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Closing the book on 2012: Final thoughts on Superbowl 47

Feb 4, 2013|

We wrap up the NFL season with a look at how the Superbowl played itself out, and how the Ravens were crowned champions for 2012.

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After the complain about with the Super Bowl out at damn thing to okay thirty form but you don't want. And we need at 34 minutes wasn't there a little bit of it is a little bit of -- I thought for a second did you think this for second at the it was like a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial and you have NASA. Way to restart. The game to restart and you said you end up in the complaint about the can compete. Not realize you know why beyoncé because we don't -- he's done nothing because we don't live in San Francisco that's. I'm gonna be talking about this. For years and years and years where we talk about. Super Bowl 42. That they'll never get over just the way it is not used to adamantly think -- printer. Colin can I predict that interception. Of the greats at the minute it makes it. Was the first interception. -- by San Francisco quarterback in the history of the Super Bowl. Because when Ron Amadon went into a great game against the charges he was off the charts and obviously we don't know Montana. Never was to never threw an interception his fourth super bulls. So when -- predict an interception on the first interception in what 170 attempts -- -- Cisco. Quarterback ever. So not used to losing through troubles and I just two turnovers. They got boat yesterday. If you're ever Cisco in the greater fear present in the Bay Area yeah yep and complain about but forums it was a class was -- On that throw. On what was -- three yard line. That parents holding sure I guess so. But not a yes or no -- OK. Okay Jim Harbaugh made a big huge deal about it on the sideline after the game did -- -- -- I was I went over to the NFL network that would overtime it's -- the -- but it did it permit him to the -- to get into the unit. Problems with that critics that. Don't -- it after it then it. It is different sideline reporter and maybe you'll get the -- -- one -- by the way. Who's your bleep -- other words the world's coming to an end all the lights around many can't talk Sam's can't talk probably a good day. No on the floor -- and microphones work. Steve -- Taken over you speak at 250 million people all of what's going to market. 88 -- that divert up to its. The problem the reason I -- no issue. With what happened at the end of the three separate Cisco is a Super Bowl is because they had a very similar incident happened football. Exact same thing to -- -- -- -- fourth don't think so. Absolutely it was a four out because you let that go now that you don't outlaw about second. Down that was pass interference -- Crabtree. Crabtree almost. It was one of those wasn't laughing ha ha laughing but he had a Smart. Record hit me I would expect in the black to. On second down. And that was passed to -- And if you see it. Call it like watching it again showing right now. Do you agree with that philosophy now for I don't know but that's life. And that's why I don't know what it's like it it is like you know -- is what happens it is -- governor it was. When you key in which to give -- call. An official. Will be difficult if apply if aren't working are working. At a shoe store and you just drop me into the middle of the superdome and they may call it can be difficult for me to call. As an official those dudes who have moved look at resumes -- got a lot of that's a really good about it but if you're I mean. That an official. On the play. It's difficult for him. It's not an echo of technological. In that if you go to call in the second quarter. One -- in the fourth quarter were the last two minutes of the game because it is the same impact in the game. Whether it happens in the second quarter of the fourth quarter the only difference of an opportunity to maybe make up for what it's -- Facts that equally. It's not life. Because officials whistles away. At the end of games because they don't want to beat controversial. Don't wanna throw yourself into the and I would say that for all the bitching the -- buyout -- game was over. He was that if you OK -- pigs -- situation. Two weeks ago in Atlanta -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely. -- and got the gift and you don't see it as well how old pocket of hot falcons out of falcon although it coalition in Atlanta. Because in Atlanta two weeks ago on that -- -- Monday after. They would do an exact same thing that they're doing the default ones right now sports talk radio it's Francis. They were -- in Atlanta two weeks ago actually it's right. It. It's opposite political support court its life. Are you see. Maybe letting one go. To. Two in the same series. You report are when the second down play it was more grit from the -- it might -- just about a question. Got four opportunities to punch it in and wind is in supermarket on Frank Gore why aren't you spreading it out. You can use Frank -- you've got the option you've got a quarterback who can scramble. Cornerback who if he sees a little opening in the in the center of the line. Mainly because you're spreading it out Vernon Davis another guard you can you can go to guy instead what you do we should come out. And it -- And then you try to -- -- It to me that was it -- app and are you going against the skill set of -- I ordered a change of your team argued. And this is one of those moments. That that series that last series for the 49ers. That was the collegiate Jim harper. We haven't seen that from him now -- he's been the pros I have been raved about there. Running game modeled at their running game actually because sometimes you know what's coming. We what you know Iran is coming but you know you're not really sure. I was gonna play out because they do such a good job of designing their runs. Very physical offensive line. -- physical team if you think -- calls and physical but they are we -- focus on their defense but offensively. They think they State Street and they knocked you around from time to duplicate you look at Davis he's fast and physical. You took a crap streets faster than you think. He's got great hands in this guy who can take a hit bottom when you're gonna didn't do so Frank Gore is another physical -- your. Didn't do so admirable do we. -- into us but you just -- and they want a satellite into well. Part of an additional I didn't -- part of him a lighter oil well was picked office -- column on that. Sims dot -- -- of that you're analyzed in the game talk about reluctant to -- -- you won't exactly two two times. The real Otis Moss didn't get it done. With it like it wasn't effective. Because you more. Didn't play this -- that. It's clear. I guarantee he's visited today and they already are pleased. Relax only nobody is complaining that it was out -- I try their products let's get right -- his. If people organic are gonna say this initially aren't. That the 49ers are the the better team okay -- and though they weren't just -- you wanna know something. Joseph Flacco when you you even argued this week we argued this point over the last couple weeks you you listed him. In the same level as match yes and you had him down like fifteen or twelve to fifteen it's done it definitely -- on the right that's where you -- other. Yeah it's there if you look at their career numbers. Before yesterday if you look at their career numbers. They're they're very similar you would do you would even give the edge to shop based on career numbers this year. -- Joseph Flacco having 22 touchdowns ten projects right passer rating of around 88. Completion percentage around fifty exactly the winner and two really bad games including their right they played in Houston he was used to -- -- my feeling all along with Joseph Flacco laws. The Joseph Flacco was going through that period right now great highs it emblems OK -- -- are vocal and a regular order is contagious. Deserves all respects OK so we are so can. We now set because I'm out I'm willing to go because I. Think that is a young quarterback that's would you do you'd go through that period. We've got these -- alone okay. And do you make mistakes because you're still learning on the job you still learning how to read defense defensive especially in really good defensive coordinators. Or able to fool you are able to fool you into thinking that you're seeing one thing and you releasing saw a record and you Biden tapper that body into yesterday. So that's what happens when you're young Portman did you finally get to that. Especially if you have the skill and this -- certainly can throw the long ball he can run a little bit he's got the skill to be able to do. What you are able to peak and then suddenly get to that point. Where you don't see that real drop off we start to see some consistency. You move up into the next level and obviously if you won the Super Bowl. And obviously you can't blow up there and play like 888 he stiffened and when the Super Bowl. I think he's in that category which category I think he's moving up into that elite category. I do I think if you look right now. You can look at Tom Brady and say what Tom Brady's got a far better -- Flacco was only done it here. Four for Jiri you -- look at the -- he really peaked during these are everybody was he wasn't it -- hard. Is is Flacco better and better quarterback Eli Manning well here's the problem I have with the Eli -- enables him to send it off like. Eli Manning which is the exact same crap that we talked about was lock ups and down ups and downs ups and finally seemed to straighten out the ship. And it was all hot -- what he wanted it 2000. Okay and then he was pretty good. He's kind of gone back into the old -- -- its ups and downs and we start the season he was up and down all season I think sorry Flacco goes back and reverts to what you want us. But I gotta tell you. Would you look at what he did. Quarterbacks yet to -- you could say well he doesn't have to go one on all of the quarterbacks this year duke of the other quarterback is important points up that you've got to go up there and match and better. And -- look at his road and you look at his track record and you look at how good keys and in his in his career. How on the role in playoff games where I'm sorry -- that's where young. Untested quarterback's fault okay or -- he's been terrific. -- I think. Having Joseph Flacco is a good quarterback. Telling column a very good quarterback. This is where argument and a general easily yet I'm not sure but I I -- notice. What he did this year was off the charts impressive because. Just follow the timeline. He said I'll talk to you after the season about a new contract so it cuts off contract talks with the Baltimore Ravens talk up the seats in the -- Judge me judge me based on what do you see this year and in my entire body of work cut that off they go out. They win a tough division. With that with the Steelers are are perennial contenders. Steelers don't make the playoffs office of Cincinnati and Cincinnati makes the playoffs against second you're an -- -- and when the division. Obviously when at home playoff game which they were supposed to win against the colts on the road knockoff. Peyton Manning and Broncos go on the road knock off Tom Brady and the patriots and AFC championship game. Go against the yet another favorite team the third favored team in a row in San Francisco. Many people think that's the better roster. You knock him off in years can you are. The typical of -- and they -- and contract year give it to stepping up you know -- on the field and off the field. And a -- -- much -- much respected Joseph -- protects the ball doesn't give up the ball and you know I -- -- and I think what does it make it already played doesn't get comfortable going to do. I think you'll meet the continue to be very good. Next four -- five years until he starts to lose strength in his arm because I am sure he is one of these. Diagnose the defense and I'm gonna make the Smart call one of those quarterback. He is allowed to make a lot of mistakes. Because he's got the best arm in football at the strongest arm of football so sometimes. His bad decisions. Never come back to haunt him because he can throw deep. And is just is just the physical. It's it's a physical prowess that he has. That bails them out like a pretty shaky -- -- -- agreements that -- a couple of passes he threw yesterday which that was phenomenal coverage would be formidable -- And his receivers were able to go for the ball is out there it's probably didn't make it tough at -- called wolf fight form -- com Bolton as. If you held under your -- actually under real percentage from what have your alternate in BP in the game -- -- I would agree opponent got -- -- I would had a problem with that at all about radio cure. Or did. Our average there was anger -- -- -- pregame speech at a post game there's been any -- four and a half. I we don't watch the talk about what his game so we'll throw it out there at 6177797937. -- lights. We're gonna talk shopper -- a day after next. Special teams wise and seen lines. He's been one the biggest difference. That we can change through with this. And for him to come out and do what we've done tonight I let him tell the story but I just out -- total put my hands on it's just hours. And I wrote my hands down it's just -- and when I saw him break through there. You gotta be a real fast first masochistic overtones but he's a special man. Heeded by the way when the game was over the first thing he did say when he was that it was just about put his hands on what guys we're on -- Context -- I'll let him tell the story but I just out of political put my hands on the sense. And I -- my hands down it's just meant when I saw him break through there. You weren't lights. And -- -- and. Please give them some Vicks vapor or I wasn't feeling -- didn't know about it when the game was. Actually says that that the lord was obviously the ravens got a deal maturity of goddess or you can be against -- story and over and over listen to get rid of Ray Lewis. You'd. It's only just begun. He will be on you'll now see that Ray Lewis that you can't stand because the one thing I think we all agree -- And clearly because of the injuries lost use. And on factor. Really in this game and you threw mostly play and Roma and -- -- the things you can't stand about. Is when he goes often starts talking and talks about all of us well that's what's gonna do. He's going to commit to your living room every week as regular analyst. Who regard. The only real bigot and I you'll be real. -- -- could do that. But after the game day next -- -- we have the power outage it's that a state to ask you we can weaken and break out. I gotta give it to you gotta give the CBS. You know on CBS. And I thought they would -- re crazy after the game. -- They've really. Thought it was going to be okay -- -- ray as soon as its Covert. And they gave they gave the proper. Amount of -- respect. To -- but you know Flacco was a big part of it in our bylaws meeting at midfield was a big part of it. And then it finally got to rainy last. And that's where you know he told him at the guy was formed on the -- can be against. That's one and I broke my hand down -- -- yes yeah that between the last great line when the lights went out the superdome. Somebody tweeted is that the point were raised since to have. Well -- -- -- Saturday night I guess not sure they'll have more I guess you didn't but if you think you get rid array. It's only just begun he's he'll be. You'll see far more and hear more of him that you've ever heard before I must say. You know you might be able to say that them. He carried them from an emotional standpoint to blast he certainly didn't in his plight. Topics Suggs played well during this not ahead he -- issues as well and got hurt in the game. I yesterday -- -- was was amassed double -- made some big plays but the guys that made big plays can read Ed Reed made a big play yesterday. Com. His plane was if you watched him right he was if he was making the tackle it was after a six yard game. That's when the tackle was vehement in his coverage was was was horrible but it raised a locked out of this thing now with that went. And this is the the greatest thing in the what you don't. Regulatory may not know until I got to Ray Lewis but just the team. Baltimore and they got healthy at the right time. Michael that's all they do is land well they did they they they completed the deal this time but. They came into the playoffs and you look at that team and -- that you don't fear. The Baltimore defense anymore the offense that carries carried them on the up and carried them for most of the playoffs but when they needed to make a stop they made a stop. And they did it on on multiple occasions against. Very tough competition. On the if you -- Oprah. -- bringing. My teammate. What we believe in. From day one. Of the commitment and an album if the -- and likeness. There it's ideal and its no. What. We got -- -- and who can be answered Stacey -- the -- -- you know. Also -- its group. -- despite fact that -- Shannon Sharpe did not make a big deal about the official word from CBS's. Jim Harbaugh took Klein. Coach doing that -- declined. The post game interview that the losing coach does with Steve -- The task now. They just don't like -- that's what our little teams do from awful sorry. You know we don't talk to shell apparently -- not the only one of them as. Far as we go to Alex up in North Andover Massachusetts. Well they had tore it out until -- you know. There are a couple of observations if it doesn't -- -- with ray Lewis and trucks are shut and I think the 49 of heightened. -- -- -- -- The initiating the one thing I don't like about the argument you know the one where you say -- one -- in you know injecting project himself into the game -- -- -- -- -- not -- -- -- -- -- doing the same thing that we're talking about it today you know the -- atlas and weren't making the right column problem that was clearly the right call. You know with a tic -- one that's a different story about. You know that was clear atmosphere at them and I hate everything that the forty minute Internet period a terrible one series -- -- it with a penalty. It wants in the same respect that two weeks ago. On Bowman interfered. With. With white and it was knuckle and that's that and that and that and called. Atlanta goes on to score that was a fourth down situation that it was on the score in San Francisco doesn't even make it to the Super Bowl so I agree bad calls are -- I'm that's in the -- 49ers campaign that your personal what to put. -- -- to -- Colin it was against it took so you know or Atlanta. -- -- over the years -- he's seen this happen late in the game last couple -- the officials put the whistles like they do it and if if you're if you're if you're coaching your team. You have to assume you're not getting the call. So why do you run the offense they were animals last four plays to focus that's part of front and talk to prop Michael most cases the reason he wrote that they'd. Because you're the you're gonna get the pass interference. Usually draws a pass interference call. What won one more thing about Flacco has been that is and that there that play -- After remember -- probably. You know it is not for the summer offensive play in the history of that championship -- -- was that close to normal. After one game. Average I think if you look at all the champions that would match and they all that champions album if you look at a number of them in the last twenty years. So have the champions the last twenty years all of them can say -- and our season would have ended if not for this. Miraculous play or this reckless call. It whether it was Joseph Flacco. To Jacoby Jones as the Broncos secondary slept. Whether it was the officials. Spotting the ball the wrong place. The patriots -- first. Championship -- the patriots first Super Bowl win. And that AFC championship game in Pittsburgh. That allowed them to go to Super Bowl when the game the officials screwed up a lucky play -- Unlucky spot great great return for Troy Brown I -- -- code on the list. New York Giants David Tyree. Lots of lots of plays where you look at it and say man. We're we're this close to being eliminated and look what we did so Baltimore is another team that can say yeah we've probably. Shouldn't have completed their past but we did in this is what champion has to go through and that it is that is certainly not unprecedented. Bryant he's in Drake hit Brian. They got it going. I didn't meant that we put -- -- my Super Bowl party who I don't Riga summit of the origin such as the good. -- -- Well -- that yes that argued again did you that he threatens. Our well don't too much too much so a lot of Eric other blood you know their bodies. They played you understand. I don't. -- I wanna say I hope people at the pump the brakes slope on the running quarterbacks aren't we need guys don't win big -- cam -- Or even -- and I don't think he's got about one out they can't look over rubber grips. -- -- at quarterback to control the ball. Nobody yelled at you -- W think you think they're Cisco lost because of jeopardy much store. First wait -- I advocates. Well when you have a three point game in the Super Bowl. I just don't think it it is one of those cases where you can draw a trend from the winner -- the loser. So because Baltimore won the Super Bowl is Baltimore the blueprint of how to build a Super Bowl champion not necessarily -- it just says the giants weren't and that in the patriots aren't necessarily mean you have. Have a lot of. I mean what did what did he do what what do you know let it. Flacco he had 1111 touchdowns no 1% cap Bernanke 180 yards against Baltimore I didn't run look like -- -- that starts -- immunity and try to on the ball wants. Are they when they wouldn't let. You know they wouldn't let and they defended a much much different but at this I don't think I don't think because -- -- loss. Cap predicament 49ers lost the game that you can suddenly closed the book quarterback who couldn't run it can do both Brian -- -- back -- and run -- him throw. It's great broad yesterday two -- I thought he was brought it was a little overwhelmed. In the first half even though he claimed all week that he doesn't get nervous. Clearly could see some of that in the first I thought the best thing that happened to him was the power outage I really think he got an opportunity to open it up for multi. -- down it and get his act together but it was much better in the second basket -- I think you bring a great point wishing it was Michael that. Lets you control the football unless you can read defense is in breakdown defense is through the year you can't just be running quarterback is eventually -- gonna beat the crap on. But this -- -- Throw such a great -- he seems to have a real awareness. Of what he's doing out there and I think he's the one guy. But I concede on the road. If he loses some of that running ability. Still gonna be able to sort of football be in good quarterback that's fine I got a great future I think so too when you look at he said he would take. Andrew Luck over Robert Griffin the third -- -- The good job this year. -- -- Enron no racquet so it's. -- you -- how does take your traditional -- running quad touchdowns then they forget luck is not your traditional pocket quarterback. Got a great arm in the pocket and off right. I six point 777. 7937. The day after. The Super Bowl given some of the commercials as well -- law. That that -- With our Raphael just actually. Affect. In the other room if he was playing the sound infectious sound effects expert -- -- -- -- that love and an awful lot to organs. Did you really have left it up and up to you why next.

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