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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Feb 8, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics beat the Lakers 116-95 tonight at the Garden.

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It's that you work on that. Her for a but I withdrew out of me and obviously the cup kicks -- can -- now a word about to meet him for the day. You know me -- in the nutritionist that I am the sugar highs over the concern with that. It was a great game by our guys just the ball movement that the pace. And really created well with our defense you know. I was really happy in the third Kobe. Had it going to say the least in our guys didn't overreact to him as we just kept saying you know. He's gonna make shots just don't over react to -- points to plan which places I thought that was great at the -- First quarter was the biggest part of the game having just two rounds so it's and to go. Beginning of the second and then when it comes that we heavily that was your troops. -- yeah yeah bomb. You know one was our shot some of the free throws that in Curtis. You know. Into stuff out there that I you know which is good but. Use the durability in three minutes into the game and Garnett goes out. That uses that a good thing for your basketball team in the fact that. We -- four point lead. That which -- thought honestly that may have been the difference in the entire day. -- we played last night so a lot of hours giving terrorists. And then he came in second quarter was. Words from LA. You know. Let me go to Chicago -- -- -- you know or -- of the bill but. You always frog and the rivalry as well so. He doesn't double him you know pleased with the Celtics play in the lakers and his from LA. And he lives in LA and analyses so it's probably really important for him to play well and win so he can walk the streets. Talk this Paul probably does. Well we just Purdue and a lot of Newman won a lot of the lights off you know we. Space the floor you know we care Brandon -- guard Brendan Brendan stayed outside Germany without side you know so we really did a good job of keeping him out of -- Which is important that's what we've basically been dorm with -- Ability of Kevin the shoot and Brian shoot you can pool beach outside the paint which allows all our guards get to the -- and then that's -- -- Yeah. I didn't see -- say about the setup that it really well but you expect that. You know you don't sit out there and -- going to a lot of stuff there that that's about it the injuries to play with you know remember Avery tried to play with a last year and it didn't work out in the long run so that's news to some very difficult injury. You can play with it it's extremely painful. You know it's just one of those things. There you know what's funny is it is agreed office where but that is so good defense. That you literally -- about -- Vinogradov at some point you know that just tell you how good news overall it was a great passer. Great rebounder and office of player while no one else. Oh yeah they're very very comfortable and to the point now there really you know I thought last -- in the court review where it was really important port June. Because they. Usually identify what they shouldn't. And how they can't -- And you could hear him talk about it throughout the -- is. This you kept hearing all day. And in point finally got to parties and you can hear of this is that we are. And I thought that was -- -- to see it is hard to see it shall want them when they -- I thought it was great you know even in the war and their world we're just kept the pace and that that the pressure. The financially get back every single time and you're right spots or you're gonna get attacked this you know and that's where do. It -- the stuff helps to go because he's -- and or helps us to laugh at this. I thought defensively he's in his hands on balls he's deflecting Maltese. He was doing them Tyson Chandler to the ball alive -- I. So he's doing great. Injuries and adversity this year's play the -- is infinitely you've just. Well I don't know I don't know there's a message not you you know -- the I really think that there are issues. Just think they're good and they're going to play and -- never doubt themselves you know. And delegates and others in the should have relevant when when you lose guys like round going and so they I detect. But the guys in the locker room -- since the like. What DR. -- We're -- you know doing this extensions we've got a lot of lessons. Talk to us. In the early in the game we came on the third in the -- Iran. In the clever game they almost won the game. And it was good because we got to show them that you don't sit on the -- which are often recently defense. You know you make him he's twenty seconds every time down defensively. And even if you are often schools -- to win the game. And I thought that's -- we -- in the third quarter we just kept defending kept defendant find the game broke to force. -- -- And ours is a great rhythm. Making shots in the a lot of things going there in the balls and it's as far more. Which helps him. And you know argument a lot of credit he's given it up ought to. You know so we really start to trust. Everybody in the trust me and I've been there throughout -- or there was some new guys. -- guys at times we look the government tour over here. Now they just let the ball go in the ball it's -- -- mr. Then it. Yeah I like the way we're playing right there you know. -- -- awarded to a 48 minutes and that lets them charisma but I do we're close -- stretches it. Just like to waiver plans like. Spear and widgets. Plan. So listen for and that's how we have to be. Our priest has to stay we're net honestly and the ball handlers. You play half court we just can't we can't get stuck in that because we don't have one guy that is good enough with the ball. To be able to orchestrate our office. -- I think that's been the biggest change you know I think general so much often but I think he's been that the -- You know on the arteries numbers are conservative look ruin you know look government. To me if I had to give it game ball size four -- -- Because he just wars past that he news Childress nationalist beginning. That relentless ball pressure eventually you know domestic same pass though and that it won't work. The -- -- and that's what it does mean these. Who's got the abilities just stand there in the period and he wants to. Together Denard of course -- you know the snow days ago so. Yeah thank -- We. Now know CoBiz should be right now Avery is still. -- post defense the one time and appropriate -- got -- so. That's his next. I think going to be summer project and had -- -- season brought it. If you can get that part of -- -- defensively and you can almost but when it. It. Yeah. -- Now total legacies here in broken a rule that one of them but there once unethical it made like Warner wrote. -- missed that -- like all good news. But I you know I just totally hang in -- this -- determine what's it by the way this is what he's supposed to do. Don't over react this is Kobe being Kobe in this is what that's like he's -- you know. 101000 points for up with a -- via. 3030000. -- 5000. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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