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Gronk gone wild: D&C weigh in on the Pats TE's latest escapade

Feb 5, 2013|

TMZ caught Rob Gronkowski dancing shirtless in Vegas (you can view it at WEEI.com/producers) and Dino and Gerry weigh in on whether the TE's antics have gotten old. Is this really the "Patriot Way?"

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Yes so. I mean. I was out there and when I'm out there on the -- is good enough control. I'm -- -- American -- are both they're playing and he argued are we have roughly -- game. At the game but not in Las Vegas really get to Rob Gronkowski in just the second question first. Do you think Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garnett. All anything. It's worth half a million dollars. Sure probably be a house or two or three. Car collection. Watch watch. Couple Bentley is couple watches now all I'm sure -- ring that he -- the make up for the six million and so I'm told half a million dollars for helicopter. And 5000 dollars a year maintenance and pilot just accident on the AT&T text lines says a 150000 dollars a year for apartment. So for the price of about 500 grand and change plus 500 rent a 150000 your the pilot. You two were about traffic right you never have to sit in traffic off and you get home in five minutes and how much what three million of the next to coach for Garnett Kobe Bryant. On the court. Has made 221221. Million. In his career plus an endorsement or two. That doesn't include this year so -- up to about 250 million. In his career. And and an endorsements on top that's he's made over 300 million and Garnett is is made more than Bryant and it has made. Almost 300 million on the court he doesn't do as many yet doesn't do -- any. Endorsements. So relative to their network a 500000. Dollar helicopter. Putting five bucks -- it a hundred bucks. By the -- must -- pretty sure it's a deductible yes as well. Garnett going into this year any minute now and it's gonna pass. 300 million in earnings on the court or 291 million. Entering this year. And he's and it contract what is -- about fifteen this year. So a little. Past half way of the season and exceed 300. Million. On the court if I had that much money in reserve if I had -- that what they helicoptered not BA quality of life issue. I've often said wanna see people buying really ridiculous expense of things I told mr. it was in Tiffany's just just on a -- it was in New York the number of years ago -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and what what -- -- Tiffany's Breakfast at -- it's -- legendary -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I walked by myself and there's guys. And there was -- behind the counter behind the glass case there's a guy dressed very nicely and she had three diamond necklaces being diamond necklaces out. -- how to put on the velvet squares you'd take a look at -- you the necklaces the book on elsewhere yes he's examined. And so I just kind of -- right next human down I've just over here this eavesdrop -- thing. She said this is gorgeous this is that many carrots and -- this comic book that I'm in all the sort of stuff. And she said them. This is 175. Some shipment of miles per cent could Eric Burke sick only until that wasn't Tiffany's. And he's a very nice for it to me about this she said well this is a lot more in terms. The -- And there it is platinum here and it's really really very very nice piece that's 225000. Dollars and it goes to the third one she said. And this is the ultimate lows yesterday the ultimate as the ultimate. She described in glowing terms is third necklace over 300000 dollars. And beyond the fact that that's just ridiculous amount of money to pay for a piece of jewelry set myself if I had -- fight at. A limited funds and other things -- by first. Before it would get to a necklace worth 3000 this wasn't for a camera no of course not -- his wife or girlfriend or -- of the sounds like a pretty. Giving guy a thoughtful guy right -- our -- girlfriend but what wouldn't you by eight which by a vacation home somewhere or boat somewhere or new car somewhere. Or -- helicopter you know what I would do quiet down -- I would Chrysler -- out go look -- currency if they haven't like beaches so. I'm just because you got to play tomorrow and need to know him well. To think it's a little and it's marked up. It takes is just a bit York city pushing its sales tech and a New Hampshire. Yeah is Hillsdale no sales which point I can I purchased a lot of other things that would make me feel satisfied. Before it's -- immigrant and a helicopter would be a lot of fun like Kobe says his helicopter cost as much -- for a -- which history 129000. Just think for our -- -- traffic helicopter doesn't. And we do not engender the most the great is loyalty of refute you -- team and -- Game lift home yeah. A lift home to have to have a helicopter landing spot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you get the house. Does. This witness to put the white power also -- -- -- -- the land of the Steve Blake says Steve good to be slowed down -- get as low as we can you got to pull right out all that doctoral. They also have to get permission to land a helicopter. I'm sure you do yeah -- just like blasted -- Brentwood Taiwan somewhere I don't think so I think -- the call ahead ardea yeah I don't know -- -- We -- had a guy like that Brady sits in traffic right yes yeah hasn't taken a hit trying to get that. Stand -- I mean even the guys who make that Garnett. -- whale in the suburbs he sits in traffic and yeah so maybe maybe there's some officer and -- point. Better. I don't know -- that's all he needs room. You know. -- -- -- A different place without wires let's. Look at the figure that part yeah it makes under -- grant that he's got a -- got -- or is that not right. Enough with the helicopter now and over the energy the other G. The the theme here government is he does some annoying things he is a fake tough -- according to some people but he doesn't really never ever -- his team next time he hurts his team you let me know he doesn't get fights he has get suspended. You know it is -- trouble. Even care about is like minutes is points as rebounds whatever he just now. If you as a Mick Austin team and we think what he's like blowing in the face an opponent -- its growth it's kind of a punk move. But it's all designed to throw the opponent. And maybe you don't like it may be thinking. She try to win without being such an irritant but that's his thing his whatever it takes to win. Does gronkowski feel that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Went when -- practice time when it's football time when it's. Conditioning time it's difficult time for -- But out of that rock is on his own and will do what needs to do if you read that story that that in the story about growing up. This is that. Crazy family. Crazy Brothers. You know breaking down the house fighting in the house so what he saw it would seem the put on DMZ we have where the producer of -- -- A great -- -- yes. On a browser plug in retreated go on. DNC show it's on the -- on the Twitter account. It's that XS. XX. XS. Canada. In Las Vegas. Grow apart in his ass off. Got a cast on shirts off correct -- I don't voice yeah he's one of those guys that different. Soon as he gets I think a couple Beers shares to -- off. And he's shown off the you do that right -- -- a couple drinks in Australia. Sure comes this extra shirt straight a lot of these sorts of people have little they have proclivities when they get a little. And he created -- Some people get touchy -- rise again and others it means a big advocate media -- -- drugs. You're happy drunk a senior Europe fund drunk. Loud but it happened. It was great touch. Yes the life for the party yeah when he gets a couple of great views us and Canada three to four nights a week from today when winter gets a -- -- it puts even more Cologne that -- not just the -- he has no -- -- I'll put up a couple. Ridiculous plot and that troubled them here you go to one place emotional swings through a bit like everyone about it here myself -- all of -- So yeah I sat back -- what you think -- Close friends from home runs from ball falls friends in college -- all the -- come and now here -- -- dropped to three Beers. Maybe 1012 years and being Hillary's the sure it's coming off an a but he loses half Fisher just forgets where he leaves a ends up waking up in the morning publisher Roger souvenirs registered to the table and it's up on the stage to dance like you do have access -- Excrement it certainly this final. -- aegis of the block the -- fiesta. Yeah. But he is he's not. Not the most careful cautious drug in the world is now. And and and and nine now that people's first instinct is human. Life single exam and -- but her injury in her column today in the held back -- roll up on people tell you grow up. -- Erin makes a great point -- -- you want some thrown his friend Ron he's do it with his broken aren't right. He's doing it with the army kept them out of the AFC championship game kept the patriots out of the Super Bowl. Believe me I'm not gonna come across as a buddy -- on this particular topic additional what the Bibi Jones thing did not offend me it really didn't -- the patriots at Kraft family probably. Got a little queasy watching him pose a porn star. Even dancing after the Super Bowl loss on a bad ankle while necessarily the smartest thing to do had no problem with that I didn't have a problem was over he played his -- correct. I'm sure yet how does that word do all shot up there and didn't feel that much he was blown out that was classic blow laughs I had no problem with that. But for him to be on stage with a -- it's approximately -- size would you agree I mean a damn guy. Did he kick in the nuts is when 100 was tenth wrestling -- -- it would Russell he needs it DDT. PW. DDT that's when he was in person. But he picks the guy in the where you try to stomach and -- drop down on its head by now unless and connected but right looks like -- can protect as the cameras behind the guy. Looks like he kicks in right in the in the jewel right. And then takes him down with his broken left now I'm pretty sure this is the -- left arm has been broken twice correct yes once I put it broke the second time and and that was what three weeks ago I was a -- a second time because they didn't let it heal this. Says -- to -- stressed out and the that this two questions it to you or -- year. It doesn't matter right as a matter how does it defend Bill Belichick. Bob Kraft Jonathan Kraft how about. -- -- How about could talk radio used to teach shall it. You know what you could say healthy -- a healthy 100% rock which probably have. And the patriots -- Got to straight super horse right. People it's possible I know -- -- want the white shares a little bit more of a stretch but I think they beat the giant I -- and -- Paula doesn't grind his ankle into the ground and hurt him last year. They beat the -- they were inseparable 6177797937. AT&T text line is 37937. We'll talk with you as soon as we get back and out and -- -- cut a new deal would do the put the call -- our estimates GH and didn't get it yet. Was nothing you were put the column for recently you wanted to hear Amber Frey didn't get any of that and help now but that. Now you can yes he sure that's as the website you can buy it -- -- what brought light -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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