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ESPN's Tim Legler says Kevin Garnett would make any Western Conference team a favorite

Feb 7, 2013|

Tim Legler joined D&C to talk about the state of the Celtics. While a Kevin Garnett deal doesn't appear likely, Legler thinks making such a move could really help someone out West. Legler also breaks down the multiple ways Rajon Rondo's absence has altered the Doc Rivers' gameplan.

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It is always our pleasure to hook up with one of the best NBA analysts on the planet our friend from ESPN's -- what gore joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTV's good morning -- how aria. Great to talk to you were on board with the masses a few weeks ago who said the Celtics were doomed when they lost Rondo first and then soldier right after that. Actually no what I senate lawyers they will make the playoffs speakers. You know basically by process of elimination and you look at the secret that you're talking about they were a outplay I didn't see anybody -- -- out from behind. I -- they would have a really difficult to impossible time beating her. Miami New York India or Chicago -- any of those teams and a seven game series without him because. It's -- to get by the short term without star player that you know all the time a guy goes belching rallied and played better torture Qatar. So to give up. Soon that -- on the underdog to help you are particularly. How big you better not play or were you over the years I think it's very typical political. So it sounds like you're not buying into the new theme that is so suddenly involved in Boston and that is this team is better without Rajon Rondo. And I think that sort. I do think this. There -- certain things you can point to a straight you know they might go to do this better -- that's saying here's. Iran to Iran though -- your stock report card we're gonna play and there are forty that's not a it is true. They actually take some plays off on certain large defensively. And irritate some games -- defense with tiger worn down -- better part of responsibility or matching. Facilitating games for other people and I also got to guard sort of leader talked to emotionally to the panic over the number of quality -- part. And -- cut social special off well with -- have accordingly. That's not changed -- not out there escort her out there one reasonable older player probably twenty to thirty minutes to nine under their job is to get up and people. Pressure them get better. Essentially and it happened that are currently not a big part of their pressure on the basketball. -- to sit there and say that the other thirteen. Got a really realizing the importance -- rush on Rondo once they get the player because that's what think about every -- to elevate your game. And I add that to a debate you're about to exact topics and they retired that. Downplaying run -- -- interpret the search he might not be the most committed all the all the sender you've ever seen. But also out to account for the fact there's a guy that's giving me you know on our opponent that night six or to the good -- thirteen. That's also part of the slapstick and -- report card spot and -- to -- without. It's part of an -- to get enough credit for that -- term looks you overall so the. Do you think Tim that you need a point guard you're in your history in your -- is did you have to have a point guard on your team to be successful in the do you think sometimes. A point cut slows things down because everybody on the wing everybody thinks they got to get to him before anything gets -- Well here you -- to the point and honestly it's 100%. Come down to your personnel. And if you have players. That are good isolation players and guys that can attack you wanna -- guys that are good in the post. And it can get drunk shot and no you don't really you -- you're better off so albeit at great defensive team. And valuing possession putting the ball in the hands of the guys that can create offense -- So I'll keep you absolutely have to out point guard because you're gonna make became easier for some of the players or your chain but oak -- approach shot for -- equality. Our possessions when the ball and -- so it really depends on your. -- your personnel and I wouldn't go quite stable where the other option achieves absolutely don't look at a clip for example. But electoral voter repellent crushed all the -- success in doing. Because they don't have another point guard on their roster he did this -- you're doing and got a plate -- and beat Andre Jordan. Fly it all global record to go to decree also -- them so it really depends on the situation. Well speaking of the clippers then what about Eric Bledsoe of the rumors. Appear when first appears in them when Garnett that might be -- and the clippers Bledsoe is name is always mentioned is a guy come in this way because. If Paul's healthy -- staying there he's ready to start and that they'll Rondo aside he's ready to start. And then and and run a team of his own do you do you see him as a star starting point guard in the -- No -- did not and I don't think career -- I was anywhere -- -- ready to give an arranged to routine that's a competitor for a team and run a point. And I actually returned the stretch I like your game like this talent is incredibly explosive athletically and right now. That's enough for the clippers you know wouldn't come -- about searching eighteen minutes and just they -- these spectacular athletically. You prize amount of all I'd seen it and Chris Paul went down and it after the two were on the show. And make good decisions and create off on a roll and all of those going to chip out -- yeah well we upset them and actually. Struggled with like I think you're so far from a finished or polished product. -- secure the Celtics. And you bring higher plateau and you've got to be willing to whip which which hit through right now because it's going to be. -- years 23 years animal before I think at some polish to the game and not -- here. He's -- where appropriate for five minutes and -- were to overcome some of the stage. And get better -- of French player or check on the -- We're talking with -- ESPN's Tim what -- -- him in your estimation does this Celtic winning streak this real playoff opportunity. Prevent or give Danny Ainge pause about breaking up the squad and trading Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce away. Well there's -- -- that top spot -- mark my answer to that would be yes I think it does I don't necessarily know about it short because. The chain of responsibility. Is not only -- you try to win it this year that's more on the -- Coaches try to win it every year which that's what they're trying to do every game. Every night. Every playoff series that -- to -- through. A broader picture of broader perspective they have to think beyond that not only say what -- now. Are much are we re going to reloading the cheapest -- telling -- consistently -- to look at that route so strapped for years prior to that group getting together. That you wanted to say okay we're gonna keep -- for -- -- you're with this group and then eventually. Run that broke down retires they were Paul Pierce. The work now like then go to recover straight year drought. That's not a GM job so. I say you know he needs to be looked at east but to shame tyra -- for them because although looking at his group has. I think there's an in a culture that's in that locker room. We detriment and we were used to being the only change we want to prevent the final every year people talk about are we living at. They believe now or start to read her stairs and sort of played better. And why not this year -- groups are important -- -- certainty what difference does -- -- we know we can be -- -- topic induct. And permeate Sherlock firm and -- for -- Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers from really being honest about what they need to do to report to basic tape we electorate get it done this year. They -- Kevin Garnett pushed the clippers into the role of favorite co favorites in the west of indeed a trade made. No question in my mind I know I personally still think Oklahoma certain about in Namibia. But if you put Kevin Garnett with a clipper uniform -- particularly to talk -- up Eric Bledsoe. Truck bomber which group you're trait that I hurt the most often proposed. -- up breaking up. The that your book don't start value of that team what we have now -- Garnett that group Jimmy director for a while the city and you -- -- Sort of you know you're sure to get the finals. And what what when you look at about Rondo. What is your opinion in general I mean you mention his defense is tough to play both ends of the floor. Competition you look like a guy once Scott nets on once pierce is gone in the in on the next generation could be a good. Leader to guys like I don't know we're talking about here Jeff Green. Soldier -- -- Salinger the next group of young guys if he's the oldest if he's the leader. Is that a good thing. You know look -- on drugs or -- transfer but again completed every strata of the where. -- is that what you're after -- to talk and rhetoric that the next wave of the green now you know -- not that's not going to be good -- because. If that situation you repeat a point guard that's more like. You know Russell Westbrook more like a bitter rose more current Irvin died that he did you want to order bat ninth and 35 -- -- -- -- Because of the scoring burden -- an -- on with what Geraldo I put Colorado. Fourteen. Got a -- out around sure sure sure. Course what in -- -- -- into the leadership point you can actually -- achieve that Shell Oil can make it a little where. Because all what he -- a little bit dust up against the draft order. -- -- -- -- reader and these guys and that talent they -- up to where. Now people are look at him differently because that's not a game I want to play Eric although -- that ever change. I was mentioning -- Doc Rivers after the game. Said there's no -- ball handler on a team right now we come out of timeouts. And you don't know who's gonna bring the ball up he says. I don't know half the time who's gonna bring the ball up and that's good it's good confusion. That's doc last night what does that mean you. Well I think what you try to do you try to think that the best picture camera personal -- right now and make it that the waiting so China they looked. Right now working for us that we don't have yet been outside that this all outlets passed the comic to the started at their. If you -- -- about that all steps were common interest -- you're gonna. You're gonna have a policy for the first into turn to Alter the shot clock every possession. Which is what the -- We're used to collapsed argue with -- Toronto. Yet that's what he's right there -- saying look we're winning right now are different way it might not be a traditional conventional way. But that's okay because it's working and what the stoppage -- aren't they may now playing playoff style basketball in February and that doesn't happen to law and -- -- -- I'm here replied the sector up to January. Through the Austrian networks is by far the most typical -- -- you -- players because you know you're you're the -- and so the start of the year. You got energized by that anymore. The playoffs this -- Or -- you should Japan adrenaline kicking and cheerleader out there clearly she's. And normally you know -- -- the -- out -- and point guard -- -- flat knowledge he's saying look. -- played it differently different guys bring it out and share dropped masterfully right now at a somewhat a freshness to our team that we might need. To look horrified her comments on -- Bledsoe or interest staying another name that's been tossed about as we circled back to the clippers would be Lori -- great Jordan what do you think about his game and his future in this in this league. Well. At the hip thing about the other two were not I prepare them well by his athletic ability and arguably the most athletic center in the India. That's about DeAndre Jordan and the -- GM's you know to sort of get paid big money. Not identify. Is that guys. Success what are Puerto LA is that a byproduct of the park playing left and -- get attention that they draw about. -- -- How what you have to prepare to play Chris Paul how much not -- Prepare to play a -- even though he's not very polished guy as athletic and quicker than the pressure put on your. Running the floor with which are worked in the baseline with -- to redirect. -- -- Create opportunities should -- Andre Jordan where. If you get a lot of money and passed in the chick on a much larger role wouldn't be able to do it may I call that diminishing returns I know -- in the NBA. There have been -- you actually about production. And 45 minute and you can pencil than what it's like 35 particular -- production. And and Gary Jordan might be one of those. What do you like tonight. Him lakers without -- probably without power in any kind of hot gets hot to Celtics team back to back games what do you think happens. I like Foster -- -- -- the lakers are playing better obviously it's amazing what a little bit after will give your I think that -- that this wasn't what they're competing at the start of year. The stop start for the bulk of it like playing like an attorney. An article we really don't like respect each other that much I don't believe and they they kind of wallow in and well lately date it's finally here competing and playing better as a result of copious willing to share a little bit more which may start fuel -- also -- tequila that's we'd better. But say this. They haven't played a team has mentally tough. In this reaches stretched that we're going to get tonight. While the cost and -- -- to Celtics are going to be prepared to play them they're gonna action cute they're gonna they're instant on stretched it to the the other night Brooklyn. Right now you know basically better in -- current smokes and then let the game get away to that's got to understand what. They are in terms of closing out games. At Brook Lopez is the answer well played she'll give him the ball we were -- -- in a row. The last eventually they're expected to finish a warrior there wasn't your jobs that are are putting them are playing with better. You know they're winning some games are not playing out the medical problems of the Boston Celtics and that's what we're gonna faced not. -- you're in Connecticut. I don't let down the hatches. Right OK -- itself with dale brought back home to surely I don't. -- I can tell when -- doubt that now there are getting out of here and just in time appreciate the conversation always fun talking basketball if you will take such a gap down the road. Our current order him -- there. ESPN NBA analyst Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL EE buzzer beaters next.

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