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Mut and Merloni disagree on the maturity of Rob Gronkowski

Feb 5, 2013|

Mut and Lou debate whether Gronk's actions in a nightclub in Vegas should be viewed as him just being 23 or time for him to grow up.

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We should keep track of how many times. Certain athletes show up on DMZ. Some sort of ranking system. Chad Johnson. Team on their all the time. Guys and LA attic because of -- DMZ is based out where Harvey and his crew did a great show. On the LA athletes have an advantage but. Like a rock somewhere in the top ten you think Loren Roberts a -- worked -- regard. Yes to the show last dogs -- -- wake of the -- today when the chances. The Rob Gronkowski shows up on the Internet -- picture we get video instead. The no question about it right -- I'd there's no question -- -- you -- -- allotment -- -- and when you -- you question. Him enjoying yourself. You're barking up the wrong tree gets all the guy does he lives life and that it's gonna lead obviously QAA. Wedding will be spirited debate today amongst patriot fans because the video which is courtesy AT&T dot com Wall Street we can watch have you not seen. Gronkowski dancing shirtless with -- -- bodies and apparently his brother's. -- and a Las Vegas nightclub. It's gonna talk about all date today because Rob Gronkowski is a major part of this Patriots offense and Rob Gronkowski is. A major part of the patriots franchise going forward and he's in the video via the -- those have not seen. He does a wrestling move and if you follow the old WW up for WW we've seen in the -- It's that Jake the snake Roberts he'd take me Jake the snake would come rain. And a couple things you were gonna happen one. He was gonna have a huge. -- on snake oil we believe it boa constrictor snake in that green bag that Jake the snake at the you'll. -- got back opens as a kid that would scare the crap enemy with Jake the snake would open up Mali's. 8910 years old that was the heyday. Of the old Saturday night main event now that that's -- a huge wrestling that I -- Jake the snake like that not Donald well. But it would bring this huge ball constricted of the ring that was happening number one. Number two if you get a DDT. Which is well you get put to the midsection Lou he's gonna turn around. He's gonna put your right here over her shoulder and drop it out now how if for no arrests on how to -- was both the knock -- not I have no clue. But the DDT was a Jake the snake Roberts special gronkowski doesn't that to his brother or respect friend. Onstage at Las Vegas. The only issue here is he still has that major black cap and it's on the we ought to about how big -- cast was without the doctors. Let them figure that stuff out. And there are a lot of patriot fans than any patriot media member care Gregory -- saying it's time for brought the girl up it's incident like this that can't happen anymore. And I just disagree that we should be up and arms of this event here in Las -- I want brought to be wrong you shall meet no issues off the field. Attic he works his ass up on the field and as a as a fan as someone who follow the sport. That's what I -- my guys I knew my guys on change Rob Gronkowski. He has do we isn't dammit that's a good thing if your patriots. I agree I agree with care is a -- to your problem with at all. You'll probably Rob Gronkowski at all. I don't think that deal that I -- does Gerald. Has to cut out some of his antics you don't know probable though went one of any of the -- off the field. Affected is on the field performance let's start there. Well and just name here's the thing we'll start -- units and it will go from there I don't like him dancing after Super Bowl which was health of the call Scott yeah that really affected his off ability to come back and -- -- -- -- liken it is -- pro football talk you know Isaak album has got Michael David Smith kind of the headlines gronkowski get some heat knowing for party Las Vegas any references. And last year's article. It points out that. Harding after the super bloke on the question how much he cared TI I wouldn't call -- the question how much he cared I think he does care bowl football but he does care about winning but as a patriot fan. I look at that game missing a healthy Rob Gronkowski. You win the Super Bowl. And with that I don't wanna see the guy that was a healthy with a bum -- that idea what are we Dylan here. He's gonna play game seven months after that Super Bowl so why can't get an end and let his frustration -- losing out. Whatever weight he chooses to like that offensive. Do you sit up for God's sakes they just lost the Super Bowl a game they're not gonna play game for seven months to sit here and tell me. That you read the pro football talk and say or people. Beckham missed a regular season game in April -- golf and. With well I've Harriman Josh Beckett regular season game wasn't able to pitch in -- unit with a pitch but that you're able to go golf. He not able to play at a very high level but you're able to dance afterwards about it. But don't question is caring I apple like a -- is not good -- gonna play African football game for eight months after the fact that a suitable think Josh Beckett -- -- what Arctic start in during the fire we disagree and a okay. Rob Gronkowski need to grow up. OK I don't have a problem. Going to Vegas and party and taking his shirt off I don't care if Rob Gronkowski is running around biggest naked. But -- -- every single -- in Vegas I don't care. The cable when you -- the incident in nude body -- DDT fallen on the army got a cast there the importance of this guy in the team. Can directly look at we are questioning into the Patriots offense and does it work. Meanwhile the two most important games at this team has lost a bit without Rob Gronkowski the Super Bowl wasn't -- percent. You know how much of an effect this guy has in the offense I don't need this guy out there jumping around on dance floors with a broken arm. And by the way you can look at any study you want. -- and alcohol isn't exactly the best thing for healing powers. What especially comes -- a ball just get -- it's very simple this alcoholic affect all bone healing. If there everybody knows that I want this guy healthy that's all I care about -- mortgage -- patriots fan I want him on the field. -- not seen as a quote trick and party and women everything else. He's got to be smarter kids to point threes gotta start growing up he's got to cut out some of the attacks -- -- the pats game next week they play I missed something in the skin. You'll training camps -- July 7 months dude. The idea of heat the alcohol is affecting his rehab it's broad -- when he three years old men they don't they play a game until September 8 2013. As it can be critical of him for drinking departing at 23 years old. Don't wanna change Rob Gronkowski. Hike at this argument right if you got on the air and he says I can tell you break back. That Rob Gronkowski. -- has been effective is rehab what he's done in the field ought to stop off the field and we have not one iota of evidence that's the case here's Knoblauch broncos'. Single. 23. Has a good time whether you don't are not huge when it comes charity. This guy all the bill doesn't pop it up is a huge charity guy and it's helped not a million different causes. So Ray Lewis on the field the -- -- -- -- and just an urban off charities I want people to charities that you don't like -- on the field. Has worked his ass off to become one of the best tight ends in football yeah as far as we know far Sino. Nothing used on out the field has put any of that question. And this of the same sort of thing of people see this video on -- you guys wanna get on year you know your year medical degree sound like it that he. What's his name who want to say that doctor A-Rod. Yet no -- a doctor here so when you look at that. -- boy could be affecting it can't even see in the video to be really does -- I think very -- doesn't. I'll probably does helping Alex somebody fell on it. Well he got just say companies -- ago so do you trust Rob Gronkowski is the stuff that we noted about trust Rob Gronkowski that. It just. Rehab this arm properly you to just handle it no big deal got my spleen injuries before and it worked his ass up -- come -- I think this time. He worked hard. And may not even be ready -- called us last week instead I still questions about you think alcohol affects healing. I don't know I'm not all tightest it does is that looking up how does it affect healing we said what's the is -- a major effect is any minor effect. -- because -- drinks off the field at the season's over by the way then that's going to affect how healthy he's going to be seven month and up is that that's all I care about. If he's not helping a month that he still hurting I don't care. If -- September. Then maybe have a conversation maybe it's an issue but right now chronic and help and heavy consumption of alcohol solution reduced ability to heel bone. Accord the national institute of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Alcohol including beer appears to affect the body's ability to produced new bone cells cult -- steel blasts. It's your body built cost you blast after a broken bone. You might experience won't slow bone healing if you're chronic beer drinker and now I asked you think alcohol that bone healing. You're you're obviously reading from a story that says it does a medical -- medical -- our lines very simple go on and just go get -- -- WebMD they're always they're always right on line the -- that is -- -- -- -- ten different -- hundred different -- -- obviously -- Jackson thing if you want what you trying to say that that somehow big picture that you -- in Las Vegas and that he eats in the off season and the season is over it's gonna affect him long term that's that's -- -- -- -- Not really -- saying that white relating alcohol because of the start from the grow up all because it does affect I'm telling you right now it's medically proven that it affects bone healing. -- -- got to get healthy as soon as possible to have a normal offseason. It's a rather take too much for listing -- may -- to take a month. To work -- do the normal things get back on the football field. This team doesn't need any change in offense you're healthy Rob Gronkowski. That's what they need that's all I care about is he doing the right thing to be healthy as soon as possible to give back the player that he is. And I'm not saying him falling. On his. Broken -- with a huge cast in the states in Vegas. Re broken or anything like actually I don't trust him you don't trust I trust him. He's an -- maybe you don't lose that trust is my point what does he -- -- -- gonna feel as it's alluded well documented his lifestyle a case he parties he's a young kid not a problem with that party -- the -- off easy to do that third alternate years from in his offseason as far as we know I don't know. I just wanted to be smarter about it I just wanna I wanna feel. I don't think he's not he's very Smart about a lot of things that we -- know that. The videos up right now for those who have not seen and can't wait to -- your comments on this FaceBook dot com. Slash WEEI could see the entire video they -- courtesy of -- folks at DMZ. ABC dropped out there and what you're. I -- torture -- I just I want someone to tell me that it's affected him on the field that's all I care about. That's what it as a fan what you -- here and has it already accused in the league for two years. -- three years but every full season real seasons. Two of the three years he hasn't been in the field. Late in the game late in the season when it's mattered the most I'm not saying any of this has anything to do with it. K I just wish. That he -- -- bit smarter about things I'm surprised. That the patriots seven grab them by the neck got the last year. And hasn't become smarter about some things that's all. Just change some of his epics it's all talking about we seal lined up already at 61777979. 37 we get right to your phone calls reaction as in you'll hear Stephen A Smith take don't go one hour.

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