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Pod Man Rush: Greg Wyshynski talks NHL and a Grammys preview by DJ Bean

Feb 4, 2013|

In the pilot episode of Pod Man Rush, DJ Bean is joined by special guest Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports. The guys discuss the Bruins' upcoming rematch against the Sabres and whether Zdeno Chara will fight John Scott, the Canadiens' hot start, goaltender interference ruining everything, the reformed Brad Marchand and how fun it is to say that Dougie Hamilton is poised. DJ also gives his Grammy picks.

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The news. -- million rush him. Covering everything Boston Bruins in the NHL. Phone WEB young -- go. Welcome to the first edition of odd man rush is the very popular hockey podcast on WB PI dot com a lot of people really seem to love -- We'll talk double talk hockey obviously and all other sorts -- goings on throughout these things. Anyone who is unfold via Twitter goes out of the grammys -- look at my Grammy picks a little later on. But will start off -- by talking some hockey the first guest in the history of -- man rush is the editor of the puck daddy blog on Yahoo! Sports. Which should be any hockey fans first bookmark on whatever browser they may use he has a gazillion Twitter followers can be heard on the -- for solutions keep podcast the -- American sports that. Every day from two to three the Smiths falls hockey like your recently broke up with -- and he knows this stuff it with that will bring in Greg questions give Yahoo! sports' Greg aria. This thing called -- -- Russia that's. Odd man rush -- that was good about last question what do you think. Of the name it was down to -- men rush end up puck that noise. I have well I can rush sixty angry because I was under the impression that every variation of hockey term at a party in claims for a large gap. This -- -- I have to admit that clever and an accident that as the guy who went through that process in the meaning of the block. At one point the name of a lot with -- -- that Zamboni pony. And then somehow. I twisted arms and and another way to get it back down to a bargain it down the popularity premature that we had put it because got go to -- to circulate. We're in every interview right view -- order -- it yet but their ability pony it would have been a very very hard knock life. Right go in very tough that -- funny it's like. Hockey blogs and podcasts and -- a -- groups are the two things where you need to make sure you have some sort of terrible terrible -- in their. And -- -- -- odd man rush was that was kind of built the last one on the list but. I was told I I -- surveyed some other hockey writers. In the Boston market and they did not like (%expletive) that noise they thought that it was vulgar. And that I should just go to something more I guess corny and that's a -- and Russia's. Immediately pull -- back you know what that what the names of myself -- and blocked godfather in terms had been. Considering the part that -- -- it would -- lions. Which you know your Internet history. This year dictator here. And other applications and I think he felt. That would also. -- corporate masters never really liked I think the damn dirty we've got out pretty quickly. Right -- -- who did did puck daddy even raise any eyebrows because the whole thing with. With talk that noise office that's upon on on the F Ford but nobody when they heard that we're like oh you do you mean like like. -- -- No it was more -- steady or -- Lucy yeah Kelly got a pass there you know it and act and the thing -- And that day you know we've still yet. The -- people same. Apparently outdated reference which are probably. In in real -- is already well not -- -- So we're real quick because people are wondering. -- I don't know the origin it it it came from gaining. When I was I hired and they would block it Yahoo! let the NHL experts -- which. You've been named that really matter because they're just beat the after you prefer that yeah. For two minutes there it. Output of the vehicle expert who are wondering and the blocking and you're watching a penguin game one it was on -- Robert Copeland with the -- And and -- he called me up and -- goes what the part that. As -- blood it's there it's turned I think you just invented because it doesn't have any origin policy. And he goes well their -- statement there Robert reflect you'll start the team. They -- like a father figure to some of the younger players is -- their puck daddy. I says I really don't think that's something that occurred on the broadcast because it looks very it's a term that the -- -- And then it -- -- aggravated it in the epilogue that's sexy origin and -- The only reason to not -- voting on it because I have managed to trick -- got people thinking and simply couldn't name a bad because of copyright infringement. Even though aren't -- is that a band called -- bet money that does quite well -- Right yes that's these two these to sell the Zamboni he's. Albums in what was -- like the NHL old bookstore -- Catalogs or whatever they're that used to get and. Well they have they have a song called pocketbook is that you're not hurt the ballpark -- -- to do it because it really is like. It's your silly two who hates. With every fiber of their being caught up with our partners are you thought -- what -- -- -- Eric are you month you'll create reignite their passion. For -- the end and music. Wednesday it's really want to catch it on the -- That's fantastic and that the -- thing is when you were saying all like obviously be that but puck daddy is it's a play on Puff Daddy. And I acted cool I totally did not get that until you'd just like I've been reading your blog search for years and I absolutely did not get that until three seconds ago -- That's because it is again a preferential in the nineties. I don't think like -- I try to pride myself on liking outdated music so I mean. I should at IT IE I bought the CD single of come with me by Jimmy Page and -- -- -- -- -- great yeah are you yeah that was. I lost the battle to get charging your MarketWatch named Nate. Ballots that -- -- just circuit completely particular reference. But then -- -- -- -- it shut down that blog for like four years and then like the blog would come back and be like oh very minister and -- -- you'd be like -- yet but just got to keep it to yourself the -- -- -- the big thing. Your area so on unfortunately now I guess we'll talk cocky for a little bit even though that that was the best start this could've gotten off to -- him. So let's start with something that's kind of old news but is actually going to be news again -- next few days because they have them on Sunday. The whole Bruins sabres Jon Scott fiasco obviously everyone knows the story last year which each trucks Ryan Miller. Nobody does anything about it Ryan Miller says unbelievable like 101000 times in one sentence. The sabres go south from there and then they try to toughen up in the offseason -- -- -- they get a lot and then on Thursday in a fight that two people agreed to Shawn Thornton gets his ass kicked by Jon Scott now. People don't normally see Shawn Thornton lose a fight that badly that people are acting around here at least. As though the Bruins dots -- judged by the sabres and something must be done. In my crazy for thinking that what happens in a fight should stay and fight and that vengeance is required. I don't know -- again I I. I think the result of the game probably is the reason why there's the emotion. And -- the it's creepy thought that the -- and art culture that the sabres are like. Look for the game I think probably yet. And that and they're being. Sort of cursory evidence that he. -- and the influence of the it was in the game but I think -- -- -- conversation and I I don't think top to bottom the papers are thought that the Bruins though in the group to worry about. All of a sudden being there and they get all -- -- But I understand that you know this is exactly what the paper under review last summer in there and I. In treating lawyers are. And that giving Leno a bigger role on the team and they wanted to get tougher and a lot of people out -- that -- -- -- and I think one day eight that -- was. Mission accomplished. Problem being is that the Bruins -- the Bruins. And the sabres are are trying to pick up a little bit which are hard as a guy who correctly picked. Public panic is you know Hart trophy -- -- at the beginning of the fear that it. -- -- -- -- at the end game look like he gets instead they can't seem put together more than a couple in the Carell and overall again -- upper chamber or better team just because it's on board -- the -- to one of the best fighters pocket you know that's all -- -- Right and I will give to that point. Kevin Walsh from out Comcast sports net the day after that game. Asked Julian a vote to. Liu tried to sort of reestablish your team toughness against the next time something in Julien just lost his mind at the thought that. That was a display of dumb not being tough enough but. I mean and a third period when you have guys oboe and Doug Hamilton in the face and nothing being done about it there that's where you can say. The sabres obviously came into this game with its circled as their game seven of the Stanley Cup finals is there opportunity to prove they were tough. And not only -- they light up the Bruins a scoreboard they did show that they could kind of -- with them physically doubt the issue going forward is now people are looking at this game like the next game with the penguins after the whole Marc Savard incident. Which I think is it. Is kind of -- -- -- You're a lot of people saying we'll -- stand up to to Jon Scott which -- that you should do for three reasons first of all. Scott could conceivably kick his ass too and that would be an enormous problem for the Bruins if they were to lose. Chart for any -- time. And even losing -- five minutes I think is something you don't wanna do because this season for whatever reason Chara has taken a ton of penalties. And -- been to situations where the Bruins had to kill off a five on three without today you know Chara. And just that I don't think that. It warrants that an injustice was done. I think to Gregory Campbell the perfect got to speak on this thing because he fights a lot in a lot of times he's not the biggest guy in the world. He fights bigger guys in he gets his ass kicked so here's his take on the whole situation I'd love to hear yours after. I'll be that person is different in my players but when when you're fighting it's it's you know your own battle so to speak so. You know I don't expect if I lose the fight and I don't expect somebody else and my my battles but. And on. The other side of that it's it's not that we're not. Support of authority everybody is concerned it's just you know legacy he would say the same thing to a fight as the fight -- that's that's pretty much. I had to get Campbell credit her public -- -- continuing the fight despite not having the protection of the box. Is there it is. That's very -- and as hard which I think I heard it. I will weaker European if you look at the the we compare and I between jobs there are a better and they either -- or or player and I. Kinda disagree with you -- -- -- Potentially eating chart of -- Beer Chara and that's where part being a fighter we know how -- Superman doesn't punch anybody. Because it's it can go through somebody bodies because he's Superman big -- hold back like Superman not gonna put the cap because. I would -- bop its head to the moon and Jupiter should approach it with our full forces superpower because the elephant is -- such out. I think that's then they're charted the same kind of got like that there are quick to destroy. Not talking all quiet and -- -- But 99% of the you know fight. So I think that if you were put him up against jobs got the -- I think you would sell the giant. And and I think that there -- jobs that would be here it would be -- -- You know what hey you don't want to but because you don't want -- -- it'll throw off the ice and everywhere you don't want to fight because. I'm at it -- -- more interest -- played with John Scott street and and I think he stopped breathing -- you know quite immature. Yeah I remember after the whole lot pats are ready thing you know which I am not sure you're familiar with that there was an incident -- -- there a couple of years ago. Against the Canadians. I yeah I guess I'll tell the whole story. But anyway yeah a lot before freaking out about that and interference who obviously since has established his own history with the Canadians with a glove malfunctioned. Said that it's like look if they -- -- wanted to hurt somebody. Like he would do it you know like keys plenty capable. Of doing terrible things which she doesn't do because he can't with -- with his size or that your dog but you can't morally I guess. Exactly -- and that's and that's why -- into chartered credit of course you know in his defense. He had no idea what player you lose. Sending into the turn buckle despite having an. Earlier Indian embassies and and and probably going to accept or you're going as -- I. And we can get the idea of such. That was I mean. Will will do an entire separate podcast on at some of the inconsistencies. In everything between the Bruins in the Canadians that season. A lot of -- lot of fascinating things. And I mean -- a third the globe malfunctioning again. Also. With Ference when he was like god no just Mike my glove was stuck the look on his face as he as his glove was stock. Was like the ultimate I am giving you the finger right now face there -- moment. So yeah a lot of lot of good things that robbery and that rivalry. Will. Will be brought back up again this week before. They get back into all the sabres madness the Bruins bulls face the pretty surprising. 262 and -- Canadians now going into the season I completely. Wrote them off I thought there were too many changes between new coach new system. New players and having a week to toward altogether I thought this team would hit its stride may be for. A month or two in the by the newbie too late are you surprised by their start Andy think they're for real. -- -- I've shot other start -- like air but he also patently outside of the playoff picture. But I think that in. The first couple weeks here and -- may not be gone but they like to become the first -- -- -- -- -- but he completely missed on a Montreal the the person that was so very ever command and turn them into a -- at a it how to help is -- it -- etiquette that I think it is up and accurately in the way he plays the game the top for their copper that they -- last year. And I think contract that. That's directly back to what the coaches that seems weird thing is that the -- -- -- the fact that -- up maybe because nobody's been injured the first street into the season. -- the fact if so see any he's playing a double the points per game pace. And really done great work as well on the defensive side of the -- while looking out and support. It's something that we can -- in this community you're there have been all star game Markoff would be starting defense but also an actor and -- think that -- has -- He impact that a couple of -- into the the reading Gallagher at the top VCR culture and you know we'll see that in in that -- -- in a provided -- -- I doubt the lineup for the team as a remarkable watching -- Chechnya -- -- ban protects our well against Ottawa. Over the weekend was remarkably well and you can see the use it to come up and really get in the he'd he'd have. Who are -- you know by and large a real a real you know a jolt of energy and so I think -- pretty cut -- of that as well. Are -- a hope he scratched yesterday does he -- amnesty -- -- over and. To order that is so especially that they -- rectified the act of it situated right by you might be next unless. I mean that's that's obviously situations I would welcome any other day -- -- Surprisingly good play and not -- on the bottom and that would it is Uga coming back obviously you know spot on the. Yeah. Now the division as a whole. We're recording this on Monday and as of Monday surprisingly the northeast is actually. It seemed like you be relatively easy for the Bruins. But does we stand right now it's actually the only division in hockey with three teams with ten or more points of the Bruins -- thirteen halves with twelve. And the senators are right there with eleven how do you assess the northeast this season in -- do you think you'll be more of a race and maybe at least some of us scientist stated. Look at your religion and if you happen I don't know that it in the lineup you know it -- I think they've got the person know where you know fire on either going to be able to -- maybe not. You're treated at the end of the bacon and where they really that's that's a outplayed that the guy who who tallied up the points and made last year and on the power play. And that you can't replace. You can look guys have a lot of the care they expect a -- on the power play. And make an opposing defense. The game are out of but -- expect X-Factor -- Ottawa is it are you think that the article putting it out of the Craig Anderson -- -- part time. View but I think the -- -- -- -- you're the first part even at a be altered what you got to -- options and it's in bishop Atlanta. Waiting in the wings so it is back situation developed. And and it also tighten. And the -- now again I'm so that terrible question mark the league. Can't figure out -- means some -- it look like they're going to be -- Ian and anger out how to -- it takes to get out of it a little bit. The fact they've been able to hang out and this flaw in the standings without the there any contribution -- call uncle -- -- -- -- thing obviously with the pullout lineup. It's going to be tough to get -- going. It's it's that we air division I mean -- I think I think like a lot this week out by the Bruins who in the event. Very consistent Montreal very consistent got to get the scenes that and so on the are likely to expect in the -- another -- -- the president of the playoff. There -- tablets but I division figure. Yeah I mean this the same the sabres I think we'll be one of those teams that in a few there and current a couple of months. We'll be looking back and taken insults from the start they got off to because they should be better than. There are right now but done. You know coming in the season a lot of people worried vote sloppy play potentially from teams just. Given some guys being in Europe some guys sitting around but I want talked about actually the rest of the referees because they've gotten off to a pretty crappy start. You note just between all the goaltender interference calls that have cost quite a few goals just that game Saturday night. In Toronto -- the Bruins at least that should have been a two to one game it ends up being one nothing because the Franzen shot from the point gets. Disallowed when Kelly shows I think who is. Who has it is Condrey I think into two groused. And Rask rightfully so because I think he's figured out by this point how it's going to called he flops and he goes down. Which he and quite a few goalies have done a couple times this season. And then now the -- goal. Pour -- Tyler Sagan one most gifted goal scorers in the league who cannot -- to save his life right now. Do you gets gifted goal off his foot but that gets disallowed because Brad Marchand tripped over. -- votes 55 minutes before and jackets disallowed. So I mean the way I'm looking at it right now. And -- not not to mention the one the senators -- yesterday which was probably the -- -- the mall. The way I'm looking at a right now -- from around. Is. Essentially. Goaltender interference right now is kind of like pass their defense and pass interference. In football if you're an offense and you need yards in the NFL it's like you know -- Throw -- down the field. Fall down and what the hell maybe you'll get some yards out of it if you're goalie in your being screened in the -- a shot coming from the points fall down Trudeau's. Playwright and you know you -- effectively refute -- and Michael. Overprotected now because you try to cripple find work. But it's. If you have. Well it's it's actually a combination of which you -- frustrating called air -- is that that the vast experience in and and late it's on the quarterback. Right I mean yeah it's a combination of but I've what they need to do to trucks all but also the notion that you know be be a bit of all the -- -- And the bulk of their -- you know -- for our -- here is -- so that it's -- -- -- -- the horrible things and you know what what the -- in my in my life for her for many many and to allow coaches to challenge. Goalie interference call that an especially if furcal scored and then it was up support because cents at all. And you know its premiere at least that you had that option. Maybe silly now tigers wouldn't happen -- -- -- they viewed the intelligence flop and and initiate -- Unpacked particular and they look -- -- especially for guys -- in the inning gave the -- -- Holmstrom scored goals for Detroit. Coming if -- -- go out and initiate contact. And ordered -- -- draw call it there with a chance for a coach to challenge something he wants to gain conducting -- that the he doesn't get it into a minor out of your -- But at least airport and the threat of offense and the best case scenario is that. All that should be counted -- been out. Oh yeah without them ever paper replay apart the coach's challenge -- would go our goalie interference call. And then our high stakes where -- the pensions and then. It's a player's own unit that cut them. Services. An -- the opponent because a big game changer but that's how you right there and I think reaching complexion of the game. Right -- that mean I think that on the whole replay for goaltender interference. -- the whole idea that. I think that's perfect I would -- are -- I would actually LeapFrog distributing the list of divers to have that happen in the league before that would. I think that would be be -- huge. Now last week -- you're just talking about Lou teacher and and the things that he's done but I want tackle Brad Marchand because he's a really -- guy around these parts and armed is trying to get a sense. Of the national purse perception abroad Marshall last week he called out a couple people first to blew up thus -- spot for the a slew foot on Bergeron. And that he called Lindy Ruff put tough guy which just conjured up the funniest image of a potential flight ever. He's a guy who's obviously been -- for a slew foot to -- this -- and he's been suspended twice not afraid to speak his mind and obviously one of those. The more the bigger pests out throughout the league on the ice so what is the national perception of Brad Marchand. Well like it's are there -- epidemic when he speaks about Lou flooding -- feel like it's like scared straight. Talk cop -- to go to high school trying to convince. Younger kids about the that's -- you followed you know it probably little public. Up here -- there. But you know if ever a point that the Rupert thing and any and every feeling terrible about it perhaps telling me that he. Your credit the actions in any given the benefit of the doubt there I mean he's been a particular gunned down low bridge hit -- he had 1001. But I mean that's on the other -- He genuinely don't -- be noted that kind of welfare. I respect I -- the national perspective marched under is sort of what the national perspective like dilate. Our W. Which is that he is that the formal players playing it. Indeed it has executed at liberty to their diet because when he scored shootout -- -- the doubled in the seat at the bench. And then implement them -- -- -- of -- But in the days go to a -- he's really get offensively. Is our culture pre Olympic ought to our -- -- you wish you could have been more. And that apparently in the playoffs well because it was a compliment a lot of it. But at the at the end of the day music that you want it. And they're probably. From the Arab media and other cities popped up at Cooper who is either the case. It because if you upper part shelling came because it is difference maker in you know what every facet of the. Obsolete I think that's I think he's kind of like that that obviously it's a different positions but he's the PK -- bin. Of the Bruins in that Bruins fans like scoff at the idea or actually until this summer when. They thought there was a snowballs chance and held at the Bruins can go Oden inside to an offer sheet but they mean in seasons past obviously. I would just didn't during a Bruins Canadians came to rile up Bruins fans tweet something like. Bruins fans don't kid yourselves you looked happy to assume Bendix freak out and say they never want a guy like that their team. But and that is right T is the definition of the guy you don't wanna play against him would love to have. On nine Euro team. With that will wrap up this segment thanks so much Greg -- it's key for being the first guest ever. On the odd man rush and yeah I will do it again some time. You got a very good congratulations. On the part -- congratulations more so. I believe we got through the entire rotation without mentioning that help at all the religion and one. In the context of being so close but not the context of you know look how popular and report so I appreciate. -- perjured appear -- offer -- parts of not having that. Greg you know that he's poised. He's. He's very poised like he -- she comes and and it's like he's been playing for years but here's the thing. It's his first year in the NHL. -- A big I hadn't heard that I have other respect from anybody in Boston nor have I heard from all now understand by the bench is a national park all of new information -- -- -- Perfect all right thanks Greg. That was Greg Rusedski is the best in the business so we've talked talkie now old talk a little grammys the grammys are coming up on Sunday. I love the grammys I may be tweets 5000 times during the grammys and I get on followed a lot but. I think that that's good I think that -- kind of weeding out the -- followers. We'll get my great picks and Mexican amidst the grammys -- buffalo for the other rematch. With the sabres so all have a DVR and I'll get to it sometime on Monday but for now we'll get to my a picks on some of the the bigger categories we'll start with a record of the year. The categories are lonely boy black keys what doesn't kill you makes you stronger Kelly Clarkson we are young by functional today. Somebody -- to know without -- coach Shane Kimbrough. Thinking about to frank ocean and we are never ever getting back together some heavy hitters and there. I'm just gonna make these quick so forgive me -- Going into detail but this one's obvious somebody that I used to know that's the only song that we heard this entire year. With the exception of maybe we're never getting back together. And we are young for some reason -- it wasn't nominated for a lot of stuff this year so that surprises me but I will go. Which somebody that I used to know that should be relatively easy one album of the year alchemy you know black keys some nights by fund. Mumford and -- Frank ocean channel origin Jack -- blunder bust these are all really good albums. I'm actually -- ago with some nights by fund I got that album the day came out I was on a plane going to. The Columbine with Chris price and normally I try to buy a new album whenever -- and get a B on a plane so I can Wilson do that a couple times. That album is amazing that a lot of people have only heard we are young in some nights and think fit. It's just terrible generic pop but. The production on that album is just ungodly at a good rate Jeff tasker I think should win producer of the year. It's just basically like a fusion of baroque pop which is awesome. And a hip hop production faster is actually. Kanye is producer for awhile that he was piano player first whose piano player. I mean even if you only heard. Funds hits. Listen to the production listened to the drop -- the snare. On we are young that is just a sound that has never existed before and all their songs like that there isn't alive drum on the album which will probably. Anger a lot of traditional. Rock fans or whatever but. I think that -- fantastic I think to run away with album of the year. Best new artist is actually interest in one night got the Alabama shakes up fund hunter Hayes -- -- and frank ocean now. Jurors who I think is going to and I think that I think that funds gonna win and I don't think they should because. As is always the case with these best new artist and not a new artists is their second album it's their first album on a major label but. Funds been around and if you listen to like Popper alternative music or whatever you knew who thought was. Our -- some -- you thought was so that's kind of an excellent choice for it to be nominated for best new artist. I think that it should be the Alabama shakes or -- years defied my druthers -- -- many years their album is obsolete fantastic. A big parade. Dynamite song. I think that it should be -- and ears and I'm sure it'll be fun maybe frank ocean but I'm guessing it'll be fun. Skip a bunch of these -- wrap it up with -- the year non classical. This message to nominees did our Becky did a bunch -- stuffed with -- did he did alchemy to with a black keys. You did some stuff with doctor John. -- Oscar who worked with fund who have already kind of given a way that I think that he should win this one dip low work with a bunch people cynical usher the bird. Everybody the guy who worked with Mumford and sons mark -- Salim -- who did. Everything this add anything to do. Which -- or are indeed Amy -- great version of song for you -- -- did not stop some Alicia Keys stuff girl on fire. -- to go -- bastard even though he's only nominated based on his work for one album. Everybody else's nominated based on what they did for a bunch of other stuff but I think that. Jeff pastor moved pop music in a really good direction with this album. Huge harmonies. On that fun elm like I said the beats were ungodly. Really good stuff you don't have that -- seriously listen to it I've tried to push that album on a lot of people who scoff that fund who here auto tune to hear all these things and say that it's terrible but that's that that's a fascinating album and I'm not just like some guy who only listens to pop might try to enjoy. All sorts of genres and that the second I heard it I was like this house to -- out of the year. So those -- my Grammy picks you'll be able to follow me because of the grammys because I won't be able to -- during the grammys but you can certainly decide never Wilson's podcast again. Based on my Grammy picks so maybe do that may -- you don't hopefully we'll hear you next people have these up podcast every Tuesday. On WEEI dot com and on the big bad blog so thank you for joining me thanks to Greg -- key for being a kickass Jesse's very Alex -- Ehrlich actually in that he's like a very intelligent guy who has really bad ass takes so. He was an awesome gassed and I will have him on again in the future per share. And I yelled back next week keep checking the big bad blog for updates number of stuff and I talked --

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