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Are we ready to admit the Celts are better without Rondo? No. Talk to us in March

Feb 6, 2013|

Sorry, call it stubbornness, call it what you will. But despite a 4 game win streak we're still not ready to say that the Celts are a better team without Rajon Rondo. Glenn says March 12th is his cutoff date, and we discuss it.

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Wanted to -- is is once there could be. A referendum right now he wants a decision. Line Rondo in the Celtics because he wrote Ali I told you to go to Michael. The Celtics are better without Rondell. If for no. Are you gotta admit right now the Celtics are better team without -- I'll give you the date and no I'm not I'll give you the date when rival libel and make my -- as it may or government march the two. Write that down right. Of looked at the sketch that marched by march the twelfth long road trip at the end of this month yes you have the all star -- you'll have a much better idea. As to where this team. And -- that a lot march 12 and get on March 1 and I'm looking at the schedule February can't keep a look at where is it fair that keep looking at the scheduled the gift marched. Because they're really gonna be by that time. They will both go they would go through a period -- at home. Get some easier teams they will go on the road against -- -- -- and really difficult if you -- -- at some teams that I think can exploit the fact that they don't have. -- point so if you look at the -- I think by march the twelfth you're -- and it will be a big of sampling I think to really make that determination. Well at this without a Doris Day it's gonna hurt him right playoffs anyway playoffs yet you really need -- point go I'll give you mark I'll give you march 12 if you figure out. Maybe by march 12 you can you can see that the Celtics can survive. If they're they're not that they're not in trouble rush doesn't mean I wanted to go to him and they're better but it means that. Okay they can survive -- they have enough depth they're good enough and regular season. It you can lose a player like -- extremely valuable player. And still be in position to get the seven or eight seed program -- neglect or seventy correct. But I do believe that. It's difficult to go into the whole season. Without having yourself that type of players that point -- all the policies. And we we -- That's why a guy like LeBron James can take over by the way. A guy like Rajon Rondo can -- they're over playoff game and we've seen and take over series take over series. Once you lose that becomes for more difficult to win those seven games -- so. I think without Rondo. The the post season becomes far more difficult distinct that some of these people that are calling ups and there are better team right now during the regular season. Without -- maybe they are right. There's a possibility there right and that armed that you were wrong but I think you've got to you can't -- it. On four games that we've we've seen that it Toronto tonight. Which is the team it's better probably with Rudy get -- together yet in practice that much so it is still running a lot of rural stuff with the new player. -- an elite player or pretty damn good player so that's a difficult and tomorrow. You're gonna get the lakers win no Dwight Howard and now probably know Paul Gasol. So that that's their twin tower inside the changes that president back to back until mr. coming -- don't let them back but they can -- -- Acumen both of those games go to marched to a and then we'll have a better right here as to whether they are better regular season team. Without. OK now if they are better without round if that's the case. Hey and you you're one of those people who feel like you out there you pinky. The Celtics are better off without this guy. You're right you'll be right which you -- feel great about it because if you're right. That rule that will lead to larger problems that will will reveal larger problems with the Celtics warming. That the general manager made a gross submissive valuation of the players count and gave my contract. I'm -- didn't deserve it will mean that the head coach. Made a gross mr. valuation. Of the players' skills and handed the ball to a guy who didn't deserve the ball. In three it will mean that maybe it won't mean miss a valuation may be mean that his skills have deteriorated to the point. Where once upon a time we saw Rondo averaged a triple double in a playoff series won that series. Over young Derrick Rose in Chicago ovals. We saw. Another series against the cavaliers. We're LeBron James says after game one or two hell how guard Rondo because nobody else on the team could do it. And they won that series is well. Or last year vs Miami. Where there. One game away. From knocking off the favorite the Eastern Conference favorites in Rondo was a bear than to tell me just. Evidence. Suggest that they are better -- well I'm not even at the point now where. I'm doubting sure you know -- ready and awaiting a marched I'm not even I'm not even giving you don't we wait to yet. Just out I'll be fair to two people who war -- her Kelly angle on the same soapbox this morning. I I think you've got to give it enough time here I'm like you convinced that. Point guards. Are invaluable when you get into the post season player a player one player can break down. Another player breakdown of the team. When you're playing in a seven game series -- you can really start to exploit. Weaknesses when you're playing seven games over a two week period. Little bit different viewpoint of one team's plan to back to back the it would not as we gonna see in this game of the tomorrow. But I'll say -- what's the right answer is people literate of the better argument does -- -- -- a better team -- Rhonda. Then what you do. Then you tell me what do you do do you think now going for. You have KJ. Another year older and closer to the end of his deal Paul Pierce one year and he's done in his deal. And a Rondo is going to be coming off of major knee surgery. You don't know what he's going to be like the start of the season has not 1988 I don't know I agree but you know what you're not gonna be able to deal him in the off season. With with the with Benicio. You're gonna have to wait. -- kill you greens there's other teams are gonna be suspicious if you -- enough player that good. My -- he's having surgery this -- you're gonna really have to wait until you get to the trading deadline next year you're halfway through next season the last year all the years. And the last -- next to last season of Kevin Garnett. What do you do. What do you do you make at that point how do you make that deal so if you only -- except that you can Leo. With Jason Terry's and the leaves and and and greens and does that Uga right now. Where do you go distinct if you truly believe. If we get to the end of the season and were all condensed like some people are right now there are better team without Rondo what do you do with. You know only way I'll be convinced. That they're better without Rondo. If they win the championship. Because if they won the first round series. Does that mean they're better -- our Rondo now. If they lose in the second round. And lose in seven games in the second round. What would you think. -- lawsuits have reduced in sure would've been nice to have one more guy oh. Have one more guy. One more guy that can have you not Jared -- because he hopes to at but. And another all star player would be nice to have another all star player of course of course they're better with them but it it speaks to their debt. What they're able to do right now and and fortunately for the Celtics. If they had depth that one position over any other it was guard. Don't have point guard. But they do have a lot of guards and it -- Rondo -- healthy right now. Somebody would be sitting there my opening. Event. Why is it that that people aren't taking it and boy they're -- -- -- fatty apologized and said they would on March 12 expect him march 12. Why is it to people aren't looking at the other way. That this was supposed to be a very good team I certainly thought this was going to be a very good team beat -- Miami or when he NBA champion -- I was -- -- four but I thought this team could certainly compete with Miami. In the Indy and they have. Vastly under achieved in the first half of the season. Why is it that and they were playing better here. Over the last couple weeks when Rondo was in the lineup we were -- deceit the bench play better and contribute more. Could possibly be that what you're seeing right now. Is the fact that those -- the bench players feel the urgency they've got to start doing something right now because they just lost. One of their best players and that of the match -- of finally got to do it. But they didn't do squat for the first half of the season and they're finally now playing up to the level that they -- suppose that you expect any of Rondo were in this lineup. And green was playing like this and -- was playing like this and Gary was playing like this and bass was playing like this maybe. This team what are you able to compete with the Miami. I don't know why -- says that -- I think there are better with Rondo plan has got to be fair here they did have a six game losing streak. That day they found out that Rondo was out for the year. That was you know. During the Miami game and at that point -- at that game with a six game losing streaks -- say they're playing better. Moral victories certainly but nothing in the W column so marched to -- that are martial. Or -- now march the parents are got tape here 6177797. 937. Argue with that.

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