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D&C heed Mayor Menino's advice, brace for 2-3 inches of snow

Feb 8, 2013|

Winter Storm Nemo talk out of the gate. Dino and Gerry listened closely to Mayor Menino's press conference and there's a lot of wisdom in his comments.

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So it's not going to be so bad after all the mayor just said two to three inches. I'm -- -- you know. All we can quote Harry. Handle two to three pensions while -- -- leaving the stand home and panic land -- -- hotel rooms to build on an email to slide uttered fish may. Three inches ago. -- So as expected they'll weather guys now over dated date Davis love the attention so they go -- storm update the mayor the mayor who know these these things is connected. Two inches. You don't get to the sign language ladies in the that and lady -- in here. How -- but I -- myself as the army here you know essential personnel usually mean most them worthless the people behind Menino people with many people in City Hall. It is to say sign language person is she not earning her money yes she was. Hard at it how to shoot even interpret that gibberish and indeed it is she saying that same think she's saying I think she sprayed something close -- the club that he signed Mobil's or anything like that I. Hello I'm sad day I thought I was sad day. How does somebody make stuff up like the expansion. Club of new -- ballots tomorrow. -- Sad day sad day. How do you do that. Another question -- sign language that you watched the social India is seasonable. On the other day -- Bayside and the National Anthem. Now I don't know a lot of deaf people but did that people not know the words than nationally and it up. Debate not the proposed is sure. Harassing me that if they don't know every word due -- give a crap the guy I don't I don't when I get some of the words but I don't need someone there telling me -- -- ramparts of red colan Harrell and having a look at. It's the national think they signed America the beautiful place and to -- the guy -- very. Happy he is doing is we're -- -- it. And -- a public service to -- of our viewers what typically without hearing I repeat the top story of the day. Aided by the headmaster of the New York school with a hard of hearing Garrett Morris. Our top story tonight. -- So the point of that was that the hard of hearing that -- -- the question closed captioning. You see them -- is seen everywhere. Do most people don't most of people haven't closed captions so that they really need. Sign language lady when they watch the governor maybe -- didn't in the national anthems have have doubled up on the words in this some of the work I admit -- accent. Stick and but but does. Are deaf people when they watch the midweek and maybe some of our death listeners and Colin and Alexi says that. Maybe they well the -- -- listeners like. They can call implement -- crack myself to play awful we needed these kinds of mayor -- -- the hour or didn't mean to three feet. I think he meant to industry into our. It's. True. -- 0100 children. That's why all of our children -- -- -- Gains and terrorism. -- guns and two guns that would be your fourth thing was at the Eugene. Rivers called them again and Danks pitched like the -- -- to walk. That seems -- electric -- If they were partly this industry and by noon tomorrow. Como -- follow. Today ago okay but only two threes two to three inches an hour -- whom he meant it can't be sure. I don't know maybe we should all learn sign language and we can get whatever you stay in the machinists. I remember this I saw her yesterday. Was she was -- are sent. I didn't really take note of her but the governor's island whispers. She was really an animated. And I'm pretty sure if I know would blizzard is this is blizzard. That. He would say blizzard storm wind she would like to rush. It is that really the word. It's your swing around -- wanted to -- like when these three stooges moments which it swing around like knock Ralston of vital window -- loss collapsed right. All stand over by an open and that's a good point it'll air on the right you're not necessary to just one of these whitworth -- you know were -- hangers on. Go over there. Under the -- outside its -- well. -- additional. Think she was trying to draw attention or sell -- music she -- moments did you see Meet the Press -- hell I. -- imagine this fourth of July Scott hello my -- should be -- It didn't look like the go ahead and casts herself the man that you. At taco lunch with. Her. When you read the stories in words such as. Portions. A vengeance. Scratch more than 2600 flights heaviest amounts wind gusts power failures. Amtrak's stop running Friday afternoon. The two to three at the -- news -- The way it and he death. -- to -- church from going to -- waiting good it is of the numbers and if if if there are if the death -- less than like 101000. And it was over over all it. Over hyped when you say. If we all survived and if you and I are sitting there Monday morning it was -- because I feel like army on the break that before. We attacked Iraq in and yet they had cameras in Iraq yes -- shot of the river. The buildings was real tents and everybody watch and wait for the ball off its shock and Ali before waiting for she doesn't feel the waiting for shock and I shouldn't say this is probably got to go out. If not for that. And for this how would you not for that -- that it's like forced to rest and relax. Like. Force. No more drinking goes hand. Out right etiquette which TV on can't -- online news no lights no heat no none -- that that that's all bad right at power stays open or air it out the window and watched TV eating. -- golf all golf. Also -- -- -- no way at all now. -- Open in the winter course now articles I checked the say what golf is on Tuesday because it's one of those things. Like in January February -- one call from January -- here and -- Pebble Beach it's okay it's the celebrity thing we get the few laps and -- lessons Bill Belichick. I get Bill Belichick Bill Murray mixed them very similar outburst -- personalities. Big Murray's a little better golfer but that. And Belichick won't get much camera time facetime even knows of -- dollars not he doesn't -- the camera. But it's not a bad TV golf event would you agree. And race and I think the juxtaposition of golf at Pebble Beach in nights now with shock in Iowa in New England shocked that on witness yeah ballots the best pairing this week and forget Belichick and Brian Kelly. Dustin Johnson. In Wayne this is Austin she's walked in the longest night tag along the whole this is who. Is starts amid the Gretzky welcome. You must have added an embarrassment to some of the boys sure she's been with you that's what I mean you can't mess with -- Wayne Gretzky. Like you know like the Cleveland Indians -- when the -- -- group for an end yet and you know -- broke up with our news room. Com. Wednesday. Is Daniel Daniel Daniel. And you know but -- think about -- Gretzky is that the markets they screw you plan you can Gretzky -- it looks bright he just like -- is known that well to get along. And that's a good cupid goddesses crazy Brunswick you know on -- -- it may be shall settle down with that -- -- some dope -- He's a good looking guy she's successful got a is his fault it's not a tiger and -- It's maybe he's happy in the maybe. Austin will ask Gretzky. Donna's hand in matters today. When cool on the knee he can union unions for him or he could Tweeter and censoring in the mail. Yeah yeah yeah. The tactic Cutler but it's not a bad thing to watch on what you promised payment -- warm glow and ask you. 65 -- wins. That's what happened in 78. Overnight when this thing. In the poll numbers will be what to do -- -- -- I have I have them every line you -- -- ones coming out we Dole's rivals is not come Monday he's trapped up on the bill -- I'm too -- might and power lines -- we can do this top ten blizzard tips just print that I got this in -- got this at this -- -- -- -- -- it is very very helpful we should do that there are -- and -- If if if I were you. In -- the pro you're the expert. I would tie in the celtics' third quarter. To the events that the weather. That is about it is shock -- off. Wouldn't that be like el Nino -- that -- and -- so -- -- them out. And I honestly I think you and I can agree on this that we've not we've not debate well and we did early on when I'm debating anymore I think it's time everybody did do. We've done just give up and say. -- out on dry winter got right there that there there with. Here with out -- very good job given a shot. On their better without Ron I'd -- give Russia and -- -- -- sink at one to sing it. Bit better with about. Raw and -- -- excellent pocket mr. mayor mr. America had to Patrick. A year ago that's close enough money on -- it is -- I'd love this I tweeted the -- and again next such reaction like they don't people get offended when you say. I don't Rondo I don't think he's upon you do. I don't think he's a bad guy. He's your history you love -- column on. -- -- -- Why people don't tell which troubles him did you watch the late in the game they are better without Rondo doesn't last -- Does carry over the playoffs. Littler says it says that the difference will be made when your grinding out a seven game series when -- the stabilizing force that would be on -- push that well not every game but there will be games and maybe it'll be on the Denver game. Wednesday. Denver's hotter than Celtics yes and boy they missed Rondo. Do you remember. More impressive quarter. -- 37 points 37 point offs this year sixteen for 21 was on the lead at one point in the third quarter they made. Fourteen shots weren't -- lay -- call and dunks I -- Paul Pierce. Was what four for four you know he was he was it took charge in the third. Five for six they were on fire and enjoyment and running room and -- and like I don't remember is that it's the first. Thirty point lead. Since last year and the first twenty point win since last year. And they don't have that he'll play there -- feel it and talk about silly things we won't or did or can no longer will say. Actually asked the question about a week and a half for two weeks ago. The lakers or the Celtics. Were in worse shape with injuries and is on right actually yes you start to slow. -- -- the lakers felt it was he said he said lakers are relevant right now is there. There -- so while he's right I mean Steve Kerr explained they're not making the play offs there in the -- as it gets tough teams in front of them there amassed. -- go on Howard might well be gone are the opposite of the Celtics in terms of fun to watch or -- history. It is just round and Kobe go one on one. And ideas. -- on this this game and I know they scored 37 that was in the 3716. But. They won this would be well and winning big part of the reason they -- was defense. When they went to that isolation with Colby. Courtney Lee made him work his -- so even after -- went -- all right so what other guys were bored stay in the around. I think. I'm Bradley snuffed out Steve Nash he was like -- -- yeah he just come out of the equation. Dwight Howard was float around and got a world peace is still in the schools so they don't look at the score the finals or final box I'm assisted Coby atlas. It begins to. I know the answer. The area and we don't hero this slope at one point in the second -- about this you know the ball in his hand and you have two guys one guy for sure to sometimes triple teamed him -- isolate down on the box guys my -- is at that point. Give the ball up to quality. Four other guys with nobody on he was East -- nine for fifteen he was leading scorer in the game and I think Courtney Lee didn't. Excellent job on nine you know thick of this basket state work hard they were not a lot of lamps a lot of dunks. Courtney Lee played his ass off. So loaded it's -- Bradley -- Barbosa. Current month talk about the backcourt got -- first of all though without Rondo. It doesn't mean you had Rondo doesn't mean it won't change but right now. This a letter he had just like the better fits into better style yeah. This wouldn't be happening. Talked about streaks and streaking yes and will this change when we get back we're also gonna give your top ten. Blizzard tips because this may save your life you might -- write the stuff this based save your life and we're gonna talk also about. The support that I would do the threaten -- very quickly the starters for the lakers scored 55 points. Colby score 27 -- here are the numbers for the other starters mental world peace. Earl Clark five. Dwight Howard nine. Steve Nash nine. Those -- -- four other starters not named Kobe Bryant he scored 27 men and you talk about dysfunctional. Our rights tips. We'll talk with -- Mike Lupica in the 7 o'clock Dale Arnold at 8 o'clock we have Celtic tickets to giveaway. Talk about Tim thomas' well and bill McLemore -- we need McNamara has some really important storm tips from the mayor grab a pencil grabbed some paper. You need to -- storm touchdowns will save your life. KK is aren't aren't those really the inspiration. On the drives it.

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