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Ray Lewis goes out a champion

Feb 4, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are talking more about the Super Bowl officiating and of course it wouldn't be a Super Bowl conversation without talking about Ray Lewis.

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You know I'm convinced writer that my wife Christie thinks I'm -- -- like what happened. She probably knows -- pavement different kind of take over the eating kind of vaguely eagle -- that is huge that's executed garbage bag full of Foveon this. So celery carrots. And caught up nicely through like snack food and salad dressing up the whole bottle of thousand -- as a whole bottle. About love. Water Poland Spring Water bottle of your favorite snapple raspberry take a big bag of various fruits pineapple a cantaloupe graves was so far this is just the beginning right now so far it's healthy haven't you get the celery the carrot sticks the fruit. -- -- -- another cent which you'll want to -- -- -- the vacuum bag of -- In a whole stack Girl Scout Cookies. Imagine if you read all of that. You know governments that reminds me of the the movie The Breakfast Club. -- Amelio Estevez -- -- -- like the lunch -- there's gigantic I got news for you know those commercials -- -- -- Israel and almost that people Maria has been there what's the cause opener of diet says. Nutrisystem. And there's more food here than you get are weak on that specific rights -- at this week slave got a great what she's awesome. I'd rather never over think that and under right and right and what she just put the bag of freedoms and gorgeous in the water or yet -- -- more or Jews the carrots maybe she's would be said he you a message of was just the carrot sticks and a salary. Might begin you know having it it was to walk dislodged -- you know I saw you because I was born in pretty much the same time you appointed today. And -- to squash are good that he's quietly been a huge sack of -- has terminal and I would -- -- you know what it does for fun on the snapple cap. The the muzzle. Of a lot of weird to this some about the Mosul the line diamond -- were in the Super Bowl but you know what the ravens are worth. And I thought they would Lewis but you know again I don't really Blair and imports and -- yeah I mean. It's not like I'm can be you know pulling the old on the patriots guy you know right now it's not that people currency accuse me in this in this instance. Boy whoever though it did have the ravens throughout the policies did pretty well they did I mean especially if -- had a lot of money because they were underdogs all the way when you know put -- except for the colts -- -- something always go with the team that you know at least according to Ray Lewis is on God's side. I guess set the 49ers are humans that it means that's right that's right they're nothing they're going right to tell a -- Garrett at its -- north bridge hello Derek. -- source unless -- -- your radio. Are we gonna hang up on Garrett and I hate hang up on anybody's I'm not inherently employed person. When you call in. The media you're on hold yet to start listening to the phone not to the radio or you will know when your on the years called delay. We're Politico has it all. They'd Mikey -- that was formerly Paul from the car. But I was speaking through -- side. Myself what was so bad is that -- blood is slightly talking through a presumed. It was a -- that I should cracked coconuts who -- that the powerful to Greg my commitments. In -- I'm not one that -- that -- believes in you know referees make you change and you know mr. writer -- 81%. Think that it was a 5050 call at the and at the end of the game. But what is not a 5050 call which capsule the you know effect of the game was when -- Williams pushed the referee. -- hop right there's another one. Yet the right I was surprised it wasn't just something about that Ed Reed off sides. That every cup side steps -- is news as well as big I think it is now. Both sides there was stuff you could point out. It but it's indisputable that you know if you put your hand and our furry. One it should be fifteen and enough and it's this not a game. Ourselves. As a similar like very obvious probably not the Celtics game due to the the buzzer beater shot that was yet Barnes yeah he jumped governing gets the -- can't touch now you can't that should have been girls had his goaltending and it wanted to know that not -- -- -- change in the outcome was just. No yeah but I could -- won its two point gain some guys may I agree when you finally on Deco has calls like that these guys are professional -- for reasons balls to get it -- You know while they make mistakes just like athletes. Or everyone for that matter. Look at the end mean it in terms athletes making mistakes obviously Ray Lewis made one. You know may have concealed some evidence in you know in addition Perry is -- -- that's true but I was actually talking about that a select had less success less egregious mistakes right by union you define a lot athletes have been a lot of mistakes off the field and and and certainly on the field but. -- you know it is the do one nightmare you must have if you're refereed. Is to make the wrong call at the closing moments or any crucial game deciding moment of the so well you don't get worse if he was to I mean he got three -- there was some gravity collection on both sides -- that was non -- pass. But you have to agree that the news before that. You know with the effect that it wouldn't -- -- was pushing the referee during that fight would see. Yes yes ever replace. He should have been thrown out of yeah. Well or I don't think they wanted to do anything in that situation is a fracas but Jesus it's just that that we're adamant that justice involves the whole process of having -- for res but they don't wanna make that call they won't let him play. -- out but the rest -- there are so they don't play dirty so they don't sheets so they don't get away with stuff. So that the rules are followed that's the point well to -- meaning you -- The Flacco pushing him out about hitting him out of bounds -- -- -- but let's circle back and find every call the people -- let's talk about the fact that people who calls in the Super Bowl and there -- more than one and the -- -- counted the biggest -- -- -- that so I actually did have a problem with the officiating. For most of the game now I think the league world that you don't like having the -- should. I think they should -- naked. Needs potentially it is it that potentially they did change blah I thought there was consistency. Consistently bad now I don't attend as far -- -- go to BK in Framingham you should be the president of their association if not I mean look I just. I don't pay me you could do this and every single game on every Sunday in the NFL season is thing I did get it right. Yes and I think -- try to -- muttered trying all the that's well I think they do get a right trying to pass a press 2000 pounds you know what guess what it's not gonna happen. Minute wasn't this wasn't like to finish of Seattle Green Bay earlier this season. And publisher and I understand BK you there yeah what's -- -- And while that -- -- on the but I wanted to talk about a couple things he he he keeps saying that well that's one -- anything all day that they shouldn't call that. The interference in the end zone to remember the third down pass to Boldin. They called the fair and based on the drive with a that the field goal to put them this bite -- yes why they call that. They called bad interference but it would call the one in the end zone. I mean that they accepted that they would -- -- the following this woman -- a competent yeah -- so please call their different about the way they handled. The kick return for the touchdown the whole thing was so unbelievable -- -- mind that you gotta see this in the middle of the field to guys. To WW he wants some defend. Just completely holding them another replay until last night so that we played today yet it's unbelievable now -- Ed Reed and when there's open at play calling. And in the red zone there was -- lining up on site jumping -- and the quarterback. We can't make a play that would make the play -- to make it a column outside they -- the campus until guys look side to two more in the same place. But you can't tell me -- drive me crazy is that when they -- interference on boldly in the first round at a punt the ball away but he -- quality difference in the and so. I agree. All right you are not you should be a public -- of the rules -- if your if your reps that you can't seize that and you don't make that call up and a no call is of failure. -- little limb like that guy said that guy Williams took a round house left and punch the guy in the probably jumped up and put a reference to enhance. Now you call that now now the whole tone of the game changes that would. Baltimore can't control these guys and picking a penalty this guy Jones was smacking someone in the first series. In the in the indiscriminate cinema in front of the rapid development. So Baltimore and we were all these personal fouls. You know and and then and then and then the whole he's gonna keep it in the mechanical well -- to get as you can call that play humbled -- that holding on third down. But you've got a call that play in the end zone. I agree a 100% because I disagree but that's. The idea is to make -- make the calls make -- right and if you if you I mean I understand the division there's a lot of decision there's lot of controversies around you call urges their army achievement whistle him I'm in my pocket here and upload on on the all these calls throughout the course the game. And say well guess what it's because I'm not calling any calls today that's what. Were being consistently. Bad or being consistently wrong or being consistently boring it's five look I you know lodgenet call irate because I don't want Dennis who doubled -- bushel at the refs that are like perfect. Admitted no the calls know the rules make the calls is that the whole idea. Behind fair play now either side like I knows the final play of the game so it's such a pivotal play there I decide who played Colin was ridiculous I think that that's a 5050 college kid decides who bought a 5050 call. Okay. Enough feet made the call you wouldn't be talking as much about the play calling. In other words if that is the niners made it -- at the ball first and and gold the one based on the Griffin I would be because I recall no I do they scored yet blame would you be talking about all the bad play caller I I would be I'd probably would be as much for subject but at all hindsight is. Point 18 but look. I think right -- when it was going on one of sit around my buddies were watching the game we couldn't believe that they weren't going to Frank Gore there. And need a beauty by the way in Africa needed to Francona. Based on the success ratio we had just leading up -- that I understand that. But that doesn't change anything that happened on that play it doesn't and in the reps I am I'm gonna have to hold the blame on this I'm sorry analysts away a look at. At that caution have been made let's go to Scott in Portland Maine and new. Ready -- up. Art department at my little thing like everybody's two cents -- the show we can have like 58 cents worth here. -- all different like yeah I mean that you're gonna we're gonna get so many both directions this. -- yeah I Greenwood both view I do think that there was told me it's -- called. And the play calling by the end of the call by reps all year I've just been. Back and forth going the wrong way right way but it if I was the 49ers. I wouldn't be looking at that what pot cystic game I would be going back to. -- -- What -- play and by the 49ers was just atrocious and they need to go back and look at. How they are planned before the black out and look at that employer that providing law. And I certainly did help it is a bad start they had hit 286 Sudan you know in the run back a 108 yards specialities you know and holding or non holding -- Selig irony yards. It happened. That was key but you know let's give a little bit of credit. For being down that far at Kodak in what would have been the greatest comeback in the history of the super ball all 47 of them. Only to have it ended by the -- and this was a perfect game in which you know whatever side you're on it and you know I try to look at things objectively but. There would have been beeps on both sides well the blacked out -- on Baltimore's momentum and gave -- his which I do believe it did the 34 minutes there. And -- nick wasn't as skittish of -- the US clearly unnerved at the beginning and it is not music can't nervous any prizes tenth career NFL start. And he's in the big game you know and I understand I can't do but he grew up a lot in in between this for first second half. And he had a bit -- position to -- win and we were -- -- Flacco is an incredible sometimes you know it's just better offense -- better defense but -- Cisco. Port tackling and that was the defensive team we've seen most the season. No pressure on Flacco yeah it's it's just funny that we're talking so bad about Simpson's will be the crappy team and you know that if the ref makes the right call when the suitable. You know it's funny it's -- it's ironic. -- have to talk about that -- -- pick apart all the things they did wrong in this game except to get to the point where they're gonna win it. With a minute fifty seconds left in and of course rate down restaurant notorious. Not the players. The arrest Johnson provenance fellow John. And who took you don't Wear on -- part of all I can't believe how pretty it is all their -- against the Reagan didn't seem credit. Underdog that the -- surrogates. And they wouldn't condemn that they went they went out on Labor Day it went -- they want. And advocate said that when I -- and they want. All of the public that the packer bear upon -- -- -- are you kidding me. Even that benefit of the double talk that the patent their. And -- yeah I thought enter the game. Yeah yeah it's all in all that the pac -- apparent Crabtree. Rubin got into the ground I'm on the ground that the equipment people at the that would let. It go. And the point that I had him go out and figure it out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No it's not what we know what did you. There was -- both sides OK so and so. In other words there's -- you go back to original -- has no -- no penalty I mean look it's a judgment call I just don't think outs say this all night I'll say -- still. You know whenever -- years from now right I I think it was a 5050 call I can understand. Of people think the other way but I just think -- -- and I joint activities of what I call they had a choice of three things that -- called. Holding on the guy in the group called two penalties or it could have called no penalties -- what they did one into the game the other -- didn't Saturday -- to give -- -- call. Why do. -- -- they put you back or let you go. Fly ball. I -- in policy. That popular one of the best policy -- -- As full quarterback. Ever thought they guy's car. I've been terrific -- it was like it was. Who has. The anybody's question news it's taken Natalie Peru to a lot of people -- yeah I was -- huge believer and Armon he's definitely progress to -- a terrific policies he still one player with the loser. Let's go to Charlotte in the vineyards Sean. And you know some criticizing me on a text message of being off homer how -- -- I don't I'm gonna San Francisco once I don't care about the -- why why are all because this ball are guys I hate the -- pays attention attacks Mikey how many ones are there aren't there. -- -- you attacking me I don't care what they have said I don't know it's not the point the point is how my -- -- was -- when you are but that's our primary wouldn't have to this conversation. The army can't stand and not that really I mean that's what you believe it would be donated to this conversation I didn't have a horse race I didn't. But you'd prefer to see -- is -- win grand. I would have -- -- -- and ground -- courtesy the winner -- you know wherever that might be Sean. Or was. RR I think I think we're all actually in debt and bitterness lies were are united in our hatred for Ray Lewis. And that really killed -- now at that game and you know life. A writer -- EE a year and I got to believe it -- it would have to keep it -- -- you know we know what more I would mine hole in the chuck at the universe was diminished last actual on the eighty definitely. He made seven point two million dollars last year donated bureau to charity. I don't know but that. But. -- -- off for charity but I'm not a big Ray Lewis may elect can't stand more than Ray Lewis Terrel Suggs I think Suggs is a worst character yeah Louis he's in jail. He's got a -- gonna ring now and it is because god was on ray -- side no matter who was on his side with them including Suggs. Who's godless. And covered up the murdered two people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brought. -- thing -- -- -- -- I know he is a fraud of self rod are you kidding me. But thanks for the call I appreciate it -- degrees above good point Mike Miller you know you watch it again even if he did catch that he would have been out of bounds -- that throws. Out of -- It was you know what of the porn -- on -- holding -- does -- matter. Everything else get that and on catcher into that permit where -- -- these are. They can't determine where the receiver would have been in relation to the ball or how high he's gonna jumper how many times he is kept his forty and is opposed to not keep edited. They can't be judged them on a play where there's apparently a throw the flag -- I just disagree but that's only -- disagreement -- -- apparently got through the flag no -- there is a penalty you have to but I don't think there's a clear -- penalty especially in the biggest game of the year -- Wear habits of the rules change in the -- the year well you're used to crowning a champion. -- -- for it to be decided on a 5050 call would be absolutely that that's heresy of bogus. Well -- if you put in front of a bunch of professional -- for reasonable league office of the commissioner or -- Of of but he panel on biased fans they might Nazis at the unrealized -- years and I've I've known -- say it's a 55 that's your that's your percentage a -- on every single day -- just about and you know over the week. You know what it is with four and I understand this it's a bleak time at Boston sports people are pissed off bought you know Baltimore beat the patriots they go on to win the -- her boldest somebody Boston's losing that team eventually wins the championship. And I can understand it in the only hope right now really is the -- In the Red Sox are going anywhere Celtics who you know tried their best probably get bounced in the first round. And that's the problem here. Well I mean I'm I'm just I'm oversimplifying when I don't want super walls and that way. You know -- while I would rather have men and a clear cut play when there's no. Potential for for a Wright controversy. And yet we haven't on this the India and donors he called -- Jim Harbaugh sour grapes or you want you know and it should result the second. Favorite person in the world to win that game one. Yes in his mind. But I agree with him that the non call screwed. Jimenez and his niners in the process of a tremendously historic comeback. And it's showing some balls of their wrong. Okay never mind what happened earlier in the game bad play calling or not they got there today they got right there on the doorstep. Did with their backs against the wall in a dire situation. Only to have it taken away by -- yeah I I just got to get away I I I don't think that way at the Baltimore won the game straight out. Mean Tom -- I don't use it. I that I think you're wrong it's and do a lot of people -- I know there are very very I'm in the minority here Mike -- to clearly areas argued. A -- -- in a -- Super Bowl history because that's what I believe and I stand by what I believe -- good. And -- -- I think most people do. Well not all and what's up -- I know what does it doesn't act -- -- -- -- -- nobody hit the ravens ordinary. I. About you this year I gotta say -- overall I like I don't agree that writer for the most part here. Comedy talent throughout the -- -- -- be a city called there at the front to back barely touch the wide receiver to get calls. I like the fact that they let them play a little bit -- here a little bit rot where I'd like that in Beijing. You're issued a little bit about the ball like I I don't like the fact that they want all the -- That would look this article all game and -- -- and right here right after a popular game retailer albeit remember that. Oh thanks but it was it was so no I think there was a lot of other determining factors in his game. Well yes but that was a huge factor out what it -- your act and -- -- is the only factor that you just said. You can't let the Super Bowl -- called about it determined by their -- call by the refs. It's just me that's just exactly what happened there's others as well tactic here Tedy Bruschi tiger minus -- others. And without you know you're in a minute which you're really all there are a parent do it -- -- sit there Leighton and then and then we'll. Yeah I don't see that -- -- -- about it. Is still alive isn't my most favorite way to end the Super Bowl nobody you have to be fair in this circumstance well there's so many different that -- happen in this maybe they should have reviewed it. -- understand what I would have liked that one particular breed like yum. You sure that the rest article in a row gas and not -- -- who are now there are they -- they don't I don't players critical. If you do -- according rule but you're gonna. There's no rule out there's there's no rule in the rule book that says it's okay because it's the Super Bowl and it's late that you can hold a guy any solemn. But you know -- -- there and it has to be you are the real rabid incessantly. At the end of a super ball well this there are especially. All right you had a lot of mental mistakes turnovers. And -- then the the 49ers went conservative in their play calling they had some penalties of their -- that extended Baltimore drives and there's so many different bad ideas are always on this -- I don't look at candidates on call -- contact since I went I was. To me I'm looking he got to look at the whole game from start to finish all these games I'd never look at just one call as determining your game I'd never do. Thanks to Claude and respect and who knows some it may be I think series is sort of likely -- today and maybe it is a fumble there and his name is right that could happen but. Again you don't want and the other Gary in the car. Like you the truth of the matter. As we're looking at a championship game -- in basketball. A seven game Stanley Cup super ball. The wraps are gonna call decaying differently. That's just the bottom line they're gonna let things go. A 5050 -- -- says are gonna make direct call especially when -- Nicole were rows or -- by the partners succeed. -- -- having to do with it. -- candidate in the course -- they've made it 2008 should -- him to do with Mikey they're gonna still look at that. That's not what disposed to look at and ask us to look at that while they look reads and later judgment well. Okay well especially if you could say well especially Adams or ravens fans. You know to -- me that that doesn't really do with the either but my point I change my mind on this we both disagree okay but I'm making my case here and the rules are the rules are they not. Shouldn't directories be the ones deciding that they've filed ordered not I just knew I just news would be. -- just finds a way it is it's go to Rhode Island for Jeff. -- good evening guys I come out of touch on quickly burst out I'll get a purpose of the call by saying. The national -- -- have to be the most or -- sport. I have ever heard out there are rules upon rules upon rules upon rule rights and the NBA. -- Indiana today you're you know just a couple aren't dedicated to judgment call the reality of it is it's a judgment call there's -- rule. Hey can I just don't understand it wanna make a judgment call it purpose it was an analyst says that all of the discussion around Iraq. You know -- -- -- and could we have tons of penalties and violations of the damage you know I think on the broader spectrum it. It its start in the big twelve almost -- pot you know what these officials -- I I -- Jeff you know you can access this early you could almost an especially in a physical game like that would -- added to the most physical teams in the league and it call penalty on I'm almost every play. And -- or. That maybe it may not -- -- when -- biggest -- more to be true enough but however there's nothing that says well use your judgment the guy couldn't catch the ball don't -- ignore the holding. That doesn't happen. Not supposed to -- It's a judgment call doesn't it doesn't necessarily -- about. You know I guess what word I really don't care what game I don't either really -- that I'm but a real quick I'm a Celtics too -- I want to regain Estrich. And yesterday's game. He came case in point class exhibit a on how the Celtics are worse without Rajon rubble. Are you know they won the game I really played hard and never played well I like that but hey Barbosa got mine yesterday. Being when -- -- clips in Iran. All of a sudden you have things like Paul Pierce -- forty put out passes. And Courtney -- just wind up the court I -- control. And it's you you could just see ES fourth quarter was perfect example absolutely got in the put pierce won't keep you look back in the game. It's sort level without but you know she -- -- Ronald Eric -- KG nine minutes on the package. It appears a few more minutes on the bench and erect these guys eat you know on the Asian but I haven't had that locked up the game they have to do. You know what Jeff and Mikey still the biggest problem with the Celtics team is is the same problems since the start of the season. The biggest -- one Kevin Garnett leaves the four both offensively anti offensively both on offense and defense here. It continues to be the problem was solid -- or not solid possesses is gonna help that he he -- -- learning the rebounding game in the NBA -- -- come -- really quick progress on it and as a giant but -- -- -- -- people out. -- really don't -- now you know we you don't have that so there's gonna still be that if you -- well he had no offensive rebounds but two would it would -- Roger I'm in another example Kevin Garnett when they hear those two up to plus minus numbers up the charts because it was get as many -- calls -- -- Our number 61777. -- 79837. Everybody's got an opinion on this so Super Bowls and situation and anything else that had to do with. Last night's sumo I didn't really have an opinion on many of the commercials about the one where -- -- the fact it was making out with a balanced most of us -- -- -- -- is -- yeah I agree with -- you know it's like. If if if people in the world wanted to see you know. Kissing me -- think there's a lot of places to go over that rather than during the Super Bowl however is in the something that I mean some sort of -- about noise guest -- I mean as people call me when we freed goes on here -- a cup of freedom as a mile -- immigrants but what that. Swapping spit with a supermodel is expected to probably drove his way home in automated Brett couldn't steer his cars causes his wheel was lubricate it.

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