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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/05/13

Feb 5, 2013|

At four o'clock, four guys tackle four topics we normally wouldn't touch on for the day. Take a listen!

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In the -- and oh hey. The NGOs for poor and the war or like sports yeah. Orange Bowl. We -- these yeah. It's time for four at four -- the first question for today -- The jets are trying to unload Tim Tebow yes should the patriots take a flyer on Tebow and bring him in. I'll go to our regular seminars and your big Tebow I don't think -- People aren't really a -- the next two to three years he'll be my best quarterbacks only. I don't as a till June we made the cavalier about posting -- -- -- endeavor to. There are a lot. Of -- Oh god I -- really. In the next two to three years he'll be my best quarterbacks only. So -- hope as we as a little friendly Reggie yesterday Michael my for popcorn does everything regardless for popcorn now popcorn. -- real little wager in ice told him that. Tim Tebow will not the National Football League quarterback knicks the -- season I truly believe that. Now doubles this Bill Belichick can convinced him to evil why wouldn't he be convinced because nobody else. Is going to pick them up that he could occupy an important role the state. Special teams player little you know the Brady get up there and maybe we take a little pressure off of may -- we Ronald wildcat maybe we'd make him into. Semi little running back whatever but pick the patriots couldn't take a chance on Tim Tebow but he would have to give up. Read about it if you give up quarterback given directly be a bad idea for the patriot you're gullible guy you don't wanna write -- -- -- -- the patriots -- the patriots have. A great quarter not a quarterback. Tebow won't be playing a different position OK because the patriots have a great quarterback. In Tom Brady an interesting prospect at all we know about Ryan -- a good college quarterback and they have been working on for a couple of years third round pick. They got something invested in in this guys they have at least two. A two quarterbacks. Well our who have some value one tremendous value and the other one intrigue. He won't give the opportunity to play quarterback here. I think he deserves an opportunity to play on some team in the league that's why as a quarterback -- as it quarterly we'll look at that up to Jesse -- Yeah yeah. It is really. And live it. Here's the other reason here's the other reason that he wouldn't be with the patriots. They would gladly -- ballot but it he loves this he's talking about his favorite topic now -- they receive it for PR purposes. You don't Bill Belichick doesn't like god. Distractions and guys who work at the circus is coming to town whether Tim Tebow is -- would altering quarterback or a a punt protector. I'm not crazy I'm not crazy about the idea is that a possibility if he decides that he's no longer. A quarterback I believe we Jacksonville saying no to him. He's got his high school he's he's he's not gonna -- he's not an additional quarter an opportunity will be good for you'll get it change your positions on. Cash and Michael Phelps was seen crying with his mom during the ravens' Super Bowl celebration. Have you ever cried because of the sporting World Cup just brought me out. Those tears we all have a and tried numerous times I've been -- look at what what was the sporting event a -- I told them this during breaks and all must have been. -- group and and and Cleveland areas and left in the drive for the fumble. At cried because as I've told you before. Elaborate on the youngest theory so Big Brother big sister Big Brother. What he teams the teams that he follow. I've followed through so my my Big Brother with the Steelers and believe and so. When I was eleven. This is totally ridiculous. I was eleventh dealers were bad and the raiders play bad Plame and football is allowed to stay at the moment. In the loss teams going nowhere. And I started crying because Steelers lost the game Monday Night Football game. Not think. Well I I didn't. Reserved money little teary moments. For big games when -- Bobby your Bruins. Won the the cup for the first -- tears of joy -- tears of joy and I'll tell you even more so. -- Win Al Michaels to clear to everyone. Do you believe senator. It's. OK. Okay. I. I think I was -- practiced. With it was solid I've never cried but not a -- have -- one over weeks for a couple of Pete Pete. -- listen PLC whose duties at the Super Bowl 36 runs and split his pants pistons fans how did it I'm sure a lot of people -- cried in 2004. People around the mid 2000 Red Sox we had we were off the field we have -- -- on the field to celebrate with the team he was crying so bad we couldn't get him move. Is -- series. I don't blame on -- let me just -- a guy yesterday seriously yesterday. Who said in there are many people in the situation. This guy was 77 years ago. -- whole thing big Boston sports fan and one and 2004. He lost his father of five years earlier first thing he did it was you say something you know. Look having -- upward toward his dad and start sort lots of people yeah I think the audience probably -- -- little. -- -- they want -- -- wanted to -- us toward that no question I would say those of the two that I remember were. Should you don't want a little bit in the Olympics 2000. -- -- From Australia. Winning in Australia -- me. Imagine a country -- we did on that was great great moments ago and you cry when preparing let go to America. -- -- Cries Leo word now. Right next question Gus Johnson is being groomed by fox sports to be the voice of the world's top. -- Gus Johnson's amazing talents are creating drama out of nothing to be able to get to the yes the world's got a -- -- You don't want I was ready to watch the world club I was ready to get. Heavily involved in soccer. But then this major breaking story hit me like a brick. Here in the last -- first major -- to be embroiled in a monster match. Fixing scandal. To rock. The world football has come to surface. It's been revealed by a number of sources the Daily Mail reporting at this morning the telegraph and the mirror. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John Henry. Just to declare a Liverpool is accused of fixing the other team but they're involved in 2000 and I champions league joke league match. 2000 -- live report. So Gus Johnson can't get you to watch the World -- it -- -- you give me a lot was what Israel did not worried about Mike Napoli -- first to -- -- The other argument now it's 2018 is the one before them. They've been just a great summer the great thing about Gus Johnson. And Gus Johnson shows up at an event. You know something is gonna happen that you haven't seen either you haven't seen it before we're just going to be an amazing finish he's just one of those guys. It is just like. Is it something follows him drama fouls. Gus Johnson some of the best finishes in the NFL and college basketball. Have been narrated by Gus Johnson -- the same thing happens. I would walked -- got people on AT&T text. The incident hill didn't kill us telling us because we might have cried when the US you know 188 a game against -- -- didn't -- -- and a lot of -- -- and -- it was a huge -- secure enough to secure enough to screw all of and shed tears. Over sporting. -- -- I actually -- No word I'm sorry we all know Mike princess Mike Francis hates when collars prank his show now and I'm Mike. -- -- -- -- -- Equipment people yet. So. That's a good. Anyway I don't want to do this this is ridiculous question -- -- listen you know thank goodness gotten. Some validity. With his mom flew to get children on the phone we look at it happens. Bill bought Ralitsa bill. The question I asked how many push you do my kids my kids can do -- who just can't Mike can't the the court the answer it depends. On what we're gonna get that second ran to the Texas -- eleven year old kids -- all right Xstrata France that we should do that portions of that apple by 802 groups of which you'll have to went to school in. Bristol. One idea was abilities as a boot camp a couple of years ago it was actually the thing that that I did well in my action be on yeah yeah. But I would say now I'd probably be challenged to -- -- in the 60s60. Push -- part of the boot and what you get this agreement -- you don't do that you've got to go do it you know -- up -- down -- -- I don't write don't they don't know any sixty push any of the machine now I wish she gets on their machine on your on your when your -- actually. Click the thing -- And that is but now right now right now. 620. That's a problem you -- We need to get to -- yeah I rhetoric here internal matters go coach or take the under old take the under this so we can put the focus back on board way and what is the wallet in your duties of it. Push you and you would push ups. You could you can't do more than that tensions are now. Sixty push the panic and sixty wise I -- I was going to boot -- so I was working in heavily even Norton Darren -- broken up sixteen. -- he has. It's. Funny when he was 55 really -- we're good technique. Well and protect when he well it will apartments but let's not get. I'm not sitting here telling you that album and got to -- one -- great check I don't. When he textbook which Michael Ballard it was a solid look at the data shows up the fat ass goes down on the status -- -- out fifty -- How much -- Brit Andy Williams. We wanted to do if I could do three rate would be amazed about -- -- 2.5 3012 is where -- -- record of the event Connecticut could do more but I thought you could do more. But I mean real military national sales real record it was a -- -- a guy at the end. The Celtics game the Celtics game achievements. Military. He was -- -- can do recommend hero but notice is great and you guys were at the game remember with the hope I hope they showed it on TV. Incredible. So he was a hero among -- some of those things that you aren't great. One arm. Losses are combat so he star -- and put one arm pushups. At midcourt. And then when he walked up recording and you know thunderous applause everybody in and out. -- walked by me he says. -- just for the record. If there hadn't been time restrictions. Would have -- on insurers to Austin century but no I am sure he could have got a hundred right now -- done. Second break we get right back to the phone calls it 61777979. 37 will continue talking about -- but again it's -- this KG thank. Are they 'cause but rumors. Persist out there but KG finally talked today.

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