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The great Will Ferrell commercial debate

Feb 5, 2013|

Will Ferrell did an ad for Old Milwaukee that did not air nationally during the Super Bowl in which he makes out with a woman for a solid minute. D&C say it's not funny. Chach and Stitch argue vehemently to the contrary.

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You have a massive erection. Really -- stars that. Please. There's actually an optical illusion that the pattern on the past the book club flattering. But structural region. I'm actually taking them back right now -- in the back to pet store. Well there can be very funny. The body in the Milwaukee how good it was -- there watching it in the -- reckon he's cracking up at. All until stupidity makes. Don't samples that gets to catch the ball I Delaware's own because we left it will Farrell I won't adults are stupid I -- -- -- you know -- love -- Like I'm not sensitive I just think it's tired ship jobs -- still magazine in the fight the been. I was almost from the looks of it. Little woman you. Tom was that the one Milwaukee or anything like writes I'd like twisted stuff in -- like -- small doses Will Ferrell. He'll commit some men turn to duplicate some optimists McGinley no I haven't -- it's stupid it's funny. What it is still making out with some random woman on the boss he has a mustache that's like -- funny points. All right stitches a little more. Sophisticated. New to this fight. This do you think it's funding. An ugly chick and beer maybe he'll make out there -- and just the fact that it was even on TV in some places it's just an indictment I think it's awesome. And I'm catches your attention you're talking about it. Works. -- -- Marketing buzz worthy like the -- commercial. The amusing he is he's wearing like a wife beater. The basketball back I wonder like how many takes you have to do and and if you will Farrell chairman of -- in sick. Maybe younger chick pelican. And get -- Bronfman's. It's cheap you know -- After -- could she brush. And floss. Does it make you -- -- Milwaukee. Sure I'll open a crack a couple of down for my dear old Milwaukee. -- for his team. Yeah let's -- -- this is an end point of -- skill set that nobody feels as. I can spin things. Flat. Like like -- plates are cushioned landing approach. Judge utilities these are still I have no skills about what I used it. I can sing like an Angel. What do you Cologne boy I could finish. Is that a skill set requirement I would think. If if you're the famous. Either Kobayashi the basic -- October yes yes and somebody hires you to come to the Super Bowl and perform your skill set. You can make a significant amount of money I guess Domino's Pizza. Hired Kobayashi. At halftime. At a Super Bowl party. To eat an entire Domino's Pizza in one minute. And he did it. And in fact you were pumping down molest and seconds and he was like lagging behind -- halfway through like 45 seconds. They Portland ten night and he took like three pieces in a row just jammed down his throat -- some water and and swallowed it and at the net zero -- 109 at 321 and he was done every single morsel the pizza was gone in one minute a large domino pizza. The patent. I don't know 15100 dollars not much she got a box. Missiles like the greatest eater of all I'm almost repeats in the -- Marin and sharp given out that went on the street and made people. Go hot hot hot -- if you eat Pizza Hut. Again. I would like Iowa football and had to get down and they give you Pizza Hut pizza and it was kinda an. And cheesy for big style and -- countries to do that but. I I would look the other way -- -- achieved that we knew you and Fred and eating contest oysters death I killed. Yeah but that you didn't he he left the show on YouTube at the graduate that was a little different should show a little -- Fred didn't care what it was -- But I I once went with Fred and Steve. In New Orleans. Four. -- profit off machine. And it was like being with Homer Simpson in the episode where he puts the restaurant business. I had to leave 'cause those they have -- two hours I was done eating at and a few Beers and these two didn't for a while they wanna focus. In -- wasn't like conversing it was all he can eat crawfish to skip eating. Eating evening OK I don't think they've -- noticed that left we just focused they peel them. They had appeal yet they didn't sound is giving myself credit shell million he'd -- announced that it now but they -- that. The crawfish. And I -- could still be brought in but at bat speed it's not nauseating I watched these Kobayashi eating contest in Coney Island that's disgusting it's totally discuss their port water in the shot in the Bosnian jam in the -- and in the water again to -- that water than -- it. Probably had to pay his own way 15100 by doctors are about to -- -- pizza didn't pass the hat to get more than that -- that stuff. Revere or you will be. I don't ordinary. -- -- and Errol thank yes. You I -- know a regular and the guy sorry. -- you've got a shipment awaited school right you know. Do you guys you I don't want to -- you outline. Okay and he would -- -- and you don't even you don't even know he would pocket. In -- -- ain't it where yeah aggregate rule it's incredible. -- especially in the he sounds like you've been a victim learning. -- I don't know because nobody else about it he knows much about it. But yeah I wouldn't it I'm more out why you -- -- -- people. You know immediately without a little bit more money to eat -- it now -- okay by. I can keep our guy that's young kid doesn't know -- get on the front part in this somebody they don't have a particular problem. It will actually mentioning you know. And some aren't it didn't then it's probably. Not just saying you're under and. But you wouldn't have to thirty wouldn't you at some point have to see your -- if you're a young guy -- -- -- It's all about actually born to an end and she -- she refused she refused to call it refused he would -- Skype he would not -- -- he always had an excuse he never. Actually saw or never touched her. At some point especially if -- the big man on campus. It says I am sorry I got there are real girls they're lying doll. Incredibly incredibly shot you know maybe looking great with the girl. I agree that could be a fact Ernie in my in -- the -- don't -- it already when I when I checked out on -- learning that he. Ernie it's one thing to be fooled by somebody on the other line a couple of times during a sex chat this was a mad passionate I've fallen in love with you for a couple of years and a thousand hours on the phone two very different things. Very different. That's right down. Didn't -- that people. That being. -- -- long period of time and never meet -- Alan. -- who's going up front and -- so what went on and see what what -- You may have had an opinion about what happened to it. Ronnie spent a lot of -- analog audio -- never say I lobbing a person however from talking to them for a law that I've never madam. Sure it happens all the time but. Mean -- is meant that they are the biggest card called football right who -- John that's for -- there aren't real girls throwing themselves at him and it's a little busy too much of the guy that he's actually at Notre Dame which means. I think you have to actually go to class on occasion -- -- exit Alabama or Florida. He's going to class yet to own homework please get your degree. And play football plan for the pros all that you know trying to win the Heisman and he has time -- a thousand hours. To chat and beautiful sex with a girl who's going to chemo. It's kind of a turn off of -- does not. Allow. I cash given credit for that he had compassion for the sport dying girl who seems like a nice kid just gullible as well. I hope he has a good agent I mean and always at this is Tom Condon now is that Tom -- the someone looking out for him because. You talk about an NFL player who's likely to get snookered by some yeah schemer or some scammer when he beat cup list the best agents will somehow. Get mad telltale and Ronnie Tuiasosopo in to something into some money making scheme that takes advantage of the situation makes -- now good -- come out of I can never go near him. Well let capsule comment I meant I should be AT&T ought to be hard man tie -- -- can never gone near room and it ought to get not. -- neurotic not only running a bit of an agent should get -- -- kind of endorsement situation take advantage of this turn this very negative thing into a positive thing. I've met tight and AT&T commercial -- -- on his bed and in an NFL training camps and I guess he would have to laugh and our guests on his way to -- to survive right. I said earlier something is happening much too soon I'll have the where -- we get back.

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