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Leandro Barbosa post-game with Grande & Max right after the Celtics; fifth straight win

Feb 6, 2013|

The Celtics scored an impressive come-from-behind victory over the Raptors in Toronto...Leandro Barbosa spoke to Grande & Max immediately following the final call.

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That's so remarkable so the winds over the last 45 week period since the calendar turned. This one is right on the top of the list 9995. Is the final so -- were down entering the fourth quarter. And that's when Leandro Barbosa took over you or your tweet before the game today you're excited to be back -- -- are said to be back on the floor when the game starts. It's all about W and this is W you were very big part of it's got to feel good right now. If you grade you know. Like to say it's great to come see my friends. It's it was great seeing if you go off for me but you know like to say to business you know and on you to defend my team and former teammates did a great job that -- the game execution. Was really good in the that brought -- this picture for us yet she is really get 33 point late in the quarter you missed the free throw. You almost perfect during this whole time it was not believe of some of the -- you have to make tonight. Iowa and the meticulous. About moving the ball and I think it but it's great job. Especially the second half of the first half it was kind of hard. We didn't have a good reason so it was a slow. It was easily we went to play but -- second half it was the -- was better and we did make definitely want to the bank. Does it. It off me bad those cute as -- how -- she opens about the crooked smile the one that to me what. It's always good to me okay. Look at it. How has everything teams that win when Rondo goes down fans got their natural reaction they dropped their shoulders that you believe something like this happen. What was the mood starting that day in the locker room -- -- jarring to hear the news when it finally spread. But what would that day over the next couple days getting back to practice what was the locker room like known what was for the. Very quiet very instead. And we didn't know what was gonna happen with we know that he could be key for our team. You cannot start there then and I'll start coming up and he's not going to be able to enjoy. So it was kind of tough when -- itself but. We you know this is what we got this is the team. We used to fight and I hope that the fans are with us and believe in ourselves. So. We do that and when in the playoff I think -- what we looking for and I'm sure it but in the fight for that happen. Well one thing it is could you guys -- instantly and Jeff Greene played a huge because of -- obvious hope here is all the makes two shots and I think -- level points. But it's also what -- he had on the deepest of being against Rudy Gay and also rebound the basketball he's been really big for a -- you know. Great to you know while this has been the leader right now. He's been doing really were well you've been there -- team right now. KG also and -- we try to you know go behind him you know all we got it we just play hard every single game. So we can -- ten years in the league some huge international games you've been on some of the biggest stages here for Celtic Laker game mark -- -- of that in Boston. The game you know we got to prepare ourself we know is going to be tough game. We gonna have to do great job and corporate coverage and in. We -- we know I think we wanted to play that we we've been playing and whatever you have to do to win we will. Andrew Barbosa huge part of the Seles comeback win tonight thanks -- out thank you.

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