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Will Sean Thornton be able to 'do his thing' coming back from a concussion?

Feb 6, 2013|

Sean Thornton is a fighter, a tough guy, a momentum changer.. but after suffering a concussion, will Thorty be able to do his thing on the ice when he returns? We discuss it.

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Damascus -- about the game tonight Montreal. And the Bruins. Obviously Shawn Thornton is not going to be their pies are going to be their opponents of is that more shots not going to be there Marchand but -- is the big one. In terms of as you know that's sure enforcer. Whether whether he looks apart are not a compared to Scott he doesn't look that nobody looks that looks apart compared to Scott. But that's your guy you think they pay the price. Tonight as Montreal take advantage. Of no Shawn Thornton do they try to push the Bruins dropped a. I think no no not tonight that's not gonna get it -- there's not a game -- -- -- not the poker game isn't just any game to the nutritional and I'm not going out. If anything I think they take advantage of the fact that the Bruins. In this case sport -- changed the rhythm of the game he can't go out there and pick a fight was Obama's all right like -- slow old place down. Com. That don't they're gonna pick up pace and and and probably play at a at a higher level. You know that the great thing about the Bruins. Lately the last -- last three years. Certainly the last couple years. When they won the cup than last year and a -- -- great start and then nine tailed off at the end. But if you if you wanted to be physical at the Bruins the Bruins in mind can we complete a physical game for the speed game to put the speed game. You -- do a little bit of both into a little bit of -- So. -- Montreal. It's great because they never wanna play the physical game you don't have to worry about that that by its born in wartime. Buys you more time to get to enforce -- back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is them flopping all over the ice. If you could match him speakers beat cancer. If you want to play much in Montreal says we can get you into. When you get you into a game that makes you uncomfortable we can't. I think the Bruins that's why they're one of the handful of teams that you look at and say -- they can easily win the championship because they can play a number of stuff. I'll be interested to see Montreal. And we haven't obviously. Seen them vote with Markoff back and have often wait a tremendous start. Certainly did their defense has been short and Cuba is back after his little -- held out so. You know that's the area where they were really -- terrible urged people -- get up at the alleged here. And you know they had to make changes because it's Montreal you can't get away. With being a last place team in -- I don't and it's always there really -- the defense right as always -- right Markoff don't by the way he's -- he's played like get a sixty games and might three years he's been in the state Florida recently down there Miami may -- -- yeah recovered issues interest. And it's all nobody ever talks about I guess -- that -- is always around whenever talk about a guy having finished this. She is just. And it's ever thought like a drug -- above hoped some poetic thing of just got a -- went out that would Montreal it's always a rivalry but. Last year really wasn't that competitive. And think back -- -- last year seems like five years ago. I think they played. At least six times that you brought ones like I prefer forefront of those games. So they got an -- streak going against Montreal where. We always talk about oh -- Bruins Canadians going to be exciting and they hate us we hate them. But in terms of on the ice. It's not hasn't been that team for a couple of this year it looks startled to follow OK when -- -- -- that's what I'm saying I'm gonna be fascinated. To see how they play because. You know the the funny thing is that they're they're not necessarily a big team. They're fast but the that the defense has been shored up here certainly it is a big difference in what they have. And in the back line right now and to me that's the thing that. It's going to be interesting to watch here -- I don't think you can look at them. As the Montreal Canadians you -- last year or not you bring up a great point and that is what the bronze -- like. No coach or emotional for and that. What you have a concussion. His game is all physical -- his game is getting into fights out there his game. Is too at times changing the rhythm taking a certain guy off the ice. When he comes back is equal to be able to do that police cleared after the -- -- she's coming onto it can Krajina but he'll do well. You wonder whether it's you know they gonna advise them that may be back off a little but I don't. You don't the other thing and it's going to be interesting tonight is that. -- code uses the four lines so effectively analogous -- they're gonna move Campbell open. The second Montague third line with the kid does -- coming up is going to be kind of a young line. You wanna watch companies she's gonna have an outline this this race on strange. I've said that before. That's my favorite Perot is through a similar Bill Campbell okay. My favor liberal. That makes it doesn't mean you think you're right it. Bergeron. And d.'s is change his physical meaning plays that aspect of the game so like NC Luka. -- -- -- I just file cause we -- we -- it up with Freddie up a New Hampshire which of friends. All right fair you're excited man you all pumped up for the game. Very exciting adequate questions where there might OK at that intentional aunt -- get. Ice for. I don't know what I wanted to do -- time double don't know Ohio double runners at the time to start things that with a double runners were queuing up. Look at him like 4:30 in the morning has sat in the on ice cold raped at that moment let -- -- Sounds like a good time my son my son Richard's kid adoption -- there's no let me. Mental work on that the next couple weeks ready and I you know whatever I need to be able to call you for tips and suggestions. You're looking at it it -- it attack can I call you have 435. But you know perhaps some questions about what to do you know what I'm OK all right. They -- all that. Is that tonight. It that -- You you really think that this has been. That the the pre season I mean the buffalo game there -- games against the Rangers this have been pre season. -- parking. Schedule always with a and he is no matter how many games. It's until there's got just like -- It is. Thanks and it just gives us a glimpse Thanksgiving point -- football I'll give. So the show in -- before it was. Say it. It got to step up I mean with the injury and the and the -- Spiegel on on the the Bruins Marchand has five goals they can don't want. It was a it was an empty now. You know what he has done -- Fred don't think he's been he's been physical far more physical. Then I remember him from last year in front of the net he's been he's done some things allowing hasn't scored but he hit it hasn't been a -- to this war. Not yet another step. But what -- what their pain and what they're counting on from what what we've seen a lot of them. Eating his physical play -- not -- OK it's got. I don't think it's a pretty good based on where he was last year. You need to be the top three. Five. Player on the ice every night and at least once and might we see a move. Let it sit back in and just in -- Manhattan and that. That's what they didn't segment table -- -- what we've seen it. And it it went something like that would all that talent is Solomon head you've got -- just got to put that extra added you have to look physical but. And not the two being. To be -- You know what you know what's interesting about that Kazaa it kind of an excuse last week. Because he had a plan over Switzerland's who's playing -- slightly larger -- and talking a little bit about that that if that's the case why is he playing. Physical right now you plan on a smaller -- you would think just the opposite. So I'm not sure I'd buy that I think you're right I think it probably right now. Is innocent little and I think -- you know Tyler -- is so talented that you could be calling here a week from today raving about. And I and I want to. To -- that -- even start the start tonight tonight because the injury is in Montreal. And at that time for him to shine and I am just like the. Are you an -- here's John and Hampton a job. I don't. Pleasure John. I called that week except that it felt that. Spoke at at a chemistry without Rondo ignore I love Rondo -- act preceded it aren't all here yet our equipment out. I'm sorry but he didn't all all -- hit that you know game sealer the other night -- shocker. He actually actually they had a close game. Are you still think Paul Pierce -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well not that I promise you there will be no interruptions when asked your question and I'm I'm -- LA -- once you. -- say what you have to say question. Why have you hated Paul Pierce his entire career. Well okay. I feel like -- -- for achy you're absolutely that you don't know how to dribble the ball he'd heard of all -- too much -- shot selection is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I feel like you that he's terrible mystery killer and he went all the way too much and that we got coming up I want to Lamar used that you use that Cuba has. I talked to a -- -- -- look closer. How come you're out what what you feel about and just another question hard to -- bottom and 2008 when these finals MVP of the team. I had a great regular season 66 wins. I won the championship what you had you feel about peers that you do like connect your at least. I think I didn't escalate every -- -- -- in the column on into my seat belt and go oh my god. Or return -- the ball that what you are. The NA if you if you don't like does the how many times he turns over the ball that I would be very concerned. With no Rajon Rondo out there because it is the Paul -- will have to handle the ball far more. And in doing that he will have more turnovers without Rajon Rondo would only likes. I don't then the next caller we can't -- -- it is hard you can close button as the guys that you -- like out there. 6177797937. Talking about the Celtics will give away a pair of tickets for the Celtics and the lakers will do that it 518. Bruins. Are Celtics both on tonight will you watch do you watch live audio tape. More from girls next.

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