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John Lackey says Boston blew chicken and beer "out of proportion"

Feb 6, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about the Red Sox and the expectations for John Lackey. The big righty spoke to the media for the first time this year and had some interesting things to say.

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-- list here. Played professional baseball. You're now a radio and TV star he ran something called Lotus sports investments lot of people -- won a lot of money with back in the day do wanna add PR consultant. -- hero resident based on your thoughts yesterday John Lackey Red Sox pitcher. You set on the show 24 hours ago it's got to come out. -- -- change the image he's got to make an effort this year it's an important part of remaking John Lackey the pitcher -- the team and the person. Front page not front page of the globe sports section the front page bottom fold of the entire newspaper -- study on medical marijuana. And racial bias alleged in Google's ad results story number three Boston Globe. After bruising years Lackey ready to rebound his first sit down with Pete Abraham that's for sit down and any media content about a year or so. It is of this program and these reporters to get on -- Sosa sorely. -- like two weeks before that it's it's supposed to show up to get the attributes that it is very first sit down interview. Of the season I got no notice. I got stored personal against the -- excited -- on this on that mine is way bigger and you and that's that united that a -- then Tuesday. This is the Red Sox beat reporters -- -- way of saying. Socket Bradford. -- Silverman socket space with him -- But first and that socket that -- -- -- the fair quality about camp that the Red Sox run it's not stated -- a lot of fun with it and -- -- coach you coach guys my age old with a B 65 years old when it's a lot of fun. And that's the Super Bowl week usually. Going in the Super Bowl week -- up to a 23 years ago. And because and then you can Hackett got done and -- -- a couple players in there working out. And it started it was like -- reporting. -- Well we want to get the first shot of guys running infield grass and everything about the first. And now he's got the first sit. But John Lackey is also his way -- animals do this right -- you would know they urinate on certain areas to mark their territory. Is this Abraham's -- and all hands -- job lacking on the job Lackey got the other side gets talked -- ordered to the I think he says you know Heidi got that story I don't is that. To -- -- -- -- and -- good story are. Lackey had that back in February 6 earlier that listen this is not this -- -- -- misses does all its diseases the weighted. Honestly it is the mean and some and a better interview with their first interview with Jon Lester and talk of turning around -- -- staff. Jon Lester is first sit out of spring training. Describes how we want to be -- leader you are and that's come and Jon Farrell's first press conference with the assembled media he said nothing. It then Jarrett and first. Conversation here at spring training mature with a single to Brandon AT&T to excellent not look at techniques that I Teresa well early yeah. It is he ready for me today Lou just in New Hampshire. Shark and thought it -- you got for me. What -- I already got. That candidates had to -- text thing get going on here to me that that's ready that's scary the running into -- home with a checkered in a back Alley with that action if it is texting you saying are ready Justin are you ready for meet today you know. Smash smash smash it. I read through Lackey thing today and it it's it's John Lackey and an Abraham and in some cohorts of Lackey particularly -- managers Saltalamacchia. Trying to spin that last year is a tough year. But that's not who years that he is this. It's easier for but it was a year before two years ago thank -- two years ago is not who brought the years and last year -- to rehab and -- -- the pain. Obviously in the interest stories here John Lackey in the rookies get called up Abraham writes it's Lackey who picks up the check at dinner. -- a new suit repaying favors done to him years ago -- it's Lackey who apologizes. To teammates when he shows a ball. On the field of -- we got a Lackey for a lot of shows Carl Crawford Crawford gimmick plays out there Norris cancer on Saltalamacchia says that's Lackey comes -- -- -- place. He's not trying to show anybody up just being competitive if you Nolan it's it's not really like him okay. So -- -- portrait to me -- my -- Arenas of we're trying to spin a different John Lackey where I'm coming from now. But I get into the this the second full column on page a eleven and this again. Stands out to me and I wonder is John Lackey really changed. He's asked about the beer and chicken 2011 -- -- long time ago now is going to be asked about true to form Peter Abraham writes lackeys on apologetic quote. You just take it for the team and move on. The whole thing was blown out of proportion. It was made a big deal as it was wasn't a big deals it was made to be but that's Boston. Everything gets cranked up a couple of -- So in the middle of. This new John Lackey and getting from Peter Abraham and his teammates and and former coaches and Matt -- bail today. I get the same John Lackey excuse. Generator we used again that it Boston blew it out of proportion. That it was Lana and things are gonna get blown out proportion but that is such a softball from Pete Abraham. At that it should have been we've made mistakes we move on. -- still finds a way to put on somebody else will he still finds a way to say Boston immediately blown out of proportion that's what happens and I'm sorry. It stands -- sticks out a source farm in this column of Lackey remake his image ready to retake the mound. To me it's all at the same John Lackey won a single solitary equaled their in the middle. And I agree with -- -- an extent I mean did the the response that every player. Should have. Shouldn't -- of 2011 September. Should be we made some mistakes we've learned from -- moving to lay up that -- a lay up that should be on a notes large pot and they should be passed him out there everybody. And anytime 2011 September comes up you know I don't we just it was the bottom I was just didn't play well. That's not it it's we made some mistakes we've learned from and -- to move on and we're gonna do better. That should be the response that. Would you say is wrong and is that you said I would've liked to see that responsible we get to that but that's Boston everything it's cracked up a couple of notches though it's. It's true it's this past but -- -- -- it doubles again it's the cities -- the -- became a story now but it's true but not the player's ball. We're not working hard and not at some level caring about their team -- in the field not the coaching staff's fault it's Frankel lost control it was Boston. Blowing out of proportion he does this after games. When he says you know was my fault I gave up eight earned over six -- leader got through. If things that have bounced my way that's when he got when he pitches and it's going to be a new job Lackey at some point take accountability. We want I want that is a -- of follows John Lackey take accountability for nothing I thought that was today here's the thing and it's it's it's Boston want. Why. I think zero accountability and I -- -- I don't know if you. I think you sort of running with a three year old personal feeling about Joseph -- don't like CCA quote that bomb there it is. That -- -- yeah. Is there track record of -- lack lacking not being accountability there is off but here's the bottom line is -- let me finish always in this paper is not gonna change your opinion. What he does on the mound you know we reacts on the mound and after how we pitches. Is that is gonna be the difference John -- it's all about wait and see she'll -- These different this article with with -- map room with Peter Abraham. Hoping was blown out of proportion. While -- -- an amount that's elements. Boy I disagree he's told me he told me yesterday you told us yesterday -- it's important for him to unload it after -- month. Press conference -- is how is this different than a press conference met this is him. This is that the story is John Lackey is changed went through a tough stretch nobody's gonna bounce back he's gonna be different fought through it. My question is how's that different I mean I just I -- -- accountability for John Lackey I think this is it would have been a chance for him to be accountable for he and his teammates. And that you kind of brush it off is is I'm trying to run with that no it's been a theme with John Lackey and a lot of us for a long time we got paid a lot of money in the off season. You expected -- in here and everything every once said he you're an accountable guy. And you gonna work your ass off and you're gonna pitch well he pitched our fair given credit ever Arabic wants. Good for him like him credit for that the accountability. -- tell me through I'm rewards the stories. -- -- different guy not paragraph stand out as well maybe not. Well I don't rehash September 2011 but I do think that that the chicken and beer itself on the stand alone I think -- Probably blown out of proportion. It's what it represented. I think it bother people more what are represented was are -- into it are they caring about it you know. If a guy has as it has some chicken or -- -- doubters out of the game not playing that takes a sip of beer it hasn't happened before yes. Yeah but out what that team a particularly your search for answers and I think of what that represented. Was the issue behind what happened with that ballclub that's a pissed people off. So lacking again I -- -- -- -- yeah. He needs to cut it talking to the media day one reverence that they're saying. Screw UP I'm -- not talking to the media. Good first step talking to him now as far as the rest goes. We're only gonna see once he takes the mound. You world Agassi -- controls emotion to stop showing up -- teammates. -- have to press conference is your player with somebody ask my body it's. Now log of 300 foot fly ball hit the wall or pesky pole or. But he -- that play behind mere couple leaders here in the -- catch the F and ball to one of his teammates on TV. That's gonna change your opinion about lack nothing doesn't spring training we will see it be nice to be nice to see sort treading that went. -- -- -- -- amount. Well that's a question we see already lined up at 61777979. B 37 that's our phone every can text this. And you already are on the AT&T -- -- -- 37937. Your reaction to. The John Lackey piece today what are your expectations. For John Lackey this year in a Red Sox uniform give you ours get your phone calls nine seconds. We saw Lackey in the Red Sox with the -- -- -- not a three point seven WEEI your phone call 6177797937. That's the phone number Texas. On the AT&T text line 37937. John Lackey big story today Pete Abraham is for sit down and over a year. I get for. This week -- be there throughout the week next week there's the expectations. Offer Lackey talked about the expectations yesterday for him sort of off the field. And being a little bit different on the field. You know my expectation and my hope is that he's the guy he was for much of 2010. Guys getting to -- 200 innings for the Red Sox the American League east guys and -- ERA somewhere in the forest. And got its gonna win. And 1213. I want fourteen games that year I was coming off the arm injury -- that's a realistic expectation. For John Lackey I think the year 2011 with the top Jiri pitched hurt I give a lot of credit for that if he's healthy and he's in shape any focus. I don't think it's unrealistic to expect similar numbers the what you got in 2010. -- couple years older. But I see nothing that makes me believe. He can't be somewhere in that -- -- CRA. UB 200 innings and be an upgrade -- -- the back in the rotation last year with this Red Sox. Yeah I think that's only the bar. Right amicus one thing you do need in innings are overrated they are in need Demi needs somebody up to give me 200. He's got a guy that they can do that -- did in 2010 with the Sox it's -- injuries cup years prior and we know what happened last year. If I wanna see more aggressive and echoes the entire pitching staff and that's where I think you know Pedro Martinez John Ferrell all these guys. The walk totals are inexcusable. You know he is -- foot around way too much. There -- nibbling too much John Lackey and more walks here in Boston he had in his career united. Just go attack hitters. It was his first year here at the get a 47 -- year racial gold in the all star break and it was. I wasn't what I expected expect a lot more more than that second half of the season -- the final fifteen starts after the all star break at 397 era. And I said yeah I think that's. That's lack equal that they -- side in my post can be a 38204243. Range. -- it was going to be. I was going to be a three year or anything idea readily gave him a lottery money -- -- and opened a lot of money but I would spell in the -- least -- gonna jump to. -- threes load mid forced. A three should be -- but he comes back and shows some velocity. No will we see a lot of guys do at the Tommy John game army did pitch. The in the year you know with a torn up noble. -- recovered the gonna Needham. One of five this entire team when you think about the success of this team what they can become you got Lester it's got a turnaround. I ask them for good four great years. Awful year last year buckles -- turnaround mr. Brusca initially build off some of the promise he showed last year. And I thought he I don't worry both of those -- -- action I like his stuff we'll see what he's like this year -- coming off Tommy John right down to try to show we can pitch -- -- pitching is everything. Right there you -- big question marks off. That's not a sure thing in the -- right here here's the Detroit Tigers -- your tigers finished -- ramp up for spring training right Verlander Fisher thing in order what you think about the rest your team this year. -- -- you know what to expect. There are no locks in this rotation which makes lackeys -- that much more port last year. Four numbers 101811. And two. Those of the starts totals for pitchers barred cook Dice-K and Zach Stewart. Those guys had a combined almost eight ERA. And they made forty one's -- for your team -- you know you're out of that late -- I understand that. But you've got absolutely nothing -- rotation was pretty up and down the back and was atrocious. Last year three through five was as bad as any baseball and help the tribute to your 47. ERA is a team. Lackeys that bridge guy this year right in terms of what you get from that back candidate he's anything. Like he was two years ago you very much improved. At the back and and Iraq if they stay healthy. You avoid the Bard's back and ample open cook Daisuke Zach Stewart. You forget how bad those guys were is a group and how it would Frankel -- he made nine more starts like could be included in every -- pretty well. When he started before tailing off their late. And so we -- that expectation the Lackey not only is -- going to be under a microscope because he's so despised. As a Red Sox player as a Boston athlete. Bill wondering pat -- reacts after games like he talked about eyes demeanor with the media. How he -- Is -- long way to determining how to keep this rotation. You know candy -- that bridge guy gonna get to the back end. I think it's he is. One of the biggest stories and that's quite disappointing for me and I am it's -- person not speak for everybody else that to have this excuse again about -- and historic that -- Pete Abraham your thoughts at 61777979837. -- -- boss these next up would much Lou good morning Mike. Hey good morning gentlemen are hearing -- -- -- Viable more save and after Justin -- -- -- ready for your buddy. I absolutely agree that John Lackey just get any blows everything out of proportion. They're -- -- it could possibly be some truth to the fact that this was not the big story the media made it. -- dad who cares there it felt -- a -- beer eat chicken wings. Who cares look at the -- situation. How much time was spent on that -- yesterday talking about a 28 year old meet at. Eating your brother department -- who cares why do we -- and you know we -- Authority to demand apology from people or just an -- why I don't get it. It drives me absolutely insane the city we'll take any small sport story. And blow up international headlines. So that aren't the year who cares that people do so it's bad OK -- -- out of I don't know why it's such a big issue. Mike you know -- opened in 2011. That that you said beard chicken and in the idea beard -- and I agrees overeat but what that. What that stood for the greatest collapse in baseball history you don't think that's a story. Well to collapse and that's -- -- score I don't think that John Lackey and Lester drinking beer and chicken I believe and. -- know we want no I was not a walk or. But I don't think. It should be short to immediate sought sexy story and decided to run that it has 2013. And we're talking. -- I agree with the overall point that the Boston bullets -- I -- I agree with you know in Boston does ratchet things up a little bit but. Yeah as sports fans number one I don't agree with you -- He's not a normal 23 year old kid at all -- -- -- I don't know almost went through kids do now is one we -- -- legal drink but he's not a normal one note to mean. Third annual not a normal one at all Mike coming to -- three year old you know make 56 million dollars a year. Not a lot look at a normal person will designate -- -- -- it doesn't make him normal working for business it's worth over a billion and a half dollars either that. The some responsibility we make 56 million dollars. I could not career -- I could not agree with that anymore my point is why don't we ought to sports fans feel that. Walk all the entire world and exploration trigger for action. I was the one arguing -- we don't need an apology yesterday Mike I think because of the level of interest here. In these these teams that eight tight -- 123 years old on TMZ dot com for the world to see like it's gonna generate some conversation my man. I understand that one at one Matt's question do you think that the law all these -- actually gotten worse and -- year let it fly out that. Look at the 78 Red Sox team we have this kind of animosity and stories in the media are all the all the drugs or won't -- that got walker and so on and so forth -- back and we took care about a bank. Forty things look different Mike and 78 and maybe current 2013. Or intermediate -- a -- note Sports Radio Hubble. More newspaper -- 014 -- sports stations how about web sites have applaud that might Michael and it's not just like I agree with -- it's much worse. It's much worse right now. Because. Of this competition to find out information this competition to find out there. There's reporters out there that are competing with people. This local guys are getting beat by national guards get two different Sports Radio shows the European sports shows on at night. Seven days a week. And the for topics. So now it's completely different in 1970. Well what what pisses people off as your fan of the Boston Red Sox. And assemble a team with a couple hundred million dollars. And they're going out there and play baseball very high level among the best teams in baseball world collapses and we just didn't play well we'll be fine. He's that good you don't play -- local seven points at seven point. You know eagle thirteen fourteen where you illegal eleventh and whatever sixteen estimate the playoffs. You know it was a it was a collapse in a pissed off a lot of people I guess might disagree attic fans are right. Still talk about that news that would that historic lack and lack it was a part of it rightly Lackey was a part of that and attack these shows up today in talks about it. Is it still viable conversation to have because he was involved or what you Gail Evans who pitched since then. Yes -- can take the mound. So I think -- a lot of -- lose point about and the the coverage a sport that's so different he read the stories of you know in the fifties and 60s70s. And into the eighties. Not just sometimes but pretty regularly. Reporters what while there and drink with these athletes. On the plane you noted -- -- see these guys out it is a way. Different situation now. And just covered differently and I -- a story like gronkowski east dancing. Whether you agree with that or not is absolutely going to be talked about and is ward -- to be talked about. This today with John Lackey expectations. In his comments Peter Abraham are absolutely. -- -- refuel the fire Red Sox fan base that is listening to their own team run commercials that say we fixed it. 2011 long time ago still part of what I think they're trying to fix. 617779793. -- the phone number yet text message in the first couple minutes of the show. Saying are you ready for -- today aloof from Justin New Hampshire are confirmed. I believe so yes I -- -- just in New Hampshire amongst others up on the call screen they get ready back.

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