaltenders being wired differently tough guys are definitely wired differently. If the situation presented itself he do it again and do it again Sunday night which is probably why. Only pass to his job but you made a great point the other day dale when they said it shortens up for seven at ten days. Isn't that kind of -- prognosis we got four Savard and -- I mean now Orton and he just went on Bergeron I mean wasn't always seven at ten days two weeks three weeks and then a year later. They're finally lace them up. Well it's a scary thought and and and it is different in this case and that he's already been medically cleared. Those guys just could never get medically cleared and it went on and on and Alonso would indicate to me that. His case is different than theirs but -- it's the one thing we've learned about concussions is that we don't know anything about concussions and you know Chris Liwienski -- on your show on so many occasions talks about out every single one is different every case is different. In this case regarding receive medical clearance but that doesn't mean necessarily can jump right back into the lineup although. Given the way he plays I'm not gonna be shocked if you see in this week. Bill given the mentality of those tough guys do you think that he actually looks forward to exacting his revenge on Jon Scott is a kind of a badge of modern he wants to do it is looking forward to doing it. Yeah yeah I think it's that that falling off the horse mentality yeah. If if for instance show on important. Was like you and I would be. Afraid to face Jon Scott. He couldn't do what he does for a living right. And who knows that and he knows that even at that and -- look I I keep saying that flight headed in the aftermath of of the Scott. Fight with -- before. That is not a department Rocco here you know he has and will loose fight he just happened to get important off balance against the glass. He got him in the in the perfect storm reporting to lose and any any big. If they -- again Sunday night I wouldn't be a bit surprised to show how important big. Jon Scott is a big huge man he's not -- that the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world here. Still we do want. I'm I'm freezing things and putting them in my freezing freezing issue thinks. Just get ready to go to work for the weekend and getting ready for this this whole thing to happen. I got a feeling that's what is real yes they haven't backed away from march so I have a feeling -- -- -- be much fun getting into work. We yeah we asked techsters on the AT&T -- like what their main preparation was going to be today one -- -- -- -- -- orange flags. Next the beer coolers outside when the drifts were the collision what is your beer and had good point yeah way to -- can't lose votes. Are I'd still be safe up there we'll talk to Debra. Dale Albert Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE when we come back. Winter has Darnell dockets. New best friend on Twitter. It's not you never a dull moment -- Darnell as I've got more of him in the offseason that are now would be a good candidate beat the Jackie Robinson. Of the NFL it's. As a Artie -- said who will be the Jackie Robinson. And also good candidate for that nick is he's scary he's big he's crazy he's tough he's good he's really -- -- that he's really really good. Is that the requirement you gotta be tough and good. And he's a little bit too combative -- clip. His best -- next.

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