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Mumford and Sons: Merloni talks about going to the Boston concert

Feb 6, 2013|

Lou took his wife to the Mumford and Sons concert last night despite not knowing who they were before hand. Mut had no idea who they were all together.

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Story yourself behind the -- maybe you want to see. -- I don't know that's great busy well around this god. Brains and minds of the new laws that he'll explain -- -- -- -- -- -- summaries of listening to him. He's a great day thanks so I've no idea who they what I -- hear what -- does Lou I've heard the name of the button it what's it what they call. Mumford and sons. Is that while ago. That a contract the company out of body -- a -- And they help me out build a deck. A look at Iowa we do my basement but I call Mumford and sons. The that you will that you will. -- folk rock -- useful profits on last it's so -- well wait a second. Good I I -- as this that I may say more about me than than. You guys I've never heard of him I've heard of them I'd never heard the sock and a soldier that was called Mumford. At electors patriot. So -- -- tickets for the show last night. Good show and -- and we're military garden this song before the garden but I hear much about like. -- -- -- office yesterday looking for tickets can't get any tickets at all to deflect out of it at Texas from Lou hey Daniel Mumford and sons that it is an addict wants it -- it it then that's a double. I speak this way it could show. A big fan of now so you're not download songs you did this for your wife this was a step -- -- Qaeda started terrible -- standing that wall. -- that you do and everything that is paint on the coffee maker well. Excuse -- that's. Excuse me whenever. I'll see you went up the chain of command here at the up but he opposite to put tickets -- -- -- -- ball boy very it would -- thought it was a very good show I asked I asked for something recently Sokaiya -- for our office. We of one staple. I was like six months ago Nicholas Kapler. Blew out and ask for one apparently not popular band Mumford and sons and two I'm I'm sure. Knowing these guys they sent up pretty good with seats as a spot there was gonna squall and you went hot -- with the executives of the radio station it was whose -- a -- are gunning it. Coffee maker accurate. Terrifically you know what you get to pass some people you know to get cock it really is no doubt that it's on there again it. Delegates he had a good time you have late night until I will wait -- get a bit of that come back from a to break next yelled at -- expert and it was a work night how -- is the show go conference -- the Vatican mine nine. Pretty good but no clue was on earlier but they're pretty good. No one's more -- --

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