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The guys have started following "The Following." We all agree it's must-watch TV.

Feb 6, 2013|

Gerry led the way and the rest of the guys fell in line. We're all watching "The Following" with Kevin Bacon and we're hooked. Don't worry, no major spoilers.

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I hate mail and I need to get a -- show H two -- I didn't need to get addicted to Dahlia she did I -- now you get it I was so the following yesterday. It's Europe and you're in -- in here's the thing that's really creepy about the show. Is I think is. A parallel. Between the theme of the show and the effect it has on new item in the cult -- and killing one put. I feel like -- in the -- now I'm in the cult of the following the fall yes. And that -- Obviously -- -- -- but the name of the show the following because of these people who follow this serial killer -- wanna. And seek his approval and and he'll do his bidding and do his bidding ambiguities and carry out his big -- master evil plan. And I am the one choice -- -- -- he got my -- he didn't hit it joke at my head is. As judges that you can't go to sleep after the show the best that you -- say about a television show. And I realize it's easier note says that about a murder mystery and comedy but the best thing you -- say about a show this kind of show. Callers should -- cereal not sincere right -- a serial show a drama. Is he gets in your head when he Ford did that shielded that there's certain shows L homeland as the best at that when it's -- that called. -- -- -- -- And with this show with the following it does what when he Ford did often wondered who the bad -- yeah the good -- right who's gonna turn neck that's the element that really kind of gets in your brain yeah you sit there and you can't trust anybody in the -- trust anybody and then when you think like -- -- -- -- next door neighbors like pushing him with us like 30 that's a month ago OK so you can do that and it cannot keep an up. I've -- to -- for always pretty -- away to the third one you know are now but they're all been great I'm telling you watched the first two back to back and then third one was Monday night. I normally show normally this -- football longer -- Celtics and Bruins are some that. Used to watch knows I am allowed to do that and more bodies of two things to do. And -- tape watch on Friday night out 00 yeah that's true well Watson on the weekend where you can -- and relax enjoy I have to watch. -- -- -- -- that the creator or Kevin Bacon or whatever. On a Monday night I watched with commercials and everything yeah and I and I loved it it was great in -- ask -- this yesterday go to feel like it's so graphic and so violent. That it belongs on showtime and a woman getting naked in an office and stabbing of an ice pick in her eyes. For you can't have a that was so we tattooed. Like in my throat NGOs all -- album pull. Verse on what it takes a nice and Arctic and she and you think it's an interest. They've bought the handouts are all -- -- guys in the pulling guns on our. She she have her are excited and argue I tried to get. Like I got my wife and homeland -- it's awesome and point four. And I was gonna get -- to this -- -- the way and I know it's in the eyes quickly guys that forget it. Again it honey you are -- for the killer's ex wife not to be bad person. Yes I -- some pot smoke and she's -- hopes and that's a big -- about you but she's in with and I'll say this statement and tell us that tuchman yesterday the the FBI woman. Who brings the book and gives -- and all book that killer in prison. Is that too obvious that she might be one embryo that cult members of the mole on her face targetable is that too obvious he's not desperate to get that she campy cult member how about the young FBI guy that rides around Kevin Bacon and -- government right. -- too obvious. On the catches and drinking and grace is on the guys audience epithet -- Kevin Bacon if you have a Siemens is troubled. -- -- -- Who solved the serial killing ten years ago tossed out and he was -- that big that that guy who has serial killer idea. And but he also gets stabbed in the heart but the serial killers who really pacemaker and banks are that you -- But he also has nightmares and well don't tell a good job with the -- backlash Basques yes I mean it's not it's really where they'll go back and likely Mod Squad -- -- something. You just they look sort this and other dreams equalized about the exactly traditional setting the history applicant and they don't drag them out this is here is where he met this couple legal flashback 2003004. I mean I have some questions. And maybe you can answer me this what does that fat cop killed nine sorority girls. In two minutes with a knife what do you mean he didn't have likened AK 47 -- Aegis and didn't they fight back and they scream in the team up on a yeah it's a little 01 believable and as is president of Chile. I don't we discussed it -- -- -- he couldn't move fast Richards -- stupid do they -- amount of immoral it's like I have questions they don't ruin the show it's like the question and and Jerry Horton into this on Twitter for me last time out from somebody. In Shawshank redemption to put the poster -- the hole after ghost of the whole. Attitude. I think he takes oatmeal from via mess -- it just kind of deals and dries it right and and this thing was like a dog door you've all the flat -- yes and that comes out. And maybe have little sticky something on the -- but it wouldn't it's with a stick to the well currently the way it did. Mean you do have these and do you really think that he know before he went to the tunnel -- I went into frame. That he could take a rock and busts the pipe. Mikey wait need hit the rock on the pipe and thunder didn't rehearse that at any point at the -- -- -- pipes is a piper and over there do you think you could Boston with a rock. You look at a pipe says I'll bust that opened with a rock -- plastic PV CU. -- It's a medal in. And noise free rights -- match. Now if he couldn't bust of the pipe. Who you go back to his rule if it's -- that. Rock Hill back up on the wall look at everything -- I tried to hit that one -- -- big in the the stuff and drop them in the yard. But he had to know some that that rock break that question for you could -- to buy a full call annum and watching on demand you can on the passport and analysis some on demand shows do but not following. And they barrage with a problem it was a fat pops how's the dogs were dead in the garage practiced -- -- practicing -- -- this -- I -- -- people. Can -- cut I can say it without saying it's a little. Too graphic that the -- it's Edgar Allan -- thing we have to take the eyes out because beauty is -- -- I mean your soul is seen through your rise in its -- -- -- -- -- -- at the mean there are limits to these shows -- on networks that limits that can go to. All crossed the line when they had this pretty girl. Who was the daughter on taken. That she's it she got almost killed the first time ten years ago yeah she survived and cheeses. Q doctor doctor and he -- what a good character. And they have her murdered the cut her -- out in the first in December oh wait wait that's not right she did the first initial before they almost killed. And then. It can kill off one episode just killer epidemic in the first episode torture and to say wait a second it's just it is very graphic is not for. -- -- -- children should be nervous because you can't trust anybody you know to look at anybody in the in the game next door neighbors who came in arms around when he first -- -- -- -- escape prison will be here for -- I -- next. And did you initially think that the that the bad cop bad cop who. He he's the original following member cult members he was not a cop -- -- prison guard. Prison guard was imprisoned with the serial killer who's got these great mine these powers. And he got the hours ago under a spell yes he helped them get on line and create the skull and then he helped them escape and and you think he snuck in killed two gay guys it's not in the -- because it's in the can't be evil -- cute little -- -- VC they they seem. You haven't seen this in the -- the when they go back to -- actually on the pretended to be gave -- one night had a few too many drinks yes and they went over and they to the dark side right. And they that's why one of the gay guys is jealous the other guy because usually political wedge back girls when they -- and one -- -- didn't girls is only getting one and so we went out. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- shield them. For you make an Al yeah. It's it's not as disgusting as Watson that nerd Mecca of Mara field is pretty grows 677797937. Beyoncé. Is in trouble. Beyoncé is in big time trouble why. Did she do all Italian ninety seconds.

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