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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, on the Bruins

Feb 7, 2013|

McGuire joins Mut and Merloni and gives great insight on the Bruins Habs game, the play of Rask, and the potential of Dougie Hamilton.

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And I don't know usually I'm looking for some sort of analysis of these things is at the entry into the result is of supporters of movement. But this is just plain states. I level hockey analysis are Mike Milbury last night NBC sports networks pay nearly accurate sticky. Kid's diapers are stinky power play with -- last night according to Milbury. On a great broadcast that is so NBC sports and doc and Eddie -- Milbury between periods -- McGuire one of our favorites down their ice level he joins us live here. On the AT&T hotline Pierre you were not between. The benches last night you were next door guy got Anton who -- was not okay where you -- these last night. He's created English is thought he got a really good sense of humor. He got two tremendous insight into the game we had some fun the fans are great down there but. Montreal a little bit of the different building when it comes to work in between the benches. And by the -- good division of these guys. That was -- a difference for you beat out there with the fans we're -- -- -- level for early -- that -- Bruins lucky that took arrest was one guy that showed up he was outstanding early on. You really want to concede Montreal gone to school -- too good because they were all the puck a little bit longer because of how aggressively as they were trying to beat them. With his aggression and he was just so quick and so aware that he was able to shut the door on them. -- aftermath after the game that that was the most difficult. Eleven shot period had this year there's absolutely. But he was really good not -- fifteen rallying around him and took as the real deal and other bits -- people questioning whether he can do the job and I he'll be more than capable of on the job. Let's see that's my question is I wanna compare of people wanna compared to Tim Thomas not -- here and the problem is that that's like comparing a pitcher took the page -- Martinez in 1999 he never gonna get. What you got from Tim Thomas but when you watch Rask played do you see a guy. They can stand up over the course not just these 48 games in a playoff series is that a guy you feel confident in between the pipes. Yeah really I'd do it I gotta tell you the biggest reason why it is so calm cool collected. Usually we have guys that are super emotional and they get into the peaks and valleys of the season and the peaks and valleys of a playoff series. Both emotional guys -- -- -- can channel their -- correctly Timmy Thomas -- guys that could really channel that emotion correctly. A lot of guys -- and made just over react and it becomes. A mental exercise he can't complete. Who could not like that at all and just super competitive but he is very calm cool collected so. I do think he can hold up long term I think. The Bruins going forward a tremendous position would open Iraq and then how to build -- It -- Broussard off your hot start after the first nine games and you're going into this. Well coming out of the locker which it might take some time you know to watch the level of hockey to give back to -- cubic. In watching the Bruins and -- crossed the NHL you surprised that maybe -- level hockey -- played at a high level early on. No because these guys it's basically twelve mark your job these guys are known over 240 -- playing all the very competitively in Europe. Some -- in the American Hockey League here which is an extremely competitively. In the conditioning level of most of the players not all but most of the players. Is dramatic tremendous and always has tremendous. So I'm not surprised at the caliber of play the one of the reasons why I think the blue dropped such a great start. You look at their depth on the middle and you start would give it credit union go to -- -- -- off. Then decided that the Chris Kelly and then you move on to Gregory Campbell whenever everybody healthy and I'll show you the same kind of thing. When you look at a team like saint Louis blues when you start with David baca should go to Alex -- Been slighted down to and gladly support -- and you have Michael -- are burglar Patrick burglar. So therefore senator is virtually broke the virtually mirror images of one another Saint Louis and bought -- -- you're dominant on the middle in this league you're gonna win a lot of games. Milan Lucic takes a lot of crap for having not played anywhere -- started the year out of shape as you're watching these games your nice level -- do you do you notice here the difference between. The guys and that their fitness level who played over in Europe and the guys who stayed here at home can you tell watching the games. You can tell you can help timing issues as he wouldn't have to have a capability and confined areas the guys who have been planned they don't have those timing issues the they complain a pop when it comes around the wall real quick and make a quick outlet -- because during game position they're in game shape. The guys who maybe didn't play as much -- conditions may have a tougher time making those kinds of places. But I can see that multiple players around the league and are certainly catch up which is good news for everybody to watch league but. The one thing I looked at all Austin and I know all the power plays no good everybody knows or twenty ninth in the league everybody knows that I get it. And I think it's more of a confidence thing in any help for them but -- penalty -- so darn good. -- that allows them to play this aggressive game that they want apply because he's not intimidated by killing off penalties and they deserved penalty killing Chicago. In Boston and Pittsburgh to me of the three best teams when it comes to killing penalties in terms of their tactics and ideology. Utopia we talked about before Tyler say you know a young kid nineteen when you don't -- and it's about the fault that maybe when he's young first few games first -- first year in the league -- to get him in a minute but. 190 Doug Hamilton. We I don't I don't see some of the things you sought a safe and right like doesn't wanna go into the corners and he needs some more strength. With Doug Hamilton helped me out here and always nineteen years old would you look like he's 2627. I think he's going to be superstars and saying that person to draft day. I still think the Winnipeg jets made a terrible terrible mistake if not march -- fault players that they took. But there organizational -- on defense. And they chose to take forward mark safely just got to that the American hockey card back due yesterday. And they have to beg the Hamilton remembers the draft this year and they're gonna live to regret this big time Doug Hamilton has always been a gamer. Comes from an amazingly athletic team ports father was a world class rower and two time Olympian for candidates and medal winner at the Olympics. His mother was a world class basketball player I've played the world championships in the Olympics I mean you're talking about the world class. Athletic family so that is not only great athlete he's a phenomenal occupier. You have been a few -- in your praise for him during a couple of games and NBC sports and a lot of Bruins fans noticed that some of which on the spot gimme. A weakness or something -- -- who's gonna work on as he progresses in his career. Yeah one on one strength clearing the trees and that's just gonna hold all the time as the union hang out guys that. Atom equator you hang out with guys like Dennis Seidenberg to hang out with guys like. Johnny boy -- again hang out with guys that Zdeno Chara those are all big robust physical player. If they've evolved into those players and he's gonna see Elkhart -- working hard Seidenberg work and how hard quit work. And how hard -- -- -- and make -- of their play but that's what he really that you might be so much when I had Chris Crocker when he was nineteen. Probably -- a novel when he played for me. But you could see just needed to get stronger not that you in the course of time he not only became stronger became one of the best offense in the history of the game. But does say it was talking about his time in Switzerland in the open ice in the style plays take some time to adjust and -- in the importance of give this guy going offensively they made that switch last night do you do you like that switch that's something permanent -- think he goes back -- Bergeron. I think -- -- called back with patty bird I really do but. Blackmail work and there's over the course of an 82 game skid ought to she's got a coach have to make a difference in terms of -- in -- decision making. At least ten times. And if they do that you've got not only you are you can have a good team. But you're gonna Havoc in the police in the coach -- the coach of police in both the players because players can make those transition type decisions. Or 42 games scheduled coach you have to make a difference six. 767. Times last night called -- a big decision and it worked -- and it was a huge thing. But I eventually he Horton home back to teach in and -- geometric belonged in what Marcia and come back -- out there again marsh -- -- -- -- again do. Let's a couple of things around the league here you're feeling about these teams here and a 48 game season -- got to slow starts and expected to be playoff teams Philadelphia -- of their division right now. Out Washington. Lot of hope there -- -- there they F five points what what those teams in trouble 78910. Games into the year to forty Casey's. They are especially Washington in depth -- play against Pittsburgh tonight in Pittsburgh had a big game on Sunday in Washington. Pittsburgh court before all of them fish crushed them. So they can't get going here with within the next four -- five days to think they're basically going to be done and live with Philadelphia at the last game against Tampa. They won the game they really got edited out they deserve a lot of credit to win the next game this is that you know people can win it certainly since Florida. They've post reported tonight but I have to win this game. Mean that that's a critical game for them there and available for game home stand right now this is game three of the four game homestand. And then they're on the roll percent the Philadelphia -- surround they've got to win this gains. She say must wins even at this early point in the year because -- again. See what's going on now. We've got these situations were -- certainly see this. Spread from the top and the heat -- from one -- you start if you just spread and then from eight to -- you're seeing this president from ten to fifteen you're seeing the spread and it's -- be very put out they would save by the end of this coming weekend -- -- all people performed so that's the problem -- and you can't catch up because -- only -- within the division -- in the conference and everything to four point game and people are -- -- -- every game. It is a surprise to me leave the Rangers right in the united Nash in the wrote that Ford fives are -- there one part about -- power wise to get that's north of Boston league. -- thirtieth in the league now there's no excuse for that because personal on the list is straight out toward reality different mind I work with them -- coached against the -- -- we -- a lot of hockey ideology he has sold fundamentally sound when it comes to run a power play it. And what people forget that when he was assistant coach and -- for the John Mark where. They -- one of the best power plays in the league. And there are guys that -- bought in the guys that they'll Holler chuck and they've got a kick out of the -- -- -- Pat LaFontaine. But they've got a lot on our power play and John was a big reason why. It must be driving him not. Driving inquiry beauty that they're published thirtieth in the way. Issued a personal best line in hockey. Well they didn't blow it up for tonight the plane down -- tonight. And and actually gonna play with -- step on. And I Gabbert in this day. And play with Richard. But they've they've broken that popped lineups will be interesting to see how that plays itself against the near commerce and by the way the -- are not getting enough credit quality. Not getting enough credit their playoff darker -- the TV -- great great partner. I'm gonna get out on this because you joked about it the power play you were ice level for the power play last night they are now three of 35 year Milbury. Call call what was an empty -- okay -- result. And I feel like every time we -- is happened last year too we talked about this power play like where. Recycling -- but three of 351 being an empty netter. What do you do year what are you do. They what I would do I would simplified to the point where I would jammed in that. Obviously with either order to achieve each. Charlie would be up high in the abroad I would say up to one side -- he can pick report poison every one on the other side. Just opened up for one timers self. They have to make a decision on the penalty killing side -- over plant which that you do when you open up one timer for Sega or whomever you put on the right side. And then you look at first second chance opportunities are reflections down -- with his -- president. But I would have a clear and fast rule you can only go back to the point twice before you shoot the puck on -- he can't go to report I'm just gonna be boom boom and shot. Boom boom and shot because they're just trying to be too pentium it's not work and they intercept the simple play everything get their competence than they could start to get cute. Here are great stuff is always appreciate your put honesty. How would you guys I love being around Boston I can't wait to get hopefully get coach Foster commenced on them to a game in Detroit on. Sunday knowing that Detroit now coming in to watch the Beanpot on Monday. My buddies over Crawford called him Jimmy Madigan I grew up would keep -- up the Montreal these coach in the northeast enjoy watching and then not to -- the Rangers and abroad. Vocalist OBB on the ground by Sunday circular pattern that you guys are treated like Kmart -- if you weather report. -- 24 result at a lot of different -- to steer easier UB of their Tuesday for Rangers Bruins. I will definitely be there to decorated room but I want you to being caught on Monday that's my goal. -- go to -- we will see out there Pierre great stuff look for talking throughout the season. Join you guys any kind thanks very much for having me. Thank you Pierre not Pierre McGuire EC usually between the boards between the benches excuse me last night he was there with our guy who Goldman. And what he say about Anton Smart kid. Speaks English -- Golf leading regional like war you. Like hanging out of them I love talking hockey appear require -- unchanged and it must wins. In ten games in Obama -- -- -- like beast and that that's a god knows the sport inside an affiliate must win Florida must win me I think it was getting lonely that's why. The -- get nine there in eighth. Trials at ten points. You know meaning.

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