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Tuesday, February 5th Whiner Line

Feb 5, 2013|

It's who gives a f**k day... I mean TRUCK DAY

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Views expressed expressed the slightest it's like to see some cost. -- So now. Can somebody tell me -- Utilizes this. -- -- -- compounds that is whose accounts I don't remember them and now from the colleges you'll even dimmer CPUs that utilizing him ever. WEEI. -- that every random one that comes in there is now between. Once they once. It's -- that little bowl. It's mostly nonsense to 6177793535. Like I don't even know -- -- -- to pace almighty you have to it is that's what it is. Okay so the trilogy in one line and actually gets updated practice to be in the business on the -- to make every one use bullets. Public 24 today and now that would. -- the only ones. I -- like people's tweets a couple things one lie after back to fuel wars and -- On all. Dial up phone guy. Express. So. That's a good way don't want to do this this is ridiculous question let me just. Thank goodness. Some validity. Who is tomorrow. Refusal to schedule those who wish to call attached to. Go right to go it should go -- on the thing -- -- somebody who's never tweet. It's like really stupid exercising to music by someone who's never -- -- who you who who -- I was just I mean there's -- -- but it popped up he's one of our attention he has a lot of followers he's never tweet it hasn't bothered. You probably he would if he if he tried -- -- that -- -- worked as Butler who's better for terrorists. You follow him. They would ask. Competitor I -- follow -- points is because. It's. Your world is waiting for. Good way -- got into winners anyway subverted the important Angela yeah Leinart got. US students heiress records that it is yes I did it's. Bernard -- play AT&T it. WEEI live it's available to drive on -- Blackberry device brought -- you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up -- -- three GAT and T rethink possible. Let's. Do the things they do the things that thing and. An American has reported -- -- cup the world -- that you couldn't. Ten Brad can't Kenny Johnson replacing -- and I can be quite an NHL hockey. And message. And repression of stuff to this weirdness are. Stroke and. I crime. Attempted to -- national soccer back ago when Europe is there any doubt to knock on. -- -- -- -- -- -- Did doubt about 07 football with that they've got the people that bet on the kind of what I can't back it was without a doubt -- And the mob attitude and his neck and I've always doubt that does to syndicate. -- -- -- Period via -- but -- Baltimore parade. Mets stadium you go to block -- -- action either have a bad day in Baghdad. Middle of the Atlantic coast. Kind of statement I thought is gonna. And that it. The dual -- high rises in the low rises there Michael's to a Avon. Stan. -- Off the city of Bob Hope that it. Not a police stopped through the round rate will look very deliberate yeah you know it's got to keep the that -- -- -- -- didn't -- And that message. To watch any of the parades like no I did not and so as a sort of reflect and fed up with -- Ray Lewis I could -- -- -- if you're happy for the city. The Baltimore. -- that well other players and the teams not just Ray Lewis of the guys don't have to victory hey Joseph Flacco do you hate Joseph Flacco he's an -- Ray Rice Johnson -- -- on national -- was my kids watch about Ray Rice the favorite right. Our kids don't really say that when he -- a hole. I don't pay eight Ray Rice. Don't hate and read that -- I hate -- I Pollard and Ray Lewis Harvick. -- -- I have been very -- -- -- What goes bad. That's the kind. Of -- kind. The Big Ben Ben. -- clearly. And now is Dave -- and it says this is done to us he extended outtakes online in of those visits a month. At. -- -- -- -- This week it's swap obviously this is all of hearing these people who do like -- you know if you look at your -- and yeah. That's all we wish this on trying to finish up Paul English edition -- -- it can't let those sexy Arnold. -- the -- music are only kid that's project practiced on twinkies. -- So bad but our spot. Don't -- I didn't get over it like now are not strictly on Memorial Day project development book -- apple expect. I would that was my gut tell you I love -- involved -- -- -- I don't think he got pocket to him and thought about all of -- different -- because that would but I got won't quite. 56 people revenues -- is -- sick C com on eleven it. It's an exception so. He's seven feet tall he's one of those guys that just doesn't wanna be known business and I get no I know I heard him but I think it should be ignored because why don't interest. And write about street maybe -- what Obama well go ahead and say that -- good -- I guess he did pretty easy but it did have released 7070 total have you seen of course he'd talked to him personally next yes yes and yeah your gas. So you five I should have a case you're right next to him and he looks like he's a foot after all you yes definitely yes -- very Tommy -- -- is simply we have to start reading recently and by the way the godaddy guy I guess has already appeared. On an episode the big thing here darted in on him. -- -- but -- vote giving credit where credit is due. And they can write and development grateful for the connections over the seriously. How to help Charlotte because it is out of that godaddy commercials. I really and just let it. -- -- Sixty pushed up and -- really I guess then what happened or as important. Forward. And that cannot catch up. Now -- job item that actually you know that little machine they put in your future Michigan actually if you look at her you can use it to your advantage is it almost completely bouncing. -- works the machine it is up it's a machine now wouldn't trust me there isn't much a machine monitor -- a monitor that you put in your chest yes you do. So I'm obligated deliveries to big high rise building in Boston that it fifty insurance company but if you padlock around. I got my little you know radio. Go to my -- -- completely here Glenn Beck talked about doing sixty put up all of sudden I had blurred out. I don't know where you want to look at every thanks -- -- Glenn good moment good moment in my day. And met here this party Ukraine needed 61 I did the boot camp like that a lot of push -- that was one of the things I was doing an array of places. Yes and it is a time limit to the as the time goes out the ups and downs that the women's -- that. You know like they -- -- -- Glad you could want or have normal Radio One argument the strongest one put up. I was elected to do with ballot that. Long a long arms right if you have shorter arms I have started a little alligator arms it's about it's easier for portions -- -- me. Go Michael always. -- through my apple -- Is that if you want Comcast looks like the real professional. And are better real argument back on the. And that old school olds can read what's wrong with that not lately give -- hockey player right. Actually here at the curly in the curly hair back -- there she -- luckily hard knocks. She'll grab your -- Why did go. Back -- and -- Duels just. -- love love that. Yeah we get a good thing up and put them down. And a message. I looked these up and put themselves. She's a lift things up and put the golf it was sort yes -- -- that's agree thank you. -- -- I would take it they forget opening. How about what -- like it -- a little more. At stake would be paired up with three got a brother that don't rather do you know what. -- And if you say that if you knew who he went home. The -- home his brother his brother he thinks whoever he while there are people okay -- out. They don't I don't remember our. The -- -- in trouble when he would rather get little world what acts going on. And that used to play that song at the end somebody a little oil and whenever you work a little loyalty to play a song at the end -- vital to -- girls not little lawyer -- lure you to jump around. Ladies night these players who -- -- ladies and right now. -- Because there. -- that would. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know for the it would. And we got it. And the message. People are not a good idea home loan quote above is probably oil problem. The -- regretfully. I don't think that everybody else does out of Africa. And let you use oil we use -- -- They didn't. What you call them grow all an act Mormeck who were. Who is Dade school group although it's billboard outside. Maybe have a a lot of marriage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Clapping his every -- -- paid for the ravens put the what they've been able it's may -- -- The media. I'd rather have fear it must -- law. Brady goes through the hour read phase of his life yes I was little scare you. Exert. All that's what you had one that was different guys in the other items in different directions only winners oh look at that piece of that she did suit again. They call me crazy but I'm way overweight -- Chlamydia syphilis and at that point in his -- And going -- play. -- Yeah another president who humble apologetic that -- costs as a -- -- let the game get the ball that. I don't forget them and then every five. I don't forget the hot bodied food me. -- and wet at the popularity. And that it. -- I haven't caught up are you -- -- bad but not break up the fact. That it didn't see you know it's a very. Rapid roll. Bob did -- today is rather good at what they've thought about that last play it's acting. And if that actually looks like his brother came down and an arm through his accuracy and give an armed and they're good actors now. I was when it gets. Very glad they might. Our would have Vegas DDT and a brother I'm sure at one point or another and focus -- don't -- doubt that I. I have -- except for. Sure there. We ever touched earlier Balkans or two before -- you know I've had a lot of snakes but none of that. So -- -- and I have to agree with -- It can happen at home hit. The ball. I was -- And I anticipate him back into the bad. Not dependent. I publish at a problem. And I accept that people. Why. Won't it -- although it. It was probably left in the middle of all. They. Yeah. -- And a message. I. -- That's a moment that you. Well. My phone. -- -- that is my phone that's your phone you bastards -- -- -- Way to go and let the dog -- stole your -- -- I finally. -- -- -- -- The men's room is that you. Think it is recognized scratches. I just -- the -- install. -- some room office was in your own office you kidding me in your own off these -- hot but that -- -- use that as of now. -- like by. Someone. On each now all of that's your job -- is there -- why it. You there are used I follow especially. It was in your own office watched video. And even have a waste basket. -- your own your own -- It is a well I checked my -- what did you do all he did you just that you have been what did you Colorado but I that what -- multiple pages. They just called the phone it just -- up short while you do that in Europe when you're calling Euro falls on this thing I'd do it. And when he called my Atlantic without my car because -- don't look at it. -- -- 400 bucks at this island New York you are daddies you -- awards you won Dallas we. Yeah. Is. She saying. Self all the wonderful and they think it's four GL TE SPN. -- -- -- it been through. It rethink possibly resulted Saddam Ireland's lead.

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