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Hatchet wielding hitchhiker tells his story

Feb 5, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen to a bizarre story from a hitchhiker who was forced into action when he began to witness an attempted murder.

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You've traveled around the country a lot as a baseball player of that it's like. Not developed like a knapsack let's say this guy did this in California wanna get the state right. Fresno California skies that trip so this is courtesy of the bar -- sports -- -- video this is. This is a hitchhiker. Who. Had to revert to going after the guy who picked him up because he claims that guy was about to kill. Another woman and when you hear him speak. It is out of the neutral you might expect is doing TV interviewer now it's tree. We're gonna look what -- Went straight out of dogs around this neighborhood and -- Well I think anything else noticed that no matter what you've done to their respect you if you make mistakes lovable and as Matty looks goes it is anything. You worthwhile. A look at him particularly. Now. It's stuff right here so -- drop -- And I decided. And go over on the head. -- -- about recycling steady as I was in the -- that he is a business trip -- It's working that you rate this sport is its crying is the big bodies at our public homes. And what dark divide in that. Job and on this day they you know I've got to realize ideas cries I can do anything I want to. And watched it boundaries snaps and it's got their pick between them. So I've. All of the guys. I mean like Bridget writers noticed that you gave him it means something I'm not and that rule it out through it. By the -- It not -- happy and I like that if you drive neck -- around again that orbit how a lot of bodies around you are -- on. And so I grab bag over -- that already there and get that these two women are trying to help you -- -- grabs one of them got out in that woman's neck like a pencils to. I would. -- matched the bad. Yeah. -- it. She's -- go grab. You know it's cool that guy. OKO's. Real good I was taking. People as they don't hit today clue what happens gallows at least knows. He did this on purpose. You -- out who dealt bare leg he'd be on holiday -- zebra you know on in. It's your name. On guy. Who did the dog down Qaeda. You know I don't have anything. That the US Virginia. -- I can't call it. And it stopped at the top of it's an -- called for your agent with the rest your age you know -- ages up atop real quick caller asked me earlier -- made with your responded I can't call that. Guys and lost any. You -- -- actions that you did. Though wasn't injured he just finished what looked like at the time killing somebody and if I had done that he would kill more people. So. It's dead period. Qaeda hitchhiker -- he has answer some more questions and I order you'll hear more from -- after this break don't go anywhere. -- -- the match -- that. It's kinda homeless hitchhiker -- official hitchhiker of the Muslim showed -- -- three point seven. WEP -- attacks are coming in on the eighteenth the next line 37937. They say is a hero. Guys. Texas a radius tackle that was like now. But I can see the video we have the video did you yet that our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash -- in Merlin is courtesy of Parcells. You -- -- added that he had written there that schoeneweis. That's episode. But already there on the John what the never heard a guy asked his age or I've heard women -- -- region kind of avoided but forgot to be asked -- Tuesday. Can't call. That's a new one for me I love -- not high answered more questions about his -- homeless. Hitch hiking beat down lifesaving expedition. -- at this reporter at Fresno California. Outward Williams started he's started well and I'll act act -- -- a and -- -- -- -- of the usable right -- -- And play. Here. -- about the end -- is man and that. As there's ball in the this -- to go right away from the crowd so I'm running out this way I got a guy Padgett one man -- the this data carrying over another Bannister ran off that way. And so a couple of the people who is bystanders to put you over until we stop that -- -- the cops are on the as that is to back up doing anything. Somebody said that he's like mass meeting went. -- -- It is. I was -- -- -- put into the back in the shares -- Was in the policies and we'll dial frequency and pulled it the lake got put -- the back the shares -- This area was that what happened here -- down statement. Told everything -- just Moody's. Let me on that I couldn't grab all this stuff Angela. -- finished play. They've been something on me and I brought it back on over here so be it. And yeah. -- the man owns the the biggest wave ever -- in my life. What's next for. -- and license there have been. I had if anybody's watching this somewhere us they got I mean he now that they can let the guy out the let's -- it I'd love to test of mavericks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know if I could go back in time I go back over there to where I was about recycling center he said he would rate that you take over in the Virgin Islands -- doesn't matter where US. You can and a bunch of money do whatever and want you know that's already. But if I go back in time without an upgrade there. Like -- -- So -- about doing the right thing to worry about snipers are having them. It's virus. As far as anybody who grew up with this concern Marty. It got dark -- like a dart board and our -- issued by the it's like -- was this is Erica hill was out as the station it was on what was the disease that might great throughout it was a -- Local OK is it a 6 o'clock -- KE MPH. Did you read this interview at the 6 o'clock news or 10 o'clock news. Gonna run but what are and I 48000 page you dietetic popular misses in view we got to go through its target some of the -- ready but. I like guys trip -- to be hysterical. FaceBook dot com slash Maloney in L smokers the bars to I would. Look to sit down. -- -- could be like -- And opened a one B along with. It was a group setting it was a little you don't wanna be alone the guy who scares action -- none that is a little bit yeah you know towards my hatchet. And I had a hammer in my other bag can smack it still safer and it's gone smash. -- Well you're awake fondness homeless you know a whole different set of -- you got to care full match match. That was the -- is not a huge driving your nice your car from -- trundle Fortis a homeless guy. Who -- a calorie all sorts of stuff on the streets maybe -- is Alec. It's on the homeless to via. Pinning up against the tree the -- was it Mel Gibson. -- in the against the tree Republicans who often these weird movie I that was want him pollen right. Well we shot the ball he -- from that was his inquiry was pinned up against a tree here. Now gives this is what web -- explains a movie that's -- -- -- movie but it is far too think the scary movies anything off. It's them we'll get some help you can't call it. We're looking for a movie that a ball Mel Gibson in his wife lost watched doctors and against it -- -- -- the caller. I. And now what's next thing you know the scary movies on the slick -- scary movie seventeen. -- ago in the Los pool for the Wayans Brothers there was a ball out at some level. And so the movie with signs by the way there's a hundred -- it was a great epic and there was some talk -- Signs I guess that was it yeah. There so that year I don't remember the plot line of signs to the word autonomy glasses of water and that I think -- Dog down. -- to a group did the dog down KI. Kind Doctor. -- -- it is ages. Ago guys' ages. Wikipedia can't call it. Well there you don't get Wiki pages he's got a -- -- that tiger. Yeah yeah but the to a signs of life. -- it's fast size average -- high right at the blue tick up in new signs good job -- of our -- 617797937. That is the phone number text the show. Any time it is 37937. We come back and additional your phones. We break some new A-Rod news courtesy clobbered the -- my goodness what you -- What Alex Rodriguez was popped up on don't go anywhere match to match the match. Yeah.

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