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Joe Flacco, the best QB in the game?

Feb 6, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss recent comments from ESPN's Merrill Hoge that Flacco is the best QB in the game. They also address Flacco's agent who believes the Super Bowl MVP should be the highest paid QB in the league.

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There's no question right now that's -- I called my reality of war where we live in right right now we are living with Joseph Flacco is the best quarterback in the National Football League. He's earned it he's proved it and you could probably argue. The Joseph Flacco or people around him. It has to have guys like Aaron Rodgers does and that to me there -- we'll ask MetaFilter make those type thorough. I so Lewis called the Red Sox figure win ninety games and Merrill honchos and -- that. Joseph Flacco as the best quarterback in the National Football League it's a whacky Wednesday team going on here but that's 937 that's occurred a few young -- Joseph Flacco and look Merrill Hodges not some slob. I know is people writer here don't like Merrill -- some people sitting close to us don't like Merrill odd I like Merrill -- Does that NFL matchup show on Sunday morning one of the rare. ESPN football -- -- stomach it's him Sal -- Tony L Ron Jaworski. Half hour tape every week it's it's it's it's it's Greg Acela priests in the thing he's awesome. And just -- to match had -- watching tape these two coaches over half hours terrific. -- I usually respect what he says but to say with a straight face that on an ESP and Joseph Flacco is the best quarterback in football. Critics say that I mean I don't know what's. It -- what what is your argument is argument from their sound like you won a Super Bowl okay. Yes -- -- weapons around him like that the argument for Joseph Flacco be in the -- -- -- proposal he won he won the -- let's leave it at that he showed the single parent capable of playing at a high level post season we've seen that before from him. It but it doesn't make him that every single Super Bowl winner. Has the best quarterback in football why do we have to go there. -- his agent. Can come out and say should be paid the top quarterback in football because it's free agency and -- it's just the way it is -- keep the guy got to pay him big dollars. It's because he makes top three quarterback -- make them pop record Vick in this league just when he hit free agency. The barrel just slowed down a little bit the guy won the Super -- asleep at that. It sound ridiculous go -- best -- record football we have. I'm on the verge of top ten before the the playoff run right. And then we said he gets bumped up in -- somewhere around. It's 789 tops we did this week Kim -- Monday -- respect of lack of ash shredded Joseph Flacco I'd destroy the guy. But even I admit that the run he went on he's probably. He's probably top eight depending on where wanna put some of the younger quarterbacks. But number one. Has some of the guys know we talk about I as a top five cups and Brady aren't the way Manning plays right now. I'm sure some people organist played a couple of air Roger's met that three right there that's it's fairly easy I don't see how you played. -- Flacco in that that group you mentioned the agent -- link to. I he was on CNBC. And they were talking about Flacco is contract Flacco made seven million dollars this year and has set the BA free agent by all accounts he wants remain in Baltimore he wants a team to keep them. When asked whether Flacco should be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL went to the agents that would always. Yes of course he should be. That would mean you make more than eighteen million the Denver quarterback Peyton Manning is making. And that twenty million dollars that Drew Brees is averaging in New Orleans. He's younger than -- he's won as much as they have and Flacco is just say it's the peak of his career quote from the agent. When you do a contract of this magnitude you look at what is the player's body of work presently. What the expectations are going to be going for over the next 45. Or six years Joseph wins. On both accounts. I thought he would get paid. I never thought be talking about Joseph Flacco potentially being. The highest paid quarterback in the National Football League as is is agents got to say it. I just -- leave real Baltimore Ravens how do you look at Joseph Flacco and so we're gonna pay him as much as they the saints major bracelet. Pedestal that. Did they -- says timing off the -- has its time. Rick if Alex Smith never got hurt and intemperate never stepped on the field and Alex Smith one mr. ball be here to -- thing about Alex Smith the mean the guy won the Super Bowl. His answer a lot of questions. I don't care what his salary is what he makes his conduct whatever it takes to keep on -- world she gonna go through the ravens. You know. He has he's gonna be paid top three money whether it makes the -- hire mostly anybody -- football also be but the let me run Merrill Hashemi. You really sit there say there is the best quarterback at four. He's an -- don't. I I know a little something about selling in 88. So I I and I agree with you -- the last attacks are fast and furious on this maybe he means football any Europeans. Stack. Maybe Flacco is in a rec league soccer league and maybe you be the best quarterback in football the soccer league. That the Merrill -- -- is not just our producer Jose Armando. Dictate -- texts -- past imperious here like this one Hodges and ask around that's what you were exposed vaudeville states. -- stupid bow ties the and other text there. He hates on the patriots has that steeler loving disrespect that's that's what we hate him he's a Danish bank -- -- from the Bible way I realize Merrill odd -- This sort of hate. Psychology. And Jaworski and Sal -- on the shows. It's ridiculous -- the highest paid quarterback there's just there's speculation pro football talk. Says that even if they can't now long term deal to use the exclusive franchise tag on -- to make shore. Is gonna remain with the ravens next year the two men franchise tags early the exclusive franchise tag means you can't talk to anybody you know -- bill for trade your property. If they do. That's a guaranteed not an average salary per year but he guaranteed. Twenty million bucks -- Joseph Flacco who talked about perfect within timing. Super Bowl MVP eleven touchdowns no picks. Free agent class that and in the market and what it -- Alex Smith. And you're the ravens and it's. Did the Red Sox -- Michael. -- -- mean the MBP the World Series -- back and say they did. The ravens -- do the same thing and they're gonna pay out of their acts for Joseph Flacco but you're right Hodges out of his mind he's not the best quarterback and -- -- a ravens fan. And I and if I have to cut. Ink while boulder Terrel Suggs. And Suggs to a lesser extent obviously but to get Joseph Flacco and we couldn't get a long term deal a little bit pissed like Flacco but. What a million bucks out of can texas' I would trade Flacco to Jacksonville for. The secret upload but apple like -- elect top QB in football sell high. That option is. These two picks how to the fan base respond islets suitable reward -- find the next -- Tyrell tailors our quarterback next year the speedy backup -- -- tough spot. That it is. This isn't that we the case going for -- hate list and everything we do the list the best timing in sports. Joseph Flacco this year will be at the top of that list you could not have asked for a better year on -- leading into your free agency because there is no way he's the best quarterback in football he should not be top three but he's gonna get paid. All that is tremendous timing Jim is a long -- talking about Flacco at today's -- in your football calls hi Jim. I don't project. I ordered an audio. -- -- -- -- overdue -- yes a breezes and that group put Flacco is better I mean it's like Rogers is it that as then. Rodgers and -- right. I guess so I just you know what -- what you got out about -- I don't think Michael either owns the world what neurological expert nor its intellect and what that's. Is that true legend is that -- he really hate doing that much about them or rock Hodges into New England. -- -- -- -- -- -- It. They -- Brees fan and that he's been -- -- the mobility throws. Johnson Hartford he joins the show but -- 937 John. Echoed. And -- hurt it -- -- thinking about hired -- morning. We'd be like if -- -- -- -- that went down and out Stadler got really hot and what a Super Bowl. Did you like it simply came up expand -- to -- about that that quarterback -- it's. It went out I don't like to Iran as an epic combat from time to time you -- to -- -- body work -- Turkey. I into the playoff. But. I mean. I'm not pick up members but you know I -- being prepared -- could be good at quarterback rating to commend. He he terrible according to -- quarterback greeting to. Here's a couple of things against him geology finish one you meet in -- Have been voted to as many Robles is Joseph Flacco has combined zero -- -- league since we'll -- on nine. Never been to a Pro -- that's number one number two. He is seventeenth. In total QBR last year. And look at -- BR quarterback relic is that's not the end all be open it's important he seventeenth and that numbers that say guys seventeenth. Is the best quarterback in football. Yeah I have a I have a hard time doing that I agree with -- Yeah and they mean that seventeen number in the earlier you were saying that the EPA. -- mixture cracked up -- now. -- -- well at that prepared and in my. I think you -- closer to seventeen and mean what you heard AM. How the law coming who's a complete better Rogers created both Manning Brothers. Brady. In Roethlisberger. Brought a very I think the -- -- in India instantly at six 800 people -- I thought I'd just mentioned -- -- yeah yeah. It's the world. Under a million that airport there in my head I tell him that I think Matt Ryan over Joseph Flacco a partner I am I would need a I would take -- A day here we got a sluggish start I would take I would take -- over flat on what you -- can handle the Brady and Rodgers and Brees and everybody else. I -- put Joseph -- -- Flacco at a given credit for revenue a playoff run that he had a big he's in that category right after the top sixty we mentioned. Because of what he's done this year. Idea to give net receiving these top six on just that -- OK I am not upset top six but he's just outside the top six -- He mentioned hostel for gets the break in more your phone call is can't compare. The -- that Iran to what Flacco adjusted hostetler in those three games. Threw three touchdowns and no picks. At best game was that first game at Chicago 313 they bloom out at a 117 rating in -- was at home. On the road won a barn burner in -- touchdown and it was a running attack in San Francisco that great NFC championship game and against buffalo Q is good. But we're -- three customs. Eleven TDs no picks on the road Denver on the road New England. Against Sampras Cisco I mean it's it's it's as good as what Manning did write that first time around except for. You know you didn't knock off an eight keynote team like Manning did but it's an incredible run it does not make in the best quarterback in football Hodges. Barely won a patriots theater which guys -- all texting and he's also out of his mind in this case. 6177797937. Match your phone number you can text us on the -- TT tech flat 37937. We continue with your phone calls nine cents. -- And and you guys know we've been -- a lot -- lot of highs. Couple of those guys there who at all because like you always -- -- special room and we love you and Baghdad and get an advantage in this that we appreciate not. Joseph Flacco at the parade like get a parade -- Do what you want say what you want. I got nothing against Joseph Flacco I just. Can't believe we're gonna talk about -- the highest paid quarterback in football next year and that's least potential. Ages says he should be. Eighteen million for Manning twenty million for -- the somewhere in that group. Via Merrill hot on the best quarterback in football. 61777979837. -- your phone number can text us. On the AT&T text line 37937. -- is in Deerfield this afternoon I -- I -- up to. Shot just about any kind of respect -- ever -- that -- -- you can use it. Yeah I completely agree and everybody at check in and now he's here hatred there. But let me let it and respect their first item for ask a question I'm. Do you think. The first question it has to do anything with the key. Defense if you look at -- if you look at opry and there routers or they went on -- run away from all the other great ignorant -- had they were young and at time bolt. You know themselves in and that status and it in those games I -- high profile game I'm getting at any good that. And -- -- Mardy and I I know and it defense policy and I mean you've got a great defense the last ten years by. I think it was about a off and it was -- -- -- line offensive line to get healthy any defense again help -- the same time. They all those guys come back -- nailed at the offensive line was way better. In the playoffs the and they were during the regular season at the McKinney left tackle or kicked out the right side and they protective Flacco tremendously. And on top of that not well Lewis -- In their first playoff game the first time those two guys play together all year thank -- help had a huge deal in terms of getting up Baltimore team on track to be a position of the best football the year in the playoffs. As I mean I absolutely greatly you know now Lewis. I 83 -- an -- sacrificing to pay slack off that money. You know they might sacrifice that this year the offensive line doing so out there -- back on defense or they do. You know they got in line Jack -- back not Shaq. The pressure on him or don't game. Yeah that's it's a great well it -- losing defense is not as good next -- until it -- like Ray Lewis adds that team you know is probably more off the field in preparing and being a leader and a defense that is actually. Cover a tight end -- we saw that the Super Bowl. The thing that I'd be conservative I'm a ravens fan is if keeping. Joseph Flacco he -- you don't Lewis has gone. But it keeping Flacco is not gonna allow you to keep not so much agreed article Wimbledon I'd be concerned. Because we could talk about the patriot offense are we want to know this -- and everything else and we look at it crumbled and kick it to -- out of this office for the patriots take bold and out of that office for the the ravens. Today when a Super Bowl. If it crumpled in on that final game against though that game against Denver. Help breaks is all of a rolls his knee or does someone doesn't play against the patriots and and and it beat the knowing when they get this doable without Anquan Boldin. So I mean you got people -- in -- postseason -- may Joseph Flacco. Today to keep Flacco loose ball now is get the ball to. Ed -- Torrey Smith then -- up a ball deep to Torrey Smith wants a lot of he would Jacobi Jones to repetitive but you don't need somebody else there to make. Joseph Flacco the success he had with -- The signing a Flacco could having major domino effect and if -- that's the point absolutely plus the retirement of of rank and out. -- with soul rated during this playoff run but there is an emotional lift any coaching left that and he gave them in their place that would Ellerbe. At that spot defensively I'm not sure they can't get a text brings -- a good point too is the conversational combo like always -- champ. These created an embryo. If saint friend at the end of that game we we questioned the play calls. At the end of that game if they score a touchdown. Then witnessed Merrill -- put Joseph -- focus Flacco wasn't on the field. You know Flacco wasn't on the field when San Fran this first and goal from the five of the seven. The defense held up weren't big do you question the play call from Jim Harbaugh black -- nothing to do with that the they score touchdown. Joseph Flacco and along the best quarterback in football -- there's no way -- calls in the best quarterback Reggie put -- that just because the defense of this -- offense didn't in score touchdowns. Guys played great. Is what he has been the best Harbaugh had an Andy reed moment at some terrible play calling Africa next -- that's what happened. There's no question right now if that's what I call my reality of war where we live in right right now we are only language of Joseph Flacco is the best quarterback in the National Football League. And now all I don't know some reality. Dream world Merrill drug testing at ESPN might be a good idea. Let's talk to -- Connecticut thought of the patriots reject. Aren't they don't subject. Short -- -- you know -- I act like it while we're at the world that you these are a little that's how we're. You'd. Expect that. -- Like all the work out a report on -- property now it is talked but. Worse that what it was that. I know what you're here. My height but now it is that it. -- A couple of minutes off talking about franchise. Archaic or be. Thought that line. You know all mark all because I thought Bob Welker and not irritate like. I got like dumb. Like -- ticket plate spot. -- -- I like -- that we act and I don't know that situation we're very secure a bottle pretty tight in the crop will watch. Larry FitzGerald Larry FitzGerald decide they ridiculous deal he's in Arizona he's not going anywhere. -- got it but a guy like that would get out to -- all no doubt they're. But it got below its export a lot of all. I'm you know it you're -- it and I Welker or that guy like that money on that. You -- go out. And I doubt that our people I'll be back here. To greet our at all but we don't have that. I outside that it's not there in laughter. And SP guys thanks for your call on my argument is a let's call vertical guy I don't know how -- a vertical receiver and not. Vertical -- a deal to jump out jump defensive backs and wanna once situation and make Brady better make Tom Brady's late easier bald and does that. There's a chance -- gets caught here from Baltimore -- just talked about an inch after reporting that they and claim your box Flacco. That five and a half million dollars a bullpen that salary but the -- that to get under their salary cap they're a little bit of trouble -- salary cap standpoint. -- I would love a guy like -- wobbled and now on the outside. I love that that make Brady's job easier Lou would have tell you that they don't need a lot of receivers their offense is set. I think to diversify the receiving corps with a player like Anquan Boldin out cut Brandon Lloyd. And bring emboldened if I can make that work actually do that -- Lloyd was not as advertised and I thought. Greg Bedard did a great job today in his position or rankings other receivers he's doing his three part series where he is grades for everybody. And when you get to receiver. He had eight gave -- three out of five. Instead despite replacing Chad Ochocinco Brandon Lloyd this group faltered this season and likely. We looked at closely. By the coaches I couldn't agree more I think that. They gotta diversify and that group and -- Bedard nailed it. His -- and in the globe. I don't know I device with the office of the what they'll realize the rubber koskie wasn't there Brenda -- one year in the system and I know he's done it before Josh McDaniels let's go to that school year to. That do to bring in somebody else and Boldin and try to understand -- if this what transition year. Yes you have a -- able to try to figured out as easily completions because guys that are right spots. Because they're on the same page. This offense needs no help don't Q what anybody says I won't believe -- my opinion is it. UC you have a different opinion we're judging this offense and -- final two losses the last two years when Rob Gronkowski the wasn't playing order a non factor. I don't know I can do that. I don't know how you can do that they need to improve defensively that's who need to improve -- to what the office the last two years. Because it better without them biggest weapon weapon one B what they would have to call walker keep -- the infield. 61777979837. That is your phone number text this show right now. At 37937. We continue with your phone calls -- -- on Wednesday.

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