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Does Mikey have a legit gripe with the NFL officials this time

Feb 4, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are breaking down the Super Bowl and whether the refs blew some big calls at the end of the game. Mikey says yes, Ryder says no.

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I'd received from the very outset of the programs from the very beginning. I've got a lot of niners fans. I've never been niners -- But the niners got screwed. -- new year ago and there they know would they really did. They got so screwed. I don't and -- doubt about it. It's not like there's even a question. To to be argued. When you're down there with a -- committed fifty left movement fifty left in the game. And -- fears of your guy the end zone I should be -- Borderline -- -- with a Mikey non call I don't want a call like that decides who bubble. It it really isn't deciding a suitable they're knocking on the doorstep right there right. The fact that -- but by the way John a call like that did decide the super. Yes but I. I don't want something like that deciding looser rule sir it's okay that is in. When new NFL season goes on and on and weaves its way through seventeen weeks in playoffs and get out of the final end of the big game it's okay for the rest who just abandoned their jobs and whistles in their response like those borderline myself so. He didn't see that video of the guy sees a guy I've seen it Mikey looked iPod. -- dad is from Jim Harbaugh mostly sour grapes that was terribly well it's all the -- terrible play calling out he's already lost if they'd made the call holding which you've said that's an unfair -- Yes why because I I thought it was immortalized as he didn't hold. I I thought it was. I don't think it was obvious egregious and I I just don't think that I don't wanna see an outcome him with a lot of the analysts Tedy Bruschi risks that are don't want to see the outcome of this horrible the -- decided. On a borderline call like that but it wants. Yes but I don't wanna see all saw team -- on a referee's call like that now okay. But you saw the suitable decided on a borderline non call. And I'm not where the I disagree I think Baltimore deserved to win the game but you don't use that excuse the U -- seed and an economic -- because they did it did end -- Mean that's noted that the game was effectively over at that point right because the ref didn't do his job. And by the way there wasn't the only -- There are others you know I've how much money you lose -- -- about no don't put me in the soccer's -- I give a rat's ass who wins is suitable except that. When it comes right down to it you know the the ravens were the beneficiary of you know it's like it they don't do that all the time or different things like that -- 130 defends its web. They won the game -- that is way Reagan's big birthday cake. Wherever the hell it is but in the meanwhile Harbaugh Jim that is. And the 49ers team will marching to glory in -- what would have been the greatest comeback would rather see. Eight -- the greatest comeback in the history of the Super Bowl would you rather see a non. A blatant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that was -- call them you know this is patriots homers and as I get criticism for this talk about the 07. Where the -- determine the outcome of the game and he did this time to its own music I don't think either but that's. Now I we agree to disagree I think both but I don't know how you can watch them play over and over and over again stated he was in fear that receiver was interfered -- on his way to the ball and maybe destiny. Maybe now -- caught the ball we don't know where it would have gone over his hands like Sony -- -- -- -- we don't know and I notice. They came back from gigantic deficit the -- history. They made it happen when a minute fifty seconds left they get all the way down there when and they got they got robbed do you think it robbed. There was attic knuckleballer. Well maybe the guy wasn't holding him -- -- didn't know there's no way and -- label it's not a job it's not the job of the wrath. To determine would that have been captured. You can't go into that realm with the reps while Agassi's did you see that fraction. An -- he didn't see that he's a crappy as traders holding other receivers well which not so lucky go into it that. Welcome graduate at a restaurant because I I think that was one that's that's -- Every other during the course that you're that call every time. Every single time. Yet when the Super Bowl happens the game's -- line they don't call why let him play is -- -- and an unwritten let him play rule. Where -- just ignore every rule the world -- but I'll tell you what though he didn't think that there was suspect some of the plate calling their on that final travesty of Cisco may be so and indicted -- of those you know ran the ball he was a guy the most yardage for the yet for the niners. All that's very valid you can talk about all that stuff I'm talking about how this game. The go to came down to that non call now if if if -- practical what is first and goal at the one. That would becomes. OK so that they got 44 cracks at it to to put it in and it -- and it -- exactly so they would have won if not protocol. That's my that's my view. Well I don't understand you go to -- Michael teams there and no lose a first down not francoeur doubled cap Riddick running the ball another -- at. Great job -- DPs and a Baltimore staff on college -- predicts -- an ad blitz. Most of the game put that pressure on and so it doesn't run as much about the Ed -- off sides. And well he had read pick I'm not surprised by that that was one aspect expect maybe to happen here -- picked off especially that experts secretary notably agreed to get past that final call of the game ruined -- for the niners thanks the the -- pursuit -- you can always go back that Lou really the biggest play of the game was the run -- because. A 108 yard kickoff return plus seven in game is -- -- was huge huge have a lot of these boys Joseph Flacco was huge. Oh it was a big day had a big night for -- The ravens obviously. And I you know I'll put that idea a little full -- of you tainted Super Bowl wins keep it there and it's at its history. It's history. When it when it comes to the other things -- -- to last night's game against -- I did not have the over on the nationally at the I'd bet -- Latin. I can say this she stretched it out made some people some money. And density but what was amazing was you nailed it when it was beyoncé and what color outfit she would be where you said black -- -- I did it and yet like -- -- to. We -- -- much of that we saw -- those aluminum. There was just. Very very glitzy I really have the feeling of Libya -- -- -- -- the power outage because of -- -- they use so much electricity during her show was like something that. You know nevermind kiss. You know an era. Electronic. Fireworks displays this was this was you know they had profiles. Beyoncé on the stage -- down on the stage two or more kids you know we want. I had no problem -- -- that it was great and you know that probably had to do with a power outage but Adam's gotta say it was -- -- and I think she caused the power outage herself. Well that was good news for their for the niners have an apparent game -- -- election -- with -- -- they're trying to do out there. Our phone number here is this 61777979. 37. Any and all reflections on the Super Bowl or the ads you know people like talk about the ads -- take pills -- which one minute ago. Which ones were great but I wanna mention something happened earlier in the -- as well as the topic of discussion and -- because them vary. Thrilled. By the way the Celtics are playing -- a lot of people out there's and I you know don't get too excited here reaches. -- have a four game winning streak and the largest winning streak currently on tap in the eastern conference of all the teams in the east. There's still no reason get excited because there's no possibility they're going to be anything without Rondo and I've been here that for days and days and days now. And I start to wait and see attitude about it and you know it's. Let's face it you've beat the clippers and heat in one week it's pretty good week for the Celtics. It's good I'm happy with other plan might but I don't expect a deep playoff run I hope I'm wrong on that I'd look at these games I try to look at the big picture here Miami terrific win galvanized together. Played two of the worst teams in Sacramento and Orlando Orlando could finish with the worst record. And if that doesn't clippers that do not ask rainfall that it does explain the heat in the clips. No it explains an expert this happened so much in the NBA we're a team gets the other guys out. And the rallies around that indeed there are familiar with Miami very impressive win in double overtime. And the clippers I think is explainable because their offense is a complete mess without crisp ball but it their kind of messed up team right now and a plan like. That electric clippers. Right now they are the right about that -- plan like the old days of Melvin Ely in right Lionel Chalmers and -- but -- -- And everybody who always you know subscribe to be well win is a win theory has to take a beating the Miami Heat in the LA clippers in the same week as good news when you've lost two point -- into big man. What have you bigs yes we are and I going to be you gotta take it as a possible more freedom on offense. Asked to be positive there's nothing negative in there at all zero or negative messages so you have the Celtics may get a no I'm just saying that I never said that it is I don't know I'm just asking the question whether or not I don't have I don't have any ideal how about -- you know I wanna watch and more real again -- for games -- it's all good now look. -- -- to win definitely very good let's grab some calls here before even before the 630 window of opportunity 6177797937. All is in the car ball what then Al's going out here. You should. You like PSAs guys Paul. -- -- -- -- Don't equipment you know you right now you sound like doggy doggy from the cartoons because you're in a bad Salem -- and holding go to you right next -- -- if you don't mind views. Most of the reasons shown and overture on going at which you take this out by. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I usually bank -- at that point but I got I'm with you -- when -- start of bull and yet -- no call and all they all all along. -- daily quote -- what am I ought such Orton are up to get an entire. She's been -- at all an idea what surprised me and the other day. Are eager the inability to disarm. Acquitted all -- well I can't -- they didn't with a price. -- -- there's no question that the guy interfered with his opportunity to make that accountable ball in the end -- the ball was in the air the ball was in the -- you can't dump that in the -- in the NFL that's the rule. I did I -- yesterday pretty much most of the game and they were let those guys play was a physical game. Janet talked about it earlier on Libya morning all outback -- about all lower after he laid out. All that -- She called -- at an average you know -- -- happened that would. That was a big one. Calling I'd like to mention writer what we're doing down there in the first place. That just looked pretty obvious that you tried it turned toward the corner trying to -- arm out. He was held he was held we all know that we -- now there's there's there's no way. I noticed doesn't have anything he has much to do it but -- -- that that ball is vegetables. He was how does know is hell. Hole. Most of -- -- it's let's find its judgment I can understand people think of that mentality that sought no I don't held I don't think that. You know it's that over the top to say that but I I just I I guess I know it's a rule but I just. The -- game like that be -- dissent on that one play. Well -- It's a tragedy front and it went. Well I -- on -- Away. Right yeah you say you don't wanna game decided on that will guess what you make you make the -- the roll call it has decided well I mean either way it's decided on that well yes but wouldn't you rather have a go the right way if it's gonna be decided on the final call which is a penalty. Then at least he called right that's what every plays that's why they have legal offices. And I just died like that who's pushing on both sides and have to look -- -- about a million times of sports center. That's just tragedy for -- understands. Not unlike the you know would be the -- the end of of the 2007 with features -- giants there's a lot of complaint Sampras Cisco's I am worried UNICEF rational fair and frank why gore. -- but Frank Gore. Wouldn't need to. When he complained about Mathieu is a -- it is say that they were the better team they got away with a one today we show were the better team a couple of plays here and there. I mean look -- to me that first half was dominant all -- money says Sharon. You -- Right. They have an argument they have a beef. And and hard Jim Harbaugh hasn't been well I can understand harbor a little bit by and look he's he's again he's maniacal anyway Jamar both whom he could say arm but. The you know the gore stuff -- -- there a better team are you from his perspective look at this way if they'd won the game people would say they're better team. And and if they didn't but it. It's -- that's dom. In west of -- if they got the right call the one that's in the rules that they would have won the game and they have been the better team. So you're just blowing Atlanta and that. You're going off the difference in yardage they accomplished on the field. Blown -- everything you know about football John because they didn't get that call I'm also looking at turnover battle looking at a lot of things in this game Flacco was terrific -- played capita capita get a big second half. I did I just think there was a lot more that determined this game that one of call at the end of the game and literally we exist when it comes down to that final call that it is that'll only -- call that determines the game went wrong about that well why everybody else has been done. Once they get down there with two minutes left in the call is made doesn't methods and it was stupid on the Baltimore animate it looks announces that the fourth and nine there with -- With the kicker runners on first down what they are and I can understand fourth -- three years in England. I didn't bet that particular. They. Number 88 or help but one of all -- -- you'd like all these guys all around the waist and I didn't stop number actually under. But I would like happy in my view that they are calling and. -- safety but. You can't tackle people on the safety unity and John thanks for the call list grab bot ball again be easier on his phone is is it better now applaud my question. It. Which says he's got to get that new phone now we're gonna definitely didn't steal your -- -- your phone -- -- on hold for one out he says. You say he's on hold talked about holding. -- calls that were on hold and hold non holding non calls. And a really crazy. Right in the car and Ryan yeah. You don't -- I adore. I'm a Mac all that old -- you definitely all they also Michael Crabtree had all the -- -- -- -- -- are. I didn't see that -- -- -- George and older Crabtree I've watched most other. Almost every job and they showed it today and it. Pushing him almost to the ground the try to get birdie and that all -- yards out of bounds. So what they call it face mask on that it would have been out rebounded they called don't drive. OK so that -- on the play again. Oh -- -- but what about people without which would about -- they -- redo the public publicly call. It could argue that probably has probably that we don't know how long we do what we do know is that the calls mr. the end zone by the rest we know that you can't just say that the referees -- again because they didn't. There a reason they game and they would have -- -- be -- it would and no -- because like -- just but no doubt. A whole lot of -- I wanna listen up right it was a yourself OK that they -- go back and rip and run the play again they would -- don't have the opportunity -- under the circumstances we saw right. The game's over right pretty much. We're related or what was to say they escorted they'd be immediately ran the place. Updated. -- -- you know and it. Every Dixie as I take the they have only themselves to blame on that final drive. It is at Frank Gore ripping off for 33 yard run. And then you go to -- and he was used to when I'm up in the second half tempered -- what would you say they have only themselves to blame yes -- that there was terrible play calling on that no one else is to blame. -- that last drive. A year -- absolving the referees from not making that what I'm not always the argument here because ever particularly on the export items I felt a bit wrong. I'm asking you about this. You're absolve the rest from not doing their job in the most important moment of the suitable you don't just get give them a free ride I don't I don't think it was such a specific -- that you have to make their cause situation that's my -- I'm older well I'm just a graduate about a -- then John well yeah I mean look I know I'm gonna get killed -- got -- on the tech sport -- shouldn't be on Boston radio because it's time out of Baltimore team to Atlanta Mikey showed and that's why we're where you whereas in the giants' Super Bowl and the Celtics are not better without -- about that to throw and that. -- I think you might be right and that will have to wait and see what worries --

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