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Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports, talks about provides the inside details on his story linking Ryan Braun with PEDs

Feb 6, 2013|

Jeff Passan broke the news that Ryan Braun was among the MLB players that were in touch with Tony Bosch, who reportedly provided Alex Rodriguez with performance enhancing drugs. Braun is not directly linked to a specific substance, but Passan says something about his story doesn't jive.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan 6177797937. Look before Dora chat coming up just -- and warm Yahoo! Sports. -- very very interesting piece on Yahoo! Sports about Ryan run he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT good morning Jeff how -- Well I -- Tell latest Jeff -- off the top which alibi did you find more believable last -- about the the evil FedEx man or this one that he was just. Colleague Tony -- to consult with them as an expert. Boy that that that at that I mean look. And needed somebody at -- if you believe it's plausible and you know what I would not have believed it was plausible that Ryan -- Are we going to get off. What the suspension win. He had elevated levels. There -- surround sound and a year and undated here that was. Then put and it triple field -- perk up. And the simple -- not be graded out and that we can India learn restatement and hear their -- brown was playing. -- 160 some gains achieved it and there happens second in the MVP so. What what I -- Actually it's the reality sometimes. There's not necessarily. I will only instead there are all sorts of questions. About this number one and why the hell would you use an -- You won't be there as a consultant. When you have the better expert than doctors. And characters in the world at your disposal. Number two why it was brand brand name still undated Alex Rodriguez Melky Cabrera is -- Oreo. And Frankie valley the first three of whom are -- two TDs. And the sort of who admitted working. With Tony bosh and getting products from. Now -- is referring to -- had written records the Tony boss from by Genesis kept for himself. The new -- tell the context of Ryan bronze named in those logs as compared to Iran's -- so far anyway Jeff. Yeah and let me just talk about the break something on your show here guys this ventures. In the Cornwell was one of Ryan bronze lawyers. And we just received a statement from. Quote I would not familiar with Sony bought -- to Ryan broad case. In the fifteen years that I represented players taking discipline under the various professionals or at least substance. He's very programmed I have relied primarily if not exclusively on doctor David L black. It is in the side is that agent science corporation the national and that he is my expert with respect to scientific. And other matters relevant to the testing of players bet that. -- was introduced to meet the earlier -- -- Bryant they are some watches valued to be negligible. And there after I've followed my prior record. We're relying on agers in the preparation -- -- percent. Now what that held that that -- -- -- right there yeah the law and say that this doesn't seem to jive very well right right. It was court wells phone number not -- those records without another attorneys number. That was another very that was. Kirk Lyons who I called yesterday. Declined comment but I spoke with appliance like me twice -- opportunities that we use Sony bought in the now. Did this case as you all -- each cases get weirder and -- just to answer your question from before Brian Brohm was mentioned Greek times. One of those times you know could it really is not any -- -- -- I -- Tony box sent a letter why unions not -- burns. -- runner with the aid agency and said. It looks like -- in the -- circuit when he won the MVP at the broad advance is now. I I made and that co -- -- that. In taking the -- rock advantage for the rest of my life -- that's really great little braves -- When you load up in yet the brought it it's odd that it. It -- -- he'd -- me you were just about workers lions one of his attorneys number was there. It's Brian broad art beat twenty to thirty K brought in explains that that the consulting fee and the argument ever see that. They have and the third mentions the wanted to before the one that's gone on explains bill whipped puppy Cabrera auction every name right. -- -- You like they're all gonna get. Fifty games whether -- you know and and. But I doubt and and I I I don't say that for any other reason and MLB has really difficult time getting people talk and I'll -- always had a difficult time getting people now. It DEA or the FBI or dispute who knows what. Find this worth their time in pursuing -- if somebody with subpoena power practiced all the suddenly the game changes. And yet I I I do think. That. Under under boat people will tell the truth. But until you have. That sort of authority. Beyond Major League Baseball department -- investigation it's going to be very difficult to compel witnesses talk and talk honestly. Jeff assisting plays itself but we are going to have to get used to return I assume non analytical positives explain what that is and how it applies to this particular case going forward. I'm not analytical positive. Issues. -- Major League Baseball. I'm not sure it's in the NFL as well but when you went exports -- find evidence. Tying eight player. To a particular drug whether music prescription. Weathered as a package be delivered or in this case whether. It's. The knowledge. Working with big doping doctor. And then gives them a suspension. Based on that evidence Manny Ramirez actually was in on analytical positive you -- that. They had a prescription tying him to this pregnancy arm. From the same. Yeah I I believe. What do they Jordan Schafer from the Braves got that he would not analytical positive because he had HEH delivered. I think -- Hauser. Ballpark percent Maury yet -- should initiate shipment delivered. You need a greater Burton Group however it did -- records and all and they'll be at right now. And all the good it could happen records right now all MLB is hoping for at this point in the record did. Beyond that there's not much the case to to be majors topic at the record and start the process. Open their eyes and other things including probably have. And more players who were about less. Jeff as as much as it seems ridiculous that he went to this guy to help him with his pace last year. I think that's a much better excuse than -- who was about -- representatives recruit from friends who said it's all a forgery makes a lot of sense that happening -- would sit down and put on the -- -- together and have notation after notation and the ED after PED next to Iran's name just for something to do was a forgery. Yeah well I think. Beyond the shadow of -- what happened yesterday confirmed that these records are indeed legitimate and Ryan abroad coming out and acknowledging. Some sort of a relationship with Anthony -- -- -- goes -- you name. That the players right there you players' names were in the records. And that to me. That that look I believe based on the number of sources. With so much located at the Miami new times at the first -- that these records were nothing but legitimate. It would it would take. The most massive conspiracy. I have ever seen. And trust me -- been some big conspiracies and in sports and perhaps it would be it would be the most massive conspiracy effort to. Optical output of this magnitude and put names on there at that really weren't I mean. It just. Look what what you're trying to figure out what's real and what's truthful and what is it. He got to go back to the idea OK what the likely thing to be true. For probably true how -- we -- Thankfully you know we have enough people talk to us that that confirmed the veracity of this in the law. If nothing else cherry interest and see Ryan brought a guy who's been under the microscope before. Are again -- a guy -- Probably shouldn't be active. Right -- -- Jeff any day now very soon they're going to be taken blood from Major League Baseball plays for the first time. What do you think is gonna happen here we gonna get a whole wave of a positive tests -- and they have the players honestly I'm ready for this. In their property that look they're always had a things and in the age you eight cents. For for as good people make it wannabe is all that effective means you need to get -- -- -- with it and days he's in the product. In is that likely that chair umpire would be you know maybe once or twice a year but beyond. The guys. I think for the most of them. Are Smart. But. There are some dummies and I think we can tell the companies by the ones to use. Guys like Tony bosh. Guys like. -- aboard as there and the people who are seen their consultants on improving mean that. Happening is that the funniest part of this opening you'd think these millionaires. Would have liked a heat stroke doctor. Achieving guys out -- Miami in the former male strippers selling ban these. Yeah you -- Manny remains -- dummy. -- You -- -- growing up in Cleveland but many stories record words were priceless and precious and wonderful and so now. I would never viewed many here like that I'll just say that. Many had some time or should. Major final question for me given all the that the information we know about bonds and Clemens and -- all these great players are using PEDs has your view or measure estimate I should say changed about the percentage of people. Using performance enhancing drugs because it would seem to me -- borderline guy I'm more likely to use that and a great guy who was trying to be the best. May -- -- and also your borderline guys then if you get off your careers so. Borderline guys don't get second chances. Superstars -- And so I think honestly think the incentive is -- just as much if not more. Or superstar who can go from. Earning you know eight million to fifteen million here look at lucky Cabrera Cabrera -- -- Major League player. And he took steroids it was a line for five years 75 million dollar contract. He wasn't -- borderline. It was a guy who's losing Major League comedy. So. -- you know I think that it's. Let everybody has the incentive there and it's just the matter what here you know what your moral standards that you risk. You know risk reward. Where I guess willingness accurate again. What your fate in the the drug your taking -- -- I'll -- testing. Obviously a number of guys who relate to the spy agency that didn't think that the -- was great not to push them away from doing. I think the newest poster boy the best advertisement. Is Ryan brownies cut eight years and 130 million left on his contract. He won the MVP and then finished second in the MVP. I'm not so sure he does that without Tony bosses helped Jeff. I you know we don't know how long Ryan -- been music. Oregon Ameritrade that we don't know if Bryant Bryant has did you see anything -- -- Bryant Ron had been using something -- we don't now how long ineptitude. And that's it's it's a Miami connection I'll write the University of Miami is the connection. -- no doubt about it. Ryan -- was that the University of Miami early in the 2000 so -- yeah. -- -- -- from Yahoo! Sports just pass that again nice work Jeff we take some time does an excellent job Jeff. Appreciate it ought to down the road to pass it doesn't Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE fourth and final hour. The NC straight ahead.

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