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Winter's World: Kevin Allen, USA Today, says Tuukka Rask is among the NHL's goaltending elite

Feb 6, 2013|

Kevin Allen joins Kevin Winter to talk Bruins and NHL. USA Today's national hockey writer looks ahead to some big matchups on the Bruins' schedule and believes Boston's new number one goalie will be up to the task.

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It's when there's world. Welfare featuring all the things that shoot injuries -- you in the world of sports hero on WEEI. You're welcome -- other -- you know what it's called. Along -- football season that they've done so we're kind of moving and I. For those who don't know lethal involvement of the ball with the college with a -- today that it. What I do it's what I love -- number two don't. -- I've seen hockey and basketball. It looked somewhat of -- I'm one of those guys are it's -- and give me any college spot pro whatever it may be. Lock the NHL lob watch an awful lot of different games -- the other way what the NHL's doing this year it's -- -- this financial game on every night -- on the NBC sports network. Or wrong not the NHL network somewhat he's getting 83. Sports a free hockey game every night to three weeks at the NHL season we figured it's a good time -- check in with Kevin Allen the USA today national hockey writer. -- follow on Twitter of course at buying the lie Kevin Allen. I Kevin Allen joins us here on another ID should of went usual podcasts take -- -- yet -- the Boston Bruins. Also everything else that's happening around the NHL categories jumped out do you -- in these early portions first couple weeks of this very very short NHL season. Well I mean I I I think -- bit surprising teams obviously particularly in the east with the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Montreal Canadians. I really thought that kitty is going to be one of the weaker teams in the NHL right. I have big -- -- mark version and doing the job there. But I was gonna take us some time but two things have happened for as well Markoff is healthy. And that's made a big difference on the power play with the offense that's certainly prices have been very good in the and I think that's. Don't really help them and I think these two little more forgiving than the last I think you could make a quicker and he's been neat in in the -- The Tampa Bay Lightning and I I think. You know we all suspected they were going to be a much improved team this device in the went out and helped the defense with additional like Carl and sell -- in the offseason and now the only rookie Carriker has stepped in and helped as well and a they look very good itself. You know I I think those -- the two biggest surprises in the. We take a quick look at Tampa Bay I saw them much earlier this week as they took -- a Philadelphia. Our Bruins it's gonna get a chance to see him again coming up this week it will touch of that moment but. Was when you look at the lightning their their their power plays is complete it's flat from a year ago now they're number one it. Was last year the aberration just all the talent they have between Saint Louis stamp goes. -- my AA and then he had the rookie not accurate as you said was lashing the aberration. Auditors to question you know. The players always say that. They don't change the way they've played based on who's in net but but they do. You know that's just the truth the reality of the situation and the other what a lot of confidence. What was happening in that last cities and in the way the team was playing defensively and now that you know I'd imagine if this went back but. If he's played very well form as well I think that team it's just a lot more confidence. You know I I I think offense. A couple of topic comes from believe that their defense we'll take care of business so others do and I think that's what happened and on the power play just as you mentioned. You know I I think the he'll be out -- obvious reason is is the real reason why the team is doing well our plan that is the other guy -- been imposed against Italy. They've got players. That. Should be putting the part of that would have extended the man advantage in the do at this news. I don't read it today enough lightning fire agreement they have never seen -- -- yea probably get into fights in his career -- -- already -- -- -- -- -- Philadelphia -- of course in that particular game. On the flyer -- Thompson ST you know he actually has the two goals -- -- they gave said it it's almost like that that's the kind this season. We're looking yet and you had other a point earlier Kevin Allen USA today national hockey -- joining us. -- the east is more forgiving in the way -- mean by that. Well I've been I just think that. You know there's still like -- you know. There's a lot of really really good teams that's deeper in the west and it is in the eighties that I speak to me there's a real separation in the east a morsel in the west where. You know to beat Boston. In Pittsburgh. Those teams at the top. Right now I mean they're just a little bit better than teams below them what I think of the west there's a lot of teams that are in the -- And com. I I think there's continues that are saying he's too but they're not quite as strong as a team allowed so I just think lecture at the bottom in the west. It's it's a -- flight to climb up over teams of these. Do you see anybody in any particular. Division will break it down that way. Running away with either division or even a conference that does that happen at all this year given how short it is. Now I I don't I really think that sense oh. You know the original locked out in the introduction of the salary cap that that parity is that it has really changed. The way you look at even division races like. You know the old days the old days being ten years ago hope. You know you could for the pretty much. Tell -- the top five or six is seventeens were going to be you know that's -- it would not necessarily was in the cup which you could get a little bit smaller group. And ally I I really believe that cut -- -- -- five -- can win the cup. Maybe this year maybe even closer to thirty -- wouldn't put Columbus some members. You know I mean. All the teams are capable. Because of you know the parity in the league to -- the -- get in the play -- they can make a good run and haven't looked at last year with. -- barely -- -- scratching audience in the playoffs so that's still really run the table I've been dominating. In the play out well I think that's possible for a lot of. I heard the I forget which national announcers said it earlier this week but I've been -- point -- teams get. Goalie or they get on our runs its appeared so far these first couple weeks they don't stop. But yet when you are struggling you don't get out of that brought you finding that as well. Yeah I mean. I know what that is the point is make it is is that. I I think wouldn't. You know you had the short training camp you have players. You know out of -- Whole you know once they get in -- It's you know it's that's the real big difference of a real advantage -- the one thing I've noticed that it's been a little harder project. How teams are gonna perform because. They've got half their guys have been playing -- Allred Europe there -- other guys who play in Rochester and some teams have very few players that. Have been playing it in a lock out players -- -- -- conditioning year round. You know that's not an issue but. -- condition at the time being that tape to tape passes that take us some time -- what now and to that point. I think. In the third week where most teams now are starting to feel what other game is that. And I think what we've seen is is that. You know teams that have struggled. You know suddenly come out of -- -- and it looked like the world beaters so. I think we're gonna see kind of a collection vote rove wants in this. Previous 48 games he's. We take a look at portion of the schedule there are no local specifically to the Bruins get they are -- angle in. Mom. The -- this week -- Montreal there will have Tampa make about the Saturday they'll have the Buffalo Sabres in that rematch on Sunday. Then they've got the Rangers in town and then I think it's the sabres again it all we look at -- one of those stretches where we may know more about this Bruins -- are out. From your perspective. Is his Bruins team -- days and even bought a bottle what happens in these export five games. It's not really gonna affect the. You know I I think the Bruins are what they are like I think they're one of the -- team in the league -- like we've forgotten that they you know they want a couple of very short period of time ago it's amazing how that so quickly and outraged and you know and that team has its different now because obviously say it was playing a bigger role that he did when they won the cup. But it also does a lot of sameness to under a lot a lot about the Bruins team. And you know I'm a -- believer. So I thought. I I just think that there and they're going to be they're in the playoffs the minutes of the matter in the post season like any other year you're gonna happen have be injury free. He had haven't been blocked because you know that's Caribbean. Told story about the NHL playoffs is that no matter how good you are if you don't have the block to think you know you know -- successful -- -- the way out of the of the parity but -- you know I like the -- analyst Vietnam bullish on it I have been from the side of the. You imagine your grass believer life. I just think we should be given the opportunity he's shown that you know he -- post the numbers and I I think. You know you don't have to win games necessarily what the bruins' defense and have a chart back there which you can't they only did he can't lose them and dom. In -- I think he's shown me that he he's got the ability to. You know to be one of the top believability. Micron has been dealt from the Rangers how much is that gonna be a blow to their team is what I have noticed Kevin. It's it's -- seems like -- -- -- don't you think of this this little -- the conspiracy they're -- kinda like the 1000 times. Every hockey game I've watched so far this year and that it can be on national television he can beat Columbus in Phoenix going at it it seems like every game that I've seen. There's been one fight. At least one fight and I almost get the feeling gives it the players now on a first globally tank. We got to come out of the -- that only playing well we got to put on shell. -- -- -- I do I do buy it but it's. I. Yeah mr. -- took up you -- about it is thirteen to 15%. And you know I I think my feeling you know why it's happening is is that -- -- conference only. So we have great familiarity with between the teams that a player and usually. There's been a playoff. Intensity importance of the team's feeling right from the beginning I had a conversation with candidates back earlier this week and and generally I talked to him about argument a myriad of other topics and it is as I got up -- the ball but how accurate. About what to Vietnam and about because these new ball like he's been a problem. That's a very pervasive attitude around the league right now and I think this feeling that. You know that's it's really been through intense time I think it's kind of sort of boil over but. And I also think that players do feel that they were gonna give the fans you know -- show and -- presence and you know this what we do this is about week. Help. Felt we gave the fans -- -- -- what we're going to be targeted in Detroit Jordan Tutu incident like he's had a fight with in the first five seconds of so out of the game well you know he's out there so he must think well they're put me out there and wanted to -- As it is it too early to start looking at which players could be on the move which moves could be made -- exact about another you know three to four weeks away. You know I think it's about another five to seven days -- election. You know -- -- I ice said that what the opening game I was sitting next to some writers that I that I Villaraigosa right my -- season review tomorrow. It -- tells you sell. Yeah well and -- -- I I think the fact that you mentioned the rough trade I thought to be that was an indicator. He's a highly respected role player big guy 240 compound. You know he's the type of guy that you -- play out time and you know he's been moved already. And he's got a good team the Minnesota Wild you know they they spent -- 196. Million dollars to get two players and you know they're not comfortable about their place for the playoffs and I think the popularity like I -- to me that was the start. You -- or receive some loose there's a lot of teams look at our defense. And I I think they're going to be a lot of shuffling of of bodies and that he is we get closer to the trade deadline you're gonna start. Here -- some names well like one of the more interesting things as you know I didn't anticipate if I was going to be would be this good in the last now. You know they get gets slapped a period appease some -- signed -- -- -- can get reassigned to know what they do he can afford allowable tactic or created six. Some very difficult decision that. Those guys end -- trade being traded I mean obviously will be the big expensive trip. How much. And file but it it may just be as a small answer. The you've got the closet kicks in I believe next year which is the exile clause if you will where look -- -- like your contract erratic here. Is isn't great for lack of better term. Are are you ready those guys get -- -- -- Who potentially could be could be caught on those long term deals to try to get everyone back to weather supposed to be ordered with daddy or me or. I don't think that definitely impact what happens -- the trade deadline and it to be honest I you know I think they'll be some teams they'll consider some things. I don't think you have -- You know I've looked at some other. Salary -- those situations and you know there's going to be some guys I mean commissary can. Throttle and you know it gives. -- -- and had a poor year he was a candidate is well you know they'll be some decisions but I I. I really don't believe there's going to be wholesale use of that. You know I don't think is going to be like forty guys. Kevin appreciate the time and you are at. By Kevin Allen on Twitter correct. App by Kevin Allen we will level -- it podcast got you coming up in the upcoming days -- vote docket again soon. Kevin Allen in the USA today national hockey right of course -- about it USA today dot com got to read a mom lied every day a little perspective three weeks in the NHL season. If they get what active is that a pretty good time lets you stand exit again yellows it would take it. Take a look at this midweek you start looking -- the standings in attic Kevin at the nail on the head we're not missing an awful lot of these teams run away. There's an awful lot of teams that are bunched together points -- at a premium. And you have a chance to -- start stack of these points up need every point you can get. Obviously you -- fastest possible. But it's got to be a dog fight and -- repeat three weeks in. To the NHL season why not take a look at now we'll have an opportunity catch up to Adelaide erotic get busy week we take this on a -- today. A little bit of brilliance and the Canadians -- -- bit of brilliance of the lightning. -- of the sabres Bruins and Rangers. And Bruins and sabres again. So we got an awful lot to look forward do all over the next week week and a half for self explicitly everybody don't forget follow me on Twitter. Kevin. I don't to get text out of course oddity of the WEEI dot com audio on demand -- And that you're of the get -- -- at every morning six dead right down a lot of -- Sox try to get those still to all guys that talked a lot about the the black and gold. Will reinvigorate them. I get a couple of tricks up -- it's the opposite would happen the next coming days that soliciting do another validation. Of which is all fine and.

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