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KG on trade rumors: I bleed green

Feb 5, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen to KG's comments from practice today when he talked about his name being in trade rumors.

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Kevin Garnett was asked about the trade rumors swirling around the Celtics after. Celtics -- -- an hour ago. Most animated -- very obvious. Once. Oh loss. It's. We must tell you to be a low ball. That it was going to do without the -- would be that's what this organization. -- -- So -- understood. And -- about. That's what it is. The news business. Crossed -- about field was. But actually -- street and people here -- things. Don't know what to. I bleed green. I -- agreeing that from Kevin Garnett. Following practice so that over and help point earlier today -- -- 93 point seven. WE yeah I went on a -- on the audio of these asked about the Celtics without Paul Pierce had no like I cannot. Imagine the Celtics though Paul Pierce and I won't sell between those two comments Doc Rivers saying today that this from you know don't believe the stuff you're reading. I don't know take it for what it's worth is it then trying to spin did not talk going on or is -- them trying to. Be honest -- with the media with the fans and say it's unlikely between now won what two weeks from 32 Thursday whatever it is -- 21 trading deadline. The -- make one of these major moves and trading KG your Paul -- I can be either one. When Garnett says I bleed green I I dye green. He also hasn't back pocket I hold a no trade clause so no matter what happens he holed that trump card. Well yeah I was aware of ego in every sport. In you know I don't wanna go anywhere this through our wanna finish my career. This social what are your teammates been rumored can you ever match and his team without him no I can't you know this isn't something new. This happens every year in cities all across the country. Did you ever imagine -- -- -- Dwight Howard no I can ever imagine now he is still Orlando Magic and he's got. -- it's a business these into -- specialization. And whatever the plan is will afford to -- KJ says told the they don't know traits are not gonna go to just anywhere there's a go to just some teams got no chance. You know she's big if if he's comfortable that he thinks it's best for the team. Willie do -- will state but it's got to be deal the comfortable. In terms makes sense when it help the clippers it in the story today Kevin Pelton the SP insider. Is all for this -- he writes any activities. He's talking about the deal that we talked about earlier this hour -- -- would be Eric Bledsoe on Colombo. Whose presence is necessary to make the salaries match. -- in the short army talks about the steal the clippers got to replace two members of their rotation and revamp their stellar second unique links to how good their second unit has been. The butler's a starter he'd be easier to replace because the clippers have tremendous debt that small forward. Matt Barnes has turned in the best season of -- actually playing more minutes off the bench and Butler is as a starter. While granular back lineup capable of ramping up his minutes at the clippers trade Butler. He goes on to say that. They really need to do a deal like this you know everything falls into place -- writes I'd -- clippers must take the risk on Garnett if he's available for one. At the make a decision a Bledsoe at some point he's eligible for an extension this summer. He's gonna be restricted free agent 2014. If the clippers recite Chris Paul seems unlikely. There -- keep -- around as a back -- especially since another team which surely off from starters money in addition to that. He writes the need opportunity to get a Kevin Garnett. It's a franchise that never wins anything held talks about in the attic a player like Garnett. Who came here revamp the Celtics. And to put him with the rest of that roster. And he set absolutely positively. -- making that deal. And the only other smoke there with a straight -- that Garnett and LA guy. And may be at some level you convince him if you're a subject he wanna make this deal we're gonna send you there. Because we're sending you sort of back home and we're not far from Malibu where he's taught us about his home back in Malibu how much he likes it on the West Coast. That's the only other selling point I can think of chicken out and win. But that's a whole different conversation it was KG wanna go to terms Arab League green I dyed green so would actually accept that tree. I I've no idea. I don't believe it's it would -- talk to. I was -- -- you guys have no tree causes right because it's is that something that. -- the danger any general manager has to go to the athlete first. Implicate and again no trade clause threat situation came up which even be willing to deal. Or is that something to -- at GM puts the time in the effort into talking to a team. Try to get something he's comfortable with. And then goes and yet people all the time and effort into the communication of the team -- play with a no trade before even mentioning to Kevin Garnett. I you do that -- from our relationship standpoint. I want to address it with the player first and say other a list the teams Kevin if it comes up security trade conversation. Unrealistic teams except they trade we had a radio would bring more and Carl Crawford of notre. Then in the column at the hospital. She appears OK with gold and at Dodgers and that was worked out before they -- Carl Crawford and yet I think it's a lot of wasted time wasted managing which did work. Attempted to work it out and Ben Gordon -- they don't think you kind of the breach its first immigrant stand at Danny's gonna do whatever he thinks best for the amount of what it. When the other team year you're working with on the other side of the trade to like you're the clippers if the Garnet -- doesn't happen. There's by another DeLia might look -- view -- that it's up what Bledsoe you have to treat them. If your not gonna keep around -- that your its next year but you're talking about making addition. Danny if he's not accept the trade here I -- move on to find out what works -- for the team that has the doubt the no trade. About the team trying to make that trade and wonder like -- -- at least -- -- time and paperwork and my salary cap that make this all even and you're gonna tell me at the end of this you know what my players wanna come -- your team. It's good question I would think it addressed it first began a list of names. That he'd want it have a he's agreed okay awaited no -- for in that scenario. Forte what's on tap -- -- -- I brought up yesterday and Randy Moss had a great Super Bowl. And I thought that on the pass that talent cap or nick threw -- pick. That he did nothing use Google doodle it was this Randy Moss did nothing made no effort to jump ball flight in -- and maybe could -- But I was pretty lackluster and finally don't waste it on the show I got somebody agrees with me and he's a guy Hussein. Who always speaks the truth and it Bill Romanowski. Both those turnovers came in the second quarter and they were keyed about all they score a touchdown. -- well. After the interception. -- gore opted out what happened is -- take some time off the clock. What happened is Randy Moss the alligator armed. Heating up the ball he's he said he was the best receiver in the Arab world. Okay a year may not as well god. Like this. Outlet today. -- couldn't play in all of the little guy. One thing you'd just happens Preval is lack -- -- he came back the second half. -- -- -- And there was a column back where he didn't write an OK okay topic that. -- Who was that. As Bill Romanowski. And strong Bill Romanowski not always yelling because that was actually on the -- he just likes -- and al-Qaeda I've got to thank. He's so I look at you funny because you go Ramos -- not make a better tipped that ball you think he could have tipped it in the -- And better -- -- an effort could be done something on apple would it have mattered if he jumped as high as the -- was gonna tipped that ball. On the -- Does a great great athlete not a chance to terrific athlete -- when he got a chance the ball way over has overthrow that was on the -- post game show on Comcast a Bay Area and I must have been horrible right that's -- -- On remote in the TV's in the background here. That's why had to -- a day after Bill Romanowski that he. Asked the Texans the knockout Tom Brady the best chance of winning game couple. Makes my argument so we keep them in the mix here. Always go back to you what's on tap the big shows it to 193 point seven WEEI.

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