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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/06/13

Feb 6, 2013|

We discuss the topics we normally wouldn't fit in to our four hour extravaganza. Topics today include athletes that are great liars, athletes that suck at acting, and what Glenn and Michael were like as atheletes in High School.

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In which -- in this oh hey -- The NGOs for poor and -- -- like sports yeah. Yeah. Orange ball. We -- -- yeah. -- Moses Malone College full full. We got their band -- first question is if -- included a category for best acting performance by an athlete Ryan brown would have won last year -- portrayal of this man in the U. The question is who the best liars in sport just remember. It's not a lie if you believe. -- give it to Ryan brought his best when his name was brought up this whole falling down Miami's. My workers contacted them when we were trying to and as a student in Major League is. Have a problem if you tell the truth your problem becomes -- past. If you light becomes a future -- residential -- that's -- -- -- he's arguably he's got a great like you know what Rick Pitino. You know wasn't great liar because he he was -- initially because -- he can keep your coronation day without them is what makes him overmatched that means -- -- It kept away ran our backs -- -- -- And -- didn't -- Georgia Wednesday ultimately took read our bellies and and what president critics no doubt he wanted to do if you -- to tell the troops. No I'm -- again it feels it's in or used to winning does curry I covered that team. He used to when he lied all we shall we had little lesson yet if you don't always thought of that great line right now. Michael. And market retreat to our five. Oxley a player going -- his left -- I don't know how to write policies. Does that to let it out of the best bad news that it. In the intro the best liar of all. Of the last 510 years. -- brought him brought which I got one he was eloquent he was aware addict last year when he was exonerated it was all. The system. And you guys how dare you question and hardworking. And here's even he would -- to -- good ripped paper that from last year it's a good so good now -- it's gonna happen it's a good. But Lance Lance Armstrong. Because there is -- its. He said he was innocent all the time everybody else was guilty. And started attacking people including his partner and Rotterdam and so what it was to make himself. Innocent. He started destroying the people around him that to me. That's the slide novel. About cultures of people what David Ortiz and operate deep rough -- about it they've -- air horn of the finger. -- -- a John Calipari comes up -- about tiger Tiger Woods. There's a good liar. All while she bought it from many years. The next one down Benjamin. Mike Tyson is set to guest star on law and order SV you as a sympathetic victim of child abuse murdered one of his attackers. Who would you consider to be the worst actors in sports. Dan Marino now we do want to -- and Obama I actually think our great -- His kid and it's got a contract. That was twice daily life you're done got -- -- pretty -- about your. For editors humor and your career -- explicit. -- -- Just you know the one of the blogs -- hang over and over movies. Right it was one of the hits of that movie major last year. You expect to look at the security cameras went he would pay attention and don't have one night yeah of course of course. -- lately the cup car. Via stolen and used to mask it's nice to. It was just the novelty of having it might have it was you know are you writing and he won it once was we went into the -- thing got -- Mike Tyson actors and it's -- prices are pretty funny guy are eligible. Now yeah. He's somebody we'll. You let your mind. It was a Kazan was that the steel. Out of that about Sam was little movie -- about Shaq and who. She's. A double Ray Allen he got a game Norway who's currently -- -- -- -- just about piazza playing him. It was playing like he doesn't like it. Rest when you play basketball why are they sort. It all. And. On OJ Simpson in the naked gun suitors they should get. It should've -- at him as a murder he would have been ably handled that about Dennis Rodman always -- -- -- after an argument that. So those -- herself. Was that would vote. I mean running. That is the best analysts in the -- -- -- gets the glory but defensively as the game. Iraq argument -- -- right now here's the truth Rodman but it was forget Rick Fox. It talks about pretty good boxers separate. Rick Fox in our laws did you ever -- hold all the lie Wal-Mart Millard and I know Rick Fox pretty well and that. Just got scared them yeah who -- -- autograph and -- you know you touch to it yeah definitely it's a tough shuttle launch it really has. In Ottawa Michael Jordan in space in the -- -- just watch this and it just once every couple of we're gonna do this to you what are you what I don't play is more years ago audience that. His -- Miami and Michael Jordan is pushes the delivery lines. When you're doing a movie that has animation like you -- who shot Robert Roger Rabbit. Looking in the direction of where that the animated rabbit -- Looking in the direction of where it like Bugs Bunny what's it. Is not an hour yeah. There after I -- what got you would we put that on FaceBook and it's overwhelmingly. To tie between two Shaq and George amorous. Our George Harrison. Told him Jack hold on what you expect from George mirrors and go into them what did you really was so bad -- could. -- he also said. They are right there -- -- -- line in the war Arnold. Sometimes you don't need an important. That's parent China should do playoffs with the. -- I don't. News now but not one thing you know their service since I was at UCLA here that I'm out there busting my buns every night. Tell year old man who -- -- in Europe and on the court got forty minutes. That was great night and got the votes for a Brett Favre in something about well hello Mary was OK. But he was playing -- yeah. I wasn't playing really a character or whatever and that's right there. He knows the truth you. Points -- for a. All right Deion Sanders recently said that the NFL doesn't have a concussion problem -- that these former players are only out for the money. Is Deion Sanders playing the shill for the NFL or is he on to something. In the game is the -- gave equipment is better. Don't buy out these guys coming back released because I am not bad happening desert makes the money up to deal that's real talk this really -- I would -- the odd isn't it true. Because it's keeping kids away from my game. 01 SAL oh now it -- -- tournament. He's not -- -- he's been a show for the NFL. But the -- represents. Some of those guys and it's amazing that he represented them because he that he never did anything I'd ever Jack Kennedy did it but I think there are a lot of people. Who feel like Deion Sanders does. That always football eagle out there and -- dinged up and get -- -- -- all the cliches were concussions and they don't wanna hear -- they're -- And we would be IE okay. Let's go here I think when we would be very naive to think everybody who is doing the NFL. As. CT. Or everybody who was doing that Al NFL NFL has problems because it's keeping kids away from my game now. Keeping kids away from the game by hiding. The concussion problem I mean we all know the concussion problem -- it's not like there's some question right now as to whether this is real issue when. And so yeah you're right Deion Sanders if we were to close horizon wind on this subject. But your kids would never know about it parents of kids would never know about it. And there would be more kids playing the game but it's an issue with a serious issue and you're right Michael all the guys are probably. Not necessarily have major problems and -- life. And some of them might be cashing in try to get a few bucks but I -- Dion Sanders was was so -- in a way he dealt with a. And yeah it leads me to be very suspicious. This is trying to make money on it struck sucked up to the commissioner that that you know he's on the NFL network he is playing their company grow accessible from the capsule or how -- because I think it could be running out but but because he's gonna he's gonna get better positions. With the league and in the network he wants them like you know it's all about relationships let's assume that NFL network in all. That's what it's about it's about every relationships normally they want people in the that are -- Don't present the sport properly. Here's where I would be pissed off players association should be furious at the -- all these ex players who got picked crap beat out a month for -- so we could. Play in the second around -- watch anybody. Sure it -- on our entire apartment were. Brought up is because I clapped yeah. Coming from -- I -- right because it's keeping it away from GameStop it. -- I don't find it I'm amazed me how short is that we're scared straight for these clubs are you Johnson to argue that I don't know acknowledged -- -- -- -- in policeman or. Today is national signing day for college football. Questions. What is the highlight of -- High school athletic career -- thought it was the push jobs -- yesterday. It's the right now was on the. Does this school ring a bell to you and -- you know not partner with. Schools in Akron Ohio but -- -- saint Vincent saint Mary high school. That's ultimately anybody you know in the -- is. -- -- -- Freshman year to lead Oklahoma Obama your highlight. Was one scoring thirty on the bronco all of us I -- how it all blocked scored thirty on the bronze -- -- High school that you probably if I didn't want shall. I didn't know it is about perch with a statement area after that -- left and you're gonna find out oil left that protect the stories I was a freshman. And remember -- and Jerome Jerome lane. Broke about. What the favorites Daimler was the -- I was a freshman right now for the basketball team. And I know funds are hard to believe. Talked a lot of trash hysterical. But I talked a lot of trash in the seniors didn't like -- young -- Talking trash about what he's gonna do so they sent via. In the hand the varsity coach and the business out there. A bit about the freshman team on the varsity. And varsity coach -- -- the technical stub. -- out year. Round with us on the other team. So Jerome lane -- XX. -- -- -- Abusing me daunting mommy and -- back wars but it just it is. Took away any kind of -- today and I was embarrassed. I was mocked. I was cut I think that -- or. And practiced later -- that convinced me okay. I need to get into another and to think about it that's what does that do my career. I have a decided that point. I'm going to be V -- that's what it was my highlight being embarrassed by Jerome lane and dunked on by Barbara six times from ridiculous -- interest in the same old here is not really -- -- -- little -- High school football I played offensive our offensive guard play in the line. And somebody was injured on the defensive side Obama wasn't good enough. The defense at all defense and so I'd play simply nose tackle. As a guy on the other team storms get news Dick Jauron. Open and out. Man I wouldn't use use that well to me all I remember I can recognize the bottom the -- of some of the issues right now. He went right to -- the first time -- tempted to block out what position. I was playing nose tackle them -- filling in for somebody who was it it was good all man I -- because it was injured was good and I saw. -- every job was -- -- yeah. All right over me picture on wood right through me me me it looked like India a total idiot and later on the -- in the third quarter. He went through me as well we lost the game by a score fourteen to nothing but the game of two touchdowns scored by director Ron. All of while I was responsible for both of them I may yet. There was a third play but they I don't know offside penalty. He also scored a touchdown it was cold -- of our highlights and -- of foreign forcefully.

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