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Wednesday, February 06th Whiner Line

Feb 6, 2013|

The Big O does more push-ups than an army grunt, and was better in High School at football than Howie Long... and other tall tales.

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My -- excuse views expressed and expressed the minor -- stars like AT&T proceed with caution. This -- discretion advised us to talk with Morris and now those -- weren't here alive. We lost eight out of ten -- season someone that's so what's the difference. That's pretty clear they're going to turn. It's now you know I can understand what people -- -- You know we sign a contract and -- We have an economy is understand you know our windows -- -- -- -- -- it is. You know try to produce. WEEI. Whiner line I think they would have to do what they do a lot of wars in like you doing a little work. And and -- Yeah yeah this is it seems like that's gonna ask. Dial 6177793535. Tribune's. -- -- And you can lose it from someone from really really fast plan that was. Why airlines are. No yeah. Hollywood ones I want to talk about that from. Just the reaction of the fans when you left the game do you think there was more directed at you do you think it was more directed the poor performance of the team recently. Cause you elected me. You know obviously. That's that's what happens. Smart fans and now. We get eighteen off days a year. I think I think we deserve a little bits on ourselves for the WB yeah I spend my off days away hours on the -- -- -- often -- Lye yeah I will miss. All brackets that post game. Which it I don't know I don't know -- some of them are you know lively and if that's even in the most spoiled brat in the history this franchise this heat and oppresses them in the does -- his craft count. My analysis. Of just express -- as this but it's Bill Belichick with profanity. After all that's it without borders are actually do a lot more interest not not I don't know not in the loss -- -- what can we give -- to do that I'll send them. Lose a game you -- your opting out of the good Belichick and losses minimalist. Without the perfect. Beckett. Minimalist when it's like the perfect and again yeah you know exactly put -- always has probably quite like one of them so much more than the other and -- you've -- to the so sorry I haven't -- re hooked up yet but it's enough that I am just carried out it just doesn't work I sometimes it. Do you -- rubbed his phone it's a Smart people thought it. You have enough evidence vibrating when it -- it like the bottle that -- refugees to come out as fuel saving 500 dollars a bottle at probably should've said this after the ten minutes we we are out for. You very much. Somebody just -- -- -- personally receive a text anymore but thank you and I'll be live -- -- you know he's on your show phoning in live reports from that moment that moments occasion and doing my show from there it is this is Thursday will be ready when every tomorrow. Seven tomorrow if tomorrow it's tomorrow your -- -- of course Darnell Williams live Marcia now did you go I didn't know I didn't either. But I George going to be I -- I certainly can't imagine how fun to. Do it just -- and is trying to get one of the rest goes topless. The rafts which and that's the wrong place. I don't know -- criminal -- of the stadium. You know the actual -- in the game I want I think I'll get your ticket overall bar. Like whatever it is an extra phone. Finally there's quite a lot of Howard has always buy AT&T -- It's great when people don't lose their phones WEEI -- available to drive Monterey -- but part of -- brought to you by AT&T AT&T forgy LT. Inside. Treaty being AT&T rethink. Possible. -- -- I know the way -- I know you're still in the water aren't appreciated that. But please please tell me that you got the Mike -- -- that -- handle a lot of pace but not not being. -- -- -- -- No I've had a lot of snakes but none of that -- I can't. Get everything everything. Good thing is that Andy likes us and he doesn't play them back to our. Our -- here for three starts this Notre Dame anyway. Users all over -- I don't know what are you like Michael what happened what happened yesterday and you're part of -- -- -- as weird stuff sometimes I -- him seem it was when taken out of context it's quite Larry's. For a copy please. Read copies I was I was him. I give you. Now you don't want you get an a plus for the show -- -- -- -- any chance of official wireless provider to the Boston Bruins win those four G coverage. And doling -- the that. But might. Really got. You get. Up kind of odd bit. Quite -- that I. And if this was -- passport though he lost his phone. Like a week ago in his office and apparently never visited in his office classics as well that's why didn't make. That would of the in the first place I would of looked I did you do yes I -- -- and she assures that all of -- stuffed behind the safe next to the computer could be just dropped I know I wasn't even. It's like somebody stole what do you think subject there's -- jewels -- your audio was out there -- -- everywhere and hallway Patrick marketing got -- searching they finally let's -- I -- the -- -- watched the winds programs I use that. And you regretted fund today and it acted. Like that and that's totally off. I remember going and can't. Patrick. -- know he'll be have a guy. It's -- inside that certain -- you have built on that note joke parenthood but all of them. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- a couple of years are connected as your belly hit the ground during the entire push up short and sharp really. I'm sure it does our strategy when these guys that put something you just he's so down down and clicks again goes off the fat people push -- we're here on your knees and I just sat there I -- -- I did a lot of thousand of them the fat people. He's. -- -- Particular -- -- I'll do an article. Adored them are probably up in that department. At the current I did very -- -- they bought. Pick it up good. And the message you appreciate it Dick Jauron picture. By the way yes -- claiming that much. Actually -- the fact that -- -- and it said it and he set it on the air and told an audience on the air we're twentieth -- he was on Nelson. He had an on us in order to know where it was for a reason it. Well very -- before you don't -- Our way and cracked -- -- And I played football. School. -- way. Nobody that pre school with a contact sports. Wrap up in what way. I was very you know -- you'll get it going in high school he can play board that you go to the game and I can disappear ago. -- -- Bit of -- figured being. A get that back OK let's play. I am I wished I know that -- -- you know he didn't play -- Because you can't play with -- that's Aaliyah was only right lecture I meant but we're supposed. Our response we're supposed to -- we're so we're -- -- -- but but he was not was up but I don't expect it from the interactive from what I -- he's very -- spent between us actually -- that Obama ran -- -- if you believe we should -- we should be nice -- should we do now is -- desperate -- It's nice to be important it's more important to these -- Sports -- -- -- I was at that Mumford and sons and that is that if you want Mumford and that's that's -- -- course now the only little went -- everybody knows that I went last -- to the cuts -- -- -- -- for some Stanford. First first the ball much you don't make major a big music if priced pretty retreat on the -- Three got off only 31982. Days went on drugs they. They are described I saw it in the newspaper today as an English folk. Rock. There is no -- in what they do now they only fault banned from England. That's not rock and roll this out there now but he noted that it. It was OK it was lumped into the rock and -- -- -- Us. I don't know about public I don't think it's just going to be a marked the country's sixth form Goteborg -- -- I'm a quick break 208000. -- -- what I've struggled my mother what I'd put up about it by the bulk body. And I think that was your mother. I. That's what -- That can actually Mikey -- did a little country with the national Scotland and later yeah. All right that texture on the other -- really pissed off a lot of people and talking about it McCain and his athletic five and seven. Sometimes sometimes you know right with kids don't you know but it gives -- Butler on landry's -- -- parents -- don't. Are you can tell you try to share. On revenue and. -- that guy that called that I don't expect. Pick up like they know that but it didn't. Pick up all the bit about how bad -- but I don't. And message that you never know. -- like where you. Would look like -- Are and that message. To solicit you talk about exactly well yeah -- sometimes you can get it through -- how much you know what I'd like shut his role now these commercials and I expletive themselves. I like this yet this -- he's had really deliberate infliction scrubs. What happened he's friendly he's from the rule but it was as a Freddie went to the swimming pool incident well knowing that the woman who we -- -- Dwight we'll get -- of that -- -- All my god no god. How are. Didn't get caught with a hair when you don't -- not a collapse -- put god say well at twenty. Real old young man what -- I can't. Shots. Are. -- video of Clark again. It. When you go in each of these -- don't let it cell -- right now. You know to -- the oh. The only drinks water about about the women. Like so anti drugs anyway public address one part of his views OK -- -- I'd call that morning who called. That would treat them with that cup of coffee. The group found that good you know what to expect it -- matter. Or Pat -- that -- ball. Or haven't got called Iacocca -- agree we get quite a cup of coffee. But I could. And met thousands government did add the they had Red Bulls of the coffee break in the morning is -- -- and -- -- -- Red -- to everything these days you know as I do every. Big part of it. Other than anybody gonna get a hospital bed in some sort of weird contraption although it might not you know what edit button and you talk about end. Law that was scary actions sociedad. This. Will be additional reason yeah yeah. John Lackey though I don't want an apology from them I don't want all of toward going all season I want couldn't -- for them. Okay well there. It. Happened today -- waitress and -- -- it is. Mr. -- happen. He's just to get a nice -- this -- work. You want him. Seven and -- our planet Mikey. I don't mean. All of Friday that the -- the coveted spot out. Not -- -- -- about all of the evidence but our being very important go to Dell product a lot of trouble would be prohibited them and admire about. Nobody. And I I tell you Mikey as the worst part of during that assignment -- -- -- all right Paul Hoch is it rightly he will be there. You know he will -- -- how much trouble can in 97 year old mean give me just ignore that we should just -- what you don't know -- a figure that's. He's honest on the target five more bucks you really don't normally get a five leftists you really all the money. Of course -- watched him because -- -- -- went to pop up almost always -- I don't wanna be Obama why don't always have a hundred bucks in my wallet. I just demonic and so would you give them tomorrow five bucks Velika. But I don't I can't put a little bit late afternoon and Michael all the candidates are -- high school we can but couldn't -- always. He -- all good you're good art car guy that would -- that look like Artur let a couple of our other cart Michael Ali or. And this message. And I told you back then Playskool about sort of size and look look at it -- -- rumors get started now no relations. I got out of Black History Month that they believe you guys should -- what if I don't go. -- -- -- -- -- Told you is not black -- framing him. Think this is not at -- period it fortunately my different how is blocked. Come out -- tsetse rob Parker started it and you just kind of perpetuate you just -- perpetuate that the rob Parker isn't. Easy quotable. Well I'm a commercial move cleared up what brought the dog. Back a guy great and -- -- -- Yeah a little off it's just so old that discovered era. Covenants large study cell viewed -- how many takes you have to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Golf or did you wanna like today powered by AG at eight. And this is the proper clothes AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins would -- those four G coverage -- -- --

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