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D&C's guide to blizzard preparedness

Feb 7, 2013|

There's a big snow storm brewing, and Dino and Gerry have plenty of ideas on how you can pass the time while you're snowed in. They also say there's a mint to be made by any industrious individuals who are willing to get out there and get shoveling.

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I thought I was talking may think Americans are asked that -- I felt -- young -- and -- -- a desire see a price or should look for support get your -- in bad of a I personally don't get the sports personally I think usually for Fort Myers after the show today why weren't just hope now program there. But it sure we don't get stranded not a bad idea I heard somebody overnight on the way -- and I did my annual blues -- warning rotten. For your lives people run for your lives. The north and west of 128 could get. -- -- Three feet of snow 83 feet of snow I live north of -- -- I pray that you by Jerry. Briefly. The it's three feet but I say this all the time better timing couldn't be better for us that -- -- you know. They need some kind of hill when you go to the store. And you don't just get bottled water and powdered fish in all these batteries gets -- cut -- -- We can just go home and and -- like -- dog in the window just watch the snow like you -- -- in the snow globe. I don't know the probably have some houses that Jerry activated -- phone -- it -- description and that's another look at that they'll take a hill yeah -- think it's. I don't -- stress out over think about it -- Arctic Aaron. You know. Shut the door and put them on the garage door -- here I mean -- -- well and good but that's you know. So pedestrian that's part of the normal for a often -- about something and you know I still want two things. Can't do things get refused know what mr. monopoly board yet but I can look at -- were kind of we would quit. -- cannot take that -- is the lucky cat yeah but -- measles alert briefly what -- -- the blizzard of 7805. Feet with an idea for. Or five feet. High winds all this sort of stuff so. The place to be stale 120 that be a good idea and stand. They say it's gonna start tomorrow morning at this time. And just sort of slowly sort of billed them by mid afternoon it's gonna really come down and then two to three inches in wind story here -- three inches and price and I do yeah winter -- wait for dean yeah all the weather stories -- condenses it remained his media only need to know blizzard watch for much of eastern Massachusetts from tomorrow morning rule. Saturday afternoon. With snow expecting to fall at the blinding rate of two to three inches per hour. Into tomorrow night and Saturday. -- not bad timing -- we're out of here where I walk out of it's it will ultimately -- the garage band but that entering the team. Then you know ultimately got -- we live like you know Whitey Bulger for the week. In our sell weapons in the -- If Sam and I don't like stone tablet -- a kid to read it so much. Has had to show and had to be done each of one but would that go home from work. There was nothing fun about it hated snow shovel for money neighbor's yeah after a bit but not until. Mean that was like Reebok shipment was not good not like if -- on and you had to get it done and and -- -- in -- dream of ways. Dream of like hot pipes under the driveway -- those embassy in -- yeah yeah -- and some -- -- wasn't four suggest we have those principles -- just like that I address you know is the way it over the driveway in the room smoking like public -- on the top off yet. I mean that was ugly and bad says I can't I dread being literally like three hours of child did you have a long big drive now but it was. Three feet you can have a little size this studio and it would take our percentage of traditional like real people of that age -- shovel. Now don't they wouldn't know which end of the show know -- zero. They've got all the landscaper to kill us -- him. It doesn't it -- -- you mean snowblower Chelsea and you know where I live it doesn't happen in the -- shoveling the idea of a -- pocket on your door and say -- how would you like -- should show that -- put your -- -- doesn't happen. I kind of know snow at higher I'd say you know you're on disk 'cause I'd be so impressed with the news in big chipped it doesn't happen are no paper -- anymore are no. Can you -- an intense. Just -- -- and immediately we'll get some I know somebody in Brockton who goes go to door they're out there I'm sure but not like he used to be human it. The idea that. Element of the game saw snow -- I was like -- -- -- five yelled that don't exist people's doubled their kids Schobel. It doesn't happen and it goes out and those shovel what's the going rate. In this day and age back in the day it was like like. The flat -- call. While at the -- neighborhoods and getting others I had about a five bucks a shovel my drive it meets its worst and cut lawns. And snows again you show one that snows again show. In the middle child when it's that's known yet. That were of the of the mindset you waited to all of you have -- I went out before dead came home from work so when he came in that was work duke and it's like I was busy and in that. And I'll put ten minutes -- ago. Asian neighbors they have work ethic there wrote that before you know it eat plants bill tube whole family -- this year of one stupid. Do I know I suspect how the it was a. It gets easier -- well. If you get if he'd get at the right time if you try to do it twice that you missed that the front line easier but still. A lot of work on our roads on. Pat on all that you gotta go bike repairs are closed because the other what is right which is. Like six or so it was decide it's going to do it twice as six to eight inches to get three feet obviously -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those eighteen -- doctor drive right and -- those six inches shovel three. And then wait for another three -- you -- that that's what we got a baseball got a big driveway always the option to. Is that our posts and yeah. -- it doesn't take drugs have been submitted under the -- -- up your driveway I got a friend who loves you know so -- the crew of the blow and their motto is. Let's get it up we have to get it up for melts you know the they have to get out each and -- yes and then we'll go back -- power again and blow again I mean it's all about maximized in the profit bilking the taxpayers much short hole. They look at the weather and warm up it's gonna rain have to get out -- Before that plowing is not necessary. You have any idea how many of those private contractors -- in the state. And also for tomorrow I guess. And thousands 4000 -- four miles every one missed all the thing -- knows how we can maximize years doing -- -- wife says -- to. It would -- twice three times -- time yes is it gonna get warm we got to plot before it gets warm before it -- at least get out and what do you think the over under is on the newscast what day Saturday Saturday night. Sunday morning where we hear these words. On this budget now Austin you know -- probably our hats at this note -- this project -- that's. That's the biggest -- hell this budgets to -- and shovel than snow stuck to the shovel that was the most Amalia and -- -- -- to spray ham on the show that were held but it -- -- Mentally shovel in the snow that's double and you couldn't just show deals lit up yet old aluminum -- -- that's and that I started off that's all I've had I used to be jealous people that. Current one Merkel economically irony that we're pushing bush took -- one Mallard bent in the middle of music you're back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you just wanna kill you -- Plot driver smiles as he goes by and you like you just want my eight you'd Arby's is nothing worse -- I love this idea like. -- change of seasons. It's fun it's great to live here this site like that truck left the hi all I wanna kill every -- it is -- -- -- to be in Florida bullets or San Diego up all up at the boring. Bikes in the -- undermine Mike. Say good morning I'd have a sixteen -- -- annual. Actually -- cheer to get them out shell of the Bible a lot of Orange shovel it all and you have to look at to a three times. And Egypt portion not to -- anything just fortunate. It which it to the side believe -- but now. At the big storm kidnapped by real shovel have you tried to get them out there Mike yeah a little bit we'll just raise it to our economic probably sixteen. You domestic regular order double book are a -- -- more -- out -- -- every. When he has four wheel drive -- -- exit game -- you know like and in Europe and your little card my good forward drive nice yes so yeah rationalize that can make it through this in the old as you could make it through the you know no one had. To -- we wheeled those are all I don't want -- the idea that we might affect people died. I don't mean in 1978 that surrender spent the weakening in the garden. -- Slaton and the guard the rats are -- -- -- scores start but. I don't -- -- reached that level knock him was so I don't think so. Well three feet north and west blizzard conditions may be news maybe. Mean what -- that's not going to let it out. That's wrong that's sort much more than what you think there was two feet I just analysts and there's obviously I started on what twentieth were trapped that. As much for -- scripture in Boston 9777. But my first win two -- 1978. And living in a high rise in Quincy. -- that lost an awesome to see now that's that they're and it was actually my day off and that was Monday or Tuesday when it was my event before -- -- pulmonary yes I'm working to get. Here with the under the front into it. Delighted and we you know we heard that we heard the prediction whole thing. Witten got groceries and some wind in the -- think 74 highrise face in the ocean I swear to god was -- and so hard I was hitting the building and snowing up. Hitting the build up that's -- he's moving up the night that commuter found young boys to shuffle is driveway. I was stuck in about it they are asking -- Friday. They don't like hundred. Let's. Pick a -- out of the god are stuck in the back of a car. It was like I always three like for -- -- -- -- mother tried to drive us home we -- I was a little four month old Jeep dodge secret she got sick and make it all from Providence by -- ready to -- Does ticker six hours is open again home that day that you have no memory of -- -- just I I thought I was. Pumping gas at the time and they shut the roads down it was the greatest we said in there and how about radio was -- only occasionally co -- could come in or something -- against the great great August. Us meeting neat thing wanna watch a windshield. Sat in there and now. So it's money that its rightful usher was almost as good as one and podcasts and that was the cash shortage you're only allowed to sell certain amount -- Michael -- two hours. Alaska you'd say you're it -- -- sign on the Alaska. That an economist in the in the Boston will wash the windows since high school -- like four hours keeping. Sweeping in washing the windows 2000 Wilbert. -- -- -- -- don't guys just find cure the juridical reported record day when I actually don't but we won't show -- -- record date. The -- and 78. We have the -- -- Bodies to -- hot what actually the most trouble emotional wouldn't stick. Melt hot wax like candle like he's a -- Yet you get what actually knocked on the -- shovel. And when you shovel the snow that that the -- troubles. New. Girls -- of my existence is -- himself got a better way now higher up on drugs there ago. It's one of the great investments like forty box. -- like 400. And you know like this one action -- -- all way have these last -- child given anything donated. It need to be on a way that I now -- as this remarkable and he'll write her jail. This president is not black guys they're gonna be black ice tomorrow -- -- -- number of them black bouncing. Well it was snow ice and couldn't get off anyways this complex that -- on the top of the film's big circle. And in the middle -- was -- no chartering engines are hearing people like outside like it and needed. Are you maybe -- hundred guys seventeen wild bobcats travelers people they've got. Nichols once writers say animals all -- -- -- are complex with with human beings. -- -- Honestly and you have. A direct. -- -- yeah well. This is going to be worst technically worse than the -- -- well people sin. -- you -- -- for signal potentially yes we are going to be wind died and the winds made -- -- one point eight -- people -- the moment in and trapped on time lapse photography from night from when -- -- real every hour and park cartoon -- the garage in Quincy definitely taken some. -- so I think you're talking about my current backed into the parking lot. -- out there -- out of my window. Skeptic and pictures of the party. And I'll buy our. Cars. Just rule of law donors like car. -- -- -- it's disappointing. On Sunday or Saturday whenever -- Well that broke the -- Barack -- That web of deceit and -- its bones of this. Post now Alex. And happy to be some rain along the coast which would mitigate the accumulation -- where you're. Still in the you know early idiot who -- that predicting based in el Gant is the same. -- predicted the exact path of hurricanes. It's this little models these days or 141. Deep throat which -- -- that tomorrow. It. Our -- -- in the major if not. For Kevin Garnett. And to grass. Or convinced Danny keep this gang intact for the rest while it's close. And I think it's. -- It's yet to be determined we just say I mean Kevin guy I don't what is to -- -- -- -- he's asked them is -- -- stump doesn't pee in the cup lately. Because amazed doesn't have in the mission and skull on the great muscles -- your stuff just like three years he's played. He's a legend and hall of Famer before MVP who last legacy he's going up against big young men -- big men and just and just its school. And I don't know if he's playing this way. Because he wants to keep this group together a good question he doesn't wanna -- -- mean he might accept the trade LA if you moon. Present to write to Denver and Denver's not happen I promise I should know or else is up -- LA that. Well apparently. On the you would -- it straight to the ground. For profits for the club yet Jack -- McNeal says yesterday's recent note but don't I mean you take it -- with a grain of salt because when he came here he had no desire and the nun and when it was presented to -- in the right way by the right people. He'd change his mind he could change his mind again I think he would -- -- -- would -- sit and listen. Haven't we rebuild and use that notion out here and you could go away you could -- you can play with some great place you could win he would. Consider it wouldn't it helicopter I mean I think you would think you would change it might just like he did last time but right now. What to do and -- in the plan yet I mean they are rewarding the plan they have won five in a row the gonna win again tonight LA is heartened. They are on fire me. This this idea that we dismissed out of hand the the premise that they are better and with Rondo. He's better as well Rondo needs to be made what do you guys -- They don't win that game. With Rondo right I don't think they went with the same banning plastic -- is. They don't win that game just one of those -- right now they're like playing with something to rule the plane with a purpose that guys who have planned for Rondo. Are shown how it can be done they're pushing it they're given an up they're not slowing it down and when you want and and Tommy made a great point. Two guys slow it down to guys required to go through them to guys need the ball. Rondo and pierce and Rondo was out and pierce is. Pounded -- into the pavement and and make sure it and and I think eat the couple examples he said look this is what happens. They slow down the dribble they say it has to go through me. When it wasn't Pierce's hands. It moved right dubious so without Rondo you get to see what happens. Win. Win there at Roanoke because he is still does that. When did you -- that last night when pierce wasn't involved it just moved. Would pace was involved and you've been in on on this for years. It's slowed down -- is great Pierce's -- Basketball but it's just like a requirement. Got to give the appears he has the dribble. He has the best especially in two ways anyway right what weather back in an inning going one -- one look and in the low post it doesn't move. As quickly when -- get the ball. Bold move right. That's a good thing doc says that the very easy way to play basketball it's simple there aren't any rules there aren't any secrets here. If you have the ball and you have a shot take it if you don't have a shot -- It's a quick decision right in the rubble but I'll take my shot or I'm not open guarded. Brought somebody else and it's I think it's real simple it's not about you it's about this team it's about getting the best shot. It's about moving the ball to whoever saw the first half bomb highlight were -- -- corner -- one of the few things if from the outside I think I think. The ball was past nine times maybe eight -- well I don't took that shot -- Marshall was. That doesn't happen to them now -- product does not happen would Rondo and Andy the idea that your -- some kind of he'd eaten you know that would doesn't stay in the game when you say they're better. Without -- Well right now they -- they are right now there I'm not. On a five game winning streak of Ron knows in the middle despite a second time out of the broadcast we will talk with ESP n.'s NBA analyst Tim led gore. I have a question for it -- ponder. Wonder what two people in the celtics' organization. Are thinking about this five game winning streak and how this team is playing basketball. They like it do they not like happy about it on the unhappy about it I'll tell you those two people are -- the cycle analyze them from a distance. 92 from all. Some.

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