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Are there racial reasons why some fans don't like Rajon Rondo?

Feb 7, 2013|

We go inside Kirk Minihane's WEEI.com column and find out if there are any underlying racial reasons for some fans dislike of Rajon Rondo.

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I've read our buddy and Kirk and again that I'd love Kirk because. There's one of those guys that has the the the nuts. You actually call somebody out and when somebody news is lazy. And just find stumble premise and just throws it up against the war. And that's usually why Kirk's stuff is actually pretty good. Today. Kirk has become the subject -- usually writes about. Or talks about in his little podcast as a whole case here about the that the people who war. You know anti Rondo right now on the people who think that the the Celtics are or are better without Rondo makes a strong case I actually -- a lot of things that he writes. I absolutely. Agree. And if it gets a little bit -- were lax or figures. This always works when you throw it out there people get excited about it I guess I'm falling for the year for the trapped here and and and go right. But what struck me most about the reaction to this five game run. Is the absolute -- of the professional Rondo haters he writes. This has been sports pornography for them. And I know he knows pornography. Some kind of validation. That doesn't really exist. There's been more celebration directed toward winning with a little while ago. As opposed to the actual winning. And it continues to lead me to this question if Rondo looked like John Stockton. Or mark price and acted the way he does. Would the word -- be used so liberally. No chance. He's not a saint by the loses definition. But I'll bet you all the money in my pockets against all the money in your pockets that if he wore a white. Point guard. He'd be called got C and scrap -- lot more than he is now. -- gives off the impression that he doesn't care if you like him or not. And who knows if that's true and that drives some people barker. First ball. You know my position on this and I know your position on this I think people who think they're better without Rhonda without. One of their best players just doesn't make sense in the NBA when you we have five guys out there. So far to this point through five games. They have played better basketball that's a fact. And people have seen the last thing they have seen this team play. Better basketball so you can try to draw some conclusion and I could see how some people could draw that conclusion I showed you yesterday. I looked at the scheduled march the twelfth as well I have written on my calendar. But even back. And I'm willing to stay open until March the twelfth -- to sit here and tell you whether it affects them in the regular season. I think it will be -- killer for them in the playoffs has -- got his for a morning. -- -- Have to take what people's opinions are out there are some people that simply look at the color of the skin in the -- don't like or dislike a person based on the coloreds get absolutely. But in this case in Rondo -- pace. Read the race card come into this that well. I gotta tell you based on what Kirk wrote in what you said I agree with Kirk. -- disagree with you look at because. Kirk did. An and we got to get past this. It was asked the question. Road at any can. On on on -- and I don't know -- don't don't don't don't want to know pizza that question and out. Because -- is he is up -- an honest why don't don't -- you know I don't flashy but no Q how does everybody wrote struck out. -- Redick continues to lead me to this question. Rondo look like Johns doctor mark price and wait with a word we used liberally Andy agrees he's had no chance he agrees that it would be different. If Rondo were white so -- is asking the question he's opening up the conversation. Is getting you thinking about it. And I agree having you don't hear me that the fact you don't hear black aptly called. Punk more often I just just so I write a -- right now he didn't say people who don't like Ron don't -- don't like him. Simply because he's black -- did not like I'm gonna ask you straight up you think that's witnesses about what I've disagreed. Without Rajon Rondo I think some of them are way off the base but he believes that a majority of those people out there arguing it simply because of the color Michigan right now. -- didn't write that either and I -- I'm reading and carefully here. Because any time he knows this I know this for a fact anytime you even. Brush. By race if you just mentioned it just the glance off the top. Everybody comes out in and the yelling starts. But I read it carefully. He said but what struck me most. About the reaction to this five game run is the absolute glee of the professional Rondo haters -- struck the most. There's been more celebration there are directed toward winning without Rondo as opposed to actual wedding. And it continues to lead me to this question. Another thought of Rondo look like John Stockton. Is so -- -- for -- part of it for him say it's part of it. He said now it would be totally unfair if Kurt -- and wrote. The reason you guys you Rondo people the reason you're happy. At the Celtics are winning with coverage on Rondo is because you don't like his blackness. No we totally unfair but I think I think his point is. It not argue it. Arguably are given credit for this he was a little bit more careful in the way he interpreted that rob Parker -- -- OK but that's what he's doing not give an example that you know this is true because you and I see these text every day we take these phone calls. This is about people do they just like Rondo they just like him for a specific reason. That they don't think he's respectful. But he's gone out series pushed and shoved our officials he's what he's team and a bad position by getting suspended. It's got nothing to do with the fact that he. Okay and they're calling and calling up you know I'll -- calling my opinion. My arguably as it has nothing to do what I do not believe it has anything to do. I'm giving you an example people I won't give you one example no one out here I'm gonna like Rondo because he's black I started the thing by telling you. That there are people out here who are racist they will always be racist -- you can of the greatest player in the world. He can be an eight year old boy scout and do everything properly. And because he happens to be black people are not going to some people and our portal like recall those people racist okay. There are people that exists we know. I'm telling you in this case. And I'm one of these people think that the people who think that the team without Rondo are crazy are the people that are doing it. I'm not looking at race they are looking at the team being better over the last five games they're looking at the movement they're saying that the team looks. In -- eyes a little bit better at odds over the short -- But I give me an example but he argued that. Agree with mr. you're you're you're confusing it and maybe maybe although it may get GR because it may be what -- should have done has written entirely different article. About the the phenomenon of Rondo what what the Celtics are without Rondo. Because this is a part of his I don't think his grand finale was an. I said all of that to get to this point that people like Rondo because he's black I don't think he was saying that. It was -- of a discussion of Rondo. He's discussing -- discussing this player and that's part of the discussion. He mentions. At that aside. Today. -- the guy -- called upon. Very often and I and I do agree you he's called upon very often and would he be called upon. If he looked like John Stockton well -- mark price -- -- often and I tell you I think if there -- You know -- you absolutely no. And and I tell you yes and I won't give you an example that you went ice at the studio and you've seen it because you'll and I have been amazed. At the reaction Dustin Pedroia went off last year on his manager a manager wasn't well liked by the public. But the public turned on him. And they called him out and to this day. You -- I can throw Dustin Pedroia is name out there and this next line will blow up with people saying he's up on this is a former MVP former rookie of the year a tremendous player. Very similar to what Rondo was with the Celtics he also is white. People call him on our databases felt -- thrown out a loosely. Yet it is thrown out loosely. Correct nobody said white players never call parks -- that nobody wrote that. But it. Next we're all going well very he said if Rondo looked like John Stockton mark. He's talking about here got their money oh he's talking about the color your skin that they would learn more -- old early if you're in my early on just -- -- And just found a great player. All right is gutsy and scrapping hard and they call him park in other words. Would he be called it as much. He's caught on a regular basis and -- down you've seen these like -- -- based. Times have we talked about the system Brodeur and usually to make you know want him amenities. And how people are reacting to this get -- -- some critical. But that's -- they feel about it and it's -- he and he knows you and I talked to him about this. He knows he has a bad perception problem. And it was created by saying one thing because the public thought it was disrespectful to his manager now in -- -- case. Rondo has done no or staying showing disrespect the game. End to the officials I love him as a player you know what I like about Rondo as a player but that's disrespectful I would never called. Because you're right it's disrespectful and -- past. And in the past I clearly think it has been kind of the whole word for -- got that right exactly you got it right but I don't think. That's the case and that's what Kirk is doing here and he's trying to make a case that that's why people. Are turning on Ron and I think he says and he's saying that you were a white guy he would be treated differently and I'm telling you. Dustin Pedroia in that other guy and say that he's what you take and he's being treated the same way or John run. Think a lot of people would like the Red Sox to go forward and win without Dustin Pedroia. They what I don't think I think you took it further than he went. -- saying the reason you don't like Rajon Rondo if you think the Celtics are better about Rondo your racist I don't think you'll say. I don't like he's saying that with a minute he's claiming that the reason people look at it that way is because they look at him as -- -- And he's saying that if he were John Stockton a mark price. Then he wouldn't be looked at a party would be gutsy and scrap -- I'm telling you we have a present day example that. And that's Dustin Pedroia right now in this very same. And this is what the conversation is important in this is why I respect him for asking the question in getting into it and giving his opinion on the texture says. So Michael. So now punk. Is a good -- Lebanon's one mature quote him. On -- repair record that's funny he says get off of Mike and you you've been the one group who's been screaming about okay. In Belmont its interest. Well anyway so once basically it is is partly racial thing the depends on who -- -- so I know. This is economy but what about people who say it -- -- -- Spanish okay Black History Month listen to the black -- here for a -- -- Black History Month. I'm just now -- I just I'm just telling you. Maybe weekend. Maybe we can learn something okay we can we can. Have a conversation. And you can get your perspective not you glands and in general. Get your you give your perspective I didn't I give you my perspective what I've seen over the years. It might be ridiculous to you as a white person. That if you call a black person a punk. A black person thinks that that has racial overtones I give you might think that's ridiculous I don't think what I can tell you from my experience. Talking to a lot of black people. They're dealing with a lot of black people think cultural thing I'd I'd I am not to pick up nothing and if you -- I'm not just don't view saying it. -- somebody. And you say it in such a way. It can be interpreted as racist so it's at times it does come off as racial coding I -- I -- it. Pick techsters. Listeners didn't invent this. -- a social construct it was -- long before I was born. I did I wish I didn't meant a great living out our our -- and diligent hours we all have a single arm like I didn't create this I'm just telling you loosen what I've seen. It was an award -- 5 o'clock maybe Scioscia will come up with one of those sort of listen I clearly hear what you just that. And there's no doubt I was pissed off when Bob Ryan wrote an article about -- Antoine Walker called them what to figure like this that. It was passed -- but -- and -- -- -- -- exactly and I get that and I understand it. But what I'm saying is what Kirk is doing is he's using something that's been done in the past. And he's throwing up against the wall today in a lazy fashion. With Rajon Rondo without thinking it through. It's a sports fan who's pissed at Rondell. Because of these actions because he has cost his team suspensions. I'm off the field off the court he's pushed and shoved. Officials thrown well of basketball's -- that's disrespectful. But there are also. Reading. Dustin Pedroia in the same way and needed one thing Michael. And that was -- disrespected his manager a manager these people didn't likable.

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