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LB joins Mut and Merloni to recap the Bruins win

Feb 7, 2013|

LB is in studio with Mut and Lou to talk about the Bruins win over the Habs, Thornton's toughness, and the play of Rask.

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And I don't know usually have a look for some sort of analysis of these things is at the entry into the result is of supporters of movement but this is just plain states. It. High level analysis from Mike Milbury between periods last night it's not -- 93 point seven WEEI our buddy former Bruin. From the Hill Man Morning Show down the hall on AFL against Linda but you analyze that -- we do this in there this power play. Is stinky stinky and its hit the boutique. Out there and listen matter. It for it you might as well just -- a you always -- charm but in my as a destroy him in front of the -- just a blast in talks to -- that -- your -- I just thought that's where I'd go at it why not. You know he's got skills you know he he's got great hand eye coordination he's a great player. You know -- -- -- pocket you know there's a rebound comes back out to me move tobacco to the point but I just like I put four guys are on the outside to start you know one timers. Yes we've. We -- the discussion before reckon it's almost like you watch the Bruins play other teams know play Tampa this weekend may be right as far as we know that came to go on also not out and could do it. They play tonight dot wants to get here tomorrow morning they can leave person in the morning. So is this team right now that their second league and -- almost -- that we watched the pop place because I've seen forwards are at the point say that works for them what we try. How would they do what it in the hear -- get get away from a I don't like it anymore -- -- the point. Now my old team in any Brinkley a brick I think Africa had a great point. They don't have that awesome side wall guy. That can -- Put it down low or ticket hard across so if you take the Donald past. Did that little guy. Shortsighted to say there aren't yet. Back and EE you have to have that great fake and you have to have the quickness and he'd just come off those boards lightening fast. And then in the goal is gonna come off the post you're gonna gonna have a lot of options should depart and two guys crashed in our three guys crashed and an eagle for rebounds. But there -- they don't seem to have that guy and the -- I don't I the one thing I don't see is. You know again I haven't been on the -- -- as a -- -- parents and just articulate when I was a sniper but I think -- a lot about this. You know it is it is you know the power play as much as it you have to find a system there's still a consistency thing -- you know when you -- a three -- two. There's there's there's there's a way it always packed house to work if you work -- -- that 211. It always somebody has to get open unless did the defense generally going make a great play there's the deal the odd match situation and you consistently do. The same thing every time and I you know I I don't see that all the time with the Bruins a -- a lot of interchangeable. Our guys moving everywhere and that I can be one of the issues but. You know I like this team -- the DK I mean offered up and everybody apparently killed last night it was president it was great. And a great team effort great when it's always tough to went up in my drama and the -- Gary and I and I thought they were gonna get the bees but that was great job like -- -- in the lines up. It was a great move with its elastic -- a power play for me is that you mentioned crate she -- in the point. Eat he's got a cap relief -- going to wash ULB gallop on talk and that he wants -- -- one sec guys up which is fine but when to when the deep the defenders are gonna do. Skate away if we would say I'm not worried about him shooting it affects the entire group doesn't. Of course I say that's you know you've got to let the you shoot the puck shoot the budget's got to get to the net that's that's what the power play is all about their fathers and our guys opened get the puck to the Manhattan and crashed and Latin. You you know it's it's it you know I'll I decide keeps and they they'll -- work through it but. You can't pick each after a Simone too much about what the Bruins have Trojan and -- disagreed Abiola. Everywhere you Alou and hours talking -- in an awesome Barry's commercial series Gary sheriff and various assorted body big juicy -- -- to and there -- budding impairments. But now we -- -- -- you know answered they're just interchangeable. And you know they both have physical physical. Attributes a book that they can they both the the noble wants to handle tossing guys can move anymore and I was I was nice nice to see horrible book those guys needed to crates -- and that Tyler says it's -- -- and especially. That's the thing -- -- and you know because we love this team record is bounce scorn that's who we've seen before look at their fourth on the put him points and at that third line scored just as much. But I still think it yeah. Like to have that one guy and that to me that stylish city it will waiting for we saw -- -- to be there it'll be there but I wanna give him go I want it with great -- I want I like -- you know on that line. I -- a -- was out of outlines awesome woods. -- we don't give I mean the drug business that's as committed line as anyone I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It used to visit cal and -- got -- and Alex -- but it -- offensive minded -- or Dilbert Johnny more two way guy -- traits he kind of set up and I just think that's the way to go. I I I think it's great creatures great hands he's guy and he's got speed to keep up with that Tyler sent him to push -- -- -- salute to itself apart widen his own. He's a guy that always make sure it gets out of his defense of and -- And they update you know they could do some damage most of a lot of I doubles will see we'll see Saturday just Tampa Bay's leading. Illegals going to grind in the NH doubles guys. -- -- and they got a big got to -- in the first Americans didn't close a file a separate goals all right guys back and him coming in you know again there that that line about. Who's a little -- there -- Fished. How much to her when anyway look at me and and basically an impressive yet. The opposite that -- -- then whatever it is what it clearly sail away yet the magic obviate Billick Gabby and and and. And minutes and how much of this -- that folks how much of -- start that we put on to grass is dampening giving have a -- -- the team the team. Having confidence in him and say you know what he's not Tim Thomas but. Play like Iraq. I -- listen I don't I don't think there's every and that if that comparison he's not Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask -- -- -- -- he's a number oracle and I always felt he was number one goaltender. And I thought last night was a huge stepping stone for two -- You resign is he was 16 in one against Montreal his career plus five in a row and -- last night they peppered him with everything. There have had and our kids stood tall and kudos to Doug Hamilton Chris sport they saved a couple of goals by. Some back check in some heads up play but to -- -- out of his -- Dallas tonight and -- that's a huge stepping -- for him. I was trying to think back I try to think what it was an office copiers and Stanley Cup from when there was questions of whether you should be in the net in this came up in his struggles against Montreal. I'm just and trying to think back -- reviews even copy is going was the starter and they were saying it may be should take this guy had to struggle against this team but that he said last night. This have been down three nothing. Are easy easy to -- the demons go absolutely after effort duke you know it's it's -- goodies. You'd like I said it's it's a big monkey off his back. And he's a CE he's -- he's gotten better and better and better and it's nice to know that. Get Anton Adelman who I believe there's not a number two guy he's he's he's one and a half stack he he's he's another he's he's an awesome to -- He opened the the -- do you buy into the idea LB that there actually in that because the way the Thomas thing worked out I think eight. That Tim Thomas because of the non hockey stuff. A little pressure as teammates like -- guys and answer questions about Tim's FaceBook you know -- feeling. And nothing no evidence behind this but. I got to believe that -- comes anyplace doesn't have create any waves at all. And it guys and that team are thrilled to see that success not because they're winning but because he sat he saw this all the stuff and Tim Thomas promised extra attention. On the -- took his command and played not create waves it's gotta be somewhat of a stress more stress free environment. In that -- you know. And it happens you know what it's really not. Is it to be any time goaltenders are wing nuts they're out there are different planet I mean anybody that chooses a career. That that an object is as -- -- if it plants is -- close to -- skull off Delhi a -- -- ran a hundred miles are you wanna get hit by that every night you know it's crazy they're different people. And I I really don't think Tim Thomas is that much of a distraction or oriented firm for for more I step and I don't think it was any distraction. Everybody knows everybody everybody knows everybody's corks are Reno's everybody's personality and and every you know that's what that's what teams when Stanley -- because everybody was -- along with everybody. But. You know you know him situation is is what he chose and I. Yeah I'd like I said the last Amazon don't think anybody's locker room and Tim thomas' name came up last nights and they took a great job I was -- I was -- -- effort last night. You know that's it's to give it to you it's on to new had a dad -- -- -- if not their idol back did you ever enough and I'm a great job in the Crimea. Breakaway with with dollars dollar man that was -- was he says. How surprised were you less than you wanna Montreal game big robbery in the game's over and you see get out hit by the Montreal Canadians. In other bunch of little rats run around the eyes and any figure they would just. Can impose their will knock -- around a little bit try to slow them down it never happened I say the first sculptors are disappointed. But he can't but it's really hard Lou it's written you know it's hard to run around and opposed to the water bugs -- describe mark I don't penalties like we can. The F delusional little frustrated there but it's you've really got to pick your poison. You know and I and it it was a it was a great effort you know you can't going to Montreal expect to run the the Montreal Canadians out of the -- because that's not the game that they apply. They're too fast you know they're -- on their -- there. By the got to kind of balance you can hit the -- fall down at some -- they pulled out. Boomed you know that's a plus on your -- -- -- hit them they don't fall down they're still on the skates you're out of position and they're going the other way in and -- -- -- -- consult. I was great game plan I thought it was a great test for to cut. And -- another big test another big offensive test. Against every Saturday. And then they get the Buffalo Sabres -- and I for the the mind the mind -- acutely ample. Most of the -- and LBs in studio with us your phone calls as well Peterson a truck talking to grass today hi Peter. I'll go up. I hit the idiot you. All yak -- a little cars do well Peter thank you for asking. You know. It's a very standard is let me. But anyway like I hate to Larry outstanding. But don't forget the defense blocked a lot younger at twenty shots that's. Six and the period. -- -- relentless efforts here -- how many of those eleven were legit scoring chances I say a lot yeah most of all sorts of. -- -- -- -- that they are going without and he let it -- -- number one. And a few -- when we get our twenties and again I. I think I united afterward to address that -- I really get you know -- Did that thing that -- the -- the bruise -- -- look I said last amnesty to -- wanted to play house. The -- so you know today your first over on the NHL and in they have nothing complain about I don't see them imploding. I think they have a ton of talent you saw last night that fourth line with Spooner Antarctic. Had nothing -- you know they they it was and it wasn't a negative there a couple of good ship's data moved -- they were Smart to temple on the boards. Now with them with McDermott so that there's figure great interchangeable parts come from that the baby -- is one. You know if and when somebody gets hurt I mean that's a load off that's a lot of Claude -- migrate -- -- About what he would do with last night go to that game no Marchand no Daniel -- a -- -- -- -- And he's able to at some level keep them the most the group together to limit the change in the third period and at. There wasn't a huge drop off last night -- and we made fun of out of the gate here the fact it's Boehner and pork or on the first power play unit looks like Providence said the first power play the game but. What they're put a five on five. It didn't look at their huge drop off that's a huge thing for joint -- If it's massive it's safer for -- -- to have those guys are changeable and then let's not forget yo Chris board let you know floodgates -- scoring last your phone right Ryan -- is leaning league in the BB -- scoring now. You know supporters on fire -- I think 214 points last twelve games why not of course why not put him on the power play nobody did the big boys up here. Any other units not get it done out there at Indy racing in -- still coming back to shall it's not just depth of four lines its depth but you said a ministry of four guys on their provenance. We've already seen a new album that gonna need. And and were set on that you know is is that what they have to dial and have the dollar in their power play you're not gonna win and I you know again I don't know if they can make that amazing run again buckle up with a with a lot of power flat -- -- like -- club does not. -- laden CM dollar power plant and then. You know the year just -- -- like Doug Hamilton mature and your receipts of harassment -- you're gonna -- this -- start to gel I think Tyler salience problem as he was -- Who's playing Cheney across the way and and the NHL's a lot more physical players in Europe. And he's gonna have to die he's just he's the star himself back -- They'll find him you don't find in his groove to make sure that she gets out of the win documented because he hasn't been getting you used again yet so he's you know maybe play a little bit. A European lazy because you can post a lot over there. But you gotta find ways when your player like Tyler sing and to make sure that they don't get bodies on you so you can be flying in and get your job done. Not LB former Bruin hang -- elbows Lyndon byers a year by every day every single day down all agree Hill Man Morning Show. On WA AF your calls as we talked Bruins of the -- 6177797937. A point where. You know -- for the amount of times they do it I think this is my second concussion and the last sixteen years so. Man because got him running into the boards so that's. Analysts on there and I'm OK what I do so -- it's people shouldn't be overreacting to this is a fight against dropped. I thought I dropped other people have fought a lot of times nothing happens so. It happens that's I don't signing up for a good. That is all sort of talking about I don't doubt snowy -- this an outlet that reporter did NASA declares an album pretty good -- what I do. -- admit what what what what what what -- the guys think you -- short in -- was yours sir I'm. You know I don't think -- you know I'm might have a tough time when the -- back onto Saturday against Tampa Bay I'm. You stairs -- Scott I was. I was I was joking I was so anxious. And it tomorrow. Yeah he did say that he knew what was common you know he knew what he was gonna -- -- that the monster who's gonna go after course and he said initially meet dummies -- is that just missed my grab. -- try to keep a closer when he initially mr. regularly used got a screwed right. Right you know you take place listen you don't have to six days. And 270 pounds. And you miss your grab you you're you're if you can be screwed when the -- six -- in particular when -- missed my grandma you you when you get when -- when the guy hits yeah. An eagle blanking your in your own had to -- like on now I guess it just. What's what's wobble fighting in hockey is when you -- -- when you get being really really solid but I'd never been knocked down cool. But when you get being really really solid on the button. You're in your head you figure it's completely darkness. What you're wide awake so you're in your head nearly. Come on come on come to come to come to a and then your eyes open and you come to and the guys fifth straight daring daylight. -- -- expletive say they haven't yet again come on jump do you go to. Hey -- and it week -- guys analyst and amended and other job and you love as much as yeah yeah I know I let a little life Vidalia doesn't take you don't looked -- I'd like one name for it I don't you don't have to be six wanted to get knocked out. Well that's and it talks about the inaugural business with this John -- about. The anxiety that he felt all they can you relate that exactly -- -- -- -- the big guy like that all day from the minute -- -- woke up. In -- fought of course thought about there's an anxiety. 100% it is -- -- only a 100% there's a downside yet you don't you don't wanna you don't wanna you know -- -- the biggest a fighter's biggest fears get one punch -- knocked out. In front race you don't wanna be humiliated in front of 171000 people. Doesn't hurt. Doesn't matter yet to get stitches to amount if he breaks you know us the very rigid job it's a fact that. You know a million people of the world you know with cable everything else if you go watch it forever be with you you know and again you know in you know your -- -- he had -- -- anybody we play Philly. Donald Imus before it before the game -- you know you sit there yeah I'd rock in my -- you know five coffees for vibrancy manner in Los manor house in a would you do to us. Every -- of how god they had fun they always had apparently they've Peruvian they had -- -- -- was like Philly was like dead you know Google late seventies the Bruins -- about seven guys again due. -- big time. A knuckleballer to decide to ask a question of text is Jose actually get this neutrally -- packets at Dexter and Iowa says will be trade Doug Hamilton straight up for PK seven and -- -- -- That's very -- -- substances as a delegate. I really good right now out of your not a chance Donald Hamilton can be twice the player -- is -- them hopes and any any and he's not gonna play like it's. Well listen I like W Doug Hamilton is you know no drugs that go under control for that many years as well I mean it's yeah PK. Two years five point 75 steel for the Canadians were two years of you know what you do and do yeah. A lot of -- define -- -- oil -- 58 biggest events a great player. How lucky goal last and I terribly stick but on the west into an Arab there. But I he's he's a great Clarita tardy. They -- this that you know again this finals where he plays the way dives Beckett got that whole club LeMieux act of the 2000. Thirteen Souza is all just that and I think you know Doug Hamilton. As you saw last night just to the fact that he goes the extra effort the extra mile to save tackle and get behind to -- -- Smart enough to know what part. Now what what kerik was trying to do. And and get there to save -- ankle that's that goes to -- to says a lot of boat -- with a kid is. -- -- -- -- for the the Canadian -- you talk about difficult that is request these little guys. When he got some elect he case of bond and you saw -- last night loosen his frustration right losing -- look with Markoff that I last slash was -- that was bad that those pure frustration. That's nothing when you play those guys write the discipline. Because if you want your etiquette involved and push somebody that Tehran being fazed okay we go. Instead they they keep running up front yeah and you get these stupid penalties it's just that can't Canadian. So other naps you know there their naps that's exactly what death is not no matter what you do and they keep coming back to. -- -- again I give all the credit in the world to have to -- to Montreal it's a tough. And not as a team but the Montreal as fans and that building the Bell -- It is a very very very tough place to play it's like you know it added that the Bell Centre on game night is like taking your wife to a six star restaurant. And it's all balled up yet to act properly in our you know I mean and it's just that little bit. Did you give it its -- food -- -- isn't. Well not well -- that might look nice it's getting there. It's it's just a different for a -- plant in Montreal today and that it adds to the mystique of the games up there for sure I heard in your voice and brought Tampa Bay before this is eighteen that it's public due respect the hell out of and think the economy wasn't gonna make Iran. Not to go through Tampa Bay in the play out you bet. You bet these guys they give you their they're big they're physical they they fly. You know I couldn't believe that I dislike San -- like easily 37 years old still get me to believe still get it done. On stem closes legit -- agrees you know great defense that by semi salaries one -- NHL plus one assists while wily veteran they've got a good core and they got a good game going on down there. I'm a Boucher he's a great coach and again you know. According what do you want to talk too much credit for that 131 yeah. I mean you know whatever it is you know somebody always finds a way to beat somebody else -- -- copycat stuff see you see all pro sports somebody. Does something to you know be successful in other people's trying to copy editor or work around it. But around. You know that this forty game schedule we talked about a the first some humility guys meant is it does not seem like it's his game game go go go -- has its test test test test test. Every game and that's why. I I you know I still am just so adamant about taking it he really just have to focus take it one game at a time to have these guys. Ten point I don't know fifteen and two hour and fifteen he asked if they've got -- fifteen don't want. I mean your literally making the playoffs in almost the first twenty games of the season. Yeah crazy and it that this Tampa game will be -- too busy -- a forty goals in nine games they have articles in -- game the Bruins to meet. But they are coming off. A stretch to within what they want five straight that they lost the flyers lost the -- -- the doubles tonight right and abroad so this is sort of lick their little early test as well now some of the competition. Well end and they did news's I would hazard a guess we'll get -- back a gold goaltender as Sony's when Marx's starter and he he had -- the Bruins might face -- backup get it -- cry out might be and so. You know it's a good opportunity for the brewers keep -- Thirteen for forty of power play. Second in the league now problem is is it best he gave that there are 35 -- different and efforts of the empty -- and it to what were edits over -- -- -- and what are you doing to prepare for the blizzard. I'm Canadian -- and I laughed at GRR I I am not talking three ital nice not -- -- like his -- I -- I could -- repeat three -- -- in my age mark I I I will shovel -- -- My -- sounds like a penis -- well. -- it's good it's doubled those looking for somebody -- blue doesn't shovel unseat somebody come show no cars -- -- is the -- -- 25 bucks American. Not a shovel. The walkways and stares at the driveway or my relative but drivers in court tomorrow. Afternoon two -- sounds like -- this. Always -- -- showing it loves this they would go to enough with the taxpayers and you do an excellent as a motivational. We love I you know I got you know straight guys that you look at the -- forty he's itching to get back he southeast -- grow the bye he's feeling great -- -- so I -- -- Graham marsh is feeling battered cloud seemed. Very positive that he's going to be back so you know -- tired or what you know hit it's an -- injury so I don't know what his status is but. This is this is a good look at hockey club it's a great you know it's it's a great time to get on the bandwagon and an endless and fans -- you know every Carol -- Get they get excitement Rawlins you not enough for now than. Hey if it weren't a playoff run right now so do you get behind these guys on him earlier you you're you're -- your your farm and you're gonna stick it. Let there yeah definitely loud be loud Saturday afternoon I love the 1 o'clock at step aside and act. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet he had a full small solid winter. -- I do not I will buy you want to snowmobile suit yes of course keep you warm yes it's -- -- -- -- there I want to -- all different types of butterflies at the -- zip up he's he's the pats -- -- musical line -- we'll get our our our integrates into the winter winter can the Canadian winter. All right have all talked -- with -- LP here every single day on -- Hill Man Morning Show Lyndon -- liberal get a break your top of the hour more your phone 617. 77979837. And the other team plan last night the Celtics big F and -- on going or hey Lou how does know Mars -- taste.

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