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Danny Ainge: I Don't See That Much Changing on this team

Feb 7, 2013|

We talk to Danny Ainge on a Celtics Thursday and get his take on trading KG or Paul Pierce, and whether or not the theory that the Celts are a better team without Rondo holds any water.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No we're not perfect for him -- But I would put -- -- work hard who knows who blog mr. Gilani talked effect you know the game -- and that's. Kevin Garnett JJ back Arabic -- or Atlanta -- debt for our weekly get together with Danny Ainge brought to you by. Quality insulation mystery -- you. Well all through the great quality for all. -- -- -- -- Little upgrade or landline upgrade plan. And it is still had a go honestly don't have those anymore. Yeah I am rarely on one. All right but you've probably been on the phone in the last couple weeks because they're all sorts of rumors out to the clippers -- the Denver rumored. What have you been don't want wires suddenly these stories. Popping out they just calling you or you exploring all opportunities well. I'll just repeat what they always tell you guys. That things that are out there are the things that aren't true and the things that are happening are not being reported -- OK tell us what's happening in the give us the chips to -- I can't get to my excuse the it's been at this time every year. There's a lot of conversation. And usually at this time of the year that conversation is that. As serious as it gets closer to the deadline it's a little bit more. Serious in -- a little bit better offers -- though most people trying to. Make one sided deals as opposed to do what's best for both teams which is you know I'd trade like Rudy Gay treated -- -- usual. This time. There's certainly. For the deadline. Based on what you heard so far are you comfortable -- and -- remember that based on what you heard so far from other general managers and owners coaches or whatever. Are you comfortable saying that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will not feature. Yeah I think that by far the most likely. It ever gets that appointment would you feel like and -- went -- to this before Cameron which is set so I ask you. They get to that point do you feel the need to. Talked to those guys and he always talked to representatives of players that. Would would you feel that there is an obligation have a conversation with those players if something starts to heat up. Well for possible. In appalled as in his whole career in -- of franchise player plus he has. What's called a trade kicker in his contract. Where you can increase of about page. And but yes that would talked to Paul impeccable KG has no no trade clause in his contract. Which. You know he could veto any trade that we do anyway so that's of course we've got to. Why why was it while it was a no trade included in KG's contract was that something that. He asked to review ward did you put that in to sweeten the contract. Law which. And I don't know -- like what would be your guess on what would be my guess. I would guess. I would guess. That he -- forward because he wants some stability but that's but that's. No of course like. I don't ask questions regarding know the answer to a promise you. You you have that no team wants to put no trade clauses and players contract just in case things go wrong. -- -- Military causes are only even allowed in players that followed certain categories that you can't even get them both in both contracts you can't get no trade clause. I like a practice though from now one we can actually gas. Why you do certain things and you won't get pissed off -- is that that's pretty good. Go out. Most of us I was gonna go to coming on that now most of the time when we suggest that we speculate. We're just smacked around for a guy that sort of talking about it and -- -- We was in this earlier and now it's coming true even here in Boston when you play for the Celtics most other. Cities in being fans thought you were talking about the whole term. But -- you show so. You said it was likely you wouldn't make a deal was it is it unlikely. Likely that you won't make a deal because of what you just said pinch regarding the contracts. On that other teams aren't going to give you enough to make it worthwhile or did you come to the conclusion. Is that you're gonna finish the season with KG and with Paul -- Well I want them seniority plays over the next little while before the trade deadline to but. I don't think we've had a true test of -- exactly what team we are yet. And I think that. But because they've been doing this for ten years now by. With his group of guys -- the last couple of years. I don't see. That much changing. There aren't a lot of teams that are trying to pursue. Players of KG and -- age. And I I just think that we value them. More than -- teams you so many teams that are trying to keep younger so many teams that are trying to rebuild it -- tried it. You know get high draft pick already there's there's just I think that that that where we value them as players this is much greater than. Recently which I think is common among players of their age. The last director of the two guys who are who are out for the season now -- and Rondo. How do you anticipate based on what you've heard from the medical people you anticipate both of those guys being ready for training camp. Yeah. Yeah I've -- up and I think that it's not a scratch or a rush. I think it's all of soldier's case I think that's. We'll be plenty of time. To get to get back to chase him around this case I think it is it is as well. His injury was fairly clean and you know you hear Casey appears that a lot and that we think -- -- there's. Damage to the him CEO as as well there's. Torn meniscus. Which is always a little bit harder in the rehab -- There's a lot more complications and run those. It appears that that's not the case -- it is so it'll be a little bit cleaner surgeries while it Vizio. Last week when you were here there are a lot of people fans who were calling out. Basically not thinking that the -- loss was a huge loss a week later now team sunny nice -- Playing the best basketball we've seen all year long and suddenly the referendum out there is that this is a better team. Without Rajon Rondo why is -- team play much better with. On the you know so so first of all -- we've just -- -- a six game winning streak. Few weeks back. With Rondo and everybody was there any of the teams play well that we that we would six game. Losing streak. And you know I I think on there was just one of those players that people. You know give him a lot of credit sort of like the quarterback. In in football would mean they get all the credit they they take a lot of -- things aren't going right. Right now I think the most positive thing is that it. We hear starting to see him. How good the rest of the players are. The Jeff greens the court he'd be in -- for both. As an example of people were questioning. If they were good enough players in and out of the Keating was questioning whether they're good enough players to contribute. To -- about both the and I think that there's there's just more. Opportunities for them to play and I think that maybe. What happens is is that they've reliant on them benefactor is still see. At times. Rely on Paul. On the stretching games when -- you know much are we should. Because. I think that even though Paul is still a good player and Paula let us. In the last couple games making big shots big plays. I think there's a tendency to not play because. It is and we've talked about this before the personality. KG and Paul and Rondo in this success they've all had together. And there's a tendency for new players coming in. To. Just hey you know if it Paul's time it's from those times it. You know that's -- those job and I'm -- fitted to my role and I think the guys that played better not happen to think about that as much and I think that we still have another we'll have to. Where basketball is equal opportunity down the -- games like you're open shoot it if if our posts or a career court. They have the ball and they have an opportunity. For a wide open shot her an aggressive played tradition you know go for it -- don't wait on Paul. And I think that we're getting there I think that our our team is we have a lot of good players a lot of experience players I think that the people that. What's the best example of that you you've seen in the previous five games that got over reliance on Paul. And guys just look at him too much if anything come to mind. Yes that we got involved that a little bit of the clipper game. And you know Paul hit a great shot. At the end. That last possession that three point step back shot. But I think and throughout that fourth quarter as things started getting tighter. As a lead was dwindling I thought we became you know you watch the first three quarters it was like clinic. On how to play basketball. The ball was moving him populated. Everybody was scoring game everybody had to be guarded -- court. And then as it is starting getting tighter. If you know they they gravitated DePaul and we've we've relied on Paul sort of carried down the stretch it. And I thought that hurt us. -- all Leo Rondo playing without -- talk has been brought up in the last few days the column brought up an -- to question the other day why do you need a point guard if you're better team now. And if the ball moves better without a point guard holding onto the ball or setting everybody up. Why heated point guard isn't it more valuable maybe have a few guys can just a global. Well so I think that you can I think you can do it either way and that's been something that I believe -- for a long time I don't think you need. To play always we have a point guard. You know I played my entire career. As a guard at some point some not point guard. And it played about what you're with tiny. And he was more classic point guard has the ball and scandalized. It. But I think it's easier to play when you share those responsibilities like I've played with DJ. And I shared those at Purdue being -- may grow. And Terry Porter Clyde Drexler the backcourt it. So that those words shared responsibility. You know path of least resistance in gear off and there's not a one guard. And and then the rest. Wing players and big guys. Playing I think that the gain in high school college pros. At all gravitated more to equal point -- almost like it's -- quarterback position football. I don't think basketball needs to be that way I think it's great if you have a star. Point guard. But. If you point guard isn't someone that's really special. There's a lot of teams there's a lot I mean that Phil Jackson's championship teams he didn't have a point guard but he did. Accident and Pippen in -- and handle the ball a lot from the forward position. And Jordan so they had multiple ball handlers but they really did and and then in the lakers series Erik -- really not a point guard -- So they were able to win a lot of championships. Without a point guard but but in those situations you need to have multiple ball handlers. -- can -- -- -- -- -- I cherish your -- special than do you need him. He especially yet he's he's proven that in the playoffs so your team is built that. And that's -- -- has been our team has been built on that in. You know and in document talked over the last. -- years. You know how we need to get a better we need to be able to do both we -- be -- -- play. With our star point guard. And you know get him to do a better job of moving the ball -- -- of the ball with the past which I think he has. And it and move and get involved in an office to allow other players touched the ball a little bit more. But also we need to learn to play without him. When he isn't foul trouble when he does these when he does get injured. When he's sitting on the bench. -- we need to we need to play. A different style as opposed to. Bringing someone else quote a point guard that's not news that is Rondo. To play those minutes. And the conversation becomes even more interesting with Rondo and people -- somewhere round with the ball and dominating the ball -- this series is it was more balance before he got hurt but he wasn't just. Dribbling the ball to set up the office sometimes you dribble the ball and take a shot. That he hadn't taken in the previous couple years that made a little more interest in didn't it. Well I like that I think he should shoot the shot them. We talked about this a couple of weeks go by where you know Rondo is is one of the better mid range shooters in the league. If people don't realize that and I think that he should look to shoot more in trouble last. And he should come off the screen to the -- opened the hate that you know opens seventeen -- shot. As opposed to always tried to ability to kick it out to other guys to get shots. And in -- I think that the game would be easier for him and easier for team. If you would look look to take. More shots now pocket you know. I don't know how dark feel about that I think doc feels the same way that rubbish -- would be to open it. And so forth but. I think that what happens is is that. Because of -- those present to not run those so we demand -- The ball. It's just it happens when you play with really good players. That you hate. A wave bidders I use an example. Sometimes the Byron Scott. I played with Byron -- the summer league and we -- young players. In -- was eight who -- ball. I mean he could have been a point guard. Had he played gone to another team played for another team are hoping that he would take his career back but it. But then when he plays with magic magic has the ball in his hands all the time and vibrant had to learn to transformed his game into his spot up shooter. A runner in -- and spot up shooter antivirus credit he was able to become that indeed that. And so people don't think he handled the ball that much. And I think that that's what we're I think that we need. But she got a Magic Johnson or John Stockton adjacent theater rush on -- at some times. Use those responsibilities. Are. Our shared and so and our Celtic teams in the eighties we had myself PGA Mary. Who all average to you know over 44 and a half assist by -- query every six. And so we did have one guy averaging. Ten or eleven like we do now -- like magic but we have three guys averaging twelve. Or thirteen. And that's what our teams do and now our assists are actually. But there's there's shared. I Denny we'll talk in actually good stuff so yeah all right nice phone don't come back this phone like this for. Our nights -- I can totally understand. Any brought you my quality insulation.

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