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Patriots fans react to Gronk's behavior

Feb 5, 2013|

Mut and Merloni take phone calls about Gronk's behavior and if it is an issue.

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This is being -- So what that we do. I'm not going to call him an -- I'm going to say however that his actions what idiotic. Be responsible. And if I'm cracked the promise to -- first class personified all the way. I had him in my office this has got to stop you can't have this -- don't care about affected us all season you are injured -- Bob. A way not only argue -- if you were healthy. This -- a good chance that we're sitting here today is Super Bowl champions instead of -- Baltimore Ravens you couldn't play in that AFC championship game last year. You what -- you -- know win a 100% because you've got injured and that you could ripple Foreman has the ball at a peak level that you ended up losing to the New York Giants sort of legitimate argument could be made if that's the crap of the new and the patron that you have cost us two Super Bowl titles. Okay and you'll watch Schilling in Las Vegas. Which are all wrapped up body slam in France risking injury to yourself and others because you -- -- and around and act like an -- -- It is inexcusable -- get -- together euthanized. As tightly as a daughter together we've been led to believe they've had these meet Elizabeth well listen -- deal with -- deal wouldn't -- the patriot way. Don't have to your business are we gonna deal which you can have in the less than flattering -- The wind whipping wind and you went went past him. At a Steve today's fifth -- I was. But that's golf putting gronkowski on the class today on ESPN model united three point seven. WEEI you not see the video brought dancing in Vegas FaceBook dot com. Slash W -- yoga reeks of your comments on that throughout the show and get your reaction at 6177797937. Text the show at 37937. Let me ask you this. You prominent beat the patriots do. Bill and Robert -- to the doctors interest of the attic that at some level they don't like what level. At the level of a perception standpoint public the level of hate idiot. What makes you healthy. And yet you were joking around but the next time. Maybe you won't be so lucky maybe you'll do some stupid and actually fall off the -- stage I also think they know who gronkowski is and I give them a lot of credit because unlike some of the girls that I -- along the way before got married. Not try to change -- a whole lot you get that brought this is Dominic get this guy you know one he's not care about sports is much. Doesn't happen to try to change people's work. Many divorces will tell -- that. You can change wrong I don't want to get -- at all actually can change at the -- you have to -- growing up. It is -- -- -- body can't handle anymore this reasons why guys playing -- 1520 years does it take care of their body. -- and and what he does. It's not right now to catch up to someday absolutely. -- before the guys on top of the world is a great football player what he's doing right now. Is he's he's given some people excuses the -- he starts to tail off. You can't do that apart we've gotten as many many times before you know Derek Lowe. The perfect example. The cared about. I don't -- became an issue. -- can't give people excuses and is no question that party -- shortens careers. It's just it's just it's a fact. Let's get your reactions here 6177797937. Pulls -- to leave this up this morning hi Paul. Good morning gentlemen that -- you get the Eminem boards Tim Maloney Elena put it -- out there. That's directed towards -- -- Eight of one of -- thing either hey you're a moron or maybe you like doing a great job to keep the controversy going against look little. And keep that discussion going -- Well actually our culture talking about this before message do you really believe this is when tackle on the -- just doing things. And I'm more on these and sure of -- -- reasons but in this case. Why am I a moron. Question how -- Your -- -- you. Don't want you all like you. All what injuries he suffered from right now you think that the broken arm he suffered. I and -- offered again when he try to come back and play -- had to do with his impact about the steal music he wasn't doing everything he could come back and play. And -- re having other letting the date -- break he'll would you -- to do right now at a rehab well. Sports -- 20/20 530 years ago it used to be. -- very sport at a six month cycle than died in part time job I did other things I can instantiate. Sport now because of the all 51 million don't like it I'm a big twelve mark cycle now everybody's got. A little bit about especially got just as he couldn't focusing like -- stated many actual fighter real have been making comments about. Each focusing on retail. Okay what's the rehab all what's the rehab right now for the broken bone part of rehab is actually lifestyle and diet. That's part of rehab when you rehab bones that directly affects it mean. It's just like. Make your -- tomorrow. Not be surprised what would I trade that I know we -- execute the best tight end in the game the best and we you'll probably appreciate state. What to get quarter quote state LP. But not be surprised. If you're not on the trade block I'd make that comets and what he -- -- you are you -- -- lots. I was done within -- seconds -- they -- about whatever -- admit to comment and we'll restated now it will not be. Supply comes out right org a copy or that he is involved and trade talks. And there straight talk. I analyzed data that at all there's no shot your -- on the -- that. I want to get I would not trade that cut but I'm telling you right no word yet. Are they play the odds that policy you wanna call and call me a moron thanks for your call on Alec what apple calls but. I wouldn't trade him I wouldn't be surprising reason trade talk ethic that's what Sports Radio guys you wouldn't be surprised but. Why god be with the trade Rob Gronkowski -- and be able entry -- talks I got to tell me is most important -- on the offense it's the committee's minutes in -- wanna suitable for yourself the target trade him. Betrayed the one guy who's aggressive middle the field goes up and -- balls for Brady. I don't think so yeah I don't T I missed it and you want one bit but there is a person out there that the professional athlete when your rehab and you know lifestyle and diet isn't mentioned to go along with this that the healing process and rest. Sean is in Foxboro today as we talk with a Yuma Lou 937 hi Sean. And yet they don't shall we have I -- go in the -- policy in the audio all the more on expansion on. And they'll probably not let you block out and Norton -- -- -- the -- because it's important to let him do whatever it wants. I agree that I haven't thought I mean that a -- I'd say they are trading at that -- always. So what do you look at what was -- what was allowed drunk to do dancing in the on the -- -- -- just gave the guy. You just gave the -- six years 56 million dollar shot that -- had. And you know we viewed programs soccer field he should Gordon who are terrible. But I don't like -- -- except -- lives is our. Recovered -- -- downloading what we got at least a little bit but. Policy I was the housing -- C championship game this year. You know. Policy in the Super Bowl last year. Bringing corporation Belmont I'm not your -- and nobody should trade that extra bit of a lob call actually live now on convertibles for big Fella. Well I try to -- He genuinely all it is Wear white -- take -- for commit crimes get cut short just isn't even a little known her accomplishments and political or. They'd like -- probably don't go up ten for a you know we got an -- which you'll agree that's so. -- ethic they don't the fans while look at him depart here. Is that with a lot of women think it's great. Evan sort of grow up you realize worth 56 million dollars in impact and rob -- invest in the bill bill if it -- invested in him. And the entire team's invest in them and Tom Brady's invest in them and it is got a responsibility others is rolled to probably get help these as quickly as possible. It's just another side of it though. Now you said you're OK with him it was the equal bang anything that moves nobody just. You worried about hippie generation though would that be an issue they're weird they're on the hips now be to get stuff that. So -- morons out of the gate this is good start to jail if Ross and Walpole Ross what you have. Think guys are you going to Barbara. First -- like -- you guys props because when you got started this Shaw I was more hesitant to listen to your engine guys seriously put on a tremendous show. I don't like if you guys credit for that thank you I'd say that. Thank you so much that's very kind of be. Well I've got I wish you guys wouldn't talk about just I think this is the biggest north stories since Robert Kraft and his lady friend in the video. I don't I don't -- this is still I disagree with you. Lou I I I think this is the lawsuit and -- -- to QB in the -- you're wrong you're right about that. And done I'd I don't see any problem with and doing what it still went out I just don't and I don't you like this story I. -- -- to explaining how this is story. Because the impact he has on this team. Okay he has a broken bone in his dorm not one but two one and the keel as much as possible -- Now you OK you know make you might not think that you know certain things other than just actual rest and is part of the rehab process I personally do rehabbing injuries it's what you put your body it's how you live your life. It's taken away stupid risks as a kid which he is and I understand that. But I had I think it's time for him -- sort of grow up here now take some responsibility that's all. OK okay. I understand that taken responsibility. But I I tell me when -- play you guys never won out you guys never did. Yeah absolutely -- So that's. What I did when I was recovering from a broken bone or eight torn ligament was veiled boost and now. Well hustle you onto others is when you were injured never drink mortgage underwriting electric is absolutely is different in a drink in -- Was on with what I would I broke my leg was out dancing -- my brakes on. No again as after the season right I mean but idea the idea that athletes. When they're hurt. Are drinking to excess and it's an -- -- and to assess whether great. The idea some athletes are doing everything to X protector like you go with the idea it's not a great what a what does that mean. Everything is possibly -- your great athletes are you drinking heavily you do a lot of drugs and excess -- great I just -- a great article who was the Olympics in America at the governor and she just retired yeah. -- was talking about you she she works hard and because of that -- just a release former sonic athletes in general. Sometimes I'm not being too general now that's not fair. But when you say. When you are health when he asked the question if somebody -- drank with some have invested fit I believe million dollars in Maine. The now have a responsibility to my employer -- if I was injured I would do everything possible to get help these quickest possible. Have you ever seen only invested point 5000 and at what level. I would I'd -- it's a good paycheck round here but it. You understand what you're saying -- you believe the heat is not rehabbing correctly if you believe that. It sounds like to -- is because this video. Like somehow he's not best preparing himself for next year's season awful one night part of it in Las Vegas for tonight's one night you shared it. Richards one nightmare in the zone in and it would have -- seen. Any time he's got to -- videotape mythology can hide anywhere so when he is out you see that's the it's it's. Also all. Thought I would ask people what -- take as a legitimate. -- India after every time he's we see on it and the engine of economic times he's human teams in an ample time -- -- and it's it's been a handful of Arizona drunken ample times less common -- their pictures that show up on bar -- some reports of him out drink -- there's. And tons of -- right in -- never goes a drink in this never picture of them but the the oppression you're giving is that that is somehow affecting him getting back to play on the field. And I dissecting we -- healing process zero evidence of that it's reflecting the bone healing process and there -- Numerous evidence just got evidence up to presume the videos available FaceBook dot com. Slash WEEI checked out read some your comments give back your phone calls -- and -- Sports Radio.

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