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Monday, Fenruary 4th Whiner Line

Feb 4, 2013|

Ray Lewis can ride that unicorn into the heavens and leave us all be.

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The white -- these cars like ET TE Chris Cox. This -- discretionary stocks still totally Morris is now. Warning airlines. Like everybody got a gun not to go through this all week I swear to god and now and I -- get over. You keep talking about this team needs big on WEEI. Who Maureen you're lying but we don't wanna keep doing what we've been good yeah I know those tough years I did not want to dial 6177793535. We've got a couple years. Ahead and head and -- are and. -- -- -- -- -- We want a really good -- you know everything's gonna do this we got probably gonna win could do all we ever know they have the ravens this week they want to. And -- I can't get over whiner line I hope. We do something different this week -- what. That's a good idea of cuts and stock and now -- -- -- glad we're not on the twelfth floor on what I -- is. A. WEEI. Wine airlines center whose name Andy from Baltimore -- drive for us you're good for drew to. I really do good for them all -- do -- win and the only issue with that statement was what you don't do -- you don't with the Super Bowl -- -- to the super -- in this case they got there and he wants a -- you know what the surprises. This surprises. With Baltimore with how good -- -- how good their management is how consistent they've been the surprises that they would twelve or thirteen years in between super balls. Right. Out and smoke it comes the president win more now it's a great it's a great organization. It's special teams is their only 108. Yard return away from being losers in this game. I want you leg and he was gone because they -- There's lots of money but now Obama well let them what you want something I was if they didn't have that power outage that might have an -- That might have been an ugly you know -- bad start from the -- little -- as an -- was it not to kick off return the main difference in the game yes I am always -- And the -- up at the end all -- the 49ers clock management the 49ers their problems -- his clock management to close out the -- -- couple -- the referee ruled -- opening of this a couple of rules management of the NFL get it right only a couple minutes of the game but what is an appearance at the end -- -- first -- goal. -- two weeks ago. On in San Francisco -- to talk about the last was a gifted game in in Atlanta I would like -- when you're thirty throughout Paterson 58 dollars going on Los Angeles. Studio. Bitching about the -- You work well I think our first of all I think her thighs are much too large against Auburn and I don't are losing me you're losing you're going to be here -- -- all that smoke is distress nobody brain cells of note that the fact that. Net effect I think she looks grammar yeah he's working I think she you know she's better dancer than singer but my fair part is when Venus and Serena pop about it Jake -- right to -- the performance that was -- -- Yes. Curves are a good thing okay. -- you don't think her -- as well look great apps those sort of regular -- in this -- effects I think I did you want to see doctor Nielsen the needs of and it's in my care and arguably the Abrams. Real time. It was a great that you do great job was very used all the electricity obviously she used electricity -- -- all she did I think that was the factor I think that the electrical. Problems yet she looks better Russ -- she related -- your curve ball you really. He's not your first. Overshadow it into the game as usual analyzed by CW -- clubs available in Europe on your android. Established right. -- I'll I'll. My strongest fields aren't as it did -- you'll get no. Now if someone tries to use that phone cannot find a -- a Russian works hassle to arrest them absolutely -- -- -- got a phone right now. Or Blackberry device front Dubai AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE was not that bad. That's three GAT and T rethink -- And he lets them. I think if you pick a remarkable show would go -- big I don't know Rory. You know highlight of a home run imperative I'd like global order where it was. You know what. Of the Clinton never mind. And that -- the tree lights career homers diluted. How many twenty -- all we'll find out -- -- -- looking up to find out where -- that the program like. But he didn't have beyoncé slice or power and power is no bigger thighs legs -- -- just Earl Campbell RBS. The question is how many home runs Dmitry. I don't know -- times when he had fourteen career home yet -- things while his career I was with -- Portland him. Region against him. Her ability to pay the Majorly made the vigil is what you've done but didn't it. -- An excellent. But it's horrible bowl last night the only thing that's saying what they created by. Borrowers are both went what's -- -- -- that an art art equipment truck. And the way that we can't let -- poppy. And a cardiac care of the bank Korea how we often damn well what it's like pat. And mark Katamari. -- oil and MITRE had 22 home runs in our house of 36 between -- cents alluded to have the power of the injury. I've thought about what we have a lot of flat -- that didn't want to see you don't pop pop blooded but like that may say it now. -- -- -- -- Yeah I have brought it -- but at all boys -- excited. And that it. So -- stuff. It there. You wanna watch the game and your pizza ranch this weekend about did not -- -- rant about it -- to rooms in his basement and -- -- stupid questions for me so I can only imagine what -- -- -- -- -- -- Serious about those Brothers. Is a little bit insulting when you're sitting there and and somebody who doesn't understand at all because you. You know rip them because you know you and yours real Angel put. What do you do you leave the -- tried this we've just usually women -- of massages I think kids. Most kids don't stop -- admittedly don't well in most places like both men do and -- viewpoint Michael's arts complaints if you wanted to. Not enough thought and dominated state as I don't know. You make a blanket statement like that women don't follow football and that is that a PC thing is that just get our economists and I as a rule. What an election drama you can featured in effect. What is -- about all -- without Tom Brady is like watching. Vienna awards were not born. And mentally just pregame and halftime for -- Tom Brady really. Sort of making a move straight here on out he's done this all season long he was part of that that'll Monday that it. Just from the -- I wanna know what's your idea. Is a woman we've. Nice you know nice guy. Mikey what you're saying -- beyond state senate not no not send a -- a shocking about the Texans were saying it's like -- huge. It's like collides dale. Am an example. Of appropriate. Channel I don't know she knows it governor for a channel was. She's got -- good I feel our heads as they did there reminds me somewhat of Seattle hello. I don't and -- able. It's ads are getting a little worn out I think about but the one yesterday with a trainer trains to the clutch steal and that he's in New York like three years later the -- -- is on the show us that the -- to elect its human breaks down from the ground. Comes down the street. Nick Price on the train should texting someone -- them. Often uses bad Super Bowl -- you know I realized last time I had no clue what godaddy.com. And also you'd think after the -- And -- message. To hosting site for your for your website that's. Would you think that it. I said I graduated this last night like like the video to girls and a cup it's meant to be seen only once you know like -- You know they had they did 45. Tapes of that -- and some of them being involved. A little bit. Serious. -- you can get those the wrong line. And he pitched I I tell you what I've mentioned earlier throw up and attacks just get really excited right after they saw it. Something for all of us been doing -- tonight Michael. Here's my question. We'll look at his -- -- they are up Ellen. And you have had to go button over there was this big I'm kind of spectator -- the -- -- -- -- achieved -- twenty. It used a lot of balls -- his audience in Guatemala. He's asking can we hear. It's important that. I'll -- all of the stuff without it X get right to get via the milk duds out of his. Could they have got we have got a very big show what not these gold steadied by what he really didn't have a campaign commercial it was bad out. Well -- popping up a bit bucket hat -- to pick up. And this match. Back casing KFC is assault charges hopefully. It's not confident let's play and I feel like -- -- And that -- that -- outcome of the united. What is it and it says about. And say something but after the meant it to you think how much different. I'm just not sure people like you think that's why don't we are hopeful that I have to be writing not to get your point -- think to Jeff -- that's called. Collateralized. I doubt you know they don't. Okay half Andy I think you got deployed parents I think you'll like it -- -- that -- and are going to -- -- that was pretty good that you're. You wanna see it again them. You see what you'd be you'll see it not you know at the next week you're watching a sporting that you're watching that commercial really on on CBS that's part of the deal and cannot -- -- for those. I will flip the station. Bat bat did connect godaddy commercial -- more happy at last night. Ben Alex -- And this message and a half inch that's possible. But blood -- red dot. Where I have yet. And you guys really that good at all with the Q yeah. And -- Are techsters are just sick stay sick -- -- coming up with a perfect size Paula Patton. Jennifer Love Hewitt. I mean again -- Nazis aren't there's nothing wrong with a -- as -- when you're just up to make -- they don't they're not to do disproportionately state. Please. Separated at. On cap and actually it's the biggest -- -- -- I'm -- he has. And that number is only this gases that there is a very little one's taller playing out. President Nelson yes that one's a lot to -- and learn a little bit. I don't vote against nobody mentions of Volkswagen Jamaican commercial. Bet commercial -- all eyes are on the ground client -- and every wanted to go online unit available I'd give it a little -- here. We met talked about the other day actually is -- problem that nobody's talking about it. -- they were afraid it might not be politically. So they -- -- really being careful. About saying that they liked that spot I grew well done. Typical father what they talk the last place it is in the comparable. Compound VW commercial with a Jamaican pocket white guy I think less obvious with -- can't -- -- it. That's I don't look at it brought back. We're. And that that -- noticed -- -- -- statement. And he's good at this particular. -- music clips the united beyoncé lip sync again last night and -- -- now she said before -- that she was gonna dual but she admitted that. She you know she -- and during the inauguration why not what's Robert I was kind of the size -- good -- sounds silly Vanilli now this is this is her voice somebody. Accident Gisele -- -- -- so as both. About the world group we think it could that's followed by half -- I would not. Locked. But at the Volkswagen but you'd think. And -- I agree with Alicia Keys that was a great great rendition plus the piano he's tremendous but the proposition how these propositions workers -- the propositions was. Whether she would add another word that the yen. And another one is if she would go over what two minutes and when you have twenty seconds over it yet so if you're working on the -- be Alicia Keys crew and you make an awful lot of running jacket and best friend in Vegas share. I think this soft touch -- It should be you could make money honesty easy money she has the over inserted a whole crew white people bet on actual sporting events when you don't build the outcome. When this is the way to make money on these little propositions. I'm surprised right ballistic get any book element. There are few Dick Bennett bit quiet and or somewhere like that. And -- that takes -- ball. That was another to another touching moment. If they go. At your record perfect. Under the so called game. So that they all of them have blown away and they don't message. It's going to President Obama. The power outages that George Bush off the top spot -- and just let us. There appeared very like all web part but on what Sunday that the -- -- gave -- my power -- way to go to our. And Matt rich -- -- music thanks she herself went Perry gets greasy is although it starts out right. They're both who have the power. But -- statement. And just -- rich. Yeah I heard that line yesterday the couple times. Typical home. Adult nature I'm really sure what. -- can compete. Can't help. I bet that like. You can't do that could you can't -- compared with our own dark side but -- -- a lot like. Yeah. -- -- Not everything about America that almost made it caught up but rather -- and -- -- -- level. Good the Big Dig in song and in the heart of the way it's going that's not -- horses. And then of course got involved and a double homicide it is bad that. And it got to do that make up that had been -- But of course what -- Super Bowl instead it was all about plants so that makes everything okay yeah it was a panic pero. -- Removed don't. Arctic national. It would have been modernized food -- -- Or elected. -- -- -- -- I got my own way but -- what I've been patented absolutely. Notebook that -- our whole. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good material to work on those brushing slowly got the it has the past hour or got to get the -- -- Green -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cattle -- I am -- congressional. Black -- could never do. And that message that -- That they don't want it what it quite that open up -- -- and now. I don't I just I don't know good question I like he was pretty good. On the set -- it does get broadcasting future written almost certain great when he's out of them pretty good you love that guy pretty good. To go. This one's called home run. Ray's show some say could tell he went too far he'd been down in history on -- I need. You. He. You'll either. Go. Ratio. Dual -- They gave him a little can't attend and shrines to aids. She it is. We have oh sure. And you know into the grain. Are you getting you know and. Yeah. -- hesitate I'm definitely. Or half the hell up now because they want a simple. Okay the patriots did not win but a common grade. That can. You pick up front is. Randall. That K okay have helped tackle what it is but. Yeah. And what a shock you like -- they are. Outrage is a big rail -- me at all costs fraud of shocking shocking that. -- a large part by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible.

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