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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on Celts win streak w/out Rondo

Feb 7, 2013|

Jackie Mac joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Celtics play without Rajon Rondo, a possible Kevin Garnett trade, and if Paul Pierce wants to end his career in green.

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It's our three Mott and Lou -- three point seven WEEI Celtics winners of five in a row at Celtics and lakers tonight. Jackie McMullen of ESPN boston.com joins us every Thursday at this time Jackie brought you by HSA insurance by Newton Wellesley dental partners. And by drama hale forty prepare for the snow Jackie Mac. -- I love you know bringing bring it all on. Are we -- awful lot now that won five straight Jackie get out there they better team without Joseph Rhonda. Oh come on Lou -- pick it. It yet or get this always talking about here people want that -- -- there a better team without -- involved -- Jack -- Kobe at that point about that I did column get a -- laugh I believe with you. Have very long laps and I'm still with Kobe and that's listen. And then what it did occur to anyone that may be after Rondo went down they they looked at all these guys and said okay. The complexion of that he'd just changed so you know what. -- we have to blow up to convince us we shouldn't blow it up. Play harder do what you're supposed to do. Because you know like everything's on the table now are keeping it took a completely different tact so if you wanna be part of it she'll be -- you got. The possible. I I think it's very possible I think it's unfair when that when. The argument has been -- look at how well in particular Terry green a marbles -- -- -- play that well one Rhonda was there and that. Somehow he stresses them out that they couldn't. Play with them it's their responsibility as role players via the plant that it's unfair to say it's Rondo -- fault the Jason Terry could hit a wide open jumper for two months. Yeah I think what I think what is true is that they want Colin Jason -- number very much from Rhonda was they're dominating the ball I think that's that's a fact that's true. So that affected -- getting better looks and more touch it to me that's not shocking. And and if that's great and he playing well. And -- Jeff Green the idea of bringing Jeff Green in here was to run with Rondo in transition that's one reason cute attractive to the Celtics. And wanna play an up tempo of alma thought he'd fit in well product. I mean if you look at give green a lot of the things that did think that the difference with him -- he should keep getting more minutes -- now playing with Paul Pierce instead of four Paul -- And it seems to be working out pretty well I think at some point. If you -- go with the matchup like that you know in -- seven game series that think it would come back to buy -- Well I think that's the point him because you can't ignore the -- -- five and -- you can't ignore the fact that their -- walk straight -- -- -- but aren't great but -- come playoff time Jackie especially in the NBA where -- superstars -- game -- more because it's less guys in the court. Is that when it catches up Tim does -- we saw this guy carry them. Carry them at times last year and -- them. I mean I just I'm sorry I understand why everybody saying it and I understand it and there are some component to that. You know I think we said last week that that you wonder Rondo sits at home watching these games and says you know let. What this tells me -- I need to dominate the volatile that would be a good thing that be a good thing but but the but to think that you're better off with one of the most unique. Players in the league one of the most talented. Players in the league is it's just crazy to me doesn't work. So when we -- -- -- when you hear the comments that in that locker room there are those nets Celtics locker on Jackie that feel almost. Say better but free airplane without Rhonda do you believe that that's a sentiment held by some in the Celtics. Well that might be true but who are we talking about so again we talked about Jason Terry each year and you know Ray Allen complained one of his many when he was here was -- You know he wasn't part of the offense anymore he was a decoy goes stand in the corner allow -- does his thing. Jason Terry probably felt a little bit the same way at times. And to go to guy to ever go after -- -- that could mean a Q people on knowing don't wanna play with them but I can see where he might feel that way a little bit. The -- and KG and -- think KG it feels better without running do you think. Paul Pierce feel better without Rondo and I told the guys that we should really be concentrating on. -- seems like Doc Rivers just -- upset with all the rumor talk Christ I got to come to a head a little bit this year and you think. At -- -- coaching noses rumors talk but this year it's different and even last year but this year it's. The trade rumors aren't exactly to help this team out the trade rumors are to blow this team up and make a big difference right. And you know listen I think we can all look at it objectively and say if they got the right deal for Kevin Garnett. With everything that's gone on with -- gone soldier gone and so on I think economic knowledge as well as they're playing with anyone still think they're gonna win the championship. I I don't -- yeses on that note is that the perfect deal came up for Garnett go off course you need to look at it. But the perfect deal to me is not Bledsoe and and you know -- Butler pick for small. Guys you don't point guard to me that's that it's would you trade for what -- that some immediate they can move and Rondo -- so. You know if you could to a freeway and get Paul Millsap thought that will then you're listening right -- you're listening and you'd be crazy not to listen. But so far I haven't heard of anything that makes sense for the Boston Celtics. I think it makes perfect sense for the LA clippers -- how does that make any sense that -- the same thing with the nuggets talked. In the city with -- with Paul Pierce too because we know he should retire Celtic and all these other things and he wants to be -- the one -- are tasty ball -- The article in their talk of what he wants to win the championship played simple he is one -- -- -- for rebuilding process that the case you'd -- wanna be traded. That's a different right and kind of what we kind of thought that he wanted to return. Well no because I think the reason he wanted to retire it helped was because he thought that this group had one last shot at oak. You know if they don't and they're gonna start blowing it up for that word or lack a better word which I just. Really just don't -- Then sure I mean you know popular. Was here for the rebuilding he was he made famous quote you know on that great player on a bad team and it sucks that he had wanna go back -- -- well this isn't a bad team. It's not a bad team it's it's a team that's you know fighting for its identity -- so. I'm not shocking to hear that I just don't think that that's. I mean Paul Pierce he wants to be treated to a championship contender well. So this cagey right they're not getting that they don't want to be traded to Toronto like Rudy Gay Justin even though they -- in the nascent player. Paul Pierce by the way we'll have a choice where he gets started let's remember that too. Jackie McMullen ESPN Boston is joining us and a circle back to KG. What do you think his mentality is in terms of accepting a -- do you think there are teams that he would say you know what. I'll waive my no trade clause and I'll go there or is he anchored to the Celtics jacket. That's fair question I mean I I think. He'd like to see it through with -- and -- in -- and you know Rondo if he were healthy -- in a perfect world that's what -- signed up for that but he'd like to do. Now if they traded Paul -- That I think you'd you'd hear a different tone from KG he said some company that makes sense to me. You know it's it's kind of or not you're either gonna stick with these guys to the end or you're not and if you trade one and a bit the other one's gonna wanna go that's where I think they both stand on the. -- your -- was pleased to see Jared soldiers slides that are Celtics the way he was played early in the end and get the harsh reality of why. He slid to the Celtics -- concerned do you with the future -- soldier with a back issues. Well it's really been an issue in members I think the very first month they had a Doc Rivers is very clear about -- he -- at some point gonna have to have surgery so it wasn't like they look at. The became public on this we all knew that at some point challenger would get -- need something. I'm surprised -- -- you know it's too bad for him that it had happened during the season. I don't know enough about what he had done to know whether it's recovery time is gonna be good I just know I love the -- and hard working kid. And it became it became -- seat and got cut short that you go on his way to doing something really special. A lot of calls and text today about how the Celtics allowed their the roster get a couple spots here Jacqui two weeks when trading deadline if they keep playing like this -- And have no choice but it's stick with this group and let them making Iran. Are their names that they can fill up this roster what will they make moves to potentially make this team better with those roster spots but when he first. Well I'm sure there's there's no he's moved in there's only people available -- and the for the trading deadline. You know you're gonna hear. Again I am I bring -- Millsap of the that would be a big move that I don't think they can make but he am. I'd like him or Al Jefferson you know the Utah Jazz -- have to make some decisions -- because they're not gonna keep sabres Jefferson and -- So they're gonna have to want them I think they prefer to move Jefferson but they'll get more offers for Millsap is also -- this scenario like that throughout the league. I only. You know I would guilty with one of the Celtics -- the other day about them. Dalembert they -- -- dance around -- -- so -- you know they didn't get him yet again any -- 35 and a black uniforms has not that would just hilarious did you know. I got 35 point career high is like at the end of his career and incidentally people around. And and I'm sure they'll do something. But I don't know what they really don't. Check -- of scarce this article with a knee sat down with Colby. And he said he would you rather be the lakers right now in the south was that before after he heard the news -- Pao Gasol they product field for the year. Yeah that was that was after we had well. I should say it was during you know we'd -- quick tour that together watched him go off on crutches into that Town Car he met with the position somewhere here in Boston to get that MRI done. But I think he would help them power would be back and I guess we don't really we don't know what do we really know for sure with the timeframe has done that I don't. No they haven't come out yet by -- hair went professional match and it's I'm sure you've said that before it's all part. It's a partial to -- a little so I think that Kobe open will be back for the play out listen as he said. Even if I wanted to pick the Celtics I never would -- perfectly and I think that's probably right. And you know you've got -- -- Dwight Howard is supposed to be a franchise center I'll tell you what it's it's clear to me that that's its not gonna work Kobe and the layout is just not gonna work. I don't think my -- coming back to the latest -- about that. Jackie how candy because I mean it was also sit down with doc and he's tied with with Colby's talking about -- -- talk until we not read it ES PM boston.com. I I was highly entertained by and but the biggest take away is we need urgency you know we don't need surgery from Dwight and it Timmy was an eight. Any nice -- -- possible -- is calling out Dwight Howard again. On a national level and he's done this more than once and whites not responding -- he can't come back to that Laker team next. It's it's now working its networking and you know the other thing them I -- -- two articles actually out of the Kobe thing the other one was Kobe kind of addressing the lakers since. He you know very very sternly said -- what's going out how with a solid not his fault it's not all they have to you know they had different agenda they moved him out of the way. And so I think he you know he desperately want him to get healthy and bring him back in. And start over but he also said to me tell me that you know what what people forget is the sound really -- the Lamar Odom. Odom Bynum and Gasol with a great Frontline and then Odom has is issues in -- problem then. And you know he he moved on and and it and it hurt at all and of course Bynum get traded out. And in XP you know in exchange for Howard so I think Khalid lamenting that that great Frontline he had -- and how how did it all go wrong and how'd it get away and I think that really answers. They knew Bynum wasn't gonna be healthy and that's why they traded up I don't think they traded Bynum because they want Dwight Howard marks I think they treated by name continually would be healthy and they're right. Jackie last one for me were not two weeks out from the trading deadline the 21 I see all these teams in the NBA standings so close to each other I know that the new tax rules. Have really changed what teams can do but I feel like this is going to be a very active push that deadline yet that same feeling. I would have that feeling and I'm always disappointed at the end when you know. When Billy Owens is to get treated for the seventh time and I are going to be some big blockbuster. So but there are some pieces out there. There are some teams that are one has solidified himself to think about it really let's let's cut to the case hit the Miami Heat they really need to do my thing. This Antonio spurs need to do anything. Might clippers might do this Bill Casey really need to doing things so the top tier teams the ones that we're really gonna be talking about come June. There they're pretty cute. -- great stuff the column with Colby is a tremendous read for everybody's a basketball fan and except that picture they sent out of him in Celtic year. That would hurt any that one hurt yesterday. It is all a Twitter feed he said that out of self. That hurt thank you -- they -- dietary. Jacqui McMullen of ESPN Boston joining us when Jackie joins -- she's brought to you. By HSA insurance by Newton Wellesley dental partners. And by drum health 461777979837. The formal continue with responsibilities. Or pop -- poll question about. The athletes you don't like is a Boston fan vocal when you're.

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