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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/07/13

Feb 7, 2013|

We discuss four topics we normally wouldn't touch on during the normal course of the show. Today includes athletes not going out gracefully, players you'd want from opposing teams, and PORNO.

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And -- and I don't know pain. The NGOs for poor and toward more or -- yeah. -- -- We -- -- these yeah. IPad. -- many are mirrors is baseball journey continues at the age of 40 am excited those reports are surfing is surfacing that you play ball this season in the Taiwanese league sent away from ironies. Talent issues. Rat creek and long long dreadlocks. The question. For you -- called on Obama she thought it was a -- -- there are prepared this. Who has had the most pathetic and to their playing career. There because I love watching Willie Mays but that last year was -- Just. Just. It was hard to watch a Jordan with the -- well that's -- for -- while that was Maria Alapont. Because if you want to go -- not fair and he is not fair because the guy was. The best basketball player in the world. So at the end the numbers say he wasn't bad. I bet -- his last year mystery at least one point. It was a good player. What can you imagine the best player in the world six championships playing for the Chicago Bulls then you ended. By being you Washington wizard in those goofy looking uniforms that they used to have my name the wizards lame but this is what makes it even worse. This -- know god has since the humor. I'll give you all sorts of all sorts of endorsements and I'll make you the best player in the world but I will humble UTU. I don't make you possibly the world. In the history of the National Basketball Association. Before you turn fifty years old so realities -- -- here we go. Issue. And sometimes the degree every three yet here. Added to eleven on base percentage. Three yield three. Six home runs 25. RBIs -- -- the forty Rahm. He was forty gambling and it was it was it was when he made the austerity. And. It's Willie Willie and no votes for Brett Favre. How everything went down last three years. -- your life ago when you know you don't want honorable man you don't like is I think he's welcome back as detailed group has come. Go to a nearby I think there's an opportunity he might be coming back public Aaron Rodgers the PR campaigns to cool enough for Brett -- -- about the organization. He's huge part of his. Rodgers it's like keep your enemies close it's a. Last night the Bruins -- their all time Canadians and tonight the Celtics play there all time rival the lakers if you could take one player time. From either side of the rivalries and the Bruins or Celtics who would -- be in these voters easy one out and he was almost hear you think about it. Now. 000 you know. When award Coby on the cell to work its Patrick won. I would -- Patrick -- you want to take Colby who felt that over the had a chance. He was drafted and had a chance to draft Kobe Bryant he didn't work out here he did. He. Would get out there were printed on each -- and Coby. On I've only actually. I believe. That the lakers used to draft Magic Johnson was generally applause and so it was traded through. -- -- -- when I was doing yet but it policy that weather and now I say that. And be great to have Kobe here you would fit right here he would but the problem. One of the worst things ever seen. Boston Garden. Happened a few years ago 67 years ago. -- -- Was getting BP changing its -- and you remember. Problem and that was the worst team that I don't think it's to late. Laker comes -- they were popular lake comes into the garden. And -- in BP to. A chance the other night for Colby in one in the Brooklyn. In the -- -- Laker fan I can expect today. I would put the question of -- And overwhelming majority for the Canadians Bruins -- law and for the Celtics lakers it's magic. Text and finally -- It should be. I I think you need to get out on the ice right now. Five star running back Alex column on others -- letter of intent to sign with Arkansas because she wants and limits of the University of Miami this'll. What is the most embarrassing thing your mother did TU. I'm my mother stole my letter of intent. In the got a letter -- Don't I -- a Boston College I was planning -- hamburger university I was go to Cambridge school hairdressing and apparently she did like she forced me to go that its goal. Well I got -- three. Well you're really really hard. Yeah I'm over here to my god that -- Yeah. Do you remember any embarrassing things lots of them I mean -- got a couple. -- -- -- -- -- But -- tell you I told us about my mom before. -- my mom is like the idea mayor. Akron on. It's -- he knows everybody. In that she doesn't know you Rhode she probably knows your cousin and your god your mom did that -- there's some connections he's very friendly and the opposite and very friendly very. Very personable so she always has the best intention. When she invites people to places so. Remember one year Thanksgiving. 122 were 23 and a new girlfriend. Am -- gonna introduce my new girlfriend to the family Thanksgiving. Am -- manner as house whole family is there and the new girlfriend whose very nervous here -- new clothes it's great to meet my family. And we go there and she's very timid but you start to warm up. Doorbell rings -- is -- my ex girlfriend. Invited by my ma no Thanksgiving. Dinner Null and everybody in and in the Holly's acted out. They acted up 'cause they recognized here in my aunt Cheryl was like. All I know -- what the problem Michael. Am not a go upstairs and get the prom picture they bring out the prom picture my grandmother went to play cards with that she was -- -- to my -- -- the public what -- talked about poetry. All in front of my new girl. Friend's. Mom mom and I am definitely absolutely I moved to a -- what my prayers. I may result is my parents have been going to the hospital and other tell me I'm going to get my Thompson's taken that you know. I'm like. You are they scraper ice cream -- -- -- I'm going to do certain stuff. -- -- -- I am I get my. 300 so let's turn. Surgery and why did god know. -- -- is a register said when my mom took my pot. Now what you do with the cute she -- heritage sell it would achieve what does she do this and that's not embarrassing for Max. I mean that is that's like Alter his role for the do it at that age really. -- seven or eight years old -- -- -- Our Rob Gronkowski as we all know now has been offered his base salary of three point 75 million to -- and sex scene -- Bibi Jones for sex dot com. Would you appear in a porn for years worth of yours so it's a -- Garden -- got a look. At. All porn. Three dollars and 75 cents. -- I -- today and chubby chaser it's now you know. And last night GA when you see this journalist. Gotta go get the video. -- He's only in the green room at the start of the show and do -- little -- And bar Raphael is one of his guest speakers at the bars. On -- bullet that commercial which you dirty work. -- Closure as she closes her -- she walks away. -- hit a scene tidbits in the commercial walks up and now. And that's right. I arts. And less talent at going at it without that noise and atlas sound effects and always says he loved that honor of talented kid about use their kids report. -- but there's the question. Now no you wouldn't actually. I would do that -- lot. Moral objection to it because I have great respect for that industry. Those are you as you and exactly. The people who were trying to earn a living. Trying to project can't just like anybody else. -- just be prepared for it could be a good point when you lesbian. Movement that that's. A lot of -- are saying you know look like -- gently so what are -- afraid and the deal by which is doing a little bit better right. Is that the issue is what the issue ticket that would damage they have assessed at a job that assistance. They have the technical flaw for. Yeah offered but it's at at some point. It offers. Were not allowed to explain what is your -- What do you forget -- -- they were the people to prepare Dennis and Callahan for their morning show I don't know OK there's not a -- about -- sent down. You can. Laugh all you want from -- does not -- about a question that the battery answer this question about a question here. Com will Rob Gronkowski. Realized that you need to deal. It. Preacher and -- Ticket reject. -- Then there will be up to that anymore with. It. However this whoops I just. She. Sketched out of -- knows all about -- I hit the computer the exit deals -- your confidence they are already the record holder for the most expensive domain name. It is an industry. You know it's just the shock when is that it's it was a week. Six dot com is now focused on becoming the record holder of the most of its. We're always aware of what the Drudge -- I got there are ready I don't but they say they're close -- -- I think -- -- -- -- Obama movement along with that availability describe -- we're committed to providing. Innovative technology and mind. Just give us the you know like him. It's it's like. With a name like that you should be the number one website -- not the -- moment it's not that it's enough. Thirteen year old kids. Of parents not just not just the kids -- and executed.

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