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Overtime With Grande and Max: Jason Collins; your Twitter questions, Jason Terry & SI's Ian Thomsen

Feb 4, 2013|

Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell's weekly podcast: Fresh off the loss of Rajon Rondo and in the midst of a great stretch for the Celtics, the guys caught up with Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen, and Celtics players Jason Collins & Jason Terry. The Celtics are heading in to a light schedule leading up to the All-Star break...the guys cover that and answer your Twitter-submitted questions.

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Same with children. And six. How welcome at the latest edition of -- -- over time our little impromptu. -- For years and years but like the pot. -- So and so it finally album but you know is really couldn't come at a more interesting time. We talked about that we that was last week the last time our last addition it was right after the Miami game. Last week. And the Celtics who just lost Raj I want of the year. Wonder what -- who's gonna happen and now a week later we look back -- that was. The Celtics sweep the four game home stand. And the middle of it they lose another rotation player of the season -- -- soldier last addition we said well what's gonna have to do. -- step box with the guys in the Washington -- in the past Jeff Green Jason Terry Leandro Barbosa these guys are really gonna have to step up and that's a sort of that's -- say -- that the media speak and here it is over a week later and that's exactly what well monitor with. You speak you know with. If their point to with a gained two point to have the -- won't have to step up when you lose the numbers that Rondo puts on the table for you the things he's favor that do. Everybody a path to come elevate their game. -- elevated game more than anybody Paul Pierce. To be shot to be in the facilitators say the table but if -- -- the oath of countless stepped in and played a certain role. Has gotten itself but right now the where they are probably -- I would think some of the most inspired. Basketball they have in the end I think this -- trip. We'll double double double for Paul Pierce but you do you know with the loss of -- would start this craziness this week oh the Celtics better without Rondo it. You know whenever backlash there was against Rondo it was that opportunity over the past with people to jump publicly say I told -- so this could be better but what app. Happens if it's such a jarring thing that happens also never -- asked to play. Closer to their maximum potential everybody gets a little bit sharper and there are individual things we could point out now the we have a fourteen samples to look at. Brandon Bass has been vocal about not getting the shots that he got last year. Jason Terry who eat you know not to the other night and we're gonna have a conversation for coming up openly Iran. Getting shots in different ways and to me one of the most underrated element to this whole thing we see you over the past week. Is that I think there's always believe there's been a misperception of doctors as he always a player's coach who would have. Repeat not a -- -- players like playing for but that doesn't make it a player's coach -- -- -- really as. He's a basketball hockey when it comes up the drawing up plays -- and most. And there's a challenge that comes with starting over with what basically is a brand new team and I think he's stepping into that as well. But think what he has to be easily either -- And young man and he sees that he knows that he had some veteran guys -- with him but he value -- to cheat temple. It's it was almost like if if you pick over this way if you work. Pet rock though it he's like you know -- he's like you're at your leader and you lose that leader. I get the proper -- -- that manufacture of my offense all local because things Iran though it was a bit too. There's nobody else on this team that can really duplicate that now what he's done it by committee the other ball movement Brothers facing. -- are more committed wanted defense civilians and that is what I think that's the difference in the way they're right there. And the great irony the Celtics have been waiting all year to get something out of their pitching in the major problem throughout the course of the season. And now the -- is as stand as it has been all year because of the injuries Toronto soldier. The page as their best we -- the year Jeff green was phenomenal Jason Terry started shots Leandro Barbosa has gone from pulling off the playing twenty minutes at night and very quietly everything he does is quiet. But Jason -- -- many -- guy coming off the bench for the Celtics he joins us live after the Celtics. Held on to beat the clippers on Sunday afternoon. Celtics well -- sexual form was super Sunday over the Celtics at the garden. It would former world it's worth the homestand to go back over 544. And 23. Jason Collins. Our problem with a man prepared yet we have no wait wait until we have a friendly conversation -- just perfect -- up. Can we talk about the game that we talk about there were certain to the minute before we get the very it would seem that we'll save that. For the you know we govern. But you gotta you -- jump to -- -- well it was up there what sparkling water it was one week apart from your throat. More of an editor at foreign direct -- Thank you so it was terrible for you thank you should know you're not -- to pick things like -- primarily -- Qatar. Biggest difference giving you the biggest difference in the room. Even before the injuries this week. Everyone's been talking about the injuries but the realities defense of this has been one of the best teams in the NBA for -- -- -- what changed and so what do. Is a specialist on that into the floor and as a great understanding. That is what we know -- we have to do it together and it starts with regard. Avery important do great dog. On the phone was tremendous amount of ball pressure. On the opposing are an -- do the point guard on your opponent you're trying to burn off before. Those two vehicles moved to from your home court. What think you you we saw -- I it was the fact that. You guys did a great job excellent job of that he would be early on that you can't discount it seemed like you got a little bit. The places and so turn the basketball with at some equipment got back and really was from an -- back from different sort of all over -- What's written -- -- program. -- you know that you're doing about it you can tentative after two circuit and curveball and target from off balance -- -- -- report from the not. To. Not one wolf -- flavor to what both hit two of the I mean for me. What the far you haven't done that you know of this conflict -- from them open. I thought a little bit off when you saw the ball -- way of the ball -- shot it -- like yep opposition popular -- No I'm you know had come out there and via a potent defenses in the sacrament page it's a great opportunity regardless of where three and under through characters over and it's really it's different as a mentally for a long time and -- all of a sudden you're in the room with guys you played against for so many years and this is -- week. Nobody -- -- -- -- for hours and hours this is a week in which we all watched Paul Pierce's Boston we've watched so many things so many years. It's almost as if he was able to dwarf his game this week in make it fit into what this team the government. And aloft through Paul and Kevin. We -- offense officer with the loss or around. Calls him a great job in a playmaker out there not only for himself -- -- two units in the -- -- over the Baltimore. Speaking of Garnett eight to me and -- I'll watch in the game and you're right there you've seen enough these -- -- four. With the clippers of one of their -- the camera that. Give Kevin Garnett a little bit or show of the best I've got rid them get with him there with the violent hit -- what bank thought it was normal. And and its armed you come through the Winston Lord you know -- and to -- on the knock him off course and -- we told you was written so and anytime you have a dominant local -- you try to be physical with them. -- -- -- Our well I'll just appalled at spears yeah that was you you'd give up all of beyond that they cannot catch the big subdued -- -- I understand thank you -- You know four and I didn't end up this way enforcement but for about an hour and a half today -- outscored Kobe Bryant -- -- right up until like the third quarter of this -- today viewers you're in the lead. -- things first farm if you. It is thanks right now we raise this -- to you -- federal -- -- -- as you know it don't let anybody tell you -- notes over frankly that they cute I'm -- going on with this now what does this anymore that he thought he but. Yeah thanks for archive. Five years ago the -- it was a period they were. Sprain of the Dresser of those champagnes have a different kind of -- itself which are along way away from that. Championship level again I think what happened. With Toronto injury. Oh you know last week is that I think there were people who were still holding on. To the idea that the Celtics were. Championship the injuries this year as constituted. And that goes back to last year went with Derrick Rose injury gave itself with an opportunity go farther -- probably would have. -- with Philadelphia too by the way were people thought they were gonna take a big step for. Forgetting how big Derrick Rose injury -- but now. The Celtics are there's been a more or take a realistic look. As to what is possible and to me what we saw during the four game sweep the homestand is the team that the perception of them -- is that they were underachieving. The perceptions that they weren't a lot of fun to watch and elves and the narrative has changed and you have an underdog team gutting out when it. Well I think exactly that. Because you think in the end I think one thing that also happens is the crowd as -- -- -- because the crowd knows that you are struggling that you will stroke. But what they're doing there also help beat the Celtics right now we're probably image standpoint. It's okay I see the Glazer -- W roughly -- you bust -- -- while the -- Joseph -- due east count results here in these three games is a really really good. I think about I have we run though. -- -- That that was above the key rebounding the basketball so all these big schools QQ which is still managed to win maybe three games with you that. He looked this the weight of all before those three games would not want the games. Especially with the swamp that Paul Pierce was it and it deep dark -- That Jason Terry with him one of the greatest report shooters -- NBA history. And it was going on for 15182022. Game Jason Terry just couldn't find -- offense but. Call to change a point guard or whatever you want Jason Terry. Finally. Became Jason Terry again this week he -- the slot after the Wednesday night win last week over Sacramento. 9981 win over the Sacramento Kings at the garden tonight Jason Terry joins us from the celtics' locker room it has to be. A fascinating day on Sunday on a variety of levels when everything's sort of changed over the last couple of days just being -- practice at around this team. What is the confidence level in light while people on the outside start to doubt question. We're very confident but I mean we're very talented group. To a man. And so because what happens throughout the season and have died down you have to come together. Collectively as a group and -- get -- job you know we often tough circumstances. Had a book right now without our our funeral possibility of but there's been -- -- -- -- have collectively as a group. What what benefit you guys do it is today you have particularly if he's like you guys move the ball. Up the floor via the past of the privilege front though only almost what you know -- the individual his skills that is. It is phenomenal him with the ball in his hands. It's your job get the ball security and every one but without him. I think we have to do it with the hall no we can't afford -- report. We must move the ball. In in the half court that we hit the ball we don't have shot we can drive it. But more time my time that if you were gonna move it. The next open guy and he'll have a. Jeff you've been the thing about two years you've been of great to draw your career. Hard times thought that you early on it and did you pick that up that they've become a slack off a little bit. You back in the groove right now because he's like you look at we shall not what today. The -- that we look at your growth with this but I think time is not and I well if he's not god. First season for my whole career now you. From the Boston. It's -- the fathers themselves if you drive through the emphasis on making every shot. That's a lot of pressure on I had to play with right they didn't have a good opportunity because I got that -- of the -- but I get a double what it -- -- You know whether all of our rob we'll talk with them. Whenever that event time on this kind of take advantage of the opportunity out this huge hue. What I Oprah do you -- or tampered pin -- gotta get up and take my -- just. Is there what changed when you talked about the volume of shots is there is -- it's mostly mentally it was like hitting it as many shots no basketball programs for Arafat to -- -- -- -- there on the -- who will be hip hop rap song has not been and I am who want to step because that's that's my rhythm. And the only way you can give their -- rhythm just through repetition. And that thought train com creature of habit and -- again it's been an adjustment period for myself let. I love our team you know we're very talented and in this not going to be a situation where I'm gonna get 1015 shots so I gotta make that adjustment. And continue to try to find out that the. Well what the nets out to the Dallas people budget -- that everybody is it scorched when they talk about Q -- Mark Cubans that. He has the place to come back who whenever he wants do so you know it. What do you do you talk to yield fell asleep at that -- make -- don't make in the meat because you never know what you might have to go back to our. No question I mean as the situation you don't wanna burn any bridges correctly. This with the good old boy -- it is it's a blessing. We're very fortunate to play in this league and as you know when you play for great organizations like Dallas like Boston even in Orlando went out there is no we didn't win you still look great organization. Our offense tight knit relationships. And I continue to keep those relations because you never know -- -- -- jobs and. Always practice you have bigger rob prepare -- her only seven shots tonight but he made final -- and more importantly the Celtics get an easy win and it's on a Friday in Orlando based Terry thanks right now founder. All of a sudden the Celtics have what looks to be a dangerous pitch again it cobble together a new starting lineup figuring out. How the ball's gonna be handled between Paul -- between Avery Bradley between Leandro Barbosa. And they move into something new now this week with the games against two while the lakers in the big part mobile and it's going to be a Thursday night in Boston between the lakers himself. That now we saw with the Celtics did this past week. What are the reasonable expectations here going for first of all the Celtics -- so they started. 34 games behind Atlanta and Milwaukee even -- enough you're liable to read it and make the playoffs. And the Celtics move up. -- -- the eighth spot and avoid what even -- New York is. With Miami right now that top spot if they avoid Miami's first don't want him. We're Miami I mean a figure Miami's fifth of the red note that what team don't you wanna play in the first for a I've been the Celtics. So I think that you know you've used your main objective right now you've dealt with the key point well. Try to get as healthy -- And just really get into the playoffs with what you get there is we've seen anything to happen injury goes down before also some highlight. -- -- -- What happens what Miami so they're a lot accommodations and cabinet in a very straight here where we've seen a lot of guys get her. Asked the bulls' Derrick Rose about that lesser entries the entire Eastern Conference playoffs. What Danny Ainge has remained as always steady hand everybody's -- trying to. Reacted overreacted and -- injuries Toronto at soldier which apple last week. Trade deadline is going to be approaching so will the Celtics beat in the conversation now with top. We discussed with the Thompson sports illustrate. We go to some like me. When everybody's kind of scrambling around -- the -- talk shows have taken over of people calling in the injuries. In the streets because. He has organized that. Everything's. Calm professional ways but he can hear as this entire week for the ball. Did you remember daylight last Sunday. In which -- scenes. Season so many ways. That the beginning of the day to the end of the day from the change the storyline narrative I'd never been through that the community. You know let it made me think about when pierce was in the wheelchair against the lakers and clippers game. And it didn't turn out to be that way you look like the whole season was lost -- The -- in such trouble this year and he came back and hit the trees turn around and then when Rondo hyper extended his elbow against Miami and then he came back. And they want to get right so so you're right right. There was no happy endings in this one and it turns out there is a happy ending their play better with -- without them than they were with them right now. Well I think that that the major thing about again about Rondo plane is that. The dynamics of this team has changed in the changed on the defense of being. In another thing offensively with -- doing a lot better because they're they're passing back committing. Everybody is not watching anymore and this is no offense though Toronto -- -- that want the best point guards around. But their store than probable to to the gods with a says so it's a lot for the to stop a team. When they have more guys who pass the basketball and be instantly John and I talked about this. Their brother because they're controlling the initial point of attack. Where are where do you fall in on the idea. Danny and his mindset what's going to happen here in the next few weeks because naturally. People who are. There are local people there -- national people. And then there are some like you who was covering -- team and it with a -- -- -- -- -- rounds you've -- a -- that a few of what's happening -- what is your sense of -- approach. To me going in the trade deadline. Because of the he was told we can see what Honda was worth with the treatment -- absolutely and why wouldn't choose teams under performing. Nobody should be saved you from the the only Kenneth -- this Kevin Garnett. I think in trading him would be electric Bill Russell -- -- for everything he's done for the -- just can't see them ever treating him and his military conflict. -- anyway but everybody else. Was going to be on the market and the only have a few guys that value. Now they don't really have much of anything has value on trademarked it going especially going into a new luxury tax the sketchy too tired of being next year. Users can be repeated tax year after next. We've already seen Oklahoma City -- James Harden because there was some really patriots from Memphis because of it's just gonna. Change everything so I don't see that there's a lot of value expiring contract value on this team. The fans will always from the beginning of time have always over inflated. The value of their own players to other teams are currently. What does Paul Pierce's values there were a few teams and there's one here today in the clippers that. Maybe there's it would be a specific interest on the couple levels but what is what does Paul Pierce Paul Pierce here. Is a treasure to go England and Boston number's gonna go up these one of those he's one of those guys closed Boston got. How do other teams are finally look at Paul Pierce now 35 -- what to do for them. I've been it's two things for some -- he's not treated shot. It's not like he did before and doc has been very public about it that you have to do more things to create shots for him. On the other hand these terrific playmaker and seasonal ones Swiss army -- kind of player -- can do everything for you. And I think you deploy committed just on any team he wouldn't -- -- -- and keep better. Because of that. But then there's this big numbers sixteen million and so in the NBA like we only have the Kennedy school. Dollars -- close to it -- in mid season to go to a contender. And for them to give up sixteen million dollars worth of talent is going to be some tone or otherwise the Celtics would make a tree. It's gonna hurt thirteenth. To get them so. Did they talked about treating peers last year and somebody was interested in the pulled out. A bit somebody will be tested this year we'll pull out I don't see anybody on the Celtics entries. Well and that is when the things my contention do they. Talk show and it was they satellite radio show this guy was just trying to push from my push -- -- they will -- -- -- -- for all Paul Pierce's is. It itself would deployed to do something -- on a flight. What are they point to do it -- the best player right now is Rondo. Without him in that package would you point what they could trade Paul Peters to that the immunity. He goes Santonio like that W what what what why would that makes it and what you give back to San Antonio so. That that point you made is is never to be understated because they don't understand. It there this fantasy land like well. -- give you -- here's -- take Tim Duncan knowing you know something like that and if it doesn't work out you know is there a way to do that today I don't know if you're not it. True but that is -- -- think the fan atmosphere in glamorize -- but it doesn't happen. And then in New York it's especially true you've read all the rumors over the years now the Mexicans. But when the knicks have been terrible for years and every year around this time you read like. I don't know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for them at the time he was uniqueness Tim Duncan says -- -- these. Ridiculously flea treatments then you're used to beat the wizards. Yeah it's pretty thing. Last week you talked about -- players in real time. I think one of the hardest things to do -- to evaluate a player story time you wrote about. Who was -- now day. Could end up in off. And invariably it's almost impossible to not throw a couple of names out there that are Torre to people's -- -- more you think about it. And the first thing I said the name Chris Bosh. People are -- hall of -- Chris Bosh but. It pretty cases resonate right now considering where he has he's only 28. And -- that might appear that only he would like mr. -- and when you think if if you go back and think about response has not been on the team last year. When. That's why don't you say that he gave. -- The heat on them past the Celtics. -- -- in the finals in the it's not very often a guy like him who is always basic questions about you Pakistan actually proved its you. The most important time he's like he did he nothing on that team when one was on the team he -- -- They're gonna win one of the next two championships. And I think they're gonna break -- the team. And then you'll be on the zone. We'll have another perspective on him but that the guy is his age but -- -- numbers mobile store appearances has two championships he's communal. It's almost it and for some putting him up but there's so it went way way so you you went -- championship. Injury if BP. The move all the way at all or you get a ticket to go and all of it what what does that double the thing that boy no no no I didn't state and AM VP. I thank you I don't think you dig out of Israel tomato you know he stated that would Max thing is if you would teach him you know. I know an axis and you were in the title here by getting traded for bill -- Major winners -- -- -- He's done and he's got to play longer assured me of his career ended today -- would be aggressive and it. The extra happily doesn't have become a knee injury that -- such huge rounds. I think what you think you think it got majority front that now with Mexico but he -- Here's another name that makes it always makes me ship and I discovered some adjustment going to make some experience little -- book come to Iran. This Carter this week. Is going to pass Larry Bird -- all times story. Which is. Disturbing on bubbles and troubling but. -- NASCAR community is -- partner someone who is that you called among the bulk of the indicative of me. You know I would think so self. Mind. Years from now and they look that you talk. Almost immediately drew the greatest -- is in Olympic history you know and it was amazing I mean you're you're taught him. But I think one thing -- and I told -- it's about also numbers to. Right now because got to play a lot longer moment cavity. Really that's why a lot of the great great players were around at that time those numbers or when to be passed because you have got to -- late -- -- what you did. So those numbers I think sometimes -- deliberately might as well why doesn't that make you a greater player you're available to play for a longer period of time doctor resort says its favorability. His availability and why is -- the fact that Paul Pierce is able to play. 300 -- -- because of that that he's able to do what he's accomplished well you want one because -- during that time did not figure that -- the way to -- now. Is that different era you know you've got guys right now who work out work out these. There might hear you just you know you've got their you took off it would seek the YouTube late two years in the NBA when I first got the whereabouts -- only guy that that's amazing. Now you got some of the best players who had 151617. Years those public will be appointed. -- it's not some room Sports Illustrated thanks for you know -- us thanks for around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean is mainly attributed -- it doesn't matter we're gonna say we -- have said he was a -- favorite he could've played one or two I orders that the week OK okay. If I guess that. Well Paul Pierce we know is going -- hall of -- Kevin Garnett is going all things that has long since been decided. Where the Celtics have to go this year that's the question as you move into the second half of the year basically starting over when a -- -- -- -- of your questions as we always -- -- Grady and Max overtime on Twitter. Reaches any time on where you don't have to wait for the podcast but obviously we looked at you guys involved. Oscar and gold we -- is it just me -- the Celtics played better since Rondo went down and the reason I pulled out -- that would not discussed already. Is the file. What do make very clear -- difference between. He better. And play better. -- Celtics certainly have played better without him but it has nothing to do with rob of not being the great player in the star player that he -- it has to do with. A sense of -- Well I think that is true you you don't want it would not discount Rondo at all. But I think the Celtics have played or other and they've played longer and that is equated -- winning the basketball. I mean you don't have as much talent obviously you'd ever buy wants to be. That talent that team that go without before we -- thinking about what and so that's what the temperature of what they've written off the bench. Hasn't really -- lightly topple it the house he's got -- about shot only -- This with some starters right now what lot of teams in this league so. You don't you don't have that or you bitch now but what you have with a collection of guys. Who played hard on every possession then that is the -- with Doc Rivers has done with this thing. -- -- Make your eleventh witness feels like the stars are aligned for Jeff Green to improve and take over I was in reference to no Simmons a joke last Sunday. After a week of Russia probably out that he's Ewing theory which the team plays better when its primary player out. -- is going to be big Ewing theory meeting about the Celtics after they sweep the swept the four game homestand last week. Listen Jeff green was always going to be critical -- this team in Russia Iran over the axis of when the president becomes the future. And I thought this week was fascinating to watch Doc Rivers ratchet up his intensity with Jeff Green because he knows only how important is but that. We've seen to be really scratched the surface now what I mean that is that's true. I mean you look at Jeff -- he is the most talented physical. Big that you have right now. Having terrible aren't yeses all want is going up -- in the -- why don't count him that way. But Jeff -- can't elevate the -- jump shot he can rebound the basketball but putting that all together I think it's. Is really what has been the key -- we've seen glimpses of it. In the last what five games we've seen. Bigger pieces of that also a Jeff Green and I think that's what's good about last week the Celtics are facing LeBron James Ray Allen back to Boston champion heat. Hearing that news that Roger -- would be lost for the year a week later. They swept a four game home stand and move forward as to what is next in their seasonal flight schedule could play to their advantage. Leading in to the all star break they do for our next edition of -- Max overtime to -- John thanks for hanging down Jason Collins Jason Terry Thompson. -- joining us we'll catch you next time on the -- impact over time.

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