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Most hated athlete in sports

Feb 7, 2013|

Mut and Merloni debate which athlete is the most hated among Boston sports fans.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI get hunkered down for the Boston blizzard your phone 617779798378. TT tech line. Is 37937. Pierre McGuire has a great job down on the ice for NBC sports will join us. At 1 o'clock we'll get his take on Tyler -- getting what that first line in the third period great results. -- Julianne got that line going forward. It's a product -- a good spot in Joost today's we -- we narrowed it down to. 605. And and the choice of other which we'll get to -- in a second. Which athlete the hate the most at the text in the last name to place your vote at 37937. NN. Yeah. Suggs is on the list. Yet type in his last name not be easier to -- -- to -- Suggs is one Kobe Bryant who we just talked to talked about. Is on this -- athlete the hate the most he case to -- With the Bruins Canadians rivalries on there Lance Armstrong. Who's not one of the four majors but is now one of the biggest cheaters. In the history of sports. And finally Alex Rodriguez and it instead of putting A-Rod. We're gonna make you spell out Rodriguez which are text Joseph every these texts every day this is going to be a problem. This is going to be a problem we actually. -- to Colby and PK and it's and Iran Joyce belted out by last name Rodriguez -- Brian these these are real enemies who -- Armstrong statement or other OT HE RO spell out of the other cadets in about a spell it really is somewhere else like it and there's later this A-Rod. Already right there -- -- not just soup and -- corny -- stupid. It's -- but it just upon -- nitrate reform and shepherd was all excited when they re acquired just DuPont we -- agrees correctness outstanding. Not Rodriguez Bryant Suggs -- -- Armstrong or other. Text your answer right now -- 379837. That is 379837. He can't vote for John Lackey c'mon. I -- -- an appetite -- I think others gonna win active people are a look at this list and others gonna win it's gonna show should. 379373793. Seven's brief text you can place your vote online as well. And WEEI dot com slash Mott and Maloney the model -- hole. Percent of by pop -- is John. -- geno is just introduced their nine new wing flavors barbecue Bergen barbecue -- mr. ball late. And many more present your rewards card earn points for free food as well call or online at pop -- -- dot com it's pop a time. Which athlete do you hate the most Rodriguez Bryant Suggs -- -- Armstrong or other. 37937. Right now attacks in their last name to place your vote. You to go first that's the rule. We vote for this -- -- help put this. Together. Right now late -- Twitter last okay. Alliance. The -- everything that he is done and hope they go after him or four. -- it bullying now -- area thing structured justice. -- with evidence. Everything go get a as a -- Easiest one to spell here. Is the line he dislike the most hate the most Suggs SUGG yes. This guy is the biggest loud mouth putts. In the National Football League he barely moves around anymore you shouldn't play next year. And he battles. With skip Bayless and enjoys it that's these staggering right there that's entertainment he yells at the patriot players calls the fans in the organization aired hidden. And is a much better talker -- player and I was defense player of the year a year ago. We'll do we deal with skip Bayless then tomorrow because so once again to you than a road outplayed the great number it's oil and so I just don't know probably eight. Thinking -- set out. Yeah. Blah blah blah adult that the team on texting him right now -- the 37937. Early results are and other is getting 34%. So we let. A good job -- other that people can tells radio show Cutler with a Cutler -- he's a period -- -- does not like I don't want your favorite right. -- -- vigilant put to Cutler on their. What Colby. You know instead of we -- to brawn of the four majors that Boston fans we thought disliked and hated the most in addition to. Trying to include -- -- is going to be out there is a joke and we -- And there's no there was no luck tiger. -- fears that tiger yes they hate tiger so. Here's the list from Forbes is where this conversation started. Man I tail and Lance Armstrong among the most it's like American athletes and pulled this makes no sense I get Lance Armstrong getting 15%. -- may detail. Why do you hate. The port guy was convinced he was seven phone sex with a check for 23 years and that he would do. I don't hate him for that. I think he's gullible and again FL teams apologize stay away. Dealing with him but the treatment titanium -- -- I don't I don't get -- and I appreciate the list wanted temperature of the do this at all because it's 15% appeal. And you've got romo's attend the list -- -- one Armstrong to woods three Cutler. Four you'll get to Cutler medal and world not a -- 50. A-Rod Michael Vick Kurt Busch. Kobe Bryant Tony -- I'm not big in my NASCAR info. Walker bush is -- in Alaska. Don't that they you're. But -- detail what would you. What are you hate me if that's the case their -- thinks that he is. Guilty right -- being part of this or is it is this just appall of who's in my face. Daily. Bit of is this up and tired of talking about. Like -- You sick and tired of talking about blank. Can't admit that -- it's -- what the times weren't but you statement that they don't dislike him that was the ball they asked they asked these in their Nielsen people. They talked about athletes and dislike in anti tail is up there 15% as a lot of. I want. Unappealing Ian Lance gimme a break -- and tighten up Cutler's on here Dick -- fourth and first because he. He goes the top of the the Jewish bag of the day last year. He is yes he is a child with Christine cavalier. Who was on the hills back in the day he's on the hill before the -- got paid. And -- their dating. And date she was asked a question by. I proposed I'd get down on one knee and the flowers. The ring I proposed it was it was a very basic thing. In my life was coming downstairs and cleaning at Portland -- on a surprise or so the timing was great on my part. I try to do open I think is the most traditional of proposed in the polls. -- flowers. -- -- -- -- Yes AEO. Smash smash and smash is what I said there I begged her said no woman's gonna have me I I I need you in my life if you look. And ever take me I am and I'm -- found out you would. Please of sake and for what six years now so let's just keep this thing don't make money somehow. -- -- -- We had just spent however many days together we were texting -- somehow it came up like -- shall we get married. They were texting after they had been together in Chicago. All shall we get married were like yeah OK. In any -- my -- in the mail. So actually had my ring sitting at home for a couple weeks before actually put it on. Every woman's -- Boy I hope I get proposed to by text. And then my future husband wants except the attacks that males my rain. -- Is that really did happen there anything no periodic both sides story because -- -- -- There was there is -- side story was flying out of -- something in a week it was going to be gone forever and wanted the ring issue can be in Europe doing some. He wasn't going to Afghanistan to fight off countries -- -- quarterback so we just know she could have been doing some weird he could have been do it somewhere I don't know. Is he sent. Do you ensure that. All I mean he's not the first that you got to put it who are out of the -- -- we got this this conversation can opera. On our show at some point an athlete who mailed the ring when they ought to engagement ring -- -- -- import I don't want ever heard it or it's. -- -- village that was otherwise this is what makes cents say you're fighting for our country in the armed services. And you decide you accept that getting married you -- the -- back overseas that make sense to me. You're over there and I Iraq or Afghanistan however you're stationed and you want us and the rain may be at the ring overseas Germany's got good jewelry -- -- there email going back that makes cents. -- -- it jewelry T six Chicago she's in Chicago there with each other all weekend. Then they text. They freaking text that would -- get married a stranger tomorrow vapid is that accurate don't do she. Is that while just I think off if you wanna do over Texas one thing between you and how much the ring and guessing is pretty pricey ring eager insurer and brought the mail. Does make sense that's going to be sent us some there's nothing's gonna be -- yet it was a deep bag that's the reason here. That's why -- get this at any should be on and I think if they did this list now and women voted to be number one. EB number one 'cause women don't want that they want romance. That ought to be -- like a hero that your wife and impress her coworkers. That I should at least central flowers. I -- excellence and you should too. Does at the hands of four Vanderbilt quarterback -- that helped out here. 61777979837. At the phone army can text the show. On the AT&T decks on 37937. We continue with your phone call Pierre McGuire -- at 1 o'clock.

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