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Thursday, February 7th Whiner Line

Feb 7, 2013|

Snow? Baw! We ain't scared of no snow!

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My -- excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying AT&T -- -- -- -- discretion and I still don't totally Morris yeah and now losing -- your time. You wanna join a college. That's my personal life there's nothing do with the Bruins -- hockey. Remains found and now it's. That's my personal life as you. On your hockey. -- we've been WEEI. Who Maureen you're lying. FaceBook news. It is you have to raise this question -- isn't an answer. You -- OK okay online. My job. FaceBook is my personal life. That's -- dial 6177793535. You guys don't understand the difference between individual. And what they do the job earning athlete in his personal life. And I think there's probably whiner line I don't think that you become nationally did you sign away your right CNN news. You and and they tend to have your own views and we will lose posts post them on FaceBook if you like and now we're platform. There aren't enough this. My personal life that afternoon I -- the Boston Bruins I'm not an -- you guys can keep asking. We -- this every day from now on the first question I get a learn every day I'm -- everything's okay WEEI. Regret writing it. Whiner line. FaceBook was their job. Mike adams' that are working in a -- -- at work. -- giving oil sort of -- great stuff I might you be more specific -- just great stuff but yeah there was only tickets and ski lift ticket pass system wonderful -- ski area resort I'd love to scheme but especially tomorrow. -- And it's all part of Miller Lite. As we get ready for the Laker game tonight at hurricane O Reilly's c'mon down and into the contest with a tickets and ski lift tickets or just to meet the lovely. Gap where yellow wanna Miller -- girl who's absolutely. And so we know what you have been doing so far today you've been drinking Miller -- you've been good. Going out every once -- a while smoking a cigarette yes watching partly he'd only -- that I applied to the driving Gabriela absolutely. What I'm ignoring every other person there except every every yes -- try to recruit -- as the male female should be splendid and it did the -- from -- show -- know. -- good you know you know cyber box doesn't mean anything to Beckett settled practice up the street in her Oscar since they're still early. Right we're two totally different yes. I usually -- -- YPC. And CWB I live is available to -- -- undergraduate at this. It's brought to you by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider. Of the Boston Bruins with the most -- G coverage is doing while Mikey get up on the site. Well when he -- for me nothing bad times faster pago and it's gonna. Look at this. -- thought my dad broke the -- -- at 4 o'clock don't spin out there aren't the third. I hope it happens at the ready as you -- rat. And that -- There might be a factor you know a rookie at this how could you tell these other nights I listened to you I think the same thing that's right disguise and. Yeah. I had people call it -- that they hope Canada. What -- -- it. -- -- And that message. And we had a fifteen minute show what would you do. -- that. What what what are -- -- karaoke. I don't think I'd be doing okay and fifteen which you. I was like thirty seconds to grates on. What kind of glad to talk today about -- the brewers are having problems on the air power quiet and nobody is the problem at all. And the problem. Yeah yeah that's how I'm gonna. -- breaking it down today was make it's a nice job. Should point. They've tried everything -- I think maybe if they skate -- the last. This gave more to think it says that what it is the left or don't get it to you which one isn't it. Please there. There's been quoted Bilbray Republican want to grab that little red headed up by the IP and I don't make it. And just let it. Again I. -- and. And then -- Allen Highlander Sosa is said and these so called for. After all this buildup that we don't get that we thought no I'd say fire all the media are -- About it except that Casey Martin and I would give anything to get back into high pressure system but where. And ruptures are all sold so meltdown now Mikey what -- you the -- -- you're working here tomorrow night yeah. I'll watch your show tomorrow night. Off Jason that is exactly midnight tomorrow night if I want to the -- sports glory should be so you're gonna make little difference to -- the roads between 9 and 10 o'clock. It's its -- strength for one less hour this week we have a little pool going in here. As to whether you're gonna show to work tomorrow Mikey where you you can you guarantee you'll be here tomorrow. And -- that you guys you run out your tail between your leg got fired you wanna put your money like I said. I I a history of my side rather. What time they want -- time and yup -- show and on and on and you have to be a time to do our little -- hook up overnight particularly poor John Ryder here's the 'til midnight you get to fly out of your way to get the call tomorrow -- -- -- what conditions traffic is crazy. In all about funniest. The -- -- -- Friday night by Adam that would come in Cold War Iraq. Oh my god we are lucky tank court on Friday visit and then come -- and boldly go up and. Yeah OK okay. And I. And that message. But it takes the it's still be safe food is just so we've been -- that. Hey Mike -- Brad -- Prick that bad accurate crossed. And I've met -- on the -- -- -- available come due to show me. Seem like you're a little bit -- ask him like he. -- haven't figured normally that. You know -- -- or no overt. A lot of credit market that don't have to. And that. Or live up to those last few times that we're getting damages. Should -- -- -- I've got a lot to live up there and gave it doesn't live up to. We'll have a normal day Mikey still may not show tomorrow night but at least the normal. And -- the -- victory today but I've -- a golf. We already know our fans have. Granted. At the box that got because of our our tournament -- the -- that are happening today. They -- pets are at this. So did he slept like at the Eric cartman would they feel like a rat as you people hot dogs and stuff to either. Very excited about it city in ways that. Who. How would you like these that we want and that's got to do that -- -- -- and mumble but you know I GAAP and -- But we have Tom Brady whose true in this is -- veterans. Technique of how to get through these difficult games -- from -- -- for -- now want. Frustrated -- a player that those are ready reduced sleep. Translate that. I think I can and the court I think it's kind of hard. -- went up and the message. I don't -- and now. I am going view the company's goals. Don't think it is I think everybody inside is you know my black friends that all of you think celebrate some. Make no longer in that's good good good core. And that -- invite them see what happens. Yeah definitely hello Bob Bob -- new parent files if you like everybody couldn't bank now played very well could -- the way this day. I don't get up close and. And -- was coming announces what little I bank user. Coming soon to a -- -- cable network guard Eric you're very. And that they didn't. Guard Rob Gronkowski. And deep it goes and message. -- 50 PM. You're ready to. Take -- -- -- -- Hesitated for a Coke zero and I hear and about. Wanted to walk -- and in a porno movie broke lesbians porno. Well I never. But can't. And -- that -- just all theater of the mind this is radio theater of the mind that really happen what really happened but. We try to make you believe that it will. -- And and I'm having a -- yeah but that this. With a big. Good I don't. -- -- My that is actually. At apple with. And that message. But some like you need to call. Talent they'll add an overhead it was -- but we -- -- Belgrade. -- carrier -- -- yeah it's an open thought Eric talked -- America that can help. Yeah Atlantic compact. How -- act you know go out not good good good good. And then she released a Soccergirl hostess voice sounds great voices can be Dorsey thinks so she probably very attractive. And other back birds that go -- commercial yes for the Super -- highlight of his acting career. We're getting kicked -- the -- but at an episode of Big Bang -- what a difference so we met. -- -- -- You have issues out of this union of which are -- Goes to what goes. Well -- the -- you've been. -- maybe. I did. I could create a were I did yeah. The it. Back into this -- about this he would notebook out there is accountable. That the but. -- And big -- over her appearance here. But they -- -- Somalia he wants miserably failed miserably than people won't be able to say. They go out and win ninety games this year than people will be -- say say -- -- -- pretty. -- he was awful and look at the difference I just think he's regretting not actually punching you in the days. Why do you have done -- I think. It turned into a joke but if he had been here in studio he would he would -- would have questioned. I would accumulate karate flip them over the principle I -- yeah yeah. I'm glad it's about -- got caught up I. You know I don't not a very modest cut it to one of the most important attribute I appreciate that we talk with the audience and tell them about how. Special what happened to work out come at a I apologize I got back and I got my biggest. Okay. -- Clinton ran a 252. -- unbelievable it's back. He bench press 45 pound -- repetition or indeed of vertical market won't -- and it kept it right -- -- can't -- -- -- -- He did that. But that also include pornographic. That it breaks but got up by my Bob -- and -- got -- more. Telling about -- equally -- -- kind of get a bit and got our act. But just -- but not -- accurate. And then I'll let you carry but I got to take those calls were -- -- look like aliens debate so you'd get these brightening the parents apparently -- he was looking up your metrics will -- -- -- them. I'll -- finalized powered by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins were the most forgy coverage into England.

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