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We talk about the topic du jour, namely Rob Gronkowski's wild night life. Let the kid be a kid? Or are his actions hurting the Patriots?

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Good by the way when what are your professional athletes shows up on DMC. Just not a good thing you just. What good comes out of that never should an athlete where you said. Just sold sold on DMZ today and you set this thing that's a good thing right yes well one example what's -- Brady dollars under our judges now. But usually it's not a good thing like well like Roxy. Always follow him around but it's like is his bodyguards -- shooting people remember that the wedding. Yet I wasn't on teams you know wasn't I don't think we saw that one. Well what we -- DMZ where he was actually at the the fiesta or whatever Lily Collins -- Carnival carnival aren't about. Now and he's -- he's Danson and he's picking -- the talking about the content are all wonderful. Dancing was for it wasn't a good thing for Brady. That was a good thing for -- You are it was a good thing for Brady because he was in Brazil. And now maybe it's not a good thing for a married man to be there. But there's been many single men out there -- -- single men who have been. That is getting credit for -- a bicycle every friend has had. Had a friend of -- to go every year to -- by out of west by the way this is -- that's just how Michael -- channels his own life experiences that you can hear about them. -- for it comes from. Its friend. Old and his name was his name was like many I know I'm a little extra cool about -- -- He's Mars bloody. Assistant when you start that I'd done that to be nine numerous to undermine it off -- -- -- -- about its experience yeah you know I never back -- to war ones are and it turns -- I've never been to Brazil. I wish I'd. That on him to go but yet. Says there's with lot of people talked about it -- we're gonna spend some time talking about it -- rule situation with mark and it's everywhere it's on TMC. First it was all over today ESPN showing the video over and over and over and it's pushing. Because people. Once you start talking about an incident that -- people suddenly think that you'll are now making an indictment. On entirely on the individual shall start pricing and this is a terrific and terrific global -- we have to do that we after. We have already heard today we of course were not always a drug for operate our airlines that we can move on general corporate -- and I don't vote Pro Bowl player a great player on the war. And I don't have upright Jersey this is the last run -- you know they missed them. Yeah healthy -- super boy played but it wouldn't help from the investor I would get to Augusta this year which set battle -- is our process. 43 years all I know he's gonna go -- -- an awful -- if you're 23. That's what you do sometimes you do that when you're 53 o'clock yet. We faced on -- on a regular basis yet understand that. But again I. Who is now had two broken homes for him to be up on stage rustling. And flipping his brother. Does how does this may. Any sense whatsoever. -- Not you know what I think it's going to be a generational thing that we get asked these callers when a call up. I think because. Of his age and the fact that he was out partying and a lot of people in that same age group a doing the exact same thing. They think it's acceptable and I'll answer this way. It is acceptable for you. But forgot it was a 23 year old math. Is being paid by the New England Patriots -- account -- that he has signed a 56 million dollars and he's already had two broken arms and we've already learned. The the first broken arm came on a harmless little bowl. For an extra point what icu in that video is far more violent. And that the way he broke beyond the first speaker. This is what the breakdown to. Go out go out as often as you want. -- drink as much as you want as long engine up behind a real. You're not married if you. -- I have. I'm amiss is gras for the night or or or fourteen -- this article misses. For the night -- source Kia classic for the night. In of -- when I have fourteen mrs. rock's. K well let's call tiger in it okay if you wanna do that. Go ahead whatever you -- do whatever you're into whatever floats your boat what all the cliches go ahead and do it. Only thing I ask is I don't -- your brother on the stage could get broken arm but if you wanna do you wanna do shots. You what are you gonna get drunk in two years years throwing up. -- you know 567 o'clock in the morning you don't remember what happened. All that that's fine. As long as you're not rationally. On this day yes. With a cast I feel sorry. And I left because I of people that you know seven months to him to get back in play and that's why I agree with you I think you'd like immediately -- all you want. Because you might remember the play and forget playbook. Now. Because you're in bed with some porn star. But I think seven months from now you'll remember. The playbook I'm not worried about -- analysis that we're all worried about human hair would report dark red door prior to protect yourself but if you're flipping your brother on stage with a broken. Arm just totally responsible. What you don't you're putting yourself back in the same predicament again. -- -- what I don't understand is he's getting an awful lot of support will hear it you this afternoon we'll have to Walesa's he's getting an awful lot of support and again I think it is. Young people who -- sit there's and that's -- I do a Miley would not out of the gift generational what do I do. You know I think it is it's as good old fashion hero worship. And that's part of our guy that's it that's hit. Think it's a generational thing on a regular people in their fifties will say well yeah that's great. There are people 120 -- says great or vice Versa if 120 say. That it does not. That and make a lot of sense. And people in their fifties and say that's fine go ahead and do what I think. -- if you wanna find a common denominator I think common the common denominator. Is hero worship or celebrity worship if if it's a patriot. Or it's the famous actor actress whatever they don't want something. That's for them leave them alone I love them I have their posters have all the autographs and follow them on Twitter. There awesome well then if you were a fan and it's hero worship. Then. You don't mind if he goes out there and decides he you know he's just gonna go -- and party it up because. What do you care on the other hand if it's hero worship that you want your cure to be back on the playing field next year and you already know. The as a fragile markets broke twice now. Then why wouldn't you want him. To take care of himself be responsible culture -- -- party it up all you want. But take care of the armed flip your brother anybody up on stage -- portion show people around. Why would you want your hero to heal up so that he can perform next year and beat a guy that you look up to wearing the patriots uniform. Oh what what -- more oil -- okay what this is what I'm bonuses this -- the next. That's dynamics that makes perfect sense but I think most people would agree with the most people. It's what I don't. Where. Is his employer. Doing they have to do something to Victoria right you consider all okay all right well let's admit that's fine. We lost our last game and go ahead. Grunt is here for his appointments and that's all that matters and I said it sees checked in with this already or no we don't. You're right -- wake up up your buddy guy's doing. I -- I would say that Robert Kraft on that to build I'll check belies your gut you gotta get a handle on this now. You gotta get a handle on this and the thing is that. A lot more is probably happening exe we saw this one clip of him flipping his Brothers now we sang them with -- Brothers on a regular basis you don't think they're wrestling. On a regular basis you just think this was a loan. That situation where one time he flipped his brother onstage you're not a big deal when this. On on a regular basis Roberts portion around out there RT it's happening on a regular basis because he's not thinking about the deal. Not to think about it. So you're right elbow -- got to get hold of this right now. -- got an issue one. You don't and the support part of it again I don't mind and for him all just worry about is image without. Because there are people out there that it's a dead -- cellphone cameras and always hours into nothing is private inhibit a Fella right his image won't be effective as in no residual effect you know what what's his image is is a strike is images great right now but these -- great because article right right pretty great life. But you don't want. Yes and unable to apply. Effectively. In the Super Bowl a year ago or rattle this past year when you got to the play. He doesn't perform next year high level eventually these same people. Think it's hilarious. Watching him right now up there on stage. You know bleeped out of his mind are -- -- Because suddenly. He's not being that great. Player that they wanna see they wanna shoot great lawyer and that they wanna see the great player party and the an unbelievable. Celebrity. And have you know that's what they want. But if he's not performing Michael he's not playing well. They will turn on. OK but with your point of sell for so cellphones everywhere everybody's got a camera everybody is. Tweeting something instead Graham whatever it is. That's five for drug. What you -- and I understand if he's not playing it's a different story but it's not his fault that he got hurt. -- either -- -- not his fault not useful so. What you think of him off the field is what he's going to bring yourself. Cellphone if you want a camera -- -- if you want. It it's exactly what you expect. There's nothing. Anybody could show me a critical this for. There is nothing anybody GMs the guide on the street anybody you can't show me any thing we've -- that -- surprise. Guarantee I would agree that. You -- if you got a cellphone but there -- camera on it I'm not surprised OK but there -- babies what if these three women are surprised that he's if he's. At the forward not a -- on drinking not to protect men dancing not super man. -- -- -- But most parts of the capital partners. Here's the thing with him all of that stuff is not surprised. Most of that stuff if not all of that is not putting him in harm's way. It might eventually person on the line he may have who knows lawsuits or something else to deal with. The civil lawsuits in his own time. But it's not really damaging him as a player. What I saw on that video what I saw that video what's here in harm's way that. Possibly were already talking about a guy who apparently has a fragile arm. Look at how we broke it the second time. That was a normal football move that you're gonna expect that -- to make 23 times during the course of the game. Campbell broke it again I don't -- you're not putting himself in harm's way the way he'd get up on stage the issue the only issue. Okay couple of them a couple of text unity AT&T declined the players aren't slaves and shouldn't be judged by anything they do out of football. That's want to have no commentary just put it out there you judge for yourself. Here's another text. You two are such pansies it was a one time deal he isn't wrestling all the time -- -- -- you fool. Wake up body you know. How do you know go back and look at the documentaries that we've seen the documentary is that the authorities don't have shown him wrestling with his Brothers. This is something apparently they've done since they were little kids. I disagree up but she's -- more often I don't know but neither does the guy who texting him. But I would worry about it I'd be concerned. That this is not all all you know of our soul of that alone event here. That this guy probably does this more often than you think mainly because. I just don't think he thinks of that he thinks he's invincible. He doesn't. Think that he's got to go out there get hurt in the same respect that he didn't think when he went up there with the normal football move. In in a it to use your phrase -- keep -- -- move where you'll literally your arms up. Doing nothing good about spreading them out so that big defender doesn't move on the the guy that strike at the point after. Brokers and what was that. That was in a -- move. This was far more violent what I saw on stage wasn't. Just do what you gotta do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's that's been hanging out with ground that's what it did you know you wanna get OK if you -- been this side -- mean -- -- the wing man. You'll get you'll get the -- You get the one you'll get the third start. The second or third start okay -- That's what you wanted -- that you wanted Gilbert you can't tell me that a guy who has broken his arm twice. In one football season. Has a cast on his arm. Can't tell me that is Smart for that got it going out. In wrestling people. With an. Until you look at the what you but look at this again is fixed everything again slowed days ago I like what bringing up something there is irrelevant this is what I say if -- -- Not a relevant for your football team boy you are really missing I don't blame him. I don't blame him. At this point it's out there. You're move New England I would agree with what he I agree with you you know what you've got -- -- it as -- said he's a terrific and I can tell you this a done. Many. Charitable events more than he's a wonderful kid who goes out appearance spends as much time as you need. For various charitable. Event and he's got a great personality and everything else this is one years. It's up to the New England Patriots to real back. Right you're exactly right. It's in bill Belichick's hands right now it's in Bob Kraft scenes right now they have to figure it out. You have to really -- because what you see here on video I don't think is good for the football. -- grows up and they said they're gonna do this -- even do that. And I was like one of my days you can -- on my Brothers like I was automobile -- do not far more. How much do this in this movie playing scorer in our list but someone do funny things. Funny now. Let's get to -- also Arabic -- six wants 77797937. He has accomplished that boggling claims -- only drinks water. War that's reject this week. And so what we're putting -- OK let's vocals usually -- cardinal -- Eric I know I can't tell you about the couple quick comments on. It's you know -- people everybody who grew up on gates made it from buffalo and that is Pat White sock you -- -- -- can be pupil. -- the champions. And on that. A real profile up drunk I mean that you recruit you know it could spike -- watermelon in the yeah. And you know and stopped -- you these. But I think it nevertheless the candidate that big hit Kyle Brady I mean -- sitting two -- that's made great block I -- but he has more criticism and and any any team you know. Across the league you know would only from this -- you know I would I would even go as far as to say and maybe it would coaching. You know or orbit -- or maybe it seemed art movement that brought them back you know will soon. -- All talking about is his actions of flipping his brother in a wrestling move. Up on the stage will agree he's a great player unilateralist that maybe the best all around I didn't write on the national no matter -- secured a nobody when I go to military. You know I don't know. You know if it's it's you guys. Why are we talking about bringing him back what are we talking about bringing him back too soon when he's out there are well just two weeks or three weeks removed. From having the thing really set entirely. And he's throwing his brother across the state John -- after question what was. Well nevertheless. I mean god has at least one at -- all elected you know how how. How do -- -- booklet you let a franchise like. New England you know you received a fifty million dollar contract and got a real real effect you know -- can't -- Party how do you real men. Basic cut the -- Its triple -- and got it -- -- advocate ever talk with them. Yeah -- talk with him and he got -- on that you you set some parameters. I don't think I did not say don't say -- rock. He can't go out drinking going to be stupid of course -- drinking. The what if he wants to have a girlfriend can girlfriend's 25 girlfriends -- if he once you have do the -- -- thing and have drinks on it and enjoy whatever he wants to do dance. Before the Super Bowl during the Super Bowl after the Super Bowl. -- When you're recovering from an injury is being mindful of your injury. And emerge you know that's a controversial thing to say it's -- I haven't I haven't. I haven't talked about -- -- your personal life haven't I haven't judge you work. For what you're doing all of -- -- to you news. If you wannabe if you wanna make sure there's nothing proven I can't prove that something will happen to you with a cast on. -- messing around. You know wrestling. But the percentages I would think go up. When you're doing something like that in you're trying to heal so all of asked you to do is. Don't do that while the Obama that they have to do that if if he's doing alcohol and he claims he's not doing outgrow. And that obviously is an issue -- Robin -- and Internet pioneers in Internet rehab it's an issue for the patriots but. To meet. The the biggest flaw on all the business. Is that your flinging your brother who's a large human beings across the stage in a wrestling move. Which they broken right arm that was to set. A couple of weeks ago. To me. It makes sense I don't -- all anybody can defend that move. You can defend -- are going out and partying and enjoying life. After the season dissolver dancing after even you lose the super ball as the season is over your party up. But out of -- anybody can defend that move when we already know. There might be an issue there because he broke it. Shortly after he broke the first done. Here's a set up in Maine Ellison. Eric almost import that video and they -- -- I think it looks worst and probably actually here. I'd broken my term are a lot arm a couple of turns basically doing very similar -- coming down on a whole way that I eat. And once you get that thing in a cast and set -- it only takes a couple of weeks to three weeks or so or it's substantially amended and you can critical banging around -- -- -- again that I -- worry too much about you know doing. Into it. And I was pretty much just me I'm not you know a million dollar contract on my. Why is that why is it that if that was the case why wasn't that when he came back after what five or six weeks in a normal football move -- broken again. Well it mean if you're right that it heals up and it's it's fine after a couple weeks why was it five or six weeks in a normal foot movement broken it will be. But you can you know you can bang it around in the cast and not have to worry about re breaking but I mean he's huge as well so when he came down on all weight -- speed. You know the problem -- that needs their arm of the ground all of. Decisiveness and look at the size of his brother slipping him on the state Jesus and his brother and you don't you don't find that is an Asian. He's kind of don't know what is good arm he's not really put too much on the -- I'm not saying it's a good idea. But it just looks worse than it is. They're probably looks worse than it is but you said you don't think it's a good idea. Yeah right well. Great and that's all bear it out well will will agree right there here's tank in California I panic. Hey guys Michael Herrick library itself. Out like that concerned one -- albeit. Ranking I -- you know that -- and I don't know great inexpensive you know we look at. You might get. I don't I don't I don't but I we don't know if he has Hank is still legal to get drunk. -- -- -- -- response I I don't know Hank it could take somebody differently and atlas. Would be that you would think. Based on my drinking patterns you think I'd be the first person to say all of that irresponsible. But even heavy drinker I have a problem with somebody giving drug laws are not behind a car behind the wheel of the car. -- Yeah yeah yeah take -- -- and -- And it's -- and it -- done don't you think don't you think people are capable. Of making the decision. For the drop of what -- gonna do. As 808. Art alcoholism. Have. All right well so. It's okay he's about how stories of people that. So only get worst. Thing -- what a great -- in a couple of -- And called on to Nancy I made some leagues advocates and leave it I'm not comfortable with now. First of all I applaud you use that you're an alcoholic and I'm sure you're working through so congratulate. OK can graduate and -- black graduate so. Let's -- I can't pick and have a conversation with marriage is older and so I. I do applaud you and all sincerity. -- for being sober for many years. Are you calling. Rob Gronkowski -- an alcoholic because he likes to break it. Until by anybody that with the -- and access to make poor decision. Okay here's the problem I have with your your whole premise here first of all we don't know if you struck. OK we don't know he might have been just all -- can't wait let's have a conversation we don't know. If he was strong. He claims he only drinks war I don't know that and I'm not gonna sit in and judged separately you know now we have already taken a huge leap as Michael said. That he could get behind the wheel of a car and do -- you know damage to somebody else. Hasn't done that. I don't how you how do you anticipate. Something that he's going to show that he hasn't. The one thing we do know is he flipped his brother in wrestling move on stage. With -- broken arm that we don't so much talk about what we know as opposed to what we don't. Now are critical op regardless of credit was brought -- I don't know it dropped out I prominent -- strongest nation. Without a lot of backs you know without assuming that's something that somebody with -- under the influence would make all decisions well yeah I was wrong to assume that. You know if you want to drink and Eric is in the not to mention me on pain medication I don't know we don't know that it probably is so competition let's hope he's not. We don't know if he's strike say I can't sit there and and we didn't impress -- we don't know the what we do know is that he flipped his brother with a broken arm with what looks like a pretty violent movie it's certainly more violent. That how he broke his arm in the first pledged his arms out. To try to forty block on a point after attempt. That we do and well I'm not and I don't wanna go there I wanna go there with the ground being an alcoholic. -- we can't hang tags are recovering alcoholics -- always sensitive to the -- I can understand his respect right where I think that -- sensitive to the issue let's talk about what we do. As we still don't know. If if he was -- that you and I both agree. If he wants to go party. And you know drink alcohol all it's the offseason -- no problem with. But I do have a problem when you irresponsible when you've got a broken arm and trying to feel and get back for next season and you've already broken it should. Twice you know there's an issue in there. Because the first time you broke it it was a mild ball was up. You know what a of a real violent move and then the second time he broke it was a normal football -- something you gonna do 345. On any given Sunday. So now. You're from your big football Robert. Up on the on the stage and in -- wrestling to me that makes absolutely no sense motorist called the DDT the DDT thank you for an -- facts. And good when it comes to wrestling or soccer but now that we of this major Cyprus can see this August and yet nobody knows what's didn't. There's some serious stuff there quiet as quiet areas. I never get into because it was fixed right from again. -- rushing -- and just clowning around and the other voicing personal. Call my mom used to say your problems go left to go -- -- And every time she says that we used to laugh more because if that was wonderful so many can't do it my -- figure for an excellent I think they're going if they think this morning. If they think it's cool and I do. I've got here that they shell Ford -- and -- from our FaceBook page Jerry says leave them alone. Yes he asked if he'll put he could easily do image do it by falling down stairs at home he's a young man having fun. John says have fun big dog just be ready when the season starts Becky says as long as he's a beast in the field. He can party all he wants in the offseason Nelson. Says unless his lifting the beer bottle caused his arm to weekend. It's the least of our concern right -- calls that. They don't have that -- and sandy. Sandy says he is an adult. He has to live his life what he does out of uniform should be of no concern to others now there's some people. Were little more concerned Brian on FaceBook dot com slash a W yeah I join in the conversation got some things to say. Prices when -- rated in 97 a man. So -- -- -- you can do anything yet when you're an IE seven or bad you should do whatever you can stay out of trouble. It's paid a lot of money to be franchise player and support the team that pays him first. Completely. Unacceptable. Says Bryan -- it's really split about 5050. A Lisa says the boy can play football when he's African hurt which seems to be all the freaking time. That the beer down and drinks -- -- It is a concern here is damaged in Foxboro here in the big show WEEI. Michael bingo you -- -- -- -- this a little commission I mean it's it's a Connecticut but it's it's a local well aware of since. Since crimes and with the pats. Some employees -- -- -- like you read about we don't know okra restricting. He has party I mean extremely. And I think it's gonna catch a particular and we see that I think that was -- of the dumbest thing at the enormous and -- Apatow specially with the broken arm towards. Yeah like I can help them from just from a liberal -- worked for me that that -- -- for -- -- a -- during the season. This -- does have a problem -- -- I don't know it releases and they got to sit dissident commissioner and politics where a wherever. Now but that's but that's is stretched him for Austin it to go they're into into his. Life is a great kid and you don't want him he likes to party and it. It and I'm in a lot and as Michael said EE singles so. He doesn't have the responsibility. Well it could help yeah -- a lot of things can become a problem but I think the problem at hand right now. Is you know his physical well being. And to get up there on the stage whether he was drinking whether he was not drinking. And flipping his brother with a broken arm to -- makes zero sense I can't believe anybody town here. At New England Patriots are looking good at video saying. That's okay that's that's -- being -- and you have to be concerned. -- -- let's say that about any one of our athletes in this kind of we saw that happen to an athlete who was hurt you would have to be concerned about it. That's all I'm saying. Get it to lose it is his lifestyle and whatever you may be totally. On the road you may have to have you know repeal some of this -- -- of -- give -- an example -- -- -- Larry -- -- talked about -- Said that the Celtics -- is staying with Eric Roby when huge. And they used to party it up an awful and Larry like -- -- -- like an awful lot. I'm Larry it freely admits that he drank far too much of that didn't keep yourself in great shape when he was young. So we can do whatever he wanted when you're young. You could do that you can go on mark and you can go party. And the next day you can play at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon game have to drink it all went on Saturday night and I've seen it happen with -- lights it up with a triple double he's got 38 points. But he talked about said that so it's not traded Rick -- He might have not had a long fruitful career. With the Boston so they know and they know what that's why they traded. Of steel right fielder is probably for -- -- -- but like every match that assessment that was a network that was a problem form because. Suddenly he was this huge -- Everybody wanted to piece of actually went. He was out able party probably never put a dying down to buy a drink it is like a -- and everybody wanted to be. What with Larry and it was an issue early lead on decree you can't do that and -- eventually is gonna have to figure what. I think it's a popularity. Issue as well I mean we've -- there are many people who have negative things to say about a market you. If you watched him play by the great player he's that tough matchup for anybody so the fans like him. That despite this whole areas. His quotes are hilarious. It is very simple and straightforward the other thing too so healthy. Break in -- player there because of because he -- who years that he has the profile. On the field and off the field. You don't find a lot of people who have negative things to say about -- but if you if if you show me another player. Contemporary player in Boston. This Rondo for example who is also popular. But as more of a lightning rod. -- ground there might be different reaction. I think it is it all depends on how you view the guy people like rock you like rock. You out there in your neighbor liked them in your neighbors -- in your coworkers like him so you're probably not going to be too critical of anything need to give me an example. Riders get a badly right now -- ACL will undergo a surgery here. Let's say any offseason. We find that he is out dancing and there are this video out there. -- him out their cancer. And you know you sit idle while he's really you know moving around with that with that -- there aren't there won't be people to be questioning. Why's he doing -- don't be dancing will be something something more like yeah something a little bit warning. Where where he's jumping off probably treat. What do you think how will that -- available are split I think it really comes down to personality type guy and totally and we love the personality brought here for. You gonna get a lot of people. Like the folks on FaceBook. Like another one Ty Ty says no apparent though it is just like people. We just start ripping him if he performs. Poorly on the field leave me alone. But he hasn't shown live like now. And he's not involved in double homicide like Ray Lewis that's that's stupid he's out dancing give the guy a break gold rock. Better. Here's -- and Providence, Rhode Island Joseph. Thought our kids you all. And think army a little bit of misinformation going around the whole second break. And read them on the arm broke for the second -- more. Because there was undue pressure from the plate. That was an evolved from the first break in and broke the second break was at the end to deplete. What the played it was the police essentially call the second break. They don't want -- -- come back too -- he was ready to come back. While some are saying they did not let him back too soon. Well they're gonna. Of course they can say that but the entry actually had a medical professional on talk about the great -- good -- yeah. Whenever whenever we just saw the nation until we do that over and over that's that's the dumbest thing that TV does this gotta I gotta we've done it they were proud state they talked to other doctors you don't know sounds great right sound Smart you know use terms that we don't understand all break down but they haven't seen the patient correct but how about that all of this when. -- -- No problem of the real well from the beginning of the season now I understand the concept of you don't change. Well gras comic -- appointee just couldn't understand that could grow by a lot of points I understand. That should ahead of whom I know the newly. To a -- from the beginning of the either. So hold on -- What do you think about him flipping his brother on stage. Don't believe that means he's apparently a big. I mean what are you gonna do. But the whole point -- -- hold a -- When he's a big kid who's now being paid 56 million dollars and he is a cornerstone. To your offense on the football team. Always a big kid who now is an essential piece to the success. Of the New England Patriots is it fair to say but if you at a healthy ground in the Super Bowl a year ago and get a healthy brought to the playoffs this year. We might have had a different outcome. Portrait and the New England Patriots have to do something about this. Yes they should but you know what New England Patriots are also somewhat at all the breaks and so that's what he should have been on the field -- -- play. And that's a little boy was he was you know -- -- he was it was not arrogant to Belichick and we don't know because you know like you know we'll all and. He's not being arrogant enough apparently right now would grunt he needs to be more proud about this is hot -- and real arrogant right now. Really I'm like -- to basically tell -- you can't do this. This you know you're you're a guy who is an important piece one of the most important pieces door for action is right now and he can't put yourself in jeopardy like. A flipping your brother and possibly damaging an -- and who knows maybe damage apparently. By the way doctors make these decisions in the NFL to doctors. Who are part clearing were clearing the player or updating the coaches and trainers on. Where the where the where the players. So -- not just -- No coach can just tell you get out there and play you're not ready to come back it out here present needs it just it doesn't work like that. In the NFL maybe it did. Before players' association maybe you did before. The scrutiny the intense scrutiny from the league office now on injuries especially when it comes to concussions a different story but. The NFL -- to -- things extremely closely and teams if you're Smart team you let your doctors handle. The two doctors corrupting and say all right he's ready he's not -- clothes he can do this. He can cut but he can't cut like he normally does all that kind of stuff that's not for the head coach decide that's for. That's for the doctors and for the trainers but soft funny text from here. You can tell me. -- took exception. Your comment that women when Larry Bird. Pictures of how much bearded they have. -- that's 6777. Night 7937. And we're going in Ali ready -- big shot right back -- folk goes we go here's David in Rhode Island. David. When a guy. That is -- and -- guys don't -- Guys I got to the -- guys about is helping him like everybody who say they concede it is something above ground I think we all forget one thing. And I don't business I have employed. When did not -- o'clock -- police for the day. It is that you could this could not disagree. Yes I'm going to be games and I hope it all you can control I -- -- -- -- over. That they got mental block it but what he did is stupid stupid. -- effective but it could have assistant. But definitely to tell about it out between nine contract that -- that we are able to go all the bodies there and all have a good time. It who what we say that he should be. -- go out party have a good time without physically. Causing himself and his arm more more want. Arsenal criteria are far -- that for our problems. I mean that's the question. And it's not like your normal employee working in a local store would of the business that you. This is a guy who you rely on his physical strength. Out there on the football field and they have an investment of 56 million dollars in this. It it's much different -- opposite. Yet what what what do people think that you can't. You can't say anything to an employee after hours. You know -- not saying I control -- control your life but if it is something that is damaging to your career. Is damaging you. And it damages the employer. Who's who who set of the role that the employers -- on the same thing. I -- same thing I'm not saying. Up an employer will automatically change your behavior and we'll tell you cannot do this. I'm gonna prevent you from leaving your house and doing XYZ. Are animated as the extreme. Of course they can say something about it. If you can't say something about it especially when you're injured Michael you don't like the doctors in his -- to a rehab schedule right now so he's on the clock. He's working for the New England Patriots he's going through -- So he can get himself well for next season. The doctors have a regiment for for him. Do you think the doctor said don't you don't want you know like you flipped your Brothers around you know you guys are just animals I'd be right that's OK you can do. Do you think that happens. No the doctors are telling him. You need to be very restrictive with an on right now. That's what they're telling him and he's not following the doctor's orders. So I'm sorry that the patriots should say something to him apps. Here's Joseph North Andover. A guy Jones -- I wanna say I agree what you -- 100. Percent because of somebody's gotta say immediate exit out of essentially involves football ball and I'm a Democrat completely gronkowski. I would be more responsible and take care -- rehabilitate my -- like it make myself better for the future for the patriots. There's no reason -- I mean you don't want to have spot but there is a limit and there's got to be a little more intelligence and as well I don't public fund and house. Why didn't we ability you know without her -- people more. Or if it even if you don't think he's being hurt with that. His putting it. -- it comes to preserve it in by beating -- aren't they want to outline deal got rejected outright -- indeed lined out. Tight and he should be a local boy it'll -- at all in this Edmonton and open. Like that I mean you'll have -- that's fine. You can have all the fun you want but you can't be -- responsibly and that the text the pointed out on the AT&T to excellent AT&T forgy LT eight. A Glenn we live in America. You can not all capitals control or help people. -- want to do after hours it doesn't matter if it damages anything well -- -- -- how far how far do we. Our party -- and an obvious loophole in our living in America has absolutely nothing to do. You work for the New England Patriots you probably have specific clauses. In your contract okay that tell you that you can't ski can't go on a -- there's a bunch of stuff. If you can't do even though you live in America. You work for the New England Patriots and they can dictate certain things that you do or don't do. Now you can pass that you live in America on signing that contract and say I'm not gonna play football. There's a flip side -- on FaceBook dot com slash WEI. There are hundreds of athletes right now doing whatever they want just like you who cares. -- the growth is doing in his off time. I would be right there with them if you're flipping his brother on. Stage just flip flipping about with a broken. On I bonds. I'm not sure I get this I don't get. I NS imagery in our -- on anoint you as your -- -- shock adjustment I have a lawful. Well the -- I'm in my joint finance you always hear he's injured. Join him break this board yeah. Was -- -- Get a shirt off priority.

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