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Kevin Garnett hits 25,000 career points and speaks to the media post-win

Feb 8, 2013|

Kevin Garnett spoke to the media after the Celtics beat the Lakers 116-95 tonight at the Garden.

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What is being out. 64. -- know it -- that -- agreement. She was under there or. -- it's. In the through the system. Not so -- came here. A lot of coaches. Parents players and her players systems. -- -- was -- there's no place for. Quarter none of those cup assistant coaches -- most players are quick to position to score best. And piece together there. But so so many different -- post reports -- some of the individual awards. Obviously sales for more about it but thanks to a -- -- -- -- So I just sort of sit there more than flutters. And -- -- what does that mean to do this in this kind of game where everything is what does it mean Kevin to do this knowing that the team is playing some of -- -- post season. I just assume that brings a little more meaning to. To all the personal achievements of. So video was -- customers so. And who -- so. Could somebody -- to lead us to us nightly total -- -- do. Not feel. And the pro. It means a lot actually. It's -- to do so that that's that's personal for me. -- -- -- -- Stuff. The way. Second. -- news here. -- -- Independent films. So when -- -- -- Things. Kevin six and -- it has -- all the injuries adversity. He has proven out you know it is ever caught you guys underdogs Kanye -- -- -- -- keep this group together to kind of make a serious threat. -- It's. Obviously is as fortunate to better. We -- -- who told us. Right now we're in the revenue. It was kind of sort of -- or it is good to consolidate the ball. -- reasonable. Confidence. Window opens this. Behavior was rocking -- Resistance. First of -- as -- as well. It's in his place. -- -- goes. Lakers took it to us. Here for just. But we're working at their record you guys and it's the only thing backward -- moment. Garza takes us confidence. Most cars -- objectionable. You know women who work for the race that's news. The third quarter -- produced and what they can use -- on all cylinders. And -- him and -- or. Wise and defense so much better Kevin right now expressionless excuse influences that are has is more consistent. Success he has always know. -- Anyways so it's. -- -- it sort of sphere. Different guys do enough -- owners. Talk -- love their group. There's no degree of players. We'll love to play together. -- before. Again I was sort of what is he now playing this style -- ball ball. That is like thinking. Well. Nomura and obviously. You know when we use it argument -- does we did great things for the for some sort of -- -- -- Los Angeles. -- House and so -- just. Practices. -- -- more people. You don't have possessed that you missed most of us that those. Let us know explicit -- situation here. So sources what was written. You traded -- -- on his other places. Pretty green to do that. So we've. So so much.

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